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San Quentin State Prison. (Photo: cdcr.ca.gov)

California Giving Convicted Criminals COVID Vaccine for Several Weeks Ahead of Vulnerable Elderly

Why did the state prioritize young healthy inmates over the elderly and sick?

By Katy Grimes, January 15, 2021 12:03 pm

California has been vaccinating convicted criminals for several weeks. After claiming to prioritize the elderly and most vulnerable, state officials allowed young and healthy inmates to receive the COVID vaccine ahead of the elderly and sick.

Inmates’ attorneys have been pushing to rapidly vaccinate about 9,000 inmates who have underlying medical conditions and haven’t previously been infected, the Associated Press reported. These are the same attorneys who have been urging federal and state judges and the governor since March to let more inmates out of prison to create space to isolate the sick and protect those who are vulnerable.

Couple these irregularities with California’s dismal rate of distribution of the vaccine – one of the worst in the country with only about a quarter of available doses administered – while the most vulnerable are not only isolated away from family, they are dying.

Prisoners also Benefit from State Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment insurance fraud in the state appears to have topped $8 billion, according to a new study from the California Center for Jobs and the Economy – while hundreds of thousands of employees and families haven’t received unemployment benefits, or have been cut off by the EDD.

The Los Angeles Times reports that while the vaccines became available in the U.S. in mid-December, only 3% of California facilities in the program had been scheduled for their first visit from a vaccination team as of Sunday. “It wasn’t until Monday that state health officials, who set the priorities for the vaccine program, authorized the pharmacies to start vaccinating at assisted living facilities, according to a statement sent to The Times by CVS.”

This is a stunning revelation as the majority of COVID-19 deaths across the country are the elderly. In California, the Department of Public Health reports that 75% of the COVID deaths are in people 65 and order, as this chart shows.

CA COVID-19 dashboard. (Photo: CDPH.ca.gov)

As the Globe reported this week, California health officials announced Wednesday that all California residents age 65 and older would be next in line to receive the vaccine following the first phase given to health care workers – but not scheduled to begin until sometime in late January.

Large vaccination sites are also currently being built up in stadiums, fairgrounds, and even theme parks in large population counties.

But many over the age of 65 are in nursing homes, and not only can’t leave the nursing facility, but cannot be exposed to large crowds.

There are many stories of Californians jumping in the front of the line to get a COVID vaccination, including non-medical employees of health care companies. The Globe learned of two individuals who represent health care companies when lobbying the Legislature, who boasted about receiving the vaccine on social media.

California’s behemoth incompetent bureaucracy managed to provide convicted criminals the COVID vaccine before the most vulnerable citizens in our state, and sent upwards of $8 billion of fraudulent unemployment benefits to convicts and out of state fraudsters, while small business owners and employees have been in a forced shut-down by Gov. Gavin Newsom for the last 10 months.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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14 thoughts on “California Giving Convicted Criminals COVID Vaccine for Several Weeks Ahead of Vulnerable Elderly

  1. Being a criminal in California is easier and more attractive than hard work to many thugs. Yes THUGS. Commit a crime, go to prison for a short term, receive unemployment benefits even though they never had a tax paying job, receive stimulus checks, receive better healthcare than my aging parents, get released from prison early, without parole,, able to vote and get placed into a paying art (aka tagging) job funded by their tax paying victims. Makes perfect sense.

  2. Well when your using a never before approved for human use technology in this mRNA covid vaccine it makes perfect sense they first test them on prisoners to see if there are mass casualties. I’ll bet it’s not only California who gave this to prisoner first. This vaccine gives the genetic instructions for your cells to produce proteins which our immune system reacts to. In other words it modifies our Genes. Everyone needs to do some research on this vaccine, what’s in it and what it is supposed to do. An interesting fact that is the CEO of Pfizer who makes one of the covid vaccines has yet to take it himself. That’s odd because you can find many interviews of him on TV saying those who are reluctant to take it need to think about the potential harm we may be to others if we are not vaccinated. What makes that bizarre is his own Pfizer website as well as the FDA website both state that they have no data on if the vaccine will prevent the spread of the virus once you get jabbed.

    1. RV, I have an autoimmune disease that requires ongoing medication. The latest types of drug treatments developed in the past 15-25 years also alter how cells in our bodies react to certain other cells. I was in one of the early drug trials for one of these medications. It helped me and has revolutionised treatment of those diagnosed after the medication became available. Diseases turn the body against itself; doesn’t it stand to reason that treatments would alter that physiological process by using the body’s chemistry?

      And why would the developers of these vaccines have information regarding whether they prevent the spread of Covid when they’re only being rolled out now? They are studying the effects in Israel because nearly 24% of the population has been vaccinated already. So, new information may be coming very soon.

      1. Autoimmune diseases are caused by vaccinations. It’s very old news. Only people who don’t keep informed don’t know.

        1. Sarah, that’s a very broad statement. It’s also inconsistent with much of what I researched after your comment. Genetic predisposition for a disease is always necessary for autoimmune diseases to kick off. I know that harm has been experienced by some children who have been vaccinated. However, the majority of children don’t experience harm from vaccines. It is also rare for adults to experience harm from vaccines, according to the research I read.

  3. 23 Norwegians died from side effects of Pfizer COVID vaccine. The US MSM has downplayed this and not discussed this event. China has suspended using Pfizer vaccine. Seems with a 99% survival rate, the vaccine is deadlier than the virus. Shhhhh, its a secret. Thank you RV for encouraging me to read more about the vaccines.

    1. The young might well choose not to take the vaccine. Most of us over age 70 will likely take the shot, as our risk is high. The older and less healthy people are, the higher the COVID-19 risk.

    2. The direct statement from the Norway medical organisation regarding the 23 deaths includes this: “The reports suggest that common adverse reactions to mRNA vaccines, such as fever and nausea, may have contributed to a fatal outcome in some frail patients, says Sigurd Hortemo, chief physician at the Norwegian Medicines Agency.
      The large studies on Comirnaty (BioNTec/Pfizer) did not include patients with unstable or acute illness – and included few participants over 85 years of age. In Norway we are now vaccinating the elderly and people in nursing homes with serious underlying diseases, therefore it is expected that deaths close to the time vaccination may occur. In Norway, an average of 400 people die each week in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.“ They have revised guidelines for vaccination of elderly, frail people, especially those who have underlying diseases. After receiving the vaccine a doctor in Florida developed a blood illness (low platelet count) that couldn’t successfully be treated before he had a stroke and died. Any death is sad, but the quite small number of deaths after receiving the vaccine compared to the large numbers of deaths before any vaccine isn’t really reason enough to suspect the vaccine as nefarious or dangerous.

      1. According to the Norwegian Medicine agency 13 of the 23 deaths were due to SEVERE adverse reactions to the vaccine, not fever and nausea along with underlying conditions. Regardless, these do not need to be hidden by the MSM. Leads me to ask, who in the US (?FDA) is responsible for following vaccinated individuals, gathering adverse reactions (deaths), and reporting the outcomes to the people for an appropriate informed decision. Seems to me there will be no transparency just like with contact tracing.

        1. Stacy, the head physician literally stated that “common adverse reactions, such as fever and nausea, may have contributed to a fatal outcome in some frail patients.” So, I’m not sure how you’re missing that. According to Bloomberg (MSM outlet) the latest Norwegian report includes 6 more non-fatal cases with adverse reactions. No more deaths. As time goes on other media will pick it up.

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