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Governor Gavin Newsom at the California and New Zealand Partner to Advance Global Climate Leadership press conference, San Francisco, CA, May 27, 2022. (Photo: Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock)

California Loses Nearly 700,000 Residents Since 2020

The California exodus is no surprise to most – except maybe Gov. Gavin Newsom under whose scurrilous control the 700,000 residents chose to leave for freer states

By Katy Grimes, February 17, 2023 1:41 pm

The California exodus to other states is even worse than we realized; the state’s population dropped by more than 500,000 people between April 2020 and July 2022, with the number of residents leaving surpassing those moving in by nearly 700,000 the Los Angeles Times reported.

This news isn’t new – the Globe has been reporting for several years about California’s exodus of businesses to economically friendlier states, and residents seeking economic freedom and liberty.

In 2021, the Globe reported that California ranked as one of the top Outbound migration states, along with four other blue Democrat-run states, while the top Inbound migration states were all red Republican states:

Top Outbound States

Illinois – 68%
Michigan – 63%
New Jersey – 63%
California – 60%
New York – 59%

Top Inbound States 

Arizona – 68%
South Carolina – 60%
Tennessee – 59%
North Carolina – 58%
Texas – 58%

Worth noting is that in 2018 California was one of the top Inbound destination states, according to  Allied Van Lines Company data. By 2020, only two years later, California’s inbound migration was 40%, while its outbound migration was nearly 60%, which leads us to California’s bleeding residents and businesses today.

“The primary reason for the exodus is the state’s high housing costs, but other reasons include the long commutes and the crowds, crime and pollution in the larger urban centers,” the LA Times said. “The increased ability to work remotely — and not having to live near a big city — has also been a factor.”

They forgot to include the hundreds of thousands of homeless populating LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, and smaller cities, the highest taxes in the nation, a failing electricity grid and rolling blackouts, wildfire “season,” government ordered water shortages, half of the state’s small businesses closed from Covid, 76,000 prisoners let out of state prisons, California’s failing public schools ranked at the bottom of all of the states at number #48.

Last week, Utah’s Governor told California residents who are looking to join the recent population exodus into red, Republican-led states like Utah should stay in California. “We’re having the opposite problem, this last census confirmed that Utah was the fastest-growing state in the last ten years,” Utah Gov. Spencer Cox told reporters outside the White House after New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy discussed ways he will encourage people to move to his state,” Fox News reported.

Gov. Spencer wasn’t being provocative – he explained that Utah doesn’t have the necessary housing and infrastructure yet to accommodate so many new residents.

What a nice problem to have.

Los Angeles and San Francisco counties lost the most residents. This is no surprise either as Los Angeles and San Francisco had the harshest, most draconian Covid restrictions, masking, lockdowns, school closures and vaccine mandates. Los Angeles and San Francisco counties also have the most crime.

In fact, San Francisco County and the State of California are still operating under Covid emergency orders – three years after declaring the Covid State of Emergency, or nearly 1,100 days later. San Francisco initially declared its emergency order in late February 2020 – ahead of Gov. Newsom’s March 4, 2020.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) just announced Thursday that it will will finally end their COVID-19 public health emergency declaration at the end of the month, on the same day as Gov. Newsom’s vowed to end to the California Covid State of Emergency.

People can’t live like that – wondering if on any day the county public health or state Department of Public health tyrants would impose new masking mandates, or impose vaccine or booster mandates again. Or their children would be required to mask in school, as many schools districts threatened.

In late December 2021, the Globe reported: “with California Governor Gavin Newsom extending his emergency powers and a ‘State of Emergency,’ enforced mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and lockdowns for nearly two years, almost 400,000 Californians picked up and moved to red states opened for business and education – and no mask or vaccine mandates, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.”

“New Census Bureau population data show that California’s population decreased in 2021 by -367,299, or 1% of the population.”

Between 2020 and 2021, a total of 33 states saw population increases via inbound migration, while 17 states saw population decline via outbound migration. New York, California and Illinois suffered the largest population declines. Texas, Florida and Arizona enjoyed the largest numeric growth, and Idaho, Utah and Montana enjoyed the largest percentage growth.

So the California exodus is no surprise to anyone paying attention – except maybe Governor Gavin Newsom under whose scurrilous control the 700,000 residents chose to leave for freer states. Gov. Newsom owns this.

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23 thoughts on “California Loses Nearly 700,000 Residents Since 2020

    1. They already did to arizona Colorado . Sickening . Moving to arizona was to get away from these lunatics and now they moving in and voted all blue . Sickening for sure . Just stay in California

  1. Obviously they used racist math!! Because everyone wants to come live in the wonderful, liberal, Democrat utopia that is California!

  2. Ahh yes, as Gov Gav likes to mock freedom, long time Californians used their God given FREEDOM to leave the state.
    I hope these Cali refugees find a refuge in the other states that value the American dream.
    Gov Gav seriously thinks his tyrannical diktats impose freedom! He thinks he has sole ownership on freedom. I just wonder what his next executive order will look like!

    1. Yes, CriticalDfence9. They actually showed this Zavala interview of Bonta on our usually left-wing local cable news station, in a heavily Democrat district. Could it be that the shit has finally gotten so thick in Sacramento that some of it has begun to hit the fan and spread the smell of this incestuous crap onto the Democrat voter consciousness? We can only hope.

      1. Raymond, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Ashley Zavala chasing Bonta down the hallway asking if it’s sexist and racist to ask these questions “like Bonta said it was” and her quivering voice as she read her prepared statement. Delicious. Then Chuck Todd said, Expect this type thing from a one party state where they think there will be no oversight, Chuck Todd imagine that!

  3. My husband and I left all of our family, friends and the home we thought we would live in until we grew old and moved out of CA last year. I was a Social Worker and he is law enforcement and we were done. Crime, high cost of living, illegals flooding our limited healthcare systems, homelessness doing the same along with defecating, urinating, throwing dirty taxpayer funded heroin needles in our streets, committing crimes to fuel their habits, the trans movement being pushed for politics and money, unlimited abortion, marijuana that has such high THC levels that it is causing mental and physical health issues, out of control drug use, gang violence, rolling blackouts, fire season, lockdowns, war on law enforcement, war on intact families, war on faith, government programs I had to work in that just that create dependency instead of independence and just the craziness that prevails everyday in CA. I tried to help change things but couldn’t and so we left everything and everyone. My grandparents moved to CA in the 40’s because it was the total opposite. He was a carpenter and it was booming, family friendly, safe, clean, great weather etc…. I believe they would pack up and leave also. We miss all of our family and friends who can’t leave and feel guilty for fleeing but just had to as so depressing and we hope to get our grandchildren out before it is too late. The state we moved to has some issues that we ignored in CA until it was too late, you better believe we are trying to being awareness to them before it is too late.

    1. I don’t blame people for leaving. Life is short. You have to go where you will be happy. It’s been an all out assault on the California quality of life by the Democrat. They have done everything they can to ruin the quality of life here.

  4. All these refugees are having an impact on the state finances. There are reports that California tax revenues are down 50% last year. Income taxes are down 42%. Maybe the Globe can report on this in detail.

  5. Will Gov Gavin Newsom want to bring his magic to the presidential race in 2024?
    The number of residents exiting California is even more astounding when you consider how many illegals have entered California.
    Will North Carolina and Arizona flip to Blue due to California and New York exodus?
    Here in Tennessee, the greatest share of my new neighbors the past two years have come from California and Illinois.

  6. I thought I read that the building permit required to build a single family home ran about $168,000. That amount will pay for the entire house in some states.

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