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Gov. Gavin Newsom disagreeing with the CDC data. (Photo: Facebook)

California Attorney Says Gov. Newsom is Deliberately Using Bad Data to Keep State in Lockdown

The only COVID ‘cases’ we need to address are in the ICU, and deaths

By Katy Grimes, August 31, 2020 5:46 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom announced yet another new set of guidelines Friday for re-opening counties in California, replacing the state COVID-19 watchlist system, and changing the rules once again for businesses.

California Attorney Mark Meuser has a bone to pick with Gov. Newsom for manipulating data, which will result in making it nearly impossible for counties top open back up. Newsom’s new plan also usurps counties’ decision making, after previously stating he would allow counties to make re-opening decisions – according to previous guidelines.

Attorney Mark Meuser. (Photo: Twitter)

What a mess. It is apparent Gov. Newsom’s revised “plan to reopen” is designed to keep the state in lockdown forever. Because he continues to focus on the number of positive “cases,” which is 99% people who are healthy, not sick and even asymptomatic. These are not “cases.” Actual “cases” of COVID patients are in the ICU or have died from it.

It will be next to impossible to reopen the state under this latest plan.

The governor’s latest scheme for re-opening the state (is this plan number #3 or #4?) is a new four-tier system which includes four color-coded tiers:

Purple (widespread), Red (substantial), Orange (moderate), and Yellow (minimal). Instead of varying metrics and factors between counties, only two metrics will be used to move states up or down tier levels: daily new COVID-19 case rates and positivity rates.

If anyone is still unclear about the governor’s actual goals: a county can average one “case” per 100,000 for three weeks and still not be fully open.

The new color-coded reopening tier guidelines unveiled by Governor Newsom on August 28, 2020. (Photo: State of California)

“Counties must remain in every tier but purple for a minimum of 21 days before being eligible to move into the next tier,” the governor’s new plan states.

Attorney Meuser says there are gaping holes in Newsom’s plan.

People can test positive for COVID up to 80 days after having it. Most people who test positive are asymptomatic, so this is particularly devious. As California Globe recently reported, 10,652,487 Californians have been tested for COVID – a quarter of the state’s population – with 668,615 “confirmed cases,” meaning people who have tested positive, most without symptoms. This leaves 9,983,872 Californians who tested negative for COVID -19.

Nearly 10 million Californians have tested negative for COVID-19.

They also can be fully recovered and trying to get back to work, but a test can still show positive for COVID.

“The governor knows this,” Meuser said. “That is how hypocritical Gavin Newsom is, and how crazy things are.”

“The governor is not looking at deaths or ICU cases, he’s looking at tests and results, which may actually reflect three months old results. And many COVID tests show false-positives, as happened to the NFL, which had 77 apparently false positive COVID-19 tests come back from a lab. And those are not isolated incidents.

A surprising high number of people report scheduling a COVID lab test, and then didn’t make it to the appointment. Yet they almost always receive test results from the lab stating they tested positive for COVID-19. California Globe has received emails, phone calls and social media messages confirming this is actually happening.

As one reader said, “He ‘gives’ and then ‘takes away,’ pulling the rug out from under Californians randomly, arbitrarily, as if he has the right to do this, which he doesn’t.”

The Center for Disease Control quietly updated COVID-19 numbers last week, now reporting only 9,210 Americans actually died from COVID-19 alone.

As for the California Governor, “he’s a tyrant and a hypocrite,” Meuser said.

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77 thoughts on “California Attorney Says Gov. Newsom is Deliberately Using Bad Data to Keep State in Lockdown

  1. This isn’t difficult folks. If you vote for democrats in the fall, you’re telling Newsome you agree with what he’s doing and should keep up the good work. That’s how he’ll take it. My assemblyman Rudy Salas has to go in order for Newsome to get the message.

    1. This man and his family Brown in Oregon need to understand that one day they will not be in power, that day Newsome will finally get what he has coming. As will Brown in Oregon. You can only push people so far before they react

      1. Agreed!!!! I’m going to enjoy watching when Karma hits Newscum and his entire family! He is very evil as is his family he cares nothing about the struggling Citizens of CA???? He knows nothing about working pay check to pay check he’s never done an honest days work in his life???????????? He’s nothing but an Arrogant Dictator who is definitely going to get his it’s just a matter of time! ????????

    2. If you vote for Newsom in the fall it also means you’re doubly stupid since he’s not up for reelection this fall.

      1. Newsom isn’t up for re-election in November. He was just voted in last year. He’s up for re-election in 2022.

        1. There is a recall effort underway though, so maybe we don’t have to wait until 2022 to unseat this tick.

          Time for Gov. Yappin Nuisance to go. Anyone who says he’s doing good, can you provide a list of those ‘good things’ he’s done so we can compare/contrast with the damage that’s obvious to everyone else?

          1. Im sure youll be met with an equally blank list as when you ask them to provide factual sources about their daily newest trump failure fictions

      1. Are you working? Because I haven’t been able to work in 6 months. Because he hasn’t opened my area of expertise for 0.000378 deaths in California. I have three kids, I want to work and provide shoes for my children. What right does he have to stop me from working with such ridiculous numbers? Blow through my savings? To keep who safe? This is preventable! Wear a mask, wash your hands. Done. I’m done with the destruction from this party destroying my livelihood.

        1. God bless you. You said it all, right there.
          The state’s response to this virus has wreaked far more damage than the virus ever could. They are leveraging this self-made crises to force mail-in voting and to usher in, for many of the displaced, forced dependence upon the state for basic sustenance.

          1. B*******! I had what is considered a mild case of covid-19 in mid March. Here 6 months later I still suffer from extreme short-term memory loss, confusion, lack of ability to focus, I go through frequent bouts of all my joints burning like acid is being poured on them, nausea, dizziness, difficulties staying hydrated along with lack of appetite and restorative sleep.

            I have a very physical job, and still have to work oh, so I’m in constant pain and it’s all I can do to make it through a work day. I have no quality of life at this point. I also have some sort of kidney damage as I constantly drink water, and yet I’m always dehydrated and my urine is fluorescent yellow. There is no telling what the long-term effects are, but I can tell you that the short-term effects have been miserable and painful.

            I cannot even imagine those who are “recovered” after a serious case of covid-19. There’s a Facebook group called The Long haulers and there are unless people who are experiencing much worse symptoms than I am, from lung and kidney damage to hair loss, light sensitivity, constant nausea, and the all-too-common symptom of Covid Fog. That is when you can’t track thoughts and processes to the point where everything seems surreal and nothing makes sense.

            And if you look at the definition of recovery, it means to return to the state of health prior to an illness or injury. So basically, although recovered patients are not truly recovered. So when you say only so much of a percentage of people have died from covid-19 oh, you’re just barely brushing the surface. Stands to reason you would use that type of judgement, because otherwise you would have to admit that true threat this virus is and that would not suit your Trumpian lemming brain processes.

      2. Protection and sequestering are two different topics. The virus is out in the open now. It like other viruses will never go away! To you how long is long enough before the state loses over half of their small businesses that people put life savings in? How about their employees? Homes, children displaced because of financial hardship. According to this, it has to be zero for 5 months. That is how many businesses will be left to open by then! Do you really believe he would be this harsh if Biden was POTUS now and it was not an election year with November 2 months away? If you truly do believe that, you are part of the countries problem!

      3. Are you being sarcastic? Did you read the article and the assessment of the numbers? The only thing he is trying to protect is his ability to increase his bank account. Learn to spell dummies.

      4. Dumbies? Don’t you mean dummies? If you’re going to insult someone at least spell check first. Also have you looked at the actual data. Out of the total TOTAL deaths in the WHOLE USA 9201 deaths were covid only. The other 140000+ deaths were people having 2-3 major comorbities with covid alongside but not the main cause of their death. Seriously stop drinking the Democratic koolaid and wake up. You are the very reason we are still messed up and on lockdown. Too afraid of a pansy ass virus. You can keep wearing your face mask and believe Newscum but a real leader would look at actual scientific data like the CDC and open up. It’s a political game and we are all suffering .

      5. Hey Mable, you and everyone else, are welcome to their opinion. Btw, I believe the word you are looking for is ‘dummies’ ….

      6. Mable, the dummy is you. The reason taxes are ever increasing in this state is because people like you who continue to vote for Democrats.

      7. I guarantee you are receiving either: enhanced unemployment, making more that you did when working, or you are a teacher, or state/government worker, or one of those who receives guarantied paycheck while “sheltering in place”. Only those people support this arbitrary, unconstitutional, dictatorial lockdown. No exceptions.

  2. Why does Newsom need to keep the state locked down? Why is he disregarding new data that shows the virus is not the threat it was originally made out to be?
    It’s obvious Newsom made a deal which involves intentionally crashing the CA economy. Newsom assured the other party they would profit on our loss. Newsom is a criminal. All of his health directors and managers, health dept employees issuing citations, the bureaucrats and judges assisting Newsom in this scam are complicit.

    1. Totally agree and the government needs to go after all of them with criminal charges! What he and the other Despicable Dems are doing to our state and our fellow citizens is criminal and should they should be prosecuted!

    2. As long as California is shut down Newsom receives Federal grants and other monies as soon as he opens that money stops follow the money folks and it’s not going to the people shut down by this ass so where is it all going? Well to start 32 million was just approved specifically for illegals but there was no money for citizens for unemployment!! Follow the money!!

  3. Democrats want as much misery as possible so they can blame Trump. Problem is that many people see through the BS and you’re seeing the polling swinging to the right…even in CA. This chapter in Democrat history will be called, “We overplayed our hand.”

    1. so many people in CA do not see through the BS….they even think masks actually impede a 100 nanometer virus! Most Californians are dumb as a bag of rocks.

      1. there is no virus it is a hoax, you can not filter a hoax with a worthless mask that gruesom paid 1 billion dollars of tax payer money for to our enemies the communists!
        Debunking the Germ/Viral Theory of Disease Truth: Viruses do Not Cause Nor Spread Disease:


        Viruses: Do you believe they are making some people sick and killing others? 118 vids debunking this covid Hoax 100%

        The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses

        New Intel: Communist China providing automatic weapons to Antifa, Black Lives Matter… some stored in democrat-run government buildings including East End Complex Capitol building in Sacramento – Block 174:

    2. The republicans lose California anyway every year. What does newsom have to gain by making trump look bad?

      I don’t support newsom but I don’t think he is motivated like this.

      1. You’re a fool then.. This little prick is nothing but power hungry and needs to be removed from office and locked up for the rest of his life

      2. He wants to be the president, he thinks that’s what he will gain. He is evil incarnate and something must be done to stop him. Voting straight ticket red and recalling his ass is the best way to start shutting him down. That is assuming Trump doesn’t get to him first, and his bitch of an ????, and the other nasties who run this state and think we work for them.

  4. Recall Newsom and join the Red Wave. People just have to get sick enough of this garbage, byt his minions go about wearing their masks in their cars with the windows up and the AC on fully convinced thst they are wiser and better than those who can see the truth in this. Oh, yeah, they’re the same ones supporting the 10-cent bag hoax and no controlled burns. I wish they would just leave my belived state (my family helped found LA and Santa Barbara). So sad.

  5. Remember in March: “fifteen days to flatten the curve”? This will go on until we get rid of dems. It’s all about “Orange Man” bad!

  6. We must remove him. And then arrest him and put him in jail for 10 years, for unredt in California, and harming our kid’s education by closing schools, shutting down businesses and putting down our morals and spiritual lives by closing churches.

  7. All this is to keep us from getting back to “normal” because Fauci & Gates want to usher in vaccines and technology for the NEW normal which is restrictions on our movements if NOT vaccinated for a weak flu like virus that was let loose on the global population in an agreement with the WHO and U.N. as a TRAINING DRILL to see how countries respond to a pandemic. Newsom is a shill and MUST GO!

  8. The only way we get out of this is to vote for a conservative at every government level. All the way down to the “dog catcher” We need real change and a big turn out on November 3rd,

    Step One: Go to http://www.recallgavin2020.com, download the 5 person signature petition, follow the instructions. Better yet, get 4 others you know to sign it along with you. The time is now!
    Do not sign a change.org petition it is not valid.

    Newsolini needs to be stripped of his power.

  9. And his new “allowances” for pods of schools opening to serve the special ed community is nothing but lip service. No special Ed schools can open with 14 kids and two teachers. His new ordinances stopped my sons special ed sxhooo fro opening/allowing a group behavioral program that my severely disabled son was going to be able to start today. Because it is a moderate sever class that can’t open without a 2:1 student teacher ratio. These ar the very kids and adults who don’t be of it in ANY WAY from distance learning. And their are no camps or “distance learning centers” available to put them in and pay for if w had the money. So basically the MOST vulnerable of our community end up being the MOST underserved under Newsoms dictatorship. I hope you all remember This when voting in November and beyond.

  10. Look up California school curriculum its disgusting. Sex ed like festishes masterbation& teachings all the way down to 4 yr olds in preschool look up AB145.plus plenty of MARXIST stuff hate agendas to hate police white people its disturbing

  11. Stop Getting tested if you don’t have symptoms then you can’t get false positives and they won’t keep saying the numbers are going up

  12. I seiously want to know what advantage he is getting from this, that makes it worth literally destroying millions of lives and businesses and chasing thousands of people from the state. How can they look at themselves in the mirror?

  13. Liberals “love power”. The more power – the more he loves to look at himself in the mirror. I think that Liberals or the “Left” are jealous of Communist leaders.

  14. What the Demorats are doing is certainly opportunistic. Especially here in California. Our Governor Newsom is totally out of control and should spend time in jail for the illegal things he has done to the people of this state. Newsom has done a great job of ruining California. Of course, he has not completed his political agenda yet. His Auntie schooled him well.
    The Demorats MUST be swept away on a red tidal wave in November.

  15. You might not like Gov. Newsom’s policies, but it’s beneath civilized people to disparage the man’s last name.
    …and it’s not a good look to use terms like “Demorats’ and ‘Demoncrats,’ to describe members of the Democrat Party.
    People, grow up and show some class. This isn’t the 8th Grade.

  16. Really I have no idea how Newsom is even in office still. He should be in federal prison. If any of these layers would actually bring the charges against him not in a federal court in CA he would be in prison for the rest of his miserable life. Covid is real and can be deadly like most viruses. But looking at the real data we as a state have lower infection rate than most of the country. But in Newsom’s crazy world of made up numbers we have a serious problem.and should be shut down. Even though the health officals he says he is following advise from say something totally different. He needs to be removed from office and throw. The book at as well as the AG and most of the Assembly.

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