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Thin Blue Line. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Baseball Field Dedication to Slain Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan Goes Afield

Local politicians hedging their bets on the optics of support for police

By Katy Grimes, June 15, 2020 6:24 pm

In 2019, Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call. O’Sullivan was ambushed at a Sacramento residential home by Abel Sambrano Ramos, who continued shooting at police for hours. O’Sullivan was left unattended for 45 minutes because police had difficulty getting to her because of multiple fences between them and where she was lying.  She later died at an area hospital. Abel Sambrano Ramos was charged with murder, attempted murder and possessing two illegal assault rifles when he was captured. However, Ramos, is now facing a total of 13 felony counts as well as special circumstances making him eligible for the death penalty.
Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan. (Photo: City of Sacramento)

One year later, this Friday, is the anniversary of Tara O’Sullivan’s death. However, a dedication planned on a Sacramento baseball field this week is now cancelled. The inside story is that some say there are no plans to ever dedicate it to O’Sullivan due to the current anti-police climate – and weak-kneed public officials. Others in the community are wondering if the dedication will happen.

But the story gets even more disturbing.

A group of police officers had recently gone to the designated North Sacramento baseball diamond and painted the backstop black with a thin blue line through it, in honor of O’Sullivan’s untimely death.

Sacramento baseball diamond painted with a Thin Blue Line. (Photo: anonymous source)

What is the meaning of the “Thin Blue Line?” The black space above the thin blue line represents society, order and peace, while the black below, crime, anarchy, and chaos. The Thin Blue Line running between them, “law enforcement,” separates the two, keeping crime separated from society.

California Globe was told that City Councilman Allen Warren had originally said it was his idea to dedicate the baseball field in North Sacramento, in his district, to Tara O’Sullivan’s memory.

After the thin blue line was painted on the backstop, the public was then told it was vandalized so city staff painted over the vandalism with black paint, covering the blue line.

However, no one has produced proof of the vandalism. Instead some sources say Councilman Warren had city workers paint over the blue line to appease the “defund the police,” anti-cop groups.

A source sent this email reply from Councilman Warren to a community member who was upset: “I’m told that non city staff painted over the blue on the backstop. It was my idea to honor officer O’Sullivan. Currently I’m checking with the family to see if the dedication will be rescheduled for the fall. The dedication will happen!”

With the one-year anniversary of O’Sullivan’s murder Friday, and the dedication for the baseball field supposed to take place this week, now cancelled, sources are saying the real story is that there are no plans to ever dedicate the baseball diamond to her due to the current anti-police climate that city officials continue to capitulate to.
Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren’s Facebook post. (Photo: screen capture Facebook)


Tara O’Sullivan’s dedication ceremony debacle may or may not be cleaned up by Friday, but it does coincide with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s announcement to create an Inspector General position to investigate Sacramento Police Department use of force incidents that result in serious injury or death, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday. “Steinberg announced the proposal Monday morning amid a national outcry for public officials to pass policies to reduce police brutality, sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

It appears Steinberg is attempting to put some distance between his inability to make important decisions as Mayor, and appeasing the media and the loud splinter group of professional agitators to “defund the police.”

Also in 2019, California Globe was present in the State Assembly when an Assembly member announced as his guest on the Assembly floor, rapper Jay Rock, who recorded song ‘F*ck the Police.’  Then-Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez noted on Twitter that it was on the very day of the funeral for slain Police officer Tara O’Sullivan.
I fully expect that Sacramento police will not idly stand by and allow the anniversary of Tara O’Sullivan’s death, slip by unnoticed or without a dedication. Stay tuned.
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11 thoughts on “Baseball Field Dedication to Slain Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan Goes Afield

  1. What a cowardly disgraceful act!
    Please share this with those who want to separate from the Blue Line:

    Let me tell you about the badge and the thousands of good men and women it represents.
    This badge ran towards certain death as the Towers collapsed on 9-11.
    This badge ran into the line of fire to save the people in the Pulse Night Club.
    This badge sheltered thousands as bullets rained down from the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas.
    This badge protected a BLM rally that left five officers dead in Dallas.
    This badge ran into the Sandy Hook School to stop a school shooter.
    This badge killed the Oregon District mass shooter in seconds.
    This badge has done CPR on your drowned child.
    This badge has fist fought the wife beater who left his spouse in a coma.
    This badge has run into burning buildings to save the occupants.
    This badge has been shot for simply existing.
    This badge has waded through flood waters to rescue the elderly trapped on the roof.
    This badge has intentionally crashed into the wrong way driver to protect innocent motorists.
    This badge has helped find the lost child so his mother would stop crying hysterically.
    This badge has helped the injured dog off the road and rushed it to the vet.
    This badge has escorted the elderly woman across the street because she couldn’t see well and was afraid to cross.
    This badge has bought food for hungry kids because they had been abandoned.
    This badge has been soaked in blood and tears.
    This badge has been covered by a mourning band to honor those who have sacrificed everything in service.
    You may hate me because I wear it. But, I wear it with pride. Despite your hate and your anger, I will await the next call for help. And, I will come running without hesitation. Just like the thousands of men and women across this great nation.
    This badge.

      1. My pleasure @ShowandTell.
        Maybe the good Mayor and council could erect a new statue in Tara O’Sullivan’s honor! I am sure there is some open space out there that the little marxists have cleared;)

        My thoughts and prayers will be with Officer O’Sullivan’s family on Friday.

          1. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
            My deepest condolences. Your family will be in my prayers tonight.

  2. blm can b painted on city streets unchallenged, ‘leaders” take a knee for 8 min,but a blu line or a 20 min dedication is cancelld!? where is th spoa? wat happnd to “take care of our own”. no permission needed..make it happen for Tara

  3. The black community and black lives matter will not be satisfied until law enforcement allows them to do whatever they want. That’s their objective, period.

  4. BLM is all about lawlessness. Criminals don’t like the consequences of their crimes so they seek to do away with the police. They are going to be very unpleasantly surprised if they get their way. They think it will be one endless party as they loot, steal, rape, murder and burn but their lives will end up being a living hell of their own making.

  5. All women should be made aware: the government’s message is that interrupting domestic violence is no longer tolerated in Sacramento. She was a true hero and deserves a statue and no hesitation by the local government in acknowledging her sacrifice. I hope people of all backgrounds come together to shame her being marginalized in such a cold manner.

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