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Assembly Banking Committee meeting in empty Assembly chambers 4/15/2021. (Photo: screen capture Assembly video)

Capitol Lawmakers’ COVID Hypocrisy in Full View on Packed Southwest Flight

‘They only let 15 people into a hearing yesterday although they had seating for 150 or more’

By Katy Grimes, April 16, 2021 7:07 am

Since March of last year, lawmakers in the State Capitol have shunned allowing the public to participate in the legislative process. Early on in Gov. Newsom’s statewide lockdown, legislators completely recessed and did not conduct any state business. Eventually they came back to work but fully masked and socially distanced. Some lawmakers wear two masks in empty hearings.

Legislators have been loathe to allow the public to attend and speak at hearings, preferring the public call in on the phone, or if they must attend in person to do it on the Capitol CCTV from another hearing room altogether. It’s a totalitarian way to “govern.”

So Thursday when Greg Burt with the California Family Council sent the Globe this photo, we had a good laugh at the hypocrisy of these lawmakers.

Greg Burt on Southwest Flight. (Photo: Greg Burt)

“Should I be worried this is going to be a super spreader event,” he messaged. “I saw 7 state legislators on this plane to Orange County. But legislators still will not let people visit them at the capitol. And they only let 15 people into a hearing yesterday although they had seating for 150 or more. This is what hypocrisy looks like. This southwest flight is full.”

And then he Tweeted his message.

“Legislators I saw: Sen. Umberg, Sen. Newman, Asm. Quirk*, Sen. Bates, Asm. Nguyen, Sen. Choi. I don’t blame the Republicans for this. Dems control the capitol,” Burt messaged.

He makes a good point. We are forced to stand in line 6 feet from anyone. We can’t reasonably attend hearings in person. State Capitol CHP order anyone on the grounds outside to wear a mask – no doubt under orders from legislative leaders.

But these same legislative leaders and elected lawmakers think nothing of cramming themselves onto a crowded Southwest 737 flight of 143 passengers – shoulder to shoulder – breathing that recycled air.

Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pinned Tweet still orders: “CA, you are now REQUIRED to wear a mask in public spaces. We’re seeing too many people with faces uncovered. Wearing a face covering is critical for keeping people safe and healthy, keeping businesses open and getting people back to work. Do your part. Wear your mask.”

Thursday, Gov. Newsom was touting the state’s vaccination rate:

So why are legislators and legislative leaders still conducting hearings in empty hearing rooms, or empty Senate and Assembly chambers, if they feel safe enough to get on a packed plane?

We know the answer.


Greg Burt on Southwest Flight. (Photo: Greg Burt)


*Assemblyman Quirk’s Chief of staff emailed the Globe saying he was not on the plane: “I work for Assemblymember Bill Quirk. He represents the 20th Assembly District which is in the Bay Area. Prior to COVID, he would travel to Sacramento from his district via public transportation, Amtrak specifically. Now, he prefers to drive. No way he was on the flight your article discusses.”


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11 thoughts on “Capitol Lawmakers’ COVID Hypocrisy in Full View on Packed Southwest Flight

  1. Part of why I signed the recall is the hypocrisy and ridiculousness. I don’t care if I’m in the minority or if the recall ends up having 40%. I’m still voting for it. We were told that outdoor dining was completely safe and they closed it at November right when Newsom was dining Inside a few days earlier because they needed something to scapegoat when cases were rising. Restaurants spent thousands to have outdoor dining only to have it revoked just so hundreds of restaurants get permanently closed and thousands in danger.

    50% vaccinated…it’s only partial and most of the vaccinations are on affluent areas. The 24 million doses or 8 million doses administrated than other states is misleading as California already had the largest population, percentages compared to other states is a better metric.

    1. REMINDER: CA, you are now REQUIRED to wear a mask in public spaces.
      Enforce it Coke head. Since you now need booster shot after 6 months and they are saying you will need a booster every year.. ??? The therapeutics are much safer and Vitamin D3 seems to kill it if you keep your body charged up .. and we are seeing people who had it, end up in hospitals and others dying from the 2nd shot.
      2310 deaths from the vaccine, 469 heart attacks and 411 cases of Bell’s Palsy.. I’ll pass. Let the CA folks / lab rats be the guinea pigs and we will all reach head immunity faster.

  2. Yeah, no kidding —- the usual B.S. from CA legislators, who should be required to tattoo “I am a hypocrite” on their foreheads, and meanwhile all the sensible people out here are going (or have gone) slowly insane from being forever jerked around under the endless tyranny of Gov Gav and the Legislature and the unelected bureaucrat Public Health Officers.

    I assume the flight was going from Sacramento to Orange County but wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was coming from another state that doesn’t have CA’s crushing restrictions.

  3. By the way, Newsom looks like a complete fool with his damn pinned tweet lecturing us about mask-wearing. It’s amazing that he (or his stand-in tweeter) has NO SHAME at all about the French Laundry incident which virtually everyone in this state knows about. Way to be credible and fight the Recall, Gavin! Idiot.

  4. I assume Greg Burt, the photographer and passenger, kept his composure. I probably would have approached the elected officials with a ton of questions! Probably on the verge of harassment, and at the risk of being tossed off the flight with criminal charges pending! I’m sure I would be kept in jail far longer than a “real criminal” who has a revolving door at the local precinct and Gavin’s private cell number for free bail! Gavin needs to take his two masks, affix them to his asshole because his shit is the most harmful virus in CA!

  5. Masks are 100% ineffective at stopping the spread of any virus.
    The data shows that masks made this “pandemic” worse. Probably by design.

  6. Governor Newsom didn’t wear the almighty mask at the French Laundry.
    Governor Newsom mass murdered the elderly.

  7. “Social Distancing Theater”

    Just like “Security Theater” at the airports…corona and 9/11 have so much in common: they are both psyops based on fake crises that lead to the erosion of civil liberties .

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