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CA Dept. of Ed: Only Way to Teach Students Ethnic Studies is to Indoctrinate Them

Ethnic studies ‘purists’ opposed California’s Critical Race Theory Curriculum

By Katy Grimes, March 22, 2021 7:05 am

Despite the controversy and outrage of parents and educators across the state, last week the California Board of Education approved a statewide ethnic studies curriculum for high schools, known as Critical Race Theory Curriculum, with board members voting unanimously 11-0 in favor of the new lesson plans. The 900-page Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum was ultimately passed in what appeared to be somewhat of a compromise, leaving opponents and proponents dissatisfied and angry.

“With more than 7,000 comments submitted in January-February, letters opposing the Critical ES approach and Critical Race Theory (CRT) comprised the #1 concern about the ESMC,” the Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies said on its website. “However, the CDE ignored nearly all of the more than 100 pages of edits submitted by organizations advocating to shift the underlying Critical Ethnic Studies focus to a Constructive Ethnic Studies approach.”

The Globe spoke with a long-time education consultant about California’s Critical Race Theory Curriculum hearing Thursday, who asked to comment anonymously over concerns of retribution. She explained that the ethnic studies “purists” are opposed to this model curriculum because they say it does not clearly abide to what ethnic studies is supposed to be: “anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and anti-capitalism.”  Or, as one person in opposition said, ethnic studies must override the “racist, colonial, and capitalist American” perspective.  “The public comments at the hearing were telling,” she said.

The purists also say the ethnic studies curriculum has been “watered-down” by “right-wing white supremacists.” Apparently, the term “right-wing” was removed by the commission, and the purists are ticked, the consultant said.

Board Member Sue Burr also noted, before the unanimous vote in the affirmative, that this model curriculum is not mandatory.  The education consultant said while it may not be mandatory, Assemblyman Jose Medina authored AB 101 to make “ethnic studies” a graduation requirement.  “So, not mandatory YET is more like it,” the consultant said. This bill will be heard Wednesday, March 24 at 9:00AM. The link to watch the hearing is here.

Radical leftist labor leader “Dolores Huerta spoke and equated conservatives in Kern county to racists, noting the high expulsion rate of students of color in the county, and how her work has reduced that.”  Except, as the education consultant said, students don’t get expelled for color…they get expelled for behavior. “And if they’ve successfully reduced expulsions, why the need for the curriculum?”

The public comments over several hours seem to be evidence enough of just how much division ethnic studies creates, the consultant said:
  • Having a more robust history – as mentioned by a few speakers – is great.
  • The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) is NOT that and I respectfully ask that you REJECT it.
  • The ESMC is loaded with Marxist ideology, is already sewing deep divisions among peoples, and generally maligns people of European/UK descent, European/UK cultures, and Christianity.
  • This does not “heal” societies or help build community.

This last sentence was in response to to someone who suggested that this is what ethnic studies is about, who also suggested, to paraphrase, that if people found it divisive that was their problem, the consultant said.

“As previous members of the public have noted, the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum also includes chants that appeal to various gods, including an Aztec God of human sacrifice and cannibalism,” she said.But as she noted, “If ‘prayer’ is no longer allowed in public schools, how this ok?  This would train Christian and Jewish children to violate the 1st Commandment and commit a horrible offense against Almighty God.”

“Also, Dolores Huerta equated conservatism with racism/white supremacy, in her comments” the consultant said. “However, being Conservative, or someone of European decent, or a Christian does not make someone racist or a white supremacist. Conservatives identify with many different races and cultures, as do Christians.”

A few other members of the public gave excellent explanations of the problem with using the “lens” of Critical Race Theory, she said. “One caller, toward the end of the day, said that he had read the entirety of the model curriculum and applauded to the changes made by IQC/CDE staff (the ones the purists hate), but that the model is still awful for all the main reasons: Marxist, divisive, etc., etc…”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board weighed in on California’s Ethnic Studies Mandate last week:

“If America’s traditional ‘narratives’ are designed to encourage social mobility and prosperity, California’s proposed Marxist narratives are designed to encourage intergroup conflict and perpetual upheaval in existing institutions. That’s explicit in sample assignments, such as drafting a ‘manifesto’ of demands for the Third World Liberation Front or ‘implementing a systematized campaign for social justice at their school.’”

“Despite lingering tensions after the lengthy hearing, as evidenced by more than 150 callers pleading before the board for hours on Thursday not to pass the curriculum due to charges that it was anti-Asian, anti-Jewish, and anti-Arab, the 900-page Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum was ultimately passed unanimously by the California Board of Education.”

Larry Sand and Lia Rensin, sum up what’s wrong with California’s ethnic studies in California’s draft ethnic studies curriculum still isn’t right, published in the Orange County Register March 16, 2021:

“Instead of ensuring that students learn how to critically analyze opposing viewpoints and make informed decisions, the CDE has determined that the only way to teach our children ethnic studies is to indoctrinate them into this victim/oppressor model. The state is wasting this opportunity to increase understanding and empathy among various ethnic groups, instead remaining tone-deaf to heartfelt concerns raised by students, teachers, parents and community members.”

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11 thoughts on “CA Dept. of Ed: Only Way to Teach Students Ethnic Studies is to Indoctrinate Them

  1. Dolores Huerta uses the word racist only against whites; thus she herself is racist; she is an anti-white racist. There’s no doubt about that. Being pro ethnic studies is to be anti-white. Ethnic studies ought to be inclusive, but it is not. Critical Race Theory is a ideology specifically designed to cause conflict and to blame Whites for all social and economic ills non-Whites encounter. There is not going to be any kind of healing or improvement in California citizens with the passing of this anti-white curriculum. The agenda is not really to heal or improve; it is to create more conflict in society with the goal of eliminating White people from society. This curriculum is part of the larger Coudenhove Kalergi Plan that was developed in the early part of the 20th century. Do some research and find out: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2016/10/05/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-white-genocide-by-design-part-2/#more-63582

    1. Yes sir. All of this stuff from the left, “ethnic studies” included, is meant to work in concert to undermine the foundations of civilized society. The more the foundation is weakened the more the parasites energetically hammer away at what remains. Family, religion, education, etc.; all of our institutions are targets. That’s why “useful idiots,” whether Dem or Repub or whatever, who go along to get along thinking they are “nice,” need to wake up ASAP to this threat. As you know.

  2. We need only look to Alison Collins on the San Francisco School Board to see that Critical Race Theory is intrinsically racist and will only further inflame racial tensions and inequities.

  3. I would also like to point out that CRT is really cover for marxist ideology. This quote from the anonymous source highlights what is really going on:
    [She explained that the ethnic studies “purists” are opposed to this model curriculum because they say it does not clearly abide to what ethnic studies is supposed to be: “anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and anti-capitalism.” Or, as one person in opposition said, ethnic studies must override the “racist, colonial, and capitalist American” perspective. “The public comments at the hearing were telling,” she said.]

    I agree the real racist is Dolores Huerta! She has been a destructive force to our state. Parents need to awaken to this threat before their children’s future is destroyed.

    I just want to know where is the unity the left claimed to bring the next four years?

    1. In Yuri Bezmenov model
      we are seeing Stage 2: Destabilization
      a demoralized population becomes willing to believe the worst criticisms of its own society, while learning to see defenders of that society as their enemies, while avowed enemies become natural allies.
      it’s easy to see how the American Left has destabilized entire segments of modern society after demoralizing them. They see enemies everywhere, while no pro-American authority can be trusted.

  4. 60 years ago the President of Russia came here to speak and wanted to see Disney Land but was denied because of security. He became angry and went on a rant telling us that Russia would take over our country through our schools and our country without firing a shot. The Marxists have already indoctrinated our kids and divided our nation. Now is the time to reject this theory which is anti American or our democracy will not survive.

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