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Ceaseless CA Dept. of Public Health Commercials Push Covid Boosters, Testing, Masking Up

The federal government has spent more than $30 billion on COVID-19 vaccines

By Katy Grimes, December 23, 2022 8:24 am

UPDATED BELOW: The California Department of Public Health is running ceaseless commercials on radio repeatedly telling listeners, “Boost your immune system with the Covid booster and flu shot… wash your hands… and cover your mouth when you cough… take a Covid test… call your doctor if you feel sick… mask up indoors…”

It’s as if that family busybody Great Aunt Agatha is directing the public health agency. “Wash your hands. Cover your mouth. Say ‘thank you.'”

This is particularly rich given that public health officials keep pushing Covid vaccines, even after the CDC acknowledged that healthy children have a 99.998% recovery rate from COVID-19 with no treatment. Honest physicians across the country asked what the rationale was/is for vaccinating this demographic? Many of these doctors were cancelled on social media, and some were even fired from their jobs for stating the obvious and questioning the aggressive protocols.

The Covid-hysterical Oakland City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to bring back mandatory masking at all indoor public facilities in order to fight rising cases of COVID, flu, and RSV, the Globe reported. The mandate will require masks for all those ages 6 and up going into indoor government buildings, which include libraries and courthouses.

Lockdowns, masks, business and school closures had no significant effect on the spread of Covid, study after study found. Instead the damage done by lockdowns and masking, particularly to children, many medical experts say is worse than the virus.

How and why do public health officials and public health doctors continue to push masks, isolation and pharmaceuticals instead of vitamins and minerals to “boost your immune system?”

And why would doctors recommend vaccinations against a disease that there is treatment for?

It is well known that our immune systems can be weakened by hundreds of different
immunodeficiency disorders, poor diet, lack of sleep, and adverse reactions to various vaccines.

Less than 30% of the U.S. population even take an annual flu shot. So why would these same people rush out to take a Covid mRNA shot or booster?

The common sense advice that has been suppressed is the immune system booster combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Quercitin, which helps fight off Covid.

If you research these supplements you’ll find that vitamin C is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and if taken in multiple dosages daily when ill can really help the body out. During Covid, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. Harvey Risch, and Dr. George Fareed reported that Zinc is vital for immune system function. They discovered and implemented early treatment with zinc, low dose hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin, the treatment for Covid-19 responsible for saving millions of lives worldwide.

Dr. Zelenko discovered that the natural supplement Quercetin could serve the same function as did Hydroxychloroquine in assisting zinc to attack the still developing virus inside the cell.

“The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are impaired smell and taste, fever, cough, sore throat, general weakness, pain as aching limbs, runny nose, and in some cases diarrhea,” Dr. Zelenko said. “In the subsequent chapters, we will associate most of those symptoms with altered zinc homeostasis and explain how zinc might prevent or attenuate those symptoms, as summarized in Figure 1, and thus should be regarded as promising cost-effective, globally available therapeutic approach for COVID-19 patients, for which minimal to no side effects are known.”

The study found Zinc protects the human body from entering of the virus.

View the full study here at the National Center for Biotechnology Information and National Institute of Health.

NIH Study on Zinc. (Photo: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

All of that healthy talk aside, why is the government pushing the mRNA boosters so hard? Why all of the advertising and spending for the pharmaceuticals, rather than affordable and readily available vitamins and minerals?

Kaiser Family Foundation news explains:

The federal government (taxpayers) has spent more than $30 billion1 on COVID-19 vaccines, including the new bivalent boosters, incentivizing their development, guaranteeing a market, and ensuring that these vaccines would be provided free of charge to the U.S. population. However, the Biden Administration has announced that it no longer has funding, absent further Congressional action, to make further purchases and has begun to prepare for the transition of COVID-19 vaccines to the commercial market. This means that manufacturers will be negotiating prices directly with insurers and purchasers, not just the federal government, and prices are expected to rise.

The federal government has so far purchased 1.2 billion doses of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines combined, at a cost of $25.3 billion, or a weighted average purchase price of $20.69 per dose. (emphasis kkf.org)

Even under much lower vaccine uptake scenarios (e.g., 50% of adults getting a booster), the total cost to purchase COVID vaccines at the commercial price would still exceed the cost of purchasing enough vaccines for everyone at the federal bivalent booster price.

The government is concerned about the glut of Covid vaccines.

A scientist friend sent the Globe a link to a medical group website with information from several physicians about the COVID vaccines – physicians who had the temerity to question the government protocols.

Notably, the doctors say, “We don’t typically vaccinate against a disease that we have treatment for.”

What these doctors say about the COVID vaccines and boosters has been suppressed and is what has gotten doctors fired, cancelled and under the threat of losing their medical licenses:

The current “vaccine” for COVID is new technology never used on humans before and it is called “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” or ADE. It is a piece of genetic material, messenger RNA (mRNA) being injected. How do mRNA technologies work?

The doctors said the “vaccine” is not a vaccine. “A vaccine uses a weakened or attenuated version of a virus that is administered to drive an immune response in the host. The mRNA injection offers no viral components, it in fact is a genetic signal that triggers your cells to make what is called a “spike” protein.”

“This genetic material, the mRNA enters every cell of your body and does not leave. It is driving your cells to make proteins, the full range of which we are not sure. There are too many unknowns because we have never used this type of immunologic technology on human beings before.”

“This mRNA technology does nothing to reduce transmission of the virus.”

The doctors also recommend Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Zithromax, and others.

As for the safety, the doctors said “this technology has been tried on animals but in all animal studies done the animals all died, not immediately from the vaccine (mRNA injection) but from other immune challenges that followed, months later.”

“There has never been a successful long term animal study using this technology. The animals all died from either sepsis or cardiac failure.”

Who determines what is “misinformation” and what isn’t? Politicians? Government doctors invested in experimental vaccines? A Facebook or Twitter employee?

Never before has federal or state government pushed the population so hard to take a medication as we are experiencing right now, while at the same time suppressing alternative therapies and remedies. It’s frightening and disheartening. But the information is available for anyone who takes the time to search.

Health reporter Alex Berenson just reported:

“People who have received mRNA Covid vaccines are at least twice as likely to be infected with the coronavirus as unvaccinated people, according to two new papers from researchers in Indiana and Ohio.

Worse, the newer of the two studies, which covered Omicron this fall, found risk actually rises with the number of shots.

“The public has already largely rejected the bivalents. The Biden Administration spent $5 billion on 171 million bivalent doses this summer. But despite aggressive government marketing and media pressure, about 80 percent of eligible American adults have not taken the new mRNA shots.

Still, 20 percent have. And most adults, not just in the United States but in all the mRNA countries worldwide, have received not just their primary Covid shots but at least one booster.

These studies suggest that they – and the public health authorities who pressed the shots on them – may have made a bad bet.”

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30 thoughts on “Ceaseless CA Dept. of Public Health Commercials Push Covid Boosters, Testing, Masking Up

  1. 25+ billion of OUR money given to big pharma!
    How many dollars were given to the radio and t.v. stations nationwide for constant, repetitive, advertising the happy benefits of the vaccine?
    Main stream media is complicit in this charade!

  2. This is all they know in their limited thinking/acting independent of their puppet masters capacities.
    They have to keep going with their Scamdemic until what? atleast March?
    Reading back on any counties agendas, all our counties following the UN Agenda 2021/2030 have had covid pencilled in to the agendas into 2023, a christmas miracle would be them suddenly waking up and thinking for themselves and taking a quick (58 votes/58 counties) to end all this hogwash immedietly.
    Not changing the subject -from their depopulation agenda-because this ties into the same unbelievable levels of deception like the alleged health concern-that the corrupt governments have been perpetrating on us for decades
    Ever heard of the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) tragedy from 1967?
    This is 4 hours worth watching,
    From the same director of Died Suddenly, “Sacraficing Liberty”
    https://www.sacrificingliberty.com/ (for a donation)
    or watch for free on Odysee:


  3. The clot shot will kill you dead! Young people are dropping dead all over the world due to the intentional effects of the shot. The death rate is many times higher than past years!!! Life insurance companies are freaking out.

    The masking and other restrictions are training the public to comply to ever increasing lockdowns. Look up the 15 minute city concept which is currently being rolled out in England. To the NWO you are simply cattle to be penned and culled at their whim.

  4. The clot shot will kill you dead! Young people are dropping dead all over the world due to the intentional effects of the shot. The death rate is many times higher than past years!!! Life insurance companies are freaking out.

    The masking and other restrictions are training the public to comply to ever increasing lockdowns. Look up the 15 minute city concept which is currently being rolled out in England. To the NWO you are simply cattle to be penned and culled at their whim.

  5. The government and drug company radio ads I’m hearing most often now are for the only “FDA-approved treatment” for Covid, Pfizer’s Paxlovid. “If you have symptoms, get tested, talk to your doctor, get treated.” Ubiquitous nagging that is obviously designed to gin up paranoia and panic and (they hope) have everyone rushing out to test, rushing to the doctor, rushing to “treat.”

    It also strikes me that our abusive overlords are taunting the gullible and the skeptical, too, by naming this drug “Paxlovid.” Peace and Love? Seriously? Sometimes I picture these people sitting around a table like comedy writers and having a good laugh at how easy it is to fool the public. Except these people have no sense of humor, as we know, and it’s also unclear how many people are buying into this trickery now anyway. Very few, I would think, as with the flu shot, as Katy noted. Maybe the silver lining is that because this propaganda is still being pushed against all logic it will be the final alarm bell to wake up the remaining sheep to what has been going on.

    Meanwhile, side effects of Paxlovid include rebound of symptoms, liver damage, bitter and metallic taste throughout treatment, muscle pain and weakness, diarrhea, and increased blood pressure, just to name a few. By the way, I tried to do some quick-and-dirty research of the downside of Paxlovid before posting here but had trouble finding one discouraging word about it. As usual.
    What a mess.

    1. Covid is the whole death package. First there is the disease, then the poisoned shot and last but not least the deadly treatment protocol designed to kill you.

      Katy is right in pointing out Dr. Zelenko’s tried and proven alternative treatment.

      1. No kidding, CW —— the Paxlovid “treatment” is shoved down our throats just in case they failed to kill us the first or the second time. Surreal.

  6. From the Pizer site: “The FDA has authorized the emergency use of PAXLOVID, an investigational medicine, for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults and children (12 years of age and older weighing at least 88 pounds [40 kg]) with a positive test for the virus that causes COVID-19, and who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death, under an EUA.

    PAXLOVID is investigational because it is still being studied. There is limited information about the safety and effectiveness of using PAXLOVID to treat people with mild-to-moderate COVID-19.”

    Another EUA with little known about side effects.

    1. If the fact that Pfizer developed this drug is not enough to scare the excrement out of you take a look at its history. It was originally a HIV drug, not for Covid.

  7. Totalitarian Democrats on Oakland’s City Council voted to bring back mandatory masking at all indoor public facilities. This contradicts what Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s COVID-19 coordinator, said during a recent discussion with the Philadelphia Inquirer who admitted that “There is no study in the world that shows that masks work that well.”

  8. Gov. Newsom and the deep-state Democrat cabal probably get their marching orders from their globalist masters at the WEF, UN, and WHO to perpetuate the scamdemic? They in turn probably give the unelected bureaucrats at the California Department of Public Health their marching orders ? No doubt there are lucrative payoffs involved at every level?

  9. Fear mongering BS.
    Imagine all of the worthwhile legitimate pursuits these “officials” could work on if they weren’t pushing this Covid nonsense. Some opportunity cost that we taxpayers, unfortunately, are footing.

  10. Katy, Thank You for this end year summarization.
    You are the gift that keeps giving.

    Early treatment is the KEY to combatting the “Rona” and other cold and flu viruses.
    Dr. Thomas Levy MD, JD has just published a book on nebulized hydrogen peroxide that may just be the most effective treatment for viruses. He is currently offering the ebook free for a short period. I have nebulized over this season of covid and it works! I swear by it. As Katy suggested do your research on early treatments.

    Thank God for the brave doctors who stepped in front of the propaganda machine.
    Merry Christmas Katy, I look forward to your reporting in 2023!

  11. @Katy, thank you for your excellent recap. I hope your article will encourage those previously jabbed and boosted to pause any further jabs and educate themselves regarding the mRNA technology used in COVID gene therapeutics. It is imperative for you to make an informed decision; if not for you, then for children. It is frightening and disheartening that our government and the medical profession have demonized anyone advocating healthy living, therapies and remedies that are proven to be safe and effective.

  12. All that state-funded advertising buys the silence of the corporate media in criticizing state policies and Big Pharma. That’s the real reason the state is running the ads. Does anyone seriously think Gavin Newsom cares about your health?

  13. What is even more concerning is I don’t see any employees or patrons to these places revolting. Who are these people that just do everything and believe everything out of these incompetent politicians that want to play doctor?

  14. As Katy said, it’s frightening and disheartening the way that federal or state government officials, most of whom are Democrats, are still pushing experimental mRNA shots and boosters that have injured and killed thousands of innocent people while at the same time suppressing alternative therapies and remedies. They all need to be brought before tribunals and be held accountable for grievous crimes against humanity? They and their souls have a lot to answer for?

  15. Thanking for posting this article, more journalists should report the truth. So many lies regarding Covid and the vaccines have been told by the FDA, CDC, Pharmaceuticals and our government. There must be an agenda behind this fear mongering scam other than the billions of dollars lining people’s pockets.
    Stand up for the truth, do your own research and don’t conform based on lies and fear.

  16. Heads up! Manufacturers such as Pfizer are now utilizing the same mRNA technology to produce this year’s flu vaccines. Since the exact same mechanisms are involved (mRNA that tricks cells into producing specific shell proteins from the targeted virus, and that can potentially become a permanent part of the recipient’s DNA through reverse transcription), it should be assumed until proven otherwise that these shots now pose the same dangers as the COVID ‘vaccines’.

  17. Katy Grimes-
    I find your calling the oakland city council “hysterical “ quite offensive. COVID is a nasty disease and public health measures to reduce transmission are completely reasonable. Vaccines can reduce the severity of disease & many people cannot take paxlovid or cannot acquire it. The entire approach to this pandemic has been botched.

    1. The disease isn’t nasty. The CDC admitted the average age of death was 80 years old with FOUR comorbidities..
      The experimental “vaccines” are much more dangerous…. facts.

  18. “why is the government pushing the mRNA boosters so hard? ”

    Social Security is broke, and the people running this s-show want to cull the herd and reduce their payout population & associated liability….

    Plus, it turns out that WE are the carbon that they want to reduce….

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