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Panoramic view of famous Golden Gate Bridge from scenic Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA. (Photo: canadastock/Shutterstock)

California Loses Population – Again

Our unmatched beauty is apparently overwhelmed by policy failures of colossal dimension

By Ted Gaines, January 23, 2023 4:05 pm

California reigned for decades as the unmatched destination for people around the country. Now people can’t leave fast enough. Recently released numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that between July 2021 and July 2022, California lost roughly 343,000 residents to other states. This number is a “domestic net migration” figure, meaning that 343,000 more Americans moved out of California over those 12 months than moved here from other states.

Where are they going? The number-one net migration winner over that period was Florida, which gained around 319,000 residents from other states.

It’s too easy to say exclusively that Gov. Gavin Newsom is driving people out of state and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is attracting them, but to the extent the two governors symbolize different approaches to taxation, regulation, and liberty, it holds true. People are leaving Newsom-like states and flocking to DeSantis-like states. If you want to handicap the 2024 presidential election, this is a good place to start.

The states shedding domestic population are progressive strongholds, with extensive regulatory regimens, strong public employee unions and other Democrat policy priorities. They are, simply, big government states. High tax, high cost of living states. Joining California in the top five net losers are New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

States attracting Americans are lower-cost, lower-tax, Republican strongholds. Trailing Florida in the top five net gainers are Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

And even if your individual tax burden is not too bad in California, big government, supported by high taxes (regardless of who pays them) indicates a mindset that the state should always be doing more and additional money for government is inherently good.

This bigger-is-better approach leads to government solutions in search of problems.

It’s why California government seeps into every crack of your life, blocking the exercise of what you can eat, what house you build, what car you drive, how much you keep of the money you earn, down to such trivialities as what drinking straws you can get in a restaurant. Do you feel as though you personally need government monitoring your straw usage, or is that a decision you are competent to make as an adult?

Florida trusts you to choose your own straw, California does not.

The California government mindset drives up costs in every area of living. Looking at taxes alone doesn’t tell a complete story of government-imposed costs. How many taxes would have to move lower to make up for policy-driven expenses in California? Would a one-percent decrease make up for gas that’s two-dollars-a-gallon higher than the national average? Would slightly lower sales taxes offset electricity costs 80-percent higher than the national average? Exactly what tax would offset the cost of an $800,000 starter home, driven in part by extraordinary regulatory costs in our state?

California will always be desirable for the wealthy. I defy another state to produce Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, giant redwoods, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Santa Monica beach…the list of our wonders is long, if you can afford to enjoy them. But our unmatched beauty is apparently overwhelmed by policy failures of colossal dimension. People are voting with their feet and moving.

It says so much about our government’s misguided agenda that hundreds of thousands of people last year abandoned everything this state has to offer because of everything this state takes away. It’s time for an affordability revolution in California to turn us once again into a destination state.

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12 thoughts on “California Loses Population – Again

  1. How much of this population decline is due to all those Excess deaths caused by the jab? From what I have found online the deaths are up at least 17% in 2021 (tens of thousands). I have had two neighbors die in the last year (out of 7 total).

    1. The VAERS database is mostly unverified, so it isn’t possible to know if any Californians at all died from vaccine. However, unvaccinated Californians are still about 10x as likely to die of Covid as vaccinated people, and that’s about 50 per day.
      I’m sorry to hear that your neighbors died. But none of the deaths had anything to do with the vaccine (unless it’s that they died of Covid because they refused to get vaxxed).

      1. Where do you buy your koolaid or do you get it free from the CDC?

        If you have any interest in actual science just google “excess deaths”.

      2. You really need to do some research on the vaccine impacts. Latest shows that 1 in about every 840 vaccinated people die from the vax itself. Which really isn’t a vaccine, despite the redefinition of what a vaccine is. The scary thing is that no one knows what the long-term vaccine and booster effects are.

    2. The figure is specific to migration. The article states, “This number is a ‘domestic net migration’ figure, meaning that 343,000 more Americans moved out of California over those 12 months than moved here from other states.” Death was not included in the figure.

  2. @ Science Facts

    Total garbage.

    First. VAERS has been the standard vaccine safety monitoring system for over 30 years. All problems with VAERS are due it *under-recording* potential adverse events by up to 90%.

    There is a very simple statistical control when dealing with this kind of data. Compare an equivalent long term data set with the new short term data. In this case we have actually have the perfect control. A viral respiratory infection that is transmitted through airborne particles, with equivalent IFR/CFR, attack rate, same risk factors and use of an adult pubic heath vaccine with high general population takeup. The influenza vaccine. The flu shot.

    And guess what. SARs CoV 2 “vaccines” have a 200x plus higher risk of fatality than the flu annual flu shot. For something that has a much lower mortality rate than influenza in the under 65’s (basically nil) and with a “vaccine” that unlike the flu shot uses a totally unproven technology that only provides at best very short term (90/120 day) partial non-sterilizing enhanced immunity with later severe disruption of the immunity system for related infectious agents. Which is why the next variant causes an infection in most of those that are “vaccinated”

    More than 90% of all fatalities recorder in VAERS since it went live in 1990 are since December 2020. Not one single vaccine candidates using mRNA technology that entered the FDA 505 (b)(1) approval process time line in the last decade or more got beyond the initial clinical trials. Because the frequency of adverse events was so high, and so serious. The more serious adverse events overwhelming pulmonary related.

    Other fun fact. Actual total annual respiratory infection deaths (majority pneumonia’s) in the period 2020/2022 did not leave 10 year range. So technically there was no actual pandemic. And in the monthly numbers there were only 3 months in 2020 that were outside the 10 year range. All in a demographic that had usually low mortality rates during the last major flue pandemic. Swine flu (H1N1) in 2009-2011.

    So unless CW’s neighbors died of pneumonia the probability they died FROM a SARs CoV 2 infection is basically nil. Now if they died of a cardiac / pulmonary / immune compromise related illness or sudden onset cancer, the probability that the SARs CoV 2 “vaccine” was a contributory factor is much greater than zero. I know of a whole bunch of people injured by the SARs CoV 2 “vaccine” but only one probable FROM SARs CoV 2 death. And they were in a very high risk of pneumonia group anyway. Once in hospital, they were screwed. Which is where most pneumonia’s are acquired.

    So SARs CoV 2 is no more likely to kill you that any other human corona virus. But the probability of the current mRNA “vaccines” doing a moderate to serious injury is uniquely high in modern public medicine. It easily qualifies as a high risk medical procedure.

    A quick look at the current VAERS numbers not only shows that there are 700 fatalities records for the state of California but that the state must be greatly under recording adverse events as its reported rate is less than 20% of the per 100,000 pop of that shown for the country as a whole. So the real number should be closer to 4K. Which with the inherent under-recording rate discussed in the literature over the last few decade. So closer to 40K. Total deaths in California due to adverse events due to the SARS shots.

    And if you try to come back with well X number died of COVID. That is a made up number. It has no epidemiological meaning. Less than 10% died WITH SARs related pneumonia and almost all of them it was a substitute cause not unique cause. Mostly due to very sloppy differential diagnosis. Setting aside all standard practices used for the last few generations. Which is why the numbers have stayed in the 10 year range after 2019. There was no “pandemic”. Just a new novel HCOV. That joins the other four in general circulation. Those nasty “flu’s” you get every 5 years or so.

    I dont think you know any of the relevant science. Or more importantly, the math. The medical and bio-science people certainly dont. Their illiteracy about even basic math and stats is obvious in 90% plus of all papers. And all pubic statements they have made.

  3. The article is quite clear. CA lost a NET 343,000 people to migration to other states. It’s called “Net Domestic Migration” and it’s tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau. It’s not related to COVID deaths or vaccine deaths.

  4. Here’s the latest stats the help explain why people are fleeing California:

    1. Looking at personal income for 2022, CA had the 2nd lowest growth rate of any state. Only Louisiana was lower, and just BARELY lower. The national avg growth rate was 2.7 times faster than CA!

    2. CA had the 7th lowest GDP growth rate in 2022. Indeed, CA GDP actually SHRUNK 0.03%. The national average grew over SIXTY times faster than CA!

  5. Migration of income producers to other states; along with a partial offset of social dependents, gives cause for tyrant newsom to try to chase the income of those leaving the state. he will bankrupt cali-for-nia sooner than he expected and it may have a negative affect on his dream to be king.

  6. Not mentioned, housing costs, exacerbated by hundreds of thousands of illegals and legals, soaking up every inexpensive and funky rental in the state, which they can afford by packing double digits of people into that once housed one family and a child or two. The huge numbers willing to take any job at any low wage, drives down wages which makes California even less affordable for families, along with the upward pressure on rents. See link from L.A. Times
    “L.A., Orange counties are home to 1 million immigrants who are in the country illegally”

  7. Not only will we never again visit calfornia like I did in 1971, but people are slow to wake up from the covid coolaide shots Mr. Mewsom. Thanks for nothing forcing me to leave the U.S.

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