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Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Introduced

AB 1993 instructs an employer to require each employee or independent contractor to provide proof of COVID vaccination

By Chris Micheli, February 11, 2022 10:11 am

On February 10, Assembly Members Buffy Wicks, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Evan Low, and Akilah Weber introduced Assembly Bill 1993. AB 1993 would add Government Code Section 12940.4 to require an employer to require each employee or independent contractor to provide proof to the employer that the employee or independent contractor has been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The term “proof” means valid documentation of the person’s COVID-19 vaccination record and the phrase “vaccinated against COVID-19” means that the person is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by a vaccine authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization.

A person would be considered “vaccinated against COVID-19” for purposes of this section if the person has received the first dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization, provides proof of that first dose, and provides proof of receiving the second dose of the vaccine within 45 days after receiving the first dose.

However, the requirement does not apply to a person who is ineligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to a medical condition or disability or because of a sincerely held religious belief that precludes the person from receiving a vaccination, subject to verification.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is required to consult with the State Department of Public Health and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to provide guidance to employers on what constitutes a medical condition or disability, or a sincerely held religious belief.

Proof-of-vaccination status must be obtained in a manner that complies with federal and state privacy laws and the employer cannot retain that proof or share, transfer, or sell that information with or to a third party. DFEH must provide guidance to employers on how to obtain and protect this information.

This requirement applies to both private and public employers in this state. On January 1, 2023, each employer is required to affirm that each employee or independent contractor is in compliance with this section, and that each new employee or independent contractor is in compliance with this section at the time of hiring or contracting with that person.

DFEH is required to impose an unspecified (to be added to the bill at a later date) financial penalty on an employer who violates this section.

There is a legislative finding and declaration that protecting the public health and well-being of the people of California by requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for employment is a matter of statewide concern and therefore applies to all cities, including charter cities.

Finally, this section of law is to remain in effect until the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices determines that COVID-19 vaccinations are no longer necessary for the health and safety of individuals.

AB 1993 will likely be heard in policy committee in March.

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67 thoughts on “California Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Introduced

  1. “Finally, this section of law is to remain in effect until the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices determines that COVID-19 vaccinations are no longer necessary for the health and safety of individuals.”
    That time is NOW. What kind of psycho game are they playing? Doesn’t go into effect until Jan 2023? Seriously? Is this some kind of leftover legislation from a progressive Dem agenda that expired long ago when they thought they could get away with this stuff? It’s laughable.
    That photo of Buffy Wicks is so perfect. Look at the glassy, soulless, dead shark eyes. She and other legislators are sitting there authoring bills that are so clueless and so behind-the-times and irrelevant that qualifies the authors for an immediate psychological evaluation. And Californians have to sit here and monitor them because these people are making laws! This situation is now officially a completely absurd time-waster.

    1. Yes, it is laughable that in this ongoing “emergency”, the bill will go into effect next year! You just cannot make this stuff up!
      I mean I suppose that is quick acting during times of duress here in California! Nuts absolutely, positively nuts!????

      Hey Oakland, you must do better than electing a nut job like Buffy Wicks. It hurts all Californians!

      1. Oh yeah, ha ha, I guess it was delayed, as everything has been for TWO YEARS, “because of COVID.”
        Oh, the irony!

    2. Well said. It is ridiculous that we have to constantly monitor what these demonic morons are pushing through. Nothing ever works out well for them because they manage to shoot themselves in the foot and make a bigger mess. If this passes, the labor shortage will be way bigger, less income taxes from eligible workers, less income taxes because people will have no choice but to move.

  2. We didn’t learn anything from the Nazi Holocaust did we? History is repeating itself.

    If you don’t write your legislator now, then you deserve what you get. Don’t be lazy.

      1. You’ll find phone numbers for your Asm, both local and at the Capitol, there. Also a contact box (which replaced direct email) where you can register your opposition to AB 1993 if it should come to a vote in the Assembly. As always, keep your comments short and civil.

  3. Democrat Assembly Members Buffy Wicks, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, Evan Low, and Akilah Weber are still pushing experimental injections that have been proven to be not mostly useless against the C-19 virus but in many cases have caused injury and death? What is wrong with these Democrats? Are they are part of the deep-state/dark-cult NWO globalist cabal? Are they benefiting monetarily with the injections?

    1. I would like to know is that true that this vaccine cause a lot of cancer brain problems and will be killing people. I was also told that is why a lot of people have already died from this vaccine and and the vaccine is going to kill thousand s and thousands of other people. They are also saying this vaccine you guys put out there is to kill more people out of this world, and how bad is that thing is for a human body.

  4. Anyone that caves into there bullshit lies about there poison covid vaccine and this fake ass fuckn plandemic scam how many bullshit extra booster shots are you gonna have to take and lets never forget they havent ever really tested there vaccines your there guinea pigs i can only imagine home many will die and not even no they were murdered and even if you new you were gonna die from there poison your shit out of luck you cant sue anyone dumb fucks

  5. Okay, everything is clear to me now.
    Only the demonically possessed would push an experimental, useless shot as we are now in an endemic!
    That is it, there can be no other explanation at this time.

    1. Sure there is…
      Social Security is almost broke and the WEF gang wants to institute a “Build Back Better” financial system where “you’ll own nothing and be happy”…
      Plus, fewer people will help alleviate “climate change” so dead-eyed zombies like Buffy Wicks can rule over the world that’s left and all the riches therein…

  6. CEO of Moderna deleted his Twitter acct, and cashed in $400m stocks… Blackrock started to dig into data
    Pfizer pulled FDA approval for ‘newest’ vaxx, and warned Board of clinical trial data on administered vax
    How long is California going to pretend this isn’t a WEF global depopulation agenda?

    1. They can’t. The obsession of injecting vaccine is because of the depopulation agenda. Those people are relentless. We have to fight to stop this.

  7. Follow the money. Making a COVID 19 mandatory vaccine for employment is nonsense, since the pandemic has effectively already wound down to endemic levels. Look for the $$ connections to big pharma and other political enterprises. If you follow the money, you’ll find the answers.

  8. I NEED to see a list of who is vaccinated and who is not among those who ‘represent’ us!
    I do not understand why they should be allowed to MANDATE
    a vaccine that we do not have all of the data on.
    Food is required to show its ingredients on the label,
    yet there are parents who are going to actually vaccinate their
    6 month old baby…. 3 times for ‘ full vaccination ‘ status?
    That is ok, just keep driving us out of state.
    ‘As goes California,
    so goes the Nation?’
    Any smart state will automatically outlaw any new law that California enacts, because
    all we have here are money hungry clowns that waste our money passing nonsense laws.
    How about a law strengthening crime?
    How about a law that ends this so called ’emergency’ that enables the Governor to destroy our
    Golden State?
    How about a law forbidding the Governor from ignoring the vote of the people ?
    How about a law that requires anybody who holds office to actually sit down with their local constituents,
    live and in person, once a month?
    We are DONE with this shit and
    the day needs to come that they feel the BURDEN that they are placing on us .
    Masks Retired not Masks Required !

    1. That’s right. Employers at any size, full time plus contactors, they are so desperate to get everyone injected. But why? Pandamic is over! Why all Californians have to follow some crooks sitting in the assembly making nonsense decisions?

      1. You are right. They are trying to get at the self-employed too (independent contractors). Buffy, etc. are sick, twisted legislators with no souls and endless money from the Pharma companies. They are also stirring up endless chaos to agitate and intimidate the masses. Plus, the Assembly and the State Senate are all exempt from these jobs.

  9. So is this the your not going to be able to be employed in CA without the gov chemicals injected regularly bill?
    Sure reads that way to me….

  10. I would think this would be challenged, no?

    I have more family members than I can count on two hands that have been injured by a jab. The latest my husband lost an uncle that he is the very image of , then 2 of our 4 kids, a grandparent, a great grandparent, a sibling, a first cousin, a second cousin (and on both sides). How can the state have the ability to decide on private businesses??and how can they insist on employees that telecommute and do not live in this state?

  11. What is this now….
    ‘Gavin Newsom has special policy to fast-track refugees applying to become pharmacists’ nationalfile.com

  12. There is, in effect, NO WAY to get a legal exemption at this time. MD’s have refused to give them, even if patients have had Guillian-Barre, Brachial Neuritis, High Fevers, Severe Allergic and Systemic Autoimmune Reactions, Myocarditis, and Pericarditis from prior vaccines. Even though Fauci himself and the CDC had at least at one time said DON’T get the Covid-19 mRNA drug if you had previously had any of those conditions. This is INSANE. It’s as if we just chucked everything we ever knew about infectious disease for the past 150 years, out the window. The Science my butt, Fluffy, I mean, Buffy. What an idjit. Who elects these people?

  13. How do you mandate an experimental vaccine? Clinical trials aren’t over til 2023
    The only FDA approved vaccine was never available.

  14. Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks looks like she’s either a substance abuser or has taken one too many boosters? Democrats like her need to stop mandating their medical tyranny onto the rest of us!

  15. Can you sue the state for loss of wages, financial hardship, emotional distress when you lose your job because you don’t want to be a lab rat?

  16. Terms to become familiar with because ‘science’….
    A.D.E. – Antibody Dependent Enhancement
    V.A.I.D.S. – Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome… yes, they put HIV strands in the vax

  17. The state of emergency is over no matter what Newsom says.
    People all over the world are rising up and recognizing that they have been had for the last two years if not outright abused.
    I don’t like to make the personal attack but just look at the woman who has proposed this bill. A vacuous snowflake. I absolutely refuse to let people like that tell me what I have to put in to my body.
    This is a virus that has a 99% plus survival rate among most people and the “vaccination” does nothing to prevent you from getting it or transmitting it but it will mess with women reproductive cycles and attack your vital organs including your heart. If covid was deadly like ebola my analysis would be different. But this is a virus that is not dangerous for most people and if it is dangerous for you then you need to take steps to protect yourself and not play the victim because the rest of the world doesn’t want to cower at home perpetually for your sake.
    Get up get out get back to life.
    Or not.
    Its your choice.
    I know what is my choice and its not cowering at home for another year until 2023 and its not putting experimental drugs in my healthy body.
    The entire California legislature needs to be flushed from the top down and we need to start over in November.
    I am that disgusted with the last two years I can’t even stand it.
    Rant over.
    Hopefully this BS virtue signaling bill will go the way of the last piece of toilet paper they tried to put over on us purporting to take away our private health care and put us all on Medicaid. God willing this piece of crap will be pulled before it ever sees a vote as well.

      1. I feel the government now should find a way to get the vaccine out of our bodies, because the vaccine is not safe and they knew that from the start of things.

  18. Case # 22012509 ‘Murder and Crimes Against Humanity’
    Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept (by Michelle Ford)
    Report Vaccine Deaths, Adverse Reactions, Hospital Malpractice (Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clots, Remdesivir use)
    This is a direct action that will implicate anyone pushing the vaccine (News outlets, doctors,, pharmacists, public officials, school officials, etc)

  19. I’ll leave California before they force me to take this COVID GMO experimental shot which doesn’t keep one from getting and spreading the virus. Natural immunity is more than enough protection for anyone. Enough of this crap. I’ve written my local assembly member and he better listen because the democrats in California are about to really upset a lot of people and it’s not going to work out for them in the future.

  20. Masks – Increased risk of Cancer, increases cardiovascular; body is trying to breathe too much CO2, cancer, increases cardiovascular; exacerbates inflammatory issues.. diabetes, hypertension; causes hypertension, because your body’s trying to breathe; can’t maintain homeostasis, because your body’s trying to acquire oxygen but overwhelmed with CO2… further destroying immune system.

  21. Buffy Wicks is out of touch with Californians. everyone whe’s going to get vaccinated has already done so. Democrats are shameless, they allow pharmaceuticals to write legislation.

  22. Again Why are your dirty little brown noses trying To get into my employers business???
    I guess your tired of sniffing your own butts and that of the “China West Governor”.
    So now you think you have the authority to harass John Q Public. Wake up you fools!!! Cuz it’s time for a recall on all these yahoos who have forgotten that they too will have to pay for there acts of omission and disgraced their constituents. (In other words sooner or later all that crap that you have forced upon the very people who put you in office to help them will end up on your doorsteps!!
    This bill really shows just how much that you all have turned your backs on all of us!!!)

  23. If this were to happen, it will be the moment myself and millions of others finally become violent, as we will be out of options.

    Under no circumstances, ever, will we touch the fauccine.

  24. I am an independent contractor living in Florida. I work remote for a CA company, I was told this applies even if you live out of state. How is that possible?? I’ve been trying to find anything that mentions that, but haven’t had any luck. A portion of the bill states: The Legislature finds and declares that protecting the public health and well-being of the people of California by requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for employment pursuant to this section is a matter of statewide concern…. Since I don’t live in CA how would me getting vaccinated (NEVER) protect the public health of California????

  25. Hi M-
    The way California handles anything that they do not like that is out of state, is that they will just boycott another state , or company , or what ever the current virtue signaling trend is.
    I am sure you will be fine, unless you have a contract with the state,
    but there is always some kind of work-around.
    On a brighter note, please tell us what it is like to live in a state where every aspect of your life is not mandated or regulated –
    and taxed to the max.
    Do you have entire cities full of homeless in tents?
    Or do your elected officials put them up in hotels and delivery drugs/ food to them?
    California needs to stop playing the same games over and over again and
    We Californians need to Get Right Because We Got NO Rights.

  26. Buffy should be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment of public health, and impersonating a woman for the purposes of political advancement.
    What is the difference between a vaccine that has been AUTHORIZED by the United States FDA or WHO or APPROVED?

  27. Tell me Buffy Jo, if this experimental clot shot injures me will you be picking up the tab for my medical expenses and loss of income? Because the drug companies sure won’t as they have no liability.

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