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Gov. Newsom Calls 2nd Amendment a ‘Suicide Pact’ Following Mass Shooting

Governor tells CBS reporter that guns are bad while surrounded by his armed security detail

By Katy Grimes, January 25, 2023 6:20 pm

In a thoroughly strange interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS Evening News, California Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday that the Second Amendment is a “suicide pact.”

Almost immediately following the tragic Monterey Park mass shooting Sunday, Gov. Newsom and California Democrats blamed “gun violence,” and immediately pivoted to the need for more gun control measures.

Why is it that the first thing the left always does after a horrible tragedy is to attack the Second Amendment?

O’Donnell and Newsom were walking and talking about the mass shooting Sunday which killed 11 people, at a dance studio in Monterey Park, during a Lunar New Year celebration. You can see in the video the governor’s armed security detail.

“One person who visited this community today was California Governor Gavin Newsom to offer his condolences to victims and their families,” O’Donnell said.

“It’s a disgrace,” Newsom said. “Nothing about this is surprising. Everything about this is infuriating.”

O’Donnell noted, “California has the strictest gun laws in the U.S.”

“I mean, the Second Amendment has become a suicide pact… it feels like,” Newsom said. “And that’s the only question the community wants… I mean, what about our kids when they’re going to school? What more can we do?”

Newsom talked about the “half-dozen” gun control bills he signed into law last year. And he said “we will continue with the bills we can… will continue to lead the gun safety conversation…”

Then Gov. Newsom went off the rails.

“The data bears out, saves lives,” Newsom said, claiming “California’s gun death rate is 30% lower than the rest of the nation,” ignoring the staggering rising crime in the state.

“And yet, with all that evidence, no one on the other side seems to give a damn,” he added. “They can’t get anything done in Congress.”

“But there are many in this country that support the Second Amendment and are lawful gun owners,” O’Donnell said, pushing back.

“Yeah, I have great respect,” Newsom said. “I have no ideological opposition to someone reasonably and responsibly owning firearms and getting background checks and being trained.”

That’s a good thing since Gov. Newsom has 20 well-armed California Highway Patrol on his own security detail.

“How did  he get a gun that is illegal in the state of California?” O’Donnell asked.

“We will figure it out,” Newsom said. “This is going to happen. We enforce laws, but things get through the cracks, but that doesn’t mean you give up.”

“Respectfully, I will submit that, regardless of the challenges as it relates to behavioral health, there is not a country in the world that doesn’t experience behavioral health issues.”

The Public Policy Institute of California has reported on the dramatic increase in homicides and crimes using guns in the state:

In 2020, California saw a troubling rise of more than 500 homicides, the largest jump in state history since record-keeping began in 1960.

California saw 1,658 homicides in 2019; the number climbed to 2,161 in 2020—an increase of 503 homicides (or 30.3%). Of these deaths, gun homicides jumped by 460 in 2020 (or 40.6%). In other words, the increase in gun deaths account for 91% of the overall jump in homicides.

Gun use was notable in other violent crimes as well. For example, aggravated assaults rose by 8.4%, and assaults with a firearm jumped by 39.2%, And although robberies decreased by 10%, the share of robberies involving a firearm rose from 23.9% of all robberies to 25%.

“Firearm Bills signed into law last year by Newsom penalized law abiding gun owners once again while he and the legislature relaxed penalties on criminals,” said Rick Travis of the CA Rifle and Pistol Association. “The policies of the Governor and the Legislature have created a climate where criminal behavior is not only allowed but supported. The people of California need their leaders to address the crime wave in this state because we all see the evidence daily of their failed policies.”

“BreedsSF” on Twitter had this to say about Gov. Newsom’s comments:

Did you guys discuss #fentanyl #drugs and the “state” that #SanFrancisco is in? MORE people are DYING of overdoses than of GUNS in #CA. Shouldn’t we change our focus?

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15 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Calls 2nd Amendment a ‘Suicide Pact’ Following Mass Shooting

  1. Ever think that your draconian and tyrannical response to the 99.9% survivable “pandemic” via lockdown has caused a great deal of economic and emotional areas, you dumbass, tinpot dictator of a “Governor”???
    Probably not, because psychopathic narcissists like you are incapable of human empathy, nor cause and effect….

  2. What did they know, when did they know it?
    Type in your search: Newsflash Monterey Park Civic Engage CA.gov
    POSTED JANUARY 17, 2023
    ‘City of Monterey Park Announces Cancellation of Today’s Lunar New Year Festival’

  3. He kind of laughs when he starts talking about schools and our kids. If he runs for POTUS then he will need intense training to overcome his insincere presentation. He doesn’t cackle like Kamala, but, like her, he’s a pretty poor communicator. Not to mention the BLATANT LIES he so naturally throws out there! I don’t think that combination of lies and arrogance will fly nationally…but Obama won his second run, so maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Newsome will never change, but we can. we need to fight back. our second Amendment is our best defence against Criminals. Criminals will always get guns. nothing will stop them unless the laws are changed and Prison terms are tougher.

  4. The guys with the suits and the shades crack me up. Especially the guy that peels off half way through the video, clearing his coat like he’s ready to draw on anyone who might dare to approach His Magnificence without previous approval. And you can bet there are at least two other CHP ‘Security’ people leading the way, making sure no harm comes to our Golden Boy.
    Meanwhile, he says he has “great respect” for “legal gun owners”.

    The man is a fraud and a liar and a hypocrite. He has nothing but contempt for legal gun owners. And if he’s ever ‘elected’ president, he’ll have armed security for the rest of his life, at taxpayer expense, while he does to America what his party has done to California. That would be a travesty.

  5. Newscum is an communist. All he cares about is pushing a draconian agenda on the country. His statement is moronic at best. Democrats don’t like the Constitution let alone the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd is what has kept them in check for 250 years. Just look at Australia since the country agreed to turn in their guns. Australians will tell you now, DON’T DO IT.

  6. What’s a disgrace is the fact that the results of Newsom’s failed policy are visible on the streets of San Francisco. A simple walk up Market Street from the Embarcadero to One Post is like visiting the Walking Dead – Zombies everywhere.

    That’s “Gavin’s Town” and hasn’t seen Republican leadership in half a century. Newsom STILL rules CA under his “COVID Emergency Powers.” It’s time for this dictatorship to end, and sanity to resume. ie STOP attacking the Constitution and START enforcing laws that are already on the books.

  7. What’s better than having a gun to defend yourself in a lawless California city? Having an armed security detail…

  8. If you acknowledge the fact that criminals do not follow laws and will possess any firearm with as many rounds they can carry then the suicidal laws to restrict law abiding citizens from being able to carry and use any firearm with as many rounds as the criminal has is the worst government position that is promoted by the Democrat led legislature in Ca,. Ca. has had some of the most restrictive gun laws for its citizens for decades and yet is is always one of the highest states in gun crime stats. When you have a State government , led by the Democratic party for years, which restricts law abiding citizens to defend themselves from policies that allow criminals out of prison early, plea bargain almost every charge to a lesser charge or do not vet illegal immigrants into the state which may have criminal records in their country of origin please tell me which is more of a concern for citizens living in Ca. In these times in Ca. the police are not here to protect and serve but rather to investigate after the fact. You need to take your self defense into your own hands. Remember the police are minutes away when you have seconds to react.

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