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California Screamin to Go Back to Work

If we are loud enough maybe they will experience our ‘Heard Immunity’ to government control

By Paul Scholl, May 1, 2020 6:27 am

People in California are screaming to be allowed to go back to work and open their businesses. The governor remains tone deaf. The pure science says our state should reopen. Unless, of course, those scientists you are listening to are somehow on the government payroll.

Most small businesses are owned by conservatives. Small businesses were booming and their success was raising millions of poorer Americans out of poverty with new jobs and off the government assistance programs. They were getting control of their own lives back. We were all winning.

California protesters at State Capitol. (Photo: Paul Scholl)

This disease is no laughing matter. It can be really serious for many, even life-threatening to certain populations. So as a society, we all adapt while keeping our freedoms. We don’t crush our society entirely. Unless there is a motive where “they” want to control it.

We are all in this together? NOT! You could solve the shutdown in 14 days (one payroll cycle) if you layoff all the government workers, all the union workers, and all the big media. Then they would be screaming too.

When I was raised with ten brothers and sisters we were told to wash our hands, cover your mouth when you coughed or sneezed, eat well, drink a lot of water, go to bed on time, go play outside, and stay home if you are sick. Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, you name it, but no one died. Common sense.

An overwhelming number of doctors are now speaking out about “herd immunity”. The information about the disease changes daily. But what do “they” tell us? You may have to stay home for up to one and a half years until we find a vaccine we can overcharge you for on your already far-too expensive health insurance. Sorry about your business, bro!

Newsom is crippling our state financially. A balanced budget? Yeah, right. Not now. Don’t bother including items that show the state is real trouble. But who is going to be getting their full pensions? Who will be getting raises to offset the rate of inflation? Not you. Newsome is giving millions to illegal aliens before he does anything for you. He doesn’t fix the border problem, rather he files lawsuits against Trump over the issue. He doesn’t fix the homeless problem. He just files another lawsuit. And you just have to keep paying for it all.

Now, with the pending economic doom looming over everyone in this state, they are going to try to eliminate the original Prop 13 and destroy home ownership in California. They will say “but we need the tax money now that we have suffered so greatly from the COVID-19 crisis.” Never let a good crisis go to waste they say. Lose your business, lose your income, lose your home, your taxes are increased again, your health insurance is unaffordable, and so on. But aren’t the beaches great!

A legal option every business owner may have would be to sue the state for their losses. With United States Attorney General William Barr considering suing states over their “shelter in place” orders and that their mandates are unconstitutional, there just might be an opening. Consider what it would be like if thousands of small businesses sued governor Newsome and the State of California. I’m not an attorney, but it is a thought. Talk about overwhelming the system!

There is one small change in the media dialogue we should all hope to see. It isn’t the good people of China responsible for this Wuhan virus. It should be stated from now forward that the Chinese Communist Party is to blame, not just “China.” But governments that want control don’t put a spotlight on governments that have control. Do you ever hear Leftists talk about the millions of slaves in China? But they do talk about reparations for people who were never slaves. The same people who were finally really benefitting from the great economy prior to the virus outbreak.

If you want to solve the problems we face in California then just let all the Leftists donate all their money, all of it, to the cause. That’s when you will find out just how much they believe in the cause. Instead, they just want all of your money to solve their mismanagement problems.

There is a rally on May 1st at the Capitol to Re-Open California. Are you tired of this government control over your life yet? Be there. Bring a sign. Bring your vote. Be heard.

If we are loud enough maybe they will experience our “Heard Immunity” to government control.

We need to make this a Common Sense State. Red or Blue. See you at the capitol.

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4 thoughts on “California Screamin to Go Back to Work

  1. What are my best resources to know about planned, local protests in advance—so I may participate?

  2. Do we know how to contact the Governor’s barber—clearly, he or she has received special permission to remain open for business……, and since my own is still abiding by Newsom’s outdated guidelines, and many of us are in need of a haircut, ……..

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