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California Public Utilities Commission seal. (Photo: CPUC.ca.gov)

Californians Can Weigh In on PG&E’s 22% Proposed Rate Hike with Calif. Public Utilities Commission

This increase is on top of the 9% increase PG&E electricity were hit with March 1

By Katy Grimes, March 11, 2022 6:48 am

With double-digit inflation, mega-gas prices in California, high food costs, high housing costs, and used cars selling for new car prices, gird your loins: Pacific Gas and Electric is proposing a 22 percent rate hike.

PG&E electricity customers were recently hit by a 9% rate hike on March 1st. That rate hike was unanimously approved by the California Public Utilities Commission and includes a 10% bump for small business, and a larger increase for industrial facilities, for an average increase of 12.69% across PG&E’s entire customer base, Daily Energy News reported.

Although PG&E also draws hydroelectric power from a system of pipes connected to dams and reservoirs, climate change and a persistent drought have diminished that supply, CPUC Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma, said.

Maybe the State Water Resources Control Board should meet with the CPUC and come to an agreement to stop the outflows of the state’s reservoirs while the threat of drought persists.

However, here’s your chance to weigh-in on latest 22% proposed rate hike:

The California Public Utilities Commission wants to hear what Californians have to say about PG&E’s proposed 22 percent rate hikes from 2023-2026.

These new rates are in addition to a 22 percent rate hike already planned for 2022. In January 2022, rates went up 8 percent. They went up another 10.5 percent last week and will rise again 3 percent this summer.

The CPUC will listen to public comments during its live webcast meetings on March 10 and March 22. Those who want to make a public comment during one of these hearings can call in via phone.

Comments can also be made at any time on the CPUC website comment section.


March 10 at 6pm

March 22 at 2pm

March 22 at 6pm


Watch the hearing live. This link will only allow you to watch. See instructions below to comment live at a hearing via phone.



    1. Public Comment via phone at CPUC live hearing

Participants will have audio and will be able to make comments or ask questions.

Call 800-857-1917 and enter passcode: 6032788# 

    1. You can leave a comment in CPUC’s online comment section at anytime: https://apps.cpuc.ca.gov/c/A2106021
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26 thoughts on “Californians Can Weigh In on PG&E’s 22% Proposed Rate Hike with Calif. Public Utilities Commission

  1. PG&E customers might want to binge-watch some episodes of ABC 10’s series “Fire – Power – Money” if they need some extra inspiration to weigh in on this latest PG&E proposed 22% increase:
    “With California’s wildfires growing deadlier and bigger than ever, ABC10 examines the connection between wildfires, PG&E and its influence on California politics.”

  2. “Argh, ye scurvy dogs!!! Prepare to boarded by the Pirates of Gas and Electricity! Resisters will be keelhauled!” PG&E Public Relations

  3. So, how big is the rate increase on Newsomes’ watch? Sounds like one heck of a nice billboard for anyone running against him in the upcoming election.

  4. Oh goody! That rate hike will go to fund the building of the natural gas powered generating plants and or the several small nuclear power plants to replace the hydro-electric plants, save that water and get jiggy wif the desalination plants to stock SoCal reservoirs, right?! That’s where the money will go, right!?

  5. Soon electricity will only be for the “1%” and politically connected.

    remember that electric car push….middle class and below won’t be able to afford to charge it nor incur any additional battery cost once those are drained.

    PG&E and CPUC are two corrupted partners….taxpayer have NO SEAT AT THEIR TABLE OF GOUGING

  6. “CPUC will listen to public comments during its live webcast meetings on March 10 and March 22”

    Its public theater….what ALWAYS happens:

    PG&E asks for a ridiculous price increase, i.e. 22%
    CPUC hold public hearings….people mad….blah blah
    CPUC had already scripted it with PG&E beforehand where PG&E and/or CPUC will state “After hearing we heard and understand the people…blah blah” and come to the agreement with PG&E to reduce it to 15%

    here is where CPUC show that they are protecting the people and make themselves feel good, when they know it was all pre-planned to be 15% anyway.

    This type of script plays over and over again….all those fires and people suing PG&E for lack of using previous funds off other rate increases to fix the problem never ever is solved…they will continue to have disaster with people pointing different directions… Democrats are experts in never reaching a solution and passing the buck

    1. You nailed it. Highest electricity rates in the 48 about to soar! Maybe, just maybe, this will finally get the “sheeple’s” attention. Vote out the idiots who make this possible. Overturn the entire corrupt, self-serving CA political establishment!

  7. With these rate hikes how are the seniors on a fixed income supposed to survive. Did you even consider that. Or do you not even care.

  8. California has allowed elite’s hysterical climate change ideology take precedence over human life, at literally all costs. How many human lives have “sustainable green energy” actually saved, compared to the number of people who cannot afford the quality of life” they once had?
    “Public utilities” are useful for people, Delta smelt and kangaroo rats don’t pay for electricity. Humans do, but how many of the humans live in areas of California that are over 90°or 100°, for days on end in the summer? How many of them can afford a $700 electricity bill so they can run their window-A/C? THAT’S not climate change! That’s the central valley, that’s the desert communities. Who can afford $600 to run the heater, in “all-electric” homes, when the overnight temp drops to 45°?
    The *ideology* of climate change is far more important to these arrogant, holier-than-thou elites than human life. And if they seriously gave a thought to “clean affordable energy” they’d be building nuclear power plants instead of shutting them down.

  9. This is ridiculous, we as residents are paying thru the nose for gas, delivery, groceries… literally on everything! Now the utilities companies want us to pay for theirs. Which means we get charged double for all the rising prices of everything! And any one who can do anything about it… simply doesn’t!
    Gas prices were going up before Russia attacked Ukraine, so that’s not the only reason the rates went up, plus they said we only get 5% of our gas from Russia… so what the hell is really going on here? Besides the people getting screwed yet again!

  10. What I really find interesting is this letter from North West Natural Gas received last week.

    Dear valued customer,
    NW Natural is pleased to inform you that customers in Oregon are receiving a credit on their bills in January, February and March to reduce energy costs during peak winter months. Totaling more than $40 million, the distributed credits are a result of NW Natural’s efficient pipeline capacity management and effective use of its underground natural gas storage facility.
    What you can expect
    The average residential customer can expect a credit of nearly $13 each month, which is approximately a 13% savings on their average bill for the months of January, February and March 2022. The average small-commercial customer can expect a credit of about $60 a month, which is an estimated 16% savings per month over that same time period.
    Where to find your bill credit
    Sign into your online NW Natural account and click “View bill details”. When you view your bill, a bill credit will appear as a line item under “Current Charges” and named “Gas Optimization CR”.
    Look for the same line item if you receive a paper bill.

    This marks the 19th year NW Natural has credited customers, resulting in a total $212 million. In previous years, customers received a lump-sum bill credit but record high results from asset optimization activities allow NW Natural to give customers continued relief through the 2022 winter season.
    Washington customers also benefit from the company’s efficiencies. However, instead of showing up as a credit over three months, Washington customers’ credits are included in the monthly billing rate throughout the year.

    NW Natural

    NW Natural | 250 S.W. Taylor St | Portland, OR 97204 Customer Service: (800) 422-4012
    Natural Gas Odor? (800) 882-3377

  11. I work for a solar company and the #1 statement is when I talk to home owners is: I am not interested! Maybe they should rethink that blow off?

  12. People can vent, complain, cry about excessive rate increases…but..the PUC is deaf to the public outcry. There are several things that can be done to keep utility rates in control, but the people on the PUC personally benefit from the increased rates. This so called regulatory board has to be dismantled and replaced with a public elected board of members who truly represent the public instead of the corrupt corporation which has destroyed the public trust by their gross mismanagement and dangerous neglect. This whole issue needed to exist as a ballot measure designed to provide a new start in how energy rates are fair and reasonable.

  13. Puc and PG&E are in bed together.
    What a racket. Wake up people,
    Our Governor is bought an paid for!!
    Holcomb’s message is ???? percent
    Correct.! California’s have had enough with these corrupt leaders!!!

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