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Gov. Gavin Newsom and then-Assemblywoman Shirley Weber 1/2019. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California’s Ludicrous Slave Reparations Bill

Equality and merit must be safeguarded as guiding principles

By Katy Grimes, December 15, 2022 9:26 am

If you think the country, politics and society in general is going stark raving mad, it’s worse in California.

California is home to one-third of the nations’ welfare recipients and has the highest poverty.

Our failing schools now rank 48th in the country.

California lawmakers can’t build new homes or apartments for less than $800,000 each (luxury level costs).

The governor and lawmakers can’t figure out what to do with several hundred thousand drug-addicted, mentally ill homeless vagrants living on city streets and taking over public parks.

California lawmakers refuse to build additional reservoirs for water storage in a state in which drought conditions are historically normal, and now has a regular wildfire “season.”

California lawmakers and governor mandated all electric vehicles within a few years, but can’t keep the power on during heat spells and winter storms.

Lawmakers authorized more than $25 million worth of taxpayer-funded guaranteed income to some individuals in the state, but can’t really tell you why.

California lawmakers and Gov. Newsom passed a bill to censor doctors and strip them of their medical licenses if they provide information and advice to patients about COVID not in accordance with the “contemporary scientific consensus.”

There are more very serious issues in the former Golden State at the root of so many Californians and businesses fleeing to other states – highest-in-the-nation income taxes, highest gas taxes, high crime… But perhaps nothing is as ludicrous and farcical as the current reparations proposal, authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) in Assembly Bill 3121.

The Globe reported Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Reparations Task Force is considering an estimated $569 billion to be paid by the state for reparations (that’s two and a half times California’s current state budget which already is running a deficit) to give to black-Americans living in California for past discriminatory practices and slavery, despite that California was never a slave state. Some of the recent proposals were simply cash payouts of $350,000 to every African American and $250,000 for every black-owned business to help close the “racial wealth gap,” which is actually a social justice grievance, and not slavery.

Interestingly, the already low black population of 5.5% in California has actually declined – blacks are also fleeing the state, and in particular, fleeing California’s hellish big cities.

And, if we are putting the skunk on the table, Asians suffered more recent discrimination in California, and are still the targets of horrific hate crimes. For that matter, many Irish escaping indentured servitude and the potato famine (1845-1852), and Chinese immigrants were the primary early builders of the Central Pacific Railroad. Many Irish American women became servants or domestic workers, while many Irish American men labored in coal mines and built railroads and canals. But that history isn’t taught in California’s public schools anymore.

The Reparations Task Force is also calling for the creation of a Bureau of African American affairs, similar to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Leaving a warehouse-sized door opened on the bottom line, Reparations task force member Jovan Scott Lewis said: “Spoiler-alert: We don’t yet know the racial wealth gap in the state of California.” This is the preliminary conversation to figure out what we know and what we don’t know.”

Remember this: “Racial wealth gap.”

Another task force member Dr. Cheryl Grills said: “Racial terror leads to racial trauma … also known as race-based traumatic stress.”

Dr. Grills discussed violence with police as a mitigating factor:

Another of the recommendations is to create a guaranteed income program for dependents of slaves. They also recommended repeal of Proposition 209, passed by the voters which bans racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting. Notably and more recently, Proposition 16 failed at the ballot box, which would have overturned Prop. 209, the California Civil Rights Initiative, which merely states: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin, in the operation of public employment, public education, and public contracting.”

Attacking excellence injures everyone, including the intended beneficiaries.

Is the Reparations Task Force prepared to go back 10 generations to pay the relatives? The policies of Gov. Newsom, California’s elected Democrats and this reparations task force have caused far more harm and done more damage to California’s African-Americans by legislating them into victim status by whittling away at merit-base practices – rather than building constructive relationships in schools and employment, and building bridges to encourage best practices and ultimately promote success, not victimhood.

As Wenyuan Wu with the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation told the Globe during the Proposition 16 battle, “Progressive and woke San Francisco sticks out as the state’s worst county for black student achievement, with nine out of 10 failing state math and reading exams. This abysmal situation has deep roots in housing instability, community breakdown, high rate of turnover among teachers, and a toxic cultural de-emphasis on achievement. To blame this long-standing problem on amorphous systemic racism covers up real challenges that require practical policy solutions to bolster standards.”

Wu says, “Above all, equality and merit must be safeguarded as guiding principles.”

The Reparations Task Force is already pulling a bait-and-switch on Californians –  with talk of a “racial wealth gap,” “racial terror,” “race-based traumatic stress,” and “guaranteed income for dependents of slaves,” what they are really promoting is social justice reparations and nothing more than a redistribution of wealth.

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79 thoughts on “California’s Ludicrous Slave Reparations Bill

  1. As Katy stated this is just another Democrat scheme to redistribute other people’s money with the ultimate goal of fomenting racial and class division? Maybe those at the top of the deep-state Democrat cabal like Gov. Gavin Newsom should have their wealth distributed first? Where’s the equity of Gov. Newsom living in a lavish gated estate on eight acres in12,000 sq. ft. mansion?

    1. Obama got rich very fast being a member of this same cabal. He’s living in a mansion paid for by taxpayer redistribution. What a con. There’s a reason these schemes don’t make any sense. They only exist to be self serving for the chuckleheads making the decisions.

      1. Hey Genee’ obama has three mansions (Washington DC, Martha’s Vineyard, and Palm Springs) and a fourth is being built in Hawaii.

    2. TV nonsense, anyway. As anyone living in a mixed neighborhood full well knows, Blacks dress better and more expensively, drive newer and fancier cars, and buy more expensive foods.
      The claims made were valid pre Civil Rights Act.
      They are unsupported nonsense today.

  2. And now they want to give $1,000.00 a month to pregnant black females and continue those payments for up to 6 months after the birth of their babies ????????????

  3. Excellent argument against this utter nonsense, which is the worst and most cynical Dem trick we’ve likely seen in CA thus far, with the possible exception of calling an ninth-month abortion “reproductive health.” So glad to see this piece. Hope it will go viral as it should. I haven’t had time to survey all of CA’s (and other) news and opinion yet today, but I’m willing to bet some pre-distributed “wealth” that no one else but Katy Grimes has called out this beyond-belief con job and done it so masterfully.

    1. Found coverage at the UK Daily Mail, which tells you something about how CA always wins the prize for attention-getting insanity. Posting it only because there is video in the article of the laughable reparations committee. There’s nothing quite like actually SEEING this stuff!
      “Activist Demands 600K from California Taxpayers During Meeting of State’s Reparations Task Force”

  4. I would like to point out that we DO NOT KNOW how democrats feel about this scheme. I’m a devout long time democrat and supporter of the black struggle but rail at this ridiculous idea which totally puts our legal system and our cultural values of right and wrong on their heads.

    We have not a clue who exactly are the victims today of the past crimes of slavery & Jim Crow nor do we know who exactly are the perpetrators of these ancient crimes. Collection of the “fines” and disbursement of the rewards will have to nearly random which destroys the purpose of this concept. This is the largest attempted mugging in the history of the world.

    I wonder WHAT would be the socio-economic status of all these blacks had they never been brought to America as slaves. Would they and their children have had a BETTER life had they continued to resided in Africa?

    Nobody is defending slavery or the treatment of blacks in this country. I propose a program similar to the GI bill of rights for blacks; scholarships, education grants, vocational training grants, business loans, housing loans, medical subsidies for any and all proven descendants of slaves.

    1. Very interesting comment… starting off as a supporter of the black struggle and ending with (I’m paraphrasing your comment of course) …” you blacks should be grateful your ancestors were beaten and raped and made to work sun up to sundown on the master’s plantation because look how good you have it now!” This argument always gets me …the “what if you stayed in Africa argument ” do you think you would be better off now?? Hmmm what if your ancestors stayed in Europe would you be better off now??? At least if my ancestors were never enslaved and brought to a brutal degrading life of pain, I would know my native language, I would be in touch with my ancestral heritage I would know where I came from most importantly I would know who I am. But I do agree with you that the damage is done and we must move forward not backward providing programs instead of flat-out money would probably sit better with some people but of course, no form of reparations will ever be acceptable for a large group of Anglo Americans because reparations equal accountability for the wrong of their ancestors and that just does not sit well with them. Also, I would take the 40 acres minus the mule that was promised to my great-grandfather any day of the week if the US would like to keep its promise.

      1. Ask any West African and they’ll tell that they wished their ancestors were brought here so they could be living in what was the greatest country on the planet. How do I know? I asked a shitload of ’em. Whiny bitches, I’m a Slav, the very word “slave” was named after MY people. Black Americans think that they’re the only people in the world that ever endured it. Hey, I got news for ya, slavery is the norm for our species, not the exception. Furthermore, this is dead in the water. Remember the Civil Rights Act? Yeah, that applys to EVERYONE, so giving away tax payer money based on race just ain’t gonna fly.

  5. So, a few things with this. Some of these responses will sound silly, i get it. But…… In the state of california, i can change my my sex from being a male to a female, and the state is required to recognize me as a woman( because thats what i identify myself as) Well how about i recognize myself as a black man and change from being a white man. That way i can collect my 350,000 dollar check from the state when this goes through. If i can legally change the sex from my birth, why cant i change the fact that i was born white, but i see myself as black? J/S… Also, hasnt research shown that we as a race all came from Africa? If thats actually true, doesnt that make all of us decendents from Africa. That would probably mean at some point we all had ancestors tgat were slaves at some point?:Hey, one more thing…. who’s money is going to be used in tgis scheme? Better not use my money, thats all im saying

  6. It’s ironic that Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and other black Californians are Democrats when it’s the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK? If anyone should paying reparations, it’s the Democrat party elite? As for Democrat Gov. Newsom, he needs to be held accountable and he should be required to pay reparations for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands? He and his evil soul have a lot to answer for?

  7. Ignorance is again running rampant from those who never been victimized by our so called Americans brothers who wear hoods during the day and leisure wear during the night. I wish it was so easy to just dismiss all of the damage done to Black people by White people that hides behind their corruption that never get exposed because of systemic racism. I can state unequivocally that my family been victimized by a system that allowed criminals to steal land from my ancestors simply because they were Black and they own it and it was theirs. They used corrupt tax laws to take it when no one would stop them because nobody believed Black people should own land. This kind of ridiculous thinking was

    1. There are over 40 black-run countries. Take your pick.
      No eebil White debbils to hold you back with “racism”. It would be a “win-win” for all.

    1. Never going to happen. Knowing our luck in this country, we’ll be the ones blamed for all of this. Sooner or later we have to look at who’s ACTUALLY running the country and ask ourselves why they have laws protecting themselves.

  8. Well we keep electing these people. We get the government we deserve.
    Amazingly we told illegal immigrants come to California and get free medical care, making California a greater magnet. Now our governor has figured out illegal immigrants are going to break the state, so Governor Newsome’s answer is to ask the federal government to bail out the state.
    You cannot make this stuff up!

  9. Yes, it’s ludicrous when the injustice os forced slavery and racism has not happened to you and your ancestors. Talk to me after you’ve walked a lifetime in the shoes of a black person.

    1. I guess they should have riot damages and police expenses deducted from their gifts.
      In fact, give them a retirement job with the state and call it even.

  10. l know as an African-African that lives in Sacramento Ca. I know that California many employers are racist there is housing and income discrimination against me and other African-Americans right now. I also plan to leave this racist State.

    1. To which racist state will you be fleeing? Everything and everyone is racist. The stones are racist. The sun is racist. YOU are racist.

  11. after the 2nd paragraph….I couldn’t ready any more, as the author totally misleads the reader about welfare and poverty in CA. Yes her statement is true on raw number..but California also has 25% more people than the next most populous state and isn’t even in the top 10 in welfare or poverty per Capita.

  12. If memory serves correct, California was part of the Union, not Confederate. This means that this wasn’t a slave owning state. There were laws prohibiting that activity.
    So if slaves didn’t exist in California, why the rush to pay?
    That’s akin to paying for a car repair that never took place especially if you don’t own a car.

    1. ALL states, North, South and West, were SLAVE states prior to the passage of the 13th Amendment!
      Reparations came in the form of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, signed by LBJ, a demoncrat!

  13. I agree with Samantha that the Democrats should be the ones who pay reparations as they are the party of racism and white supremacy. Since 1965 taxpayers in the US have paid over $27 trillion dollars on the “War On Poverty”. Most of this money has gone into the African-American community. I think that $27 trillion dollars is more than enough reparations.

  14. If the black population in California is 5% and dropping what is the logic of the Democrats to buy their votes at the expense of Hispanic and Asian votes? It could actually hurt their power scheme not help. Oh well, that’s the stellar education that California has given them, an inability to use logic, common sense and reason.

  15. Don’t get all worked up about this because it’s just talk speaking from a black women hell yeah I would love to see it but I’m reality it probably won’t ever happen. As one famous black person said…. Keep hope alive!!!!

  16. It’s clear that any thoughts or talk regarding reparing people that were intentionally damaged over hundreds of years is absolutely insane. Especially if that reparing involves money. Of course any sensible reasonable person could not possibly believe that centuries of brutal enslavement, another century and a half of Jim Crow could have any effect on the decendants of these people. As we all know this country has done everything humanly possible to atone for and provide for those people who were freed from slavery. They were provided land, resources, equal assess to education all the things any normal immigrant from Europe would have recieved. Do like those brave and hardworking Europeans did, get thousands of acres of free land and some free labor, pull youself up by your boothstraps and go forth to conqueor unchartered territories. Another thing, you want to redistribute my wealth! How ridiculous, any first grader can tell you, that only whites pay real taxes in this country! My ancestors never owned any slaves, they were Irish. They supervised the Chinese building the railroad and they treated them good! Enough is enough! Who cares about a bunch of shiftless people ,worthless professional victims. Let’s make America great again! You know doing what’s right will tear this country apart! Personally I don’t see the problem with having a permanent underclass, many great countries do, look at Russia or India!
    To help repare the most damaged, brutalized, marginalized, hated and despised people historically and to the present day is total insanity to too many. This or any other meaningful redress will ever come to Native Blacks. Not as long as the mentality that created the damage continues to exist within their decendants who are still at the moment in control , repare is not possible, only continued damage. Demand you must! If only as a reminder as to who we truly are as a country.

  17. If memory serves correct, California was part of the Union, not Confederate.

    This means that this wasn’t a slave owning state. There were laws prohibiting that activity.

    So if slaves didn’t exist in California, why the rush to pay?

    That’s akin to paying for a car repair that never took place especially if you don’t own a car.

    1. Exactly right. Slavery was always outlawed in California. More income distribution. This state is full of migrants from Asian nations who had nothing but the cloths they wore when they came here who now own businesses and are doctors and many professionals. Get an education, get a job and get off welfare. There are millions of jobs available in this country and if you are willing to work hard, like most of us did, you will succeed.

      1. I find it fascinating how people get so angry to know their tax dollars are going to help black people descendants of a brutal chattel slave system demand the 40 acres our great grandfathers were promised! The nerve of California what a ludicrous notion. Says a lot about the country. It’s also funny to compare immigration to enslavement totally the same thing lol.

  18. As a black man of 69 yrs it always galls me how non – black people always seem to know what’s best for us. What wud this country be without free Labor forces upon my ancestors by their ancestors. Just give us what we are OWED, if you can figure out a suitable amount compared to the amount your people made off that FREE LABOR!!!!

  19. I won’t be alive to see the small white business owners receive their reparations from the 2020 BLM riots, will I?

  20. the people of California elected the leftists so apparently they are good with whatever tyranny the state legislature passes. no one should take pity on any of them. those who voted for this wanted it and those that don’t haven’t left for Texas or Florida..so no pity for any of them.

  21. California was never a slave state so it’s ludricous Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and the other racists on Newsom’s task force would demand reparations. Look at that photo of Assemblywoman Shirley Weber…yikes! Did she transition from being a homley man to become a homely woman? Fred Sanford should have said there ain’t nothing on earth uglier than an old black woman?

    1. Ahh the truth comes forthright in your comment. It’s never been about reparations, it’s about your hate and disdain for black people, when attacking a person based on their physical appearance is your argument then we know the level of intelligence you are using to discuss a problem as old as this country, (bigotry) to break it down for you. Wake up and get over yourself. Black freed people were promised land 40 acres and are still waiting on it today whether we are old and ugly or young and beautiful we are still humans waiting for the US to make good on a promise.

      1. No, the truth is that people of other races are fed up with racist and bigoted black supremacists who hatefully blame others for their failures and then demand “reparations” even though though slavery was abolished in 1865 and California was never a slave state. As for Assemblywoman Shirely Weber, she’s a hateful racist black supremacist who has used race baiting to further career in academics and Democrat politics. She’s originally from Arkansas and if she wants reparations then she should return there because California was never a slave state. She’s homely on the outside and even uglier on the inside.

  22. This is an effort to enslave the entire country and create an endlessly aggrieved super class that has it hands in everyone’s pockets. Apparently they also want total immunity from all laws too. This will NEVER happen.

  23. How much is a human’s life worth? Over 500,000 thousand died in the Civil War fighting to end slavery. Where are the reparations for their descendants? ????????

  24. I agree with the other comments. Ludicrous and ridiculous idea ….reparations. I mean no offense but This just opens the door to class divisions and serious problems Calif again was not a slave state but no state should even consider this! You’ll have people now demanding payback and will start threatening this and that if they don’t get it. This will create violence and more destruction in the end. We just can’t and shouldn’t try to go back and change or fix history. Just move forward and improve what we can and it’s not throwing money at black Americans who didn’t know any slaves and werent impacted but will certainly take the money and I know taxpayers again will be covering it Why not try to come up with some programs to help instead of throwing money at people . You think that’s going to change anything? It just gets people all riled up and will now be demanding it. . I don’t even understand how you could possibly determine eligibility. You’ve got others that would be considered traumatized by past deeds including descendants of the holocaust. This could go on and on. I for one am exhausted with all this race division and now whites are discriminated against this is unhealthy for our country and we need to stop promoting these ideas like reparations. They’re opening a door that Will only hurt us and cause division , harm, and possibly threats and violence. Our Calif govt is out of control and needs to think before trying to gaslight bad ideas. Since taxpayers would be on the hook for this they should have a say as a ballot measure before this should ever be considered I can see by comments even from black and whites no one thinks this is a good idea. Stop it now before it goes any further for consideration. That’s my opinion but they’ll keep going. I even saw some speaking at a council meeting now threatening the council. Pay or else. See what this is doing? Think before you start promoting something that most likely will not happen but I am never shocked now at things that pass and get adopted.

  25. In 1940 less than 2% of the states population was black. Less than 150K people. The black population reached its peak in 1980. At 8%. And has been declining for decades. Its now 5% and falling fast. Cities like SF and Berkeley have lost between half and two thirds of their black population since 1980. Blacks are now the fourth largest minority in California.

    The parents and grand-parents of the vast majority of blacks in California under the age of 80 were born in a southerner state. A state of the Confederacy. Moving to California as part of the Great Migration in the mid 20’th century. If the blacks living in California want “reparations” maybe they should file claims with the states that actually enslaved their ancestors. The Confederate states. Or the party of slavery and jim crow. The Democratic Party.

    Not the state that was a staunch anti-slave Union state that helped bankroll the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves. Despite having a population of only 400K and being far away from the fighting 15K volunteered and over 500 Californians died fighting for the Union side.

    This is a straight criminal shakedown. Pure and simple.

    If these people are so intent on “reparations” why dont they take it up with the people who sold their ancestors into slavery. The slave state rulers of west Africa and the Arabs who had run the African slave trade for almost 1000 years before the first European turned up. It was a completely African and Arab run trade until you reached the beaches. And the majority of west African slaves for centuries headed to the Arab lands.

    And if we are talking slave reparations how about repartitions from the several million Europeans who were enslaved by the Ottomans and Barbary Arabs. Or to the families of the tens of thousands of British and French sailors who died of disease on the West Africa Station in the 19’th century suppressing the slave trade.

    Reparations is just another fraud by political con-artists.

    1. You make some obvious points. However although slaves did live mostly in the south that does not mean that California cannot make amends for the past as the entire country has profited from slave labor and most of the whites living in California came from other states as well, including slave states. Many whites migrated to CA with the same backwards thinking and racist views that contributed and hindered blacks from living in certain areas, working certain jobs and going to certain schools. The whites coming to California brought their anti black views with them creating awful experiences for blacks fleeing a very destructive white supremacy mindset and system in the south. But good try, just because a murderer flees a state he is still a murder just happens to be in another state, and he will most likely offend again in the new state if given the opportunity. All those other references you make to past slavery by other countries Arabs and Africans has no bearing on the USA growing rich off the free labor it received over hundreds of years. The USA is responsible for providing 40 acres of land to freed families after the civil war and it should make good on what it initially promised, plain and simple.

      1. The US grew rich because of our inventions, discoveries, industries, and businesses. Virtually EVERY country on earth practiced slavery at one time or another. Notice how most of them are not now and never have been rich.

        Hundreds of years? Give me a break! The United States existed for a mere 75 years before it abolished slavery.

    2. No shit, I’m a Serb and those Turks owe me reparations for enSLAVing my ancestors. The very word was named after my people. You’re the only other person I’ve ever heard who has knowledge of the 1000 year Arab Slave Trade. Why don’t they teach that in school?

    1. Casinos. I think that’s it. Some tribes may get compensated from the government and then they distribute that to individuals in the tribe. Seems like not enough, but at least it’s something.

  26. How do they plan to compensate Indigenous Americas from whom they took the entire state? Or doesn’t it count if you kill them?

  27. Was California a Slave State?
    If not, why pay reparations?
    Why not pay reparations to the Mexicans or Native Americans of California instead?
    Simply put, there is no need or justification for reparations.
    Those who wish to pay reparations, may do so, with YOUR OWN MONEY!
    It is called charity; and it doesn’t require others to follow your lead

  28. I’m with Mike and Randy above. If anything, this should be a federal issue and it should NOT be about money. More social programs can be effective. Working alongside blacks and other non-whites and living with them as neighbors do change attitudes, so programs that favor those changes are well worth continuing.

    By the way, I think the country is shedding much of its racism already. It doesn’t seem to be, with the extreme pushback from the red states, but I think the strength of their resistance is a measure of our success in changing people’s attitudes in those very states.

    We know how to change attitudes. It’s mostly one person at a time, with helpful pushes from government and the media. Remember when couples living together was unspoken of? And buying condoms was shameful or illegal? And unwed mothers were sent away and their babies taken from them? And there were men’s jobs and women’s jobs, and no one could cross over? And no one could admit to being non-heterosexual? All those problems remain in some places, but we’ve come a long way. Mostly by the example of people around us who show us that people are just people at heart. We’re winning.

    1. I have never heard of a social program being successful unless you define success as a total failure to accomplish the stated goal but never the less increasing funding more and more and enrolling more and more people in programs that exacerbate the problem that is ostensibly being “solved”.

  29. Perfectly presented. It’s the WEF – World Economic Forum Playbook verbatim (wealth distribution, merit-based practices) As stated: what of Native Americans, Asian Americans, Irish Americans, etc., and the fact that Californians who never had slaves are expected to pay the way of people who were never slaves. WEF wants a race war and division, divide and conquer… a govt-dependent populace… they want control! Consider looking more closely at those demanding ie. $800k (not asking, telling) at the meetings. Sounds like they are financed by Soros or Newsom-backed entities, and if they don’t get what they want, violence will ensue (George Floyd 2.0),
    communities bankrupted and ravaged by violence, innocent live lost, what better way to lock-down the State for the next phase of the WEF plan.

  30. @Truly yours

    First the myth of redlining in California. That was the result of *Federal * New Deal programmes of the 1930’s and 1940’s with Federal home loan guarantees. Only dismantled in the 1960’s. Covenants about who could buy and what use could be made of property have a common law tradition going back hundreds of years. In the period 1870’s to the 1950’s it was Jewish people who were the main target of covenants, not minorities. Mainly because the state was 95% white until the 1940’s. The situation of the Chinese in SF was due to politics of the 1880’s. Driven by the state Democratic Party.

    As for “hundreds of years of free labor”. The big rise in the US slave population was after 1810, mostly through natural increase, and with the huge ramp up in cotton production. It was a 50 year boom. Over by 1862. The real horror stories were in the Caribbean, until the 1830’s, and in Brazil. Where the majority of the Atlantic Trade ended up. The survival rate in both those areas before Emancipation was horrifically low.

    Every part of the story of slavery is a tragedy. And it debased every society it touched. And the final tragedy for the US was that the path to Emancipation that the UK and France followed was impossible in the US due to the Three Fifths Compromise. That, and the malicious incompetence of people like Webster and Buchanan, is what made the 1850’s so toxic.

    But what happened since to black people has been the result of profoundly cynical party politics first by the Republican Party for the 30 years after the end of the Civil War but most importantly the race baiting politics of the Democratic Party every generation since Andrew Jackson in the 1820’s. When I was a kid it was the Dixiecrats, now we have the “Racial Equity” race hustlers. Different target vote base. Same political of toxic racial division.

    Black kids who grow up in stable nuclear families do quite well. White kids who grow up in unstable single parent homes do pretty badly. Thats where most of the “inequality” comes from. It would seem to account for most of the difference in the educational results and employment prospects between recent immigrant blacks and the native born ones.

  31. Screeching and endless claims of victimization are all that’s really going on here. No one of any race responsible for the wrongdoing of slavery is alive today. Today’s claims of victimization are a false narrative to the core. That holds true for current victim claims, whether coming from blacks, self-proclaimed descendants of native Americans or descendents of Irish immigrants for that matter. It’s entirely about getting money for nothing. Period. I have worked harder than most my entire life, earning only enough money to achieve what is no more than a lower middle class existence. I have a message for all you you who would screech that I am privileged because of my ethnicity: Go to hell.

  32. Reparations and more reparations will not transform any group into a sudden success story. The problem here is that black culture is toxic. It’s the culture of a man that makes or breaks him. The Left’s obsession with race, gender, and class will eventually destroy this nation with divisiveness, envy, and anger.

  33. I see many black / Nigerians working in government that have taken advantage of the system presenting as educated with masters degrees yet not being able to basically communicate in English, showing little to no leadership, and exhibiting gross incompetence in their jobs. They are never confronted or removed, only rewarded. People like myself who chose to work hard with 30 years experience exuding leadership mentoring others bringing passion and energy to the workplace are only rewarded with more work.

    1. Yes they tend to get buried in like a tick. Institutional Black Supremacism brought Detroit to its knees and will bring many urban regions of California to their knees as well. Once established you see an insidious concoction of Marxist wealth distribution lip service empowering a corrupt Nomenklatura; Kwame Kilpatrick types and institutional bureaucrats of no intrinsic quality indefinitely holding a post in a hollowed shell of an institution built by those who have long since escaped for greener pastures.

  34. Obama brought the ghetto shakedown polish and panache. Beer Summits with race hustler Henry Louis Gates. Race pimp Al Sharpton met with Obama 85 times in the White House. Communists teaming up with race hustlers… genius

  35. We must be for justice and do whatever is necessary. But rather than reparations from the State coffers, let the funding be appropriated directly from California individuals and businesses belonging to the oppressor classes. And don’t let these people and businesses leave the state without taxing their capital and other resources.

  36. The end goal isn’t reparations but disaggregating the US Black population by ethnic group and set asides for the USA Enslaved Descendant ethnic group it’s so interesting to see everyone still focusing on race when the ppl behind these political pushes are looking past it.

  37. Oh sthu Katy. No one cares about your thoughts on this issue. Rant to your family… if you have one that cares about what you have to say. You brought up Asians and compared it to the injustices that blacks have been facing for 100’s of years. What a idiot.

  38. This article is a bunch of crap!! Yes, Black Americans were not enslaved here and most came as settlers themselves. But to bring up the Chinese low paid wage workers as examples of wronged ans persecuted minorities is a Joke! The Irish came as Colonizers, they were poor, but make no mistake they are White colonizers who made a choice to colonize in America, The chose to leave their own homelands. The Chinese are another group that chose to come to America and California em mass with the Immigrant European hordes. Its pathetic how title exclude the only real ethnic American group that didn’t mass immigrated into the United States, and they are the Indigenous American people who were genocided, massacred, stripped off their lands, denied their treaties after signing over millions of acres of land and then having the Immigrant European Hordes hide those same treaties, having European death squads and militiasto hunt them down to kill the Native Californian elders, Men, Womwn and child in California. To top it off. making laws to strip them of any human right ans protection when the new Immigrant governor stated that a war must be wages upon the Indigenous people, until they cease to exist, that a war of extermination be waged against them and offering bounties to be paid for the scalps of indigenous people, and creating the law for the “protection of Indians” and having the Indigenous children enslaved. The only people that truly have a claim for land and reparations are the Indigenous people of California. There is not one Reservation for the Indigenous coastal tribes from San Diego to San Francisco who were purposely left out due to their ancestral homelands being on prime coastal land. you lose credibility when you purposely leave out the Indigenous American people of California.

  39. This will end up in the courts. And, no one will win any money. Also, Californians will move out of California by the millions if their money is robbed.

    1. Guaranteed, Anne. There WILL be a mass migration OUT of this once-beautiful state, should this egregious proposal ever be approved. But perhaps that would be a good idea…then all the mouth-breathing morons who support delusional ideas like this can fester together in an exclusive swamp of their own device.

  40. yeah all the scam artists will make off with the money like is eeod fiasco where billions in benefit money went to criminals ..this guy is a POS of epic proportions he’s an operative bottom line he scammed the recall and is a tin god of sorts .the guy needs to go .I mean he was gifted a winery estate?? who does that and where do his loyalties lie .I think the house should investigate his finances.not trump’s finances …the real criminals trampling our constitution and second amendment rights .getting rid of pelosi was a start but I dunno if ca.will ever be a white productive place ever again.its just swarming with foriegners all arrogant as hell.

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