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Late afternoon aerial view of the Laguna Beach, California coastline. (Photo: Matt Gush, Shutterstock)

California Public Beach Restoration

Program is administered to restore, enhance, and nourish public beaches

By Chris Micheli, July 19, 2022 4:58 pm

California has numerous formal acts in statute. Harbors and Navigation Code Division 1, Chapter 2, Article 2.8 provides the California Public Beach Restoration Act, which is contained in Sections 69.5 to 69.9. Article 2.8 was added in 1999 by Chapter 798. Section 69.5 names the act.

Section 69.6 established the California Public Beach Restoration Program which is administered to retore, enhance, and nourish public beaches, as determined to be necessary by the department, through the cost-effective engineered placement of sand on the beach or in the nearshore environment. The Program also handles the planning, designing, and permitting of these projects, as well as preparation of studies.

In addition, the Program is charged with funding of 100 percent of the nonfederal project construction cost for restoration, nourishment, or enhancement of coastal state parks and state beaches with placement of sand on the beach or in the nearshore. The Program must also actively pursue and promote federal and local partnerships to cost-share beach restoration, nourishment, or enhancement projects.

Section 69.9 created the Public Beach Restoration Fund in the State Treasury. The moneys in the fund are to be available for expenditure by the department only for the purposes of the California Public Beach Restoration Program established pursuant to this article.

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