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Video of Palestinians attacking Jewish men in West Hollywood. (Photo: screen capture of video footage of the attack.)

Globe Exclusive Interview: Gang of Palestinians Beat Jews in West Hollywood

Victim says local police ‘weren’t excited to make a report’

By Katy Grimes, May 19, 2021 11:21 am

An Arabic man was dining with Jewish friends in West Hollywood Monday evening, when he said around 9:00pm several cars drove by slowly flying Palestinian flags. “Maher,” who only provided his first name out of concerns for his safety, said they started cursing at he and his friends. “Then suddenly I see a glass flying at us,” he said. A glass was thrown at the group of diners from one of the cars. Maher said the glass hit a pole and shattered all over he and his friends.

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“I went up to the guy and spoke Arabic – I’m Armenian from Beirut – and told them to chill… ‘don’t throw glass at us,'” Maher said.

“Suddenly a few guys from the cars started running toward me, then 15-20 guys were running at us,” Maher said. “They see I am Arabic, but then a big guy jumps at me and hits me. I hit back.” Maher said he looked around and realized he was “alone fighting with 20 people.”

They kicked his Jewish friend “who went to the floor,” Maher said. “Three guys just kept hitting me and don’t stop.”

Richard Grenell posted videos captured at the beatings by witnesses. The first video shows the beating (language warning):

The second video (below) shows more of what happened. Witnesses in the video reported: “A group of about 30 Palestinians jumped out of a car and asked who was Jewish. Two guys said they were, and they proceeded to beat them up. A couple of people stepped in – a Christian Arab jumped out to help. They are apparently going around the city and asking who is Jewish and beating them up.”

Maher said the Palestinians stomped his Jewish friends’ heads. After being treated at the hospital, with Xrays and MRIs taken, one of his friends was found to have a concussion. Maher said his hand was cut with a knife and his shoulder was hurt. He was pepper sprayed, but didn’t realize just how badly until he showered much later and the pepper spray spread all over his body, causing him great pain.

“They came prepared for a fight,” Maher added.

Maher said the police came but “weren’t excited to make a report.” He said when he asked paramedics about his cut shoulder and hand, they didn’t help at all. And he said he was told they could do nothing to help him with the pepper spray. “I don’t feel myself,” Maher said.

“I want these guys to be caught,” Maher said. “Local police aren’t doing anything. There’s no friggin’ justice.”

He added, “All I wanted was peace.”

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17 thoughts on “Globe Exclusive Interview: Gang of Palestinians Beat Jews in West Hollywood

  1. Kristallnacht? BLM has also joined the Palestinian cause. Joe Biden has given license to these fanatics. Since police are being defunded in LA and Gascon won’t prosecute these criminals, ordinary citizens will probably have to band together for self-protection.

    1. I agree Raymond! In my opinion, BLM did not join the Palestinians for the cause, they joined for self serving reasons piggybacked with a free get of jail card from Gascon!

  2. I really don’t know what anyone expects when Israel is a murderous, rogue nation, on the take, where America is its Sugar Daddy, and so much of our taxes are going to murder Palestinians and steal their land. Esp. with the District Attorney Gasgon in LA. Remember how nobody arrested BLMers, no matter what violence they perpetrated? The lack of legal and moral response in that sphere has set a precedence for further racial violence, which is right here.

    1. Why tell lies when the truth is out there for anyone who cares to look? Israel is a free country beset by haters who wish to kill every single Jew on the planet. Apparently you side with them. For shame.

  3. Which ever side someone supports – Israelis or Palestinians – the violence in LA is the issue. I lived in West Los Angeles when Bradley was mayor. I don’t ever recall hearing about Jewish gangs roaming the streets and committing assaults in Middle Eastern communities THEN or SINCE. Anyone, let me know if YOU have.

  4. Last I checked, 217 people were killed by Israeli bombs in Gaza – 63 of them were children. Tensions are a bit high right now. The Globe covers this story, but in Los Angeles on Wilshire just a mile away there as a huge peaceful protest in solidarity on Sunday. The security at the federal building was obscene – I watched the livestream of the “Convo Couch.” Shouldn’t the huge PEACEFUL protest have been news as well?

    1. You do know that the Pals instigate collateral damage on purpose? These Cowards launch missiles from hospitals, schools and apartment buildings. Their AP stooges also only report civilian deaths at the order of Hamas.

      1. Yes CW, Hamas, BLM and Antifa use similar tactics. The differences are just a matter of degree. Frozen bottles, bricks or Molotov cocktails instead of rockets. They all have roots in Marixism.

        1. Raymond. I was replying to the CIA conspiracy guy but the reply showed up below your comment.. BLM is always going to be on board with hate and violence.

      2. @CW you are correct. The lost lives of Gazan children are the direct fault of Hamas. Israelis take great care to avoid collateral loss of lives. Especially children. Hamas welcome the death of children for political purposes. As you said above, the truth is out there for anyone to read. I support Israel’s right to defend itself.

        1. You are correct. When Israel warned the Palestinians to evacuate the building, the Palestinian said — and I quote — “If children have to die, then they will die.” The Palestinians are NOT the good guys here. The media is LYING to you, fools!

  5. This is monstrous and intolerable on the streets of an American city. The LA police and EMT responses are shameful embarrassments .

  6. The Hamas attacks are coordinated with Iran, who supplies the rockets. This was not happening during the Trump administration because of tough sanctions on Iran. Now, Biden and Kerry have dismantled the sanctions and given Iran freedom to foment its military campaigns against Israel and all of the Arab countries that are part of the Abraham Accords. Iran is doing more harassing of US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf. If this keeps up, there WILL be an all out war in the Middle East. Of course, we know that this was predicted long ago.

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