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San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Assemblyman Triggered by Children’s Airsoft Toy Gun, Mistakes it for Actual Glock

‘The attempt at virtue signaling is just adorable’

By Katy Grimes, May 24, 2021 8:31 am

California Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) tweeted out a photo over the weekend of what he referred to as the “discarded packaging of a semi-automatic” Glock handgun. PressCalifornia.com caught it and archived the Twitter thread.

At first blush the untrained may mistake the package as gun packaging – except guns don’t come in clear hard plastic packaging. And it says right on the label “Airsoft.”

Chiu Tweeted: “Finding the discarded packaging of a semi-automatic on a leisurely weekend walk was disturbing, particularly during this month’s surge of gun violence in San Francisco. #EndGunViolence #EnoughIsEnough

After he posted his Tweet, Chiu was excoriated for mistaking it for an actual semi-automatic handgun.

One response summed up the moment: “My favorite thing about this is that he saw it, clutched his pearls, whipped his phone out and thought to himself, ‘Oh I am SO tweeting this.’ The attempt at virtue signaling is just adorable.”

The reply Tweets were predictably entertaining:

Assemblyman Chiu has been a reliable pro-gun control lawmaker.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported last year:

A San Francisco legislator now is pushing the firearms industry to comply by proposing to scale back standards for the technology, known as micro-stamping, and remove older gun models from the market.

On Monday, Assemblyman David Chiu introduced AB2847, which would require that semiautomatic pistols sold in the state leave a single unique imprint on bullets that are fired — rather than two, as currently required. The marking, which reveals a gun’s make, model and serial number, is meant to help law enforcement investigations.

In a post he titled “Calling the gun industry’s bluff,” Chiu wrote on his campaign website:

The gun industry has been dragging its feet on a common-sense law that would make guns safer and hold criminals accountable. Together, we can force them to take action that will save lives.

My new bill, AB 2847, would require gunmakers to incorporate microstamping technology — to imprint microscopic characters that identify a handgun’s make, model, and serial number on the casing of every bullet that is fired. Having this information is critical to solving countless crimes involving firearms, as well as to reducing the black market for guns. The bill would also require that new handguns include safety features to prevent accidental shootings.

This is the frustration pro-gun and Second Amendment groups have with lawmakers who are totally ignorant of guns, imposing gun control legislation and laws.

“Microstamping has reared up as gun control schemers elevate it as a sophisticated means of ‘gun safety,’ a sly euphemism for gun control,” Larry Keene, President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation recently wrote. “Gun control politicians push the ‘technology’ to ‘reduce gun violence.’ In their minds, microstamping connects the dots on crime, a criminally misused firearm and the criminal. Except that’s not realistic and forcing gun manufacturers to implement microstamping on new guns, or retrofit existing firearms, only limits lawful firearm ownership.”

“California is the only state to enact microstamping.”

Keene explains that since California passed a dual-placement microstamping mandate in 2007, despite the firearm industry, third-party researchers, and even UC Davis testifying that the technology doesn’t work, firearm manufactures have introduced no new handguns to California.

Chiu removed the Tweet and posted this:



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28 thoughts on “California Assemblyman Triggered by Children’s Airsoft Toy Gun, Mistakes it for Actual Glock

  1. Asm David Chiu, whose past legislation and generally clueless political ideology only worsens the rising crime situation in this state and actually makes LEGAL gun ownership a necessity for all law-abiding Californians, even those who may be squeamish about it, should be ETERNALLY mocked for his ridiculous virtue-signaling tweet. Keep this article in your mocking file, folks!
    I agree with Beth Baumann, who said, “You mean you didn’t notice the giant bright orange barrel that signifies it’s an air soft? Or you’re purposefully being a lying hack?” Exactly.

  2. It’s amazing how ignorant liberal politicians are on firearms especially ones like Chiu who are always pushing firearms laws and restrictions on law abiding citizens. He says in San Francisco they are dealing with an upsurge in gun violence. It is due to their District Attorney Chesa Boudin not prosecuting violent criminals. Yeah that Chesa Boudin who was raised by Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Boudin was raised by them because his parents were in prison for murdering two NY Police Officers and a Brinks guard. Assemblyman Chiu, Chesa Boudin is a main reason SF is such a sh** hole.

      1. Showandtell if I did live in SF I would be circulating petitions like I did in my neighborhood for Newsolini. Don’t like to brag but I got over 200 to sign while I was walking my dog.

        1. Oh sorry, John, I should have been more clear. The first line was a response to you and the second line was for anyone passing by who happens to live in SF. I’ve picked up a bad habit of posting recall links. 🙂
          200 signatures is amazing, impressive. And I remember you said the neighbors who signed were from all political persuasions, a wonderful thing to know.

  3. David Chiu,
    Why don’t you go to a shooting range and get educated on the definition of firearms and their proper use. It would/should be a prerequisite for all Legislators that want to write any gun laws or make public statements. That way you won’t make a fool of yourself. I don’t feel sorry for you, because it was you that opened your mouth, before you put your brain in gear. Get EDUCATED!

    1. I just sent him a message with an invitation to take lessons from my son who is an NRA-qualified instructor. I included his number and name of his company and encouraged Lil’ David to sign up to avoid any further embarrassment. I suggested he might even enjoy himself (more than looking at garbage on the streets of SF).

  4. It’s never wise to act precipitously without double checking the facts. This is a case in point.

    Mr. Chiu’s fit of rushed, grandstanding high moral and overzealous pique brands him as a fool both blinded by the certainty of his convictions and displaying poor impulse control.

    (I find it easy to suspect that deep down he believes that if he had a gun, then he’d go around shooting people with it. Therefore, in a fit of projection he thinks that anybody with a gun is absolutely going to start shooting up the place. And that leads us to Reaction Formation as he claims to want to protect you from guns, but really it’s all about trying to protect himself.

    (He was probably bullied as a kid too. And now he’s getting even.

    (All that, and I’m willing to bet that – dirty little secret time – he already has a gun, though probably not a Glock inasmuch as he mistook a clear clamshell for factory packaging.)

    His recent tweet only serves to highlight further the foolishness, ignorance and lack of critical thinking displayed on his website statements:

    ” …a common-sense law that would make guns safer and hold criminals accountable.”

    Guns already are pretty damned safe. Further, in the case of a Glock 17, the safety is in the trigger and utterly reliable. Even with a round jacked into the chamber, you can throw it against the wall or pavement and it won’t go off.

    Plus anytime somebody uses the term “common sense.” you can pretty much be sure that they’re trying to take something away from you whilst keeping it for themselves. It’s a red flag term.

    “…require gunmakers to incorporate microstamping technology…”

    And all I or anybody has to do is file it off, or swap out the firing pin. Very easy to do. And if I’m planning on shooting somebody or want to render the weapon cold, I’ll know enough to do exactly that.

    “…include safety features to prevent accidental shootings.”

    They already exist. They’re called a safeties. All guns except (most) revolvers and derringers have them. With a revolver, your safety is keeping the hammer on an empty chamber. With a derringer, the safety is usually a very heavy and long ~10+ pound pull on the trigger. (The latter is a pure self defense weapon anyway.)

    “…reducing the black market for guns.”

    Nope. The black market will still be there, and probably bigger than ever. Plus, you can make a gun out of damned near anything you can find at the hardware store. Hell, you can make a gun out of nothing more than a rolled up magazine and .22 round; not a very good gun, but it does the job.

    Plus not a word about knives, which are used in attacks and killings far more often that firearms, by a factor of 6 I believe.

    To repeat, the man is an overzealous idiot, the product of affinity voting and a collectivist minority upbringing, using his one trick pony of pointing to scary guns in order to attract fame and power to himself, and at the expense of your freedoms.

    In other words, he’s a menace.

    Just a thought.


  5. All of the Gun control bills Demoncrats think do no prevent crime, they satisfy the ego of a delusional egotist.

  6. What a fool. I’m sure he wet himself when he saw the scary package. Did he think an actual Glock came through the mail like that? Or perhaps someone bought it from a vending machine? He was probably shaking so severely he couldn’t read the printing on the package.

    Go back to Boston you Carpetbagger.

  7. Highly doubt he has even set foot in a gun store. Does David Chiu actually expect a real gun to come in plastic packaging?

  8. If this Boob Chui is a product of the San Fran system system, then be very embarrassed SF. Imagine having so little intelligence that you have to use it all to walk, talk and chew gum simultaneously. Fence posts have higher IQ’s. Sorry SF, but you fail. The rest of the state has to put up with airheads condemning air-toys. Just proves that politicians can’t survive in the real, too stupid.

  9. Hey David you finally found a “ghost gun” – anyone can see what looks like an empty package actually contains a true Glock ghost gun. See! No one can see it.

    What a numpty!

  10. I also have to laugh that even Beth got it wrong. The packaging that Chiu posted goes to a co2 bb gun not a airsoft one. I have this bb gun and have to say it’s realistic tho. Even has the weight. I use it when I practice in a “restricted” area like my yard or when I want to save ammo for my real Glock 19.

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