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Recall candidate Larry Elder during a speech in Los Angeles on August 24, 2021. (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

Larry Elder Begins To Lay Out Plans If Elected Governor at Speech In Los Angeles

‘Businesses are leaving twice as much as they were three years ago – even tech is leaving’

By Evan Symon, August 25, 2021 6:36 am

Talk show host and Republican recall candidate Larry Elder gave a speech in Los Angeles on Tuesday, reiterating his positions on many top Californian issues and laying out what he would do during a roughly one-year long term as Governor.

The event on Tuesday, held at the Warner Towers Marriott in Woodland Hills and sponsored by the political advocacy arm of the Jewish Republican Alliance, JRA Nation, began with Elder picking up another endorsement from the host.

Recall candidate Larry Elder during a speech in Los Angeles on August 24, 2021. (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

Elder then promised to declare emergencies on both the homeless situation in California as well on the state’s water resources. Specifically, he noted that he had talked with former Governor Pete Wilson and would back up the emergencies with Governor specific political tools such as line-item vetoes and political appointments. As the Governor has the power to appoint commissioners and positions on water boards, Elder noted that his picks would be chosen based on reversing the water situation in California.

Elder also promised to help change legislation by employing vetoes against bills that he doesn’t agree with, forcing the bill writers to change and redraft them to make them more palatable.

“You’ll be amazed at how much saner bills can become if you veto them,” explained Elder.

He also reaffirmed stances on more controversial issues such as being pro-school choice and repealing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s vaccine mandates. While Elder did say that vaccine mandates would be removed if elected in as Governor, he noted that he is not anti-vaccine. He noted that he was vaccinated and that everyone who wanted to be vaccinated should vaccinate.

“I’m not anti-vax. I believe in vaccinations. Everyone who wanted one got  one,” Elder said on Tuesday.

However, he stressed it is a personal decision and clarified that, once again, he is against mandates.

“For crying out loud this is America,” added Elder about state employee mandates that require vaccinations or weekly testing and mask wearing. “It makes no sense.”

Elder also critiqued the first population decline recorded in the state’s history, highlighting the reasons: home affordability, homelessness, crime, high taxes, and regulations for the population loss, resulting in the loss of a Congressional seat.

“The number one reason for the loss is that people cannot afford a home,” stressed Elder. “Businesses are leaving twice as much as they were three years ago. Even tech is leaving. For the last 17 years, business CEOs have named California as the worst state to do business in the country.”

Addressing homelessness, Elder introduced several ideas that differed from Governor Gavin Newsom and other candidates. Specifically, Elder said that he would declare an emergency over the homeless issue, noting that certain homeless groups, such as addicts and the mentally ill, needed more of a focus. He also proposed many solutions such as more low-cost housing and the involvement of churches, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship in finding placement for those that need help.

Further issues addressed by Elder

Crime also came up as a major issue, with Elder even pointing out the mugging of former Senator Barbara Boxer and crime rising across the state as reasons to rein it in. Elder also brought up the issue of race and the police department, arguing that the Ferguson Effect, aka the “George Floyd Effect,” is making many officers unwilling to get involved in some situations out of fear that they will be accused of racism or worse if they intervene. He said that this was only worsening crime in California, going so far as to call systematic racism in the police a lie and that much of it comes down to complying with officers orders.

“If you are told that the cops are out to get you each year, you start to believe it,” said Elder. “But we are taught to comply with the police. You comply, you don’t die. But now more black men aren’t complying, and they’re dying.”

As Elder was in front of a mainly Jewish crowd, Elder also fine-tuned the evening tailoring his speech to them. This included having the Israeli national anthem being sung after the American anthem at the beginning, anecdotes with him meeting Sandy Koufax, and addressing the anti-Semitic behavior of prominent African-American Democratic leaders such as Jessie Jackson using racial slurs against Jews and Al Sharpton’s long history of anti-Jewish views.

The evening then ended with a quick question and answer session where Elder reaffirmed his belief in the second amendment and explained how he got the nickname “The Sage of South Central.”

“I gave it to myself,” answered Elder to laughter. “It was the alliteration maybe, but I just liked it.”

Many political commentators have noted that Elder has reached the point that he is now seriously outlining what he would do as Governor, rather than the more speculative language he has used in the past.

“He has a plan all lined out now,” noted former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe post-speech on Tuesday. “He noted several times what he would do. He’s consulted with former Governors. He kept stressing how close it was. He gave stories about his early career in Cleveland and really highlighted the dynamic between his race and party. He’s not just building for Governor in 2021, but also 2022 now.”

“And, with past political strife between African-American candidates and Jews, and vice versa, he proved that there was no animosity there today. If there was any doubt there, he more than alleviated it.”

“You can see why he is making Democrats more and more nervous now. He does have some very conservative ideas, and even some Republicans are balking at ideas like $0 minimum wage. But he just keeps winning people over. And his speech in Los Angeles really reflected that.”

Recent polls have shown that Elder still has a double digit lead over all other recall opponents. The recall election is September 14th.

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Evan Symon
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23 thoughts on “Larry Elder Begins To Lay Out Plans If Elected Governor at Speech In Los Angeles

  1. There are more than a few politicians in California with a D after their names who are really Republicans on most every issue. I first heard one such member of the Assembly speak at an Apartment Association Christmas Party. Everything he was saying was clearly Republican, but he had to call himself a Democrat to win in his district. Governor Elder will be able to get far more done than many people realize, because such Democrats will finally be free to be themselves and work with him.

    1. @Frank, it’s not surprising that your “D” Assembly person may actually be more of an “R”. Leon Panetta was an “R” when first running for Congress; but could never get elected so he switched to a “D” and won. I’m sure this also happens in Red districts – in the opposite direction.

  2. Democrats are the biggest racists and just want to keep the blacks on their welfare plantations! It is totally showing now and the Los Angeles Times etc…. is saying nothing about the gang violence, poor reading, writing levels of blacks in the inner cities, generational welfare in those communities, black on black crime etc….Democrats, which I was was until working in their horrible social welfare programs for decades, want to keep people dependent and harvesting their grapes, watching their children, serving their food etc… Democrats need to wake up and stop watching Democrats NPR, MSDNC, CNN and start actually looking at their dirty communities, their failing schools, their streets lined with homeless drug addicts with mental health issues, their rising crime rates, their rising taxes, criminals who should be incarcerated roaming their streets who terrorize their children and communities, their cost of living etc…. You would think the rich white people in the Democratic Party would actually celebrate that CA might have the first black governor but no instead they call Larry and his supporters racists, actions speak louder then words Democrats which is why I walked away disgusted. Get out and vote, really vote, at your voting place or turn your ballot in at the elections office and not put it through the mail.

  3. Comrades
    Larry is correct. School choice will be the most important reform ever in California….education the masses brought down European monarchies…..

  4. Larry can have the best proposed agenda ever.
    But he’s no match for a felon with 300 bogus ballots in his car.

    1. Full Stop: I wonder if that felon was high and somehow got his hands on some ballots, thinking in his hazy stupor that they would be worth money to someone. Maybe they are and maybe they’re not, but that particular catch could just be an anomaly. Hope people won’t be discouraged from voting, anyway, because of that story. As Kevin Kiley said about voting to recall Mr. Gruesome, parroting DJT for our own CA cause, “What do you have to lose?”

  5. Our biggest foe in this whole recall isn’t even Newsom even though the man and his policies are objectively odious. It’s the massive corrupt political machine that put him there which seems willing to use every dirty trick at its disposal and break every law necessary in order to keep him in office and maintain its control over us.
    Our first step in regaining our freedom is to unequivocally and overwhelmingly vote YES on the recall.
    If the vote in favor of recalling Newsom is overwhelming, they won’t be able to print enough ballots to cancel it.
    If its close, they cant cheat.

  6. Does anyone believe that 1 million ballots have been returned in the course of a week from the time they were mailed…. with 56% Democrat; 22% Republican, and 22% No Party affiliation???

    1. @Marilyn, the data firm PDI, that provided this information is the same firm that contracts with political campaigns to provided registered voter information. It is also the firm that provides voter data to organizations for surveys like the Berkeley IGS poll. These percentages don’t mean a whole lot since one cannot determine how the individuals in each of the three groups actually voted.

    2. California has 22+ million registered voters. So, the return in the first week computes to around .5% of the total. If the return was 5%-10%, I might be a little surprised.

  7. It’s up to us Cali folks to turn this ship AROUND! We need to engage our friends, neighbors et al to go out and VOTE! 1st step RECALL Newsom…2nd Step…Vote for Larry he is da Man! Hoping and praying that he will succeed in ridding us of Newsom….. FOLKS! If you are weary about mailing your vote…CCCH (Pastor Jack Hibbs church) in Chino Hills, CA is collecting ballots from LA, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside County for the next Sundays…I handed by ballot last Sunday after 1st service…GET OUT & VOTE!!!!!!!

  8. So with $0 minimum wage, that means employers can pay what they want, right, so wouldn’t that cause more homeless people? People already can’t afford to live off minimum wage, so with $0 minimum wage, I wonder how many people will be living with family members and on the streets.

    1. @Jones, actually the original proposal for a $0 minimum wage was in a New York Times (1987) op ed. (https://fee.org/articles/the-new-york-times-explains-why-the-minimum-wage-should-be-000/). Milton Friedman was a critic of raising the minimum wage prior to that, because it caused higher unemployment for minorities and women. He made these points originally in a Playboy interview and later opinions (https://youtu.be/ca8Z__o52sk). Friedman’s ideas were included in the NYT opinion piece.

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