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Recall candidate Larry Elder being attacked by a protester on September 8, 2021 (Photo: Fox News Twitter screen grab)

BREAKING: Recall Candidate Larry Elder Attacked By Egg-Throwing Protesters in Los Angeles

Elder rushed away following attack

By Evan Symon, September 8, 2021 3:02 pm

Talk show host and recall candidate Larry Elder was attacked by several protestors hurling eggs while walking through the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The Elder campaign had just begun its final leg of the campaign by instituting a statewide “Recall Express” bus tour on Tuesday, with stops in Los Angeles, Venice, Northridge, and Santa Barbara scheduled on Wednesday. His Venice stop was across from the Gold’s Gym, a popular campaign stop for many politicians due to its proximity to many large homeless encampments in the area and many services catering to low-income and homeless people. In the last month, several recall candidates had walked in the exact same place, including Caitlyn Jenner’s first campaign stop after returning from a month-long hiatus in Australia.

Walking with campaign staff, as well as many local officials such as Venice Neighborhood Council Public Health & Safety Committee chair Soledad Ursua and Venice Neighborhood Council Public Health & Safety Committee officer Chie Lunn, Elder was being shown the conditions of the Venice neighborhood when the attack happened.

Several mask wearing protestors came close to Elder and his staff and threw eggs. When confronted, they quickly grew agitated, began hitting members of Elder’s group who confronted them, and proceeded to throw more eggs at Elder. While the protesters grew belligerent and noted, among other things, that Elder would not change anything with only a year as Governor, Elder was quickly escorted safely away in an SUV.

It remained unclear as of Wednesday afternoon if Elder had been hit at all by the projectiles, if any of his staff was hit, or if any charges would be filed against those who instigated the attack.

Eggs, insults thrown by protesters at Elder

Eyewitnesses on the ground noted that the incident happened fast and left behind many locals and members of the press who had been caught off guard.

“They always show videos of attacks on politicians or even assassination attempts where they throw whoever into the back of a car quickly and drive away, and it was odd seeing it happen there,” explained Kevin Yang, a Venice local who stopped to watch part of the Elder event on his way to work. “One moment he was walking down the street, then this [expletive] crazy lady in a gorilla mask threw an egg at him and this bald headed guy tried to goad a guy stopped her into a fight. Then the gorilla lady hit the one guy, and more eggs were thrown. Then this white SUV just drove away, which I later found out that Elder had been in. I wish I recorded it.”

“After all that a bunch of those protesters began talking even more, and I just shook my head and walked to my bus station. I didn’t need  more of that, you know?

“I’m a Democrat and I am against the recall. I’m also pro-Newsom. I’ll be level with you. But what those protesters did wasn’t right and it puts those wanting to keep Newsom in in a bad light. We can’t stoop down to that level or it’s only going to hurt us. It’s going to make the other side want to beat us that much more. I don’t think you’re going to find any serious Democrat condoning this either.”

The California Globe has reached out to the Elder campaign as well as Venice officials regarding the incident and will update as more details are given.

Elder is currently leading all other recall candidates by a double digit percentage and would likely be elevated to Governor if the recall succeeds.

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Evan Symon
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51 thoughts on “BREAKING: Recall Candidate Larry Elder Attacked By Egg-Throwing Protesters in Los Angeles

  1. This makes me sick. And I’d bet my life it wasn’t spontaneous, but planned and paid for by the entrenched Swamp People of L.A. who hired themselves some egg and punch-throwers. They are SCARED TO DEATH of the prospect of Governor Larry Elder. God bless him and protect him as he campaigns.

  2. Biden and Harris need to bring their umbrellas this weekend to Sacramento. Expect some kind of retaliation, I think. No political party has a monopoly on morons like these.

    1. Yep.
      That is a person that would yell the loudest if someone assaulted her. But,ok to be the assaulter. Low life.
      Her new name ‘APE FACE’.
      Obvious show of lack of intelligence.
      Rep. or Dem, that was one of the brainless wonders of Calf..

  3. Yep! Paid thugs, more than likely, just like the Summer of Hate 2020! Soros dollars hard at work! How low will the DNC machine go?
    I hope Mr. Elder is provided with police protection from here on out!

    1. I hope he can pay for his own security …. Tax payers in this state will not allow one more penny on this fraud of a recall election .

      1. Homelessness out of control. Open season on shoplifting. Violent criminals given Get Out Of Jail Free cards….en masse. Highest taxes in the country and our school system is at the bottom. Our beautiful state is falling apart because of liberal policies. What has Newsom done to fix it?

  4. Way to keep it classy, Democraps….

    We’ll see who has the egg on their face in a week’s time or so… unless you CHEAT again like you did in November…

    VOTE IN PERSON and make sure your ballot is tabulated properly… these people are mentally deranged and will stoop to all levels of low….

    1. Prove the cheating in November? So far you Qmorons have proven nothing and have been debunked by the Trump judges that he appointed. Get off the Kool Aid .. and you can vote in person or by mail… Elder will still lose,

        1. Oh yeah, and Kamala sucked Willy Brown…such a classy bunch those Lefties. Ultimately, they will fail and, of necessity, fade away.

      1. What’s a “QMoron” “Lorenzo”???

        Your comment about “proving’ the cheating just shows that you’re either a paid troll or incredibly ignorant about all of the reports from the four or five swing states and the fact that Dominion has infiltrated most populated counties in California leaves the door wide open to more of your “progressive” voting fraud….

      2. Its no secret that fraud was uncovered in the 2020 voting. If not, why does the left oppose it so feverishly? If there were NO FRAUD why would the left be so opposed to recounts? The left fought and tried there darndest to close down the fraud investigation in Arizona. I’m not surprised because here is just a sample of what has been uncovered in just one county….LOST VOTES ( votes that were discarded) 173,104….GHOST VOTES (votes cast by someone other than the assigned voter) 96,389. There is a lot more that will be uncovered!

      3. Arizona just proved they cheated and more states are on the way. Its time for you to get an update and quit spreading false information.

  5. Press assault and battery charges against gorilla girl and “Michael” the bald-headed tough guy… she threw the first punch and “Michael” the gravel-voiced “muscle” is in for assault at least…

    These vermin need to be taught a lesson…

  6. Can you imagine if Newsom was black and a Republican did that in a Gorilla Mask? You would hear the Leftist Democrat Howls of anguish on the moon! If you Californians don’t throw these Monsters out of Government you deserve the Endgame you are going to get.

    1. If Newsom was black anf the table were turned you would have every republican run to their aid and call them a hero. Lets quit lying on who is the real racists of this country.

    1. why is this racist? you only can call it racist if you identify the gorrilla mask as someone who is black? now who is the racist Cynthia??

  7. WOW – the protestor said he couldn’t get anything done in a year — ha ha — look what Biden has done in a year! He has ruined America in such a short time.

  8. so the last guy in the video states that “why is he running, democrats control everything, he cannot get nothing done” – the idiocy is right there in nutshell of the left….everything in state is failing so he thinks more of the same is the way.

    1. Einstein said it best. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.

  9. That was hard to watch, especially after seeing the demolished 13 flags for our fallen soldiers. Is it the Chinese fentanyl changing Americans? Larry needs to beef up his security. CA democrats are going nuts, they are real poor losers.

    1. hard to watch? I am anxious to find out then what you thought about the racist insurrectionists that stormed the Capital, I hope you did not wet yourself

    2. Poor “Lorenzo,” sent out to troll, seems to have no idea he is only helping YES on Recall Newsom. He/she did his job and won’t be back, so he won’t read this, but you almost have to feel sorry for him/her for spending his precious time as a “useful idiot” for the Nuisance anti-recall forces. The Globe has a large readership numbers and that is apparently why he/she was sent out. Hope “Lorenzo” got his/her’s money’s worth.

    1. you seems to mix Democrats with Republican racist extremists that stormed the Capital on January 6th. Sorry we have no interest in murdering a liar just providing proof that they lie and lie to fool ignorant Republicans that vote for them

  10. Why hasn’t the gorilla masked woman and gravely voiced man been arrested for assault!? This is deeply disturbing to watch. I don’t care what side your on.

  11. More proof Democrats are the dumbest people on earth. I guarantee every one of those idiots is on drugs. Their brains are fried.

    1. your comments are proof of the ignorance of Republicans that have sold their souls to a fraud and racist former President Trump.

  12. What a waste of an egg. Maybe this will teach him a lesson to stop lying about election fraud which has not happening and mimicking the same rethoric as his Furher Trump. Elder is not welcomed in Los Angeles nor California. When the election is over I hope that he and his facist racist radio broadcast leaves this state. VOTE NO ON THE NEWSOM RECALL.

    1. Lorenzo declares that Larry Elder is not welcome in LA or California even though he was born and raised in South Central LA? Is that a threat? Lorenzo sounds like one of the Democrat’s racist Antifa terrorists who are violent? YES TO RECALLING GAVIN NEWSOM!

      1. Let’s crush the Lorenzo’s of this state like the cockroaches that they are….

        VOTE in person and avoid the vote fraud the Dems rely on….

    2. You know Lorenzo, judgement day is coming and God is watching. Please stop what you are doing now and repent. He will forgive you. Choose wisely, your eternal soul depends on it.

  13. Too bad that people can’t campaign without the nonsense – california has deteriorated since the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s… love how everyone just throws the race card around without having a clue of what happened – get out and vote for your candidate and perhaps we can build from rock bottom with or without newsome

  14. Glad to hear Sheriff Villanueva call it a hate crime (dailymail.co.uk)… some decency and potential for justice still exists in spite of Newsom.

  15. anyone arrested? No, of course not. the press didn’t even bother to film it lest someone be identified. We must save this state from the liars and those who believe them like the pro-gruesome guy interviewed. Why was he there? Did he expect to have his mind changed by seeing Larry? No he was there to make Larry feel unwelcome. Are you sure he was not one of the masked cowards? Disgusting behavior by so many political activists.

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