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Sen. Richard Pan. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA Sen. Richard Pan Says More Than 1,000 California Children Have Died from COVID-19

CDC and CDPH show 44 child deaths in California

By Katy Grimes, January 10, 2022 1:02 pm

Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), a pediatrician and state lawmaker, wrote a recent article on his Senate website “regarding the death of more than 1,000 children from COVID-19.”

“I grieve to learn that more than 1,000 children have now died from COVID-19 and nearly 170,000 new pediatric COVID-19 cases were confirmed last week,” Sen. Pan said. “COVID cases and hospitalizations of children are rising due to the more infectious Delta and Omnicron variants, and too many children are not yet fully vaccinated and are left vulnerable to this serious disease. California needs policies to minimize the threat of COVID-19 to the health and safety of our children in all places that children gather.”

“The President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Lee Savio Beers, M.D., FAAP, made the following statement when the news was released, ‘This sad milestone reminds us both of the serious impact COVID-19 has had on children, as well as the importance of vaccination for all who are eligible,’ said AAP President Lee Savio Beers, M.D., FAAP. ‘Our hearts break for the families who have experienced these tragic losses.  We will continue to work to support them, and to do all we can to keep children safe and healthy.’”

The Globe contacted Sen. Pan’s office on Friday to inquire about his statement that 1,000 children (under age 18) have died from COVID. Were these 1,000 in California? Are these U.S. totals? His Senate article does not state which.

“On Dr. Pan’s Senate website his 12/22/21 article that says more than 1000 children have died from COVID.

I looked at the CDC website and the total is only 823 in the entire country, and 44 in California, according to the CDPH.

While the CDC appears to be putting out conflicting information, the COVID death rate among children is significantly lower than most flu years. Even Dr. Fauci acknowledges that many children enter hospitals for reasons unrelated to Covid, like broken bones or cancer, but are registered as Covid hospitalizations simply because they got a positive PCR test, thereby inflating the numbers.

And in California, with only 44 child deaths due to COVID, what is Dr. Pan’s position on school closures and continued distance learning?”


CDPH listing of COVID deaths by age. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)
CDC listing of COVID deaths by age. (Photo: cdc.gov)

When we did not hear anything back for several hours, we sent a second inquiry to Sen. Pan’s Legislative Director. We received a reply from someone else:

Hi Katy,

I hope this information is helpful to you:



We replied:

“That was linked in Sen. Pan’s article. I asked, ‘And in California, with only 44 child deaths due to COVID, what is Dr. Pan’s position on school closures and continued distance learning?'”

We have not received a reply as of noon Monday.

Here are the links to the data from the CDC and California Department of Public Health.



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33 thoughts on “CA Sen. Richard Pan Says More Than 1,000 California Children Have Died from COVID-19

  1. Maybe I can help you with that…. American Academy of Pediatrics received $50k from Pfizer in 2020
    …nuf said.
    Here’s a good read about pre-K indoctrination: ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda-Obendience Training For Pre K-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control coreysdigs.com

    1. Ha, LOL I always say, they love throwing out those type of numbers. Another fine example is the “illustrious” Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer claimed that 100,000 children were currently hospitalized with Covid19 with many on ventilators!

      Pass that hallucinogenic Kool Aid around, it must be what keeps them all on the same page. Can someone please spike it with a dose of reality!

      This sham just gets more evident with each passing day.

  2. What a liar Richard Pan is. Why should he be allowed to practice medicine? Is that what he does —- freak out parents unnecessarily with his lies? What a thoroughly corrupt bunch of legislators we have in Sacramento. How about if you corrupt Dems improve California overnight by deciding to go straight?

    1. The headline of this article is a complete lie, but somehow you’re concerned with Pan lying? Hell, the so-called journalist can’t even spell omicron right. Why would you believe anything this article says?

          1. They’re both wrong and Pan is lying. We have known since the summer of 2020 that the risk of serious illness and death for children from COVID is SO LOW that it is statistically ZERO. Sen Pan might want to think about how his chillingly-cold and calculating fear-mongering is scaring the holy hell out of parents who may (mistakenly) take him at his word because he is a physician. I mean, really? This guy is a pediatrician? On what hellish planet does a pediatrician do this? Planet Sociopath?

          2. The headline was supposed to have a ? mark at the end. As I explain in the article, the way he writes this on his website is confusing. Is this in California or nationwide? Here is what I wrote: “The Globe contacted Sen. Pan’s office on Friday to inquire about his statement that 1,000 children (under age 18) have died from COVID. Were these 1,000 in California? Are these U.S. totals? His Senate article does not state which.”
            I’ll correct the punctuation.

  3. He must get his figures from the same place as Sotomayer. Haven’t we had enough of lying politicians? Also, I’d be willing to bet the 44 children died WITH covid, not FROM covid.

  4. Just another attempt to induce mass psychosis in the population. It will fail as did “defund the police” and other similar attempts. A new study indicates that T-cells from the common cold protects against Covid19 infection.

  5. Pan is known to lie sadly. July 21, 2021 Johns Hopkins released a study, after evaluating all the supposed pediatric Covid deaths in the entire country — and they concluded that zero of them actually died from Covid.

    We have to remember the real agenda here which is to push this vaccine onto the childhood schedule —even if it kills more kids than it could ever possibly save, since none of them have died OF Covid. This way the vaccine manufacturers will get immunity for the adults and kids they are killing and disabling with that death jab forever more.

    By the way it doesn’t qualify as an emergency use product if it doesn’t save more lives than it kills. And to be clear there is no approved product available in the United States.

    1. Pam you make outrageous claims about the vaccine and yet you provide NO proof. The vaccines have already saved tens of thousands of lives. But of course uneducated conspiracy theorists like you are just going to believe what you want to believe.

          1. The data on the Vaers site DOES NOT say that 150,000 people in the US have died from the Covid vaccines. If you would care to actually look at the site and the graphs you would see that. Most people can read and understand graphs but I guess lefty liberals can’t. I read the article you posted from Reuters and they don’t state that Vaers reported 150,000 Covid vaccine deaths.

          2. Also, for readers here to keep in mind (not W, who has shown he is not objective), there is a HUGE conflict of interest with regard to a Reuters’ principal and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.
            As has been well-publicized since early December 2021, the chairman and former CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation — James C. Smith — is a top investor and board member of Pfizer:
            “Conflict: Reuters Chairman is Pfizer Investor and Board Member”

      1. At first, I thought you said “Pan.” And that would make sense because he is the only one who is lying here! Where is his proof of this 1,000 children? He got called on it by the CA Globe and still hasn’t answered them. And Justice Sotomayor said 100,000 children are in the hospital with Covid, many on ventilators. But we know that that is a lie for a few reasons. One, that stats, and two, common sense because of the IFR (infection to fatality rate) for children with Covid is only 0.001-0.003% (depending on age). And for middle-aged people, it’s only 0.19%. Just a few years ago, any honest scientist would’ve referred to this as negligible because it is! Unfortunately, most Americans are suffering from “mass formation psychosis.” And that’s according to Dr. Robert Malone, the man who invented the damn mRNA vaccines. And it’s just like what happened in Nazi Germany, where the so called “highly educated,” were often the easiest ones to trick!

      2. You really should ask your mother for more internet time so you could do some research on vaccine efficacy and what EUA means.

      3. According to the CDC, almost 11k people have died directly attributed to the COVID shots, and the documented heart issues to pediatrics is disheartening.

        As usual, you don’t bring any facts to your argument…!!!

        With the whistle-blower documents out of DARPA, your Dr. Fauci appears to have lied under oath about the origins of COVID..!!!

  6. I see our pet troll is in here seeking some attention. Poor thing. As far as Pan. That guy literally is a piece of garbage. He does not care about our children’s health. This man serves the interests of the biggest lobbyist group in our country.

    1. Take a look at this Globe article from Sept 2019 with fresh eyes given all we’ve been through with the Covid “vaccines” in the last year. It will refresh your memory as to how Sen Richard Pan has operated and what he has done regarding vaccines in the past; e.g., removing medical exemptions for the overkill of children’s vaccines required for public school attendance.
      Also I can’t help noticing that in pushing this he appeared to be doing his part to set the table for what we are experiencing now: Unnecessary Covid vaccines for children, vaccine mandates that have already been required for many, and a looming threat of vaccine mandates for all:
      “Bill to Disallow Vaccine Exemptions Passes: ‘SB 714 is Going to be a Mockery of Democracy'”

    1. Koros,
      Who posted the false headline..?? Pan said over 1,000 kids died of COVID in CA but the charts say that is not true and looking at the VAERS data does not support that claim either.

      So, who’s lying, the Globe or Senator Pan..?? I’m saying that Pan is lying just like Justice Sotomayor..!!

      1. The Globe posted a false headline. Nowhere did Pan say “more than 1000 California children have died…” His website says “more than 1000 children have died…”

        Adding in the word “California” completely misstates what was said in order to push a narrative. What’s worse is that the actual article admits that the headline is a lie. They apparently contacted his office to ask if it was California children, U.S. totals, or something else because, “His Senate article does not state which.”

        It’s a blatantly false headline.

        1. Nice try but no one is buying it. Sen Pan is, at best, an unseemly fear-mongerer, repeating provably false Dem talking points, and at worst is an unscrupulous and remorseless liar who is doing great harm, which is completely irresponsible considering his position as a pediatrician, never mind as a state senator. I know beggars can’t be choosers in CA these days with the corrupt crowd of Dems we’re stuck with up in the legislature, but this is ridiculous. And totally unacceptable.

        2. Ok, you are right in which he didn’t say “California” but he did say that more than 1,000 kids have died which is incorrect. In fact, he called them “Chidlren[sic]” in his headline along with misspelling “Omnicron[sic]” too.

          The headline is false but his assertion of over 1000 dead from COVID is also false.

          1. While the poor spelling is definitely problematic, it’s nowhere near the blatant falsehood in the title of the article.

            As for Pan’s assertion, since he didn’t say where he got the dataset from, it’s completely true, if somewhat misleading. Worldwide child deaths from covid are over 1000.

            Meanwhile, your assertion of almost 11,000 deaths attributed to “the shots” by the CDC is completely false as well. VAERS is a passive self-reported monitoring system. It does not determine causality. The disclaimer specifically says not to use it the way you’re trying to use it.

  7. Every single person on the planet should be reading or have read “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and look through all the references and dig into just a piece of what’s happening around this insane world. The sheeple need to wake up! Question the science, that’s what science is. Don’t follow the science that THEY give you. Stop listening to all the mainstream media owned and dictated by the same money. Find the truths! Find the doctors who have been silenced and scrubbed when they post something that Fauci and his army don’t want the people to see. Dig! We deserve to know the real truths!

  8. Will the parents who have not lost the ability to think and decide sign a petition opposing the mandates, we need to show Newsom how to stop himself from sabotaging his own political future. It is clear that MSM and SM giants are effecting intentional blackouts of increasing public fury over mandates and restrictions. They won’t cover the trucker convoys. Particularly dismayed over CA’s spectacular fall from grace..going from bastion of personal choice and freedom to muzzling of dissent and authoritarian mandates! It’s as if people are hypnotized and led by fear and we are in a Staasi like state where people lose jobs and reputations for speaking up and out. Pharma stooge Pan is getting away with complete lies we must not let his writ run large over our kids and their education, well being and safety. What can be done. How can we mobilize the numbers? Is there a petition we can start on Change.org to bring together rallies and protests (although even those are now quickly tarred as Trumpian insurrectionist gatherings!). But, we have to let Newsom know that his political future is at stake if he lets this Pan run roughshod over our kids before he exits his term on Dec 5th.

  9. We need “Data Driven Democracy”
    Not Ideology Driven
    Not Woke-ism Driven
    Not Tyranny like unelected officials mandating lockdowns, vaccination etc
    No Person Should be forced or coerced to have a medical treatment, including “get the jab or you are fired”
    Data/Facts include: The covid vaccination does not protect a person from getting covid, actually reduces immunity. The side effects of covid vaccination are much much worse than contracting covid. Other treatements such as ivermectiin were systematically suppressed so Fauci could get Emergency Use Authorization for the covid vaccines and make money for himself and his medical industry buddies. The law protecting vaccine makes from product liability MUST be repealled.
    COVID-19 IS A SCAMDEMIC-PLANDEMIC, with planning as far back as 2015. The virus was made in the Wuhan Virology Lab, in part using US Taxpayer money. Fire Fauci — Racketeer, Murderer. Lots of evidence, total surpressed by Main Stream Media which is a partner of The Deep State/New World Order. Wake up

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