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Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Bread and Circuses with California’s Political Hypocrisy

Will the people enjoy their bread and circuses or hold the governor accountable with the recall?

By Katy Grimes, November 21, 2020 3:55 pm

California politicians must be bent on emulating Roman history. At the same time we have “Nero fiddling while Rome burns,” it’s also “bread and circuses for all.”

In Rome, the fat-cat elitist politicians knew that the people could riot and overthrow their aristocratic lives. To be able to maintain their comfortable lives required keeping the people fed well enough and distracted with grand entertainment – gladiator battles and chariot races. This appeased the people of Rome for periods of relative calm.

Events recently in California have demonstrated once again that too many politicians forget they are elected by the people, to represent the people. While it is evident that far too many of California’s elected politicians feel they are aristocracy, their bread and circuses only last so long, and appease so much.

Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught in recent weeks dining in Napa Valley at a large dinner party at the swanky French Laundry restaurant, violating his own COVID stay-at-home orders. Monday at his press briefing, he issued a duplicitous apology, arguing that Napa was in the orange, less restrictive of his lockdown tiers, and the party was outside… as if that minimized his personal breach.

Newsom smiled and smirked and even lied during his apology to the people, claiming the dinner party was outside. Photos taken by another guest dining at the French Laundry show that his large group was indeed indoors.

Within days of Newsom’s blatant violation of his own statewide lockdown orders, many state lawmakers headed to Maui for an annual conference hosted by the Independent Voter Project. We still aren’t sure how they bypassed the Hawaii 14-day quarantine all other travelers are ordered to follow.

By Friday, Gov. Newsom ordered 41 California counties back into the most restrictive of lockdowns, and a 30-day statewide 10:00PM curfew.

A political friend offered his own plan: “At 10:01 PM on Saturday, November 21, I’ll be going outside, waiving our Gadsden Flag, ringing a cowbell, and telling Governor French Laundry Newsom to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

He suggested we start a state wide movement to do the same.  Everyone goes outside at 10:01 PM Saturday night Nov. 21st and tell the Governor “Covid This!”

We also learned this week that the RecallGavin2020 has a head of steam with 800,000 signatures gathered, and solid funders.

Many thought that the 4-5 month silence from the recall campaign meant it was stalled.

Au contraire… the recall busy bees had been quite productive, continuing to gather signatures. Top fundraisers joined the movement and secured important funding.

Just as with the 2003 recall of Gov. Gray Davis, the ground game is as important as the big name backers and funders. It’s good to see both factions working together, as both are equally important.

Many think Gov. Newsom and his people were caught off-guard and totally flat-footed. The last governor who mocked recall attempts found himself on the receiving end of being tossed out of office and replaced by a Hollywood star.

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10 thoughts on “Bread and Circuses with California’s Political Hypocrisy

  1. Thank you Katy for this article. Newsome is clearly obsessed and enamored with his rule by fiat. The supermajority of democrats is supporting this despot. #recallnewson2020 is one of the significant and needed actions Californians must take to better our state.

  2. Hopefully this time the voters of California get it RIGHT, and replace Greaseball Newsom with TOM MCCLINTOCK, like they should have the FIRST TIME, instead of electing the steroid-addled Schwarzenschtupper….


    Print it out/find a site but DO IT AND SAVE CALIFORNIA from tyrranical, Communist command and control from this dimwit mouth breather…

    1. ExCaliExpat

      I could not agree with you more since I have a feeling the recall will happen. What I’m really watching for right now is who will run. McClintock would have been elected if Schwarzenegger didn’t come out of nowhere for whatever reason and stopped Tom’s chances cold. The same thing happened with Travis Allen in 2018. Cox came out of nowhere with Kevin McCarthy’s blessing and swiped the nomination from Allen, followed by Cox’s humiliating defeat.

      The democrat machine in California will probably do the same thing if a kick-ass Republican runs and gains steam with the voters. California needs serious reform. The democrats and unions know it but they could care less as long as life is good for them, and even as the state starts to resemble Venezuela. Democrats always put themselves first and will fight to the end with whatever is necessary. There is no low for these people, so if greasy is recalled you’ll see them fight as dirty and despicable as they need to with no remorse, sympathy or pity for the citizens of California.

      1. You might consider that many blue-collar, private-sector union members are recognizing what obama-care, socialized-medicine will do to their really great private plans that were negotiated over decades of time in arms-length negotiations with private corporations, and how that all gets thrown away with the one-size-fits-all, IRS-run government garbage. Another example of democrat treachery is coal-miners, who were part of the loyal worker backbone that the democrat party was built on, are now thrown under the bus by democrats who trash that industry, while providing no way forward for those union members, other than for them to learn how to “code” software.

  3. Newsom is an aristocrat in that he doesn’t concern himself with the plight of the little people who can’t fund his political career. His supporters are doing just fine working remotely. He should fear a peasant revolt in this recall, but seems to think it’s a joke run by toothless, inbred knuckleheads who just plain don’t matter. The recall may be led by what remains of the middle class in this state. If so, it’s the last stand before California degrades into a new feudal state of techie aristocratic families in their Silicon Valley mansions lording it over the serfs trimming the lawn outside.

  4. And THAT Hollywood star was worthless as breasts on a bore! We disagree very very infrequently but to my recollections that last Recall didn’t end well, kinda solidified the One Party Rule in the State. Don’t get me wrong I can not stand Grewsome, that said who will we replace him with? Alex Padilla? Antonio Villaraigosa? The one who should have been made Governor that time was Tom McClintock, he would have been awesome IF we had a Legislature that would work with him, but it wouldn’t. This last election cycle had some really good people running against Adam Schiff/Karen Bass/Maxine Waters yet all 3 were reelected with very high margins yet 2 of their districts are in shambles and Schiff’s is mostly Elites. I’ll admit Republicans held on and even regained some lost seats but the amount of money that pours into the State is very hard to combat and we still have an Education System that pumps out Anti-Americans with little to no historical knowledge of their Country. We have lots of work to do and who do you think of can replace King Gavin?

  5. Looks like there is a rather large Break the Curfew movement out there; e.g., Huntington Beach for starters. A good sign as we head into Thanksgiving week.

  6. Comrades
    Chaos……drugs,homeless, politicians doing the high life, grifters workin the ballots, tier this and that, Where is the Beef: unemployment checks, suspect Covid testing results, food, insurance, utilities, tech trinkets, cable, apps and monthly hookup charges going to the moon…..
    How bout the Fastrack Orange County to South Corona about $31.00 during peak hours.
    So…..please wash your mask and be “Patriotic”.

  7. Thank you very much Katy for more refreshing truth which is getting harder to find! If Newsom gets fired soon, I’m sure the $ puppet masters will find another evil one to replace him, as they always do. May God Almighty help us all! Psalm 121, “Our help cometh from the LORD!”

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