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Politicians and Media are Trying to Foist Another Covid Winter on America

Will there be another Covid Groundhog Day?

By Katy Grimes, November 28, 2022 2:40 am

It appears some politicians and members of the media are trying to foist another Covid winter on America. In California the pandemic never really ended. California Gov. Gavin Newsom still clings to his autocratic emergency powers under his March 4, 2020 Covid State of Emergency order, so why not perpetrate another crisis?

Hysterical and misleading headlines from mainstream media tell the story:

LAT $: Can California avoid a third devastating COVID winter wave? Some cautious hope

LADN: LA County logs 3,000 new COVID cases, fueling winter surge fears; hospitalizations near 800

SacBee: California hospital ICU’s see 20% jump in COVID-19 patients since last week, state data show. “As of Wednesday, there were 346 patients in hospital intensive care units, accounting for roughly 13% of available beds,” the Sac Bee health care writer reports, but she omits what the 346 ICU patients are hospitalized for.

A quick look at Sacramento County Public health Covid statistics (below) shows about 12-13 Covid “cases” a day are reported, 13 Covid patients in the ICU and 13 recent deaths. It took 3 minutes to look this up.

This chart from the Sacramento County Public Health website shows cases. As of 11/19, 12.9 “cases:”

Here is another headline from the SacBee health reporter: California’s ‘tripledemic’ of viruses is on the rise. Here’s how to care for a sick loved one.

The advice in this 605 word article is useful to anyone who hasn’t ever had the flu: drink plenty of fluids, take Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for the fever, and get plenty of rest.

What is this “tripledemic” of viruses? COVID-19, the flu and respiratory syncytial virus.

“According to CDC data, the hospitalization rate in all kids for the week of Nov. 12 was twice as high as any other flu season on record,” ABC 7 reported. “The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association say cases of the flu, COVID-19, and RSV are overwhelming the health system.”

However a look at the CDC Covid dashboard shows hospitalizations are static. Of the 331.9 million Americans, there are 19,480 hospitalizations:

Here’s part of the motive: “Declaration of a national emergency would give providers additional funding as well as more flexibility from regulations to deal with what they  call a ‘crisis.'”

The COVID-19 pandemic is over and has been over except for political motivations – and government funding.

Taking a page from Dr. Anthony Fauci who warned families to get Covid tested ahead of Thanksgiving gatherings, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said, “I think there’s ways that we can really improve how we do it, rather than spend our time talking about whether we should or shouldn’t,” referring to family gatherings.

The Los Angeles Times reporters took the hysteria one step further:

“In California, however, coronavirus-positive hospitalizations have been increasing. As of Wednesday, there were 2,782 coronavirus-positive patients in hospitals, up 84% from the autumn low of 1,514 on Oct. 24.”

There are 40 million residents in California, and 2,782 are Covid-positive in the hospital?

“Nationally, hundreds of Americans are still dying every day of COVID-19, which remains a leading cause of death. And there are signs that transmission is once again on the upswing,” the LAT reports.

But the CDC reports, COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

For perspective, on any given day, approximately 740 Californians die of all causes, totaling about 270,000 California deaths annually.

Here is the California Public Health Covid dashboard of Covid “cases” and deaths:

According to the California Department of Public Health, as of November 21, 2022, there are zero deaths from Covid.

But at the top of their chart, the CDPH shows 96,701 total Covid deaths. This is the cumulative total since February 1, 2020, through November 22, 2022, according to the CDPH’s data.

The state of California wants people to believe that Covid patients are dropping like flies at 12 per day. But that is the average over the entire almost 3-year Covid pandemic since February 2020.

It’s feeling like Groundhog Day with public health officials and media breathlessly talking about Covid “cases,” rather than focusing on the vulnerable groups of people.

Throughout the pandemic, there was too heavy of a focus on an uptick in cases, as Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas reported, “especially in places where governors either have reinstated or have further enforced restrictions. When we see this focus on more cases, it doesn’t really matter how many cases — it only matters who gets the cases. We know that the infection-fatality rate for people under 70 is 0.04 percent — that’s less than or equal to the seasonal flu,” he said.

A physician told the Globe that because doctors even can have a difficult time getting good data through their hospitals, trends are far more important numbers than raw numbers to study, as it gives more context.

For the average American, faith in government authority was significantly eroded because of how Covid was handled, managed and grossly mismanaged. It’s still going on with politicians and the State of California inundating the people with advertisements pushing Covid vaccines and masks by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). These ads are everywhere – radio, television, online ads, social media, iHeart radio, Sirius radio – even radio hosts are being paid to read the CDPH ads… it’s difficult to escape the commercials.

The governor and Legislature are also seeking to punish physicians and surgeons for “unprofessional conduct” for advocating for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or those who dare to ask questions about COVID vaccine safety. Under AB 2098 doctors will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California if they do not adhere to the “approved COVID treatment consensus.”

Fortunately, a group of California physicians has filed a complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction in Høeg, et al. v. Newsom, et al., asking the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California prevent AB 2098 from going into effect.

Will there be another Covid Groundhog Day? The Californians I talk to say “oh, Hell no.”

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21 thoughts on “Politicians and Media are Trying to Foist Another Covid Winter on America

  1. This is freaking unbelievable. And just LOOK at the colossal amount of chutzpah it shows, given the torture and devastation CA’s “public health dept.” and its con-artist gang of county emissaries have visited upon the public over the last three years. These bureaucrats should all be sitting in jail at this point, not needlessly frightening people and gearing up for more of their baseless and punishing edicts, which by the way have long been proven NOT to work.

    Yes, 2,782 so-called “Covid-positive” people in the hospital is a teensy-weensy percentage of 40 MILLION, but we don’t even know what this “Covid” number represents in the first place. False-positives from the faulty and unreliable PCR tests? Cut-and-paste falsifications of past annual average flu hospitalizations? “Covid” (and other viral) infections because of people’s crashing states of immunity from the damage to their immune systems from an (endless) series of vaccines and boosters?

    The data has been mucked up so thoroughly we don’t even know who has been vaccinated, how many times, and who has not; who has natural immunity or who is even ill with ANYTHING shows up as a “positive case” that accompanies, say, a gall bladder removal or a broken leg or car accident trauma as the original reason for hospitalization. Plus, it’s my understanding that if you are not FULLY vaccinated (how many boosters now?), and enter a hospital for any reason, you are now considered “unvaccinated.” GREAT!

    CA Public Health itself doesn’t even know their hind end from their elbow at this point, as you can see from Katy Grimes’ article, and apparently they don’t care. They have also made such a tangled mess of lies and lumping everyone together that it looks as though legitimate studies cannot ever be done in the future in hopes of making sense of this nightmare they have put us through.

    At any rate, certainly enough of a percentage of CA’s population by now is wise to and fully fed up with these freaks and their cruel power trips to make for a very interesting bit of public theater, as we watch Californians ignore and simply refuse to comply with the health czars’ next fake manipulative act.

    1. And as you know, this push is not merely “local” but national. I suppose by now readers here have caught the latest pronouncements of that vile little troll of a bureaucrat Anthony Fauci on that obsequious mannequin Chuck Todd’s Sunday morning show where Fauci says without a flicker of embarrassment “the U.S. is ‘certainly’ still in a COVID pandemic.”
      First of all, Fauci may be “retiring” but can you tell he intends to NEVER go away? Second, this guy won’t be happy until everyone in the U.S. is vaccinated and endlessly boosted and thus slated for death or permanent vaccine injury or an erased immune system or unknown lifelong health compromises and the specter of early death. “Fauci Lied, People Died,” and yet he is still free to sit there and give the finger to the American people. Obviously he sold his soul for a mess of pottage long ago, as have so many other bureaucrats, politicians, members of the main media, and others, but that he and others did this should NOT be our problem.

  2. Not going to comply anymore. Fortunately there is a good underground in my city of stores, bars and restaurants that dont comply either.

  3. Anyone want to place bets on Governor Glitz hiring Comrade Commissar Fauci as a “public health consultant” since he is retiring?

  4. Have you ever looked up the salaries of these state and local health department directors? Such as Mark Ghaly and his wife Christina, who were paid a combined $750,000 plus benefits in 2020. Or Barbara Ferrer, PhD Social Welfare, who was paid $557,625 plus benefits in 2021.

    The people of California are getting scammed eight ways to Sunday by the statists that are running the one-party kleptocracy that is California. And the scam artist health directors want it to continue on forever. Or at least until their pensions are secured.

    1. You’re right, it’s true. Ferrer’s salary apparently keeps going up and up, though. Last I heard she got a raise this year, to $650K (plus benefits). This is probably also true for the Ghaly pair. Incredible.

  5. It’s hard not to feel angry with CA voters for allowing these antisocial, selfish authorities to continue their destruction of California and its residents’ civil liberties. Newsom will do whatever he wants and to Hell with people who disagree. The state is under a dictatorship and most voters don’t seem to care.

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