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Governor Gavin Newsom "Vax for the Win" lottery drawing. (Photo: gov.ca.gov video screenshot)

Gov. Newsom Says He Will Extend Emergency Powers and State of Emergency Beyond June 15th

Some mask mandates will also continue past June 15th, contradicting earlier promises by the Governor

By Evan Symon, June 4, 2021 2:20 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that he will extend his emergency powers and the state of emergency, as well as some masking mandates past the June 15th reopening date, keeping intact the emergency powers and “one man” decisions first granted to him last year.

In a speech made before his “Vax for the Win” lottery drawing in Sacramento, specifically said that the state of emergency would remain in effect until after June 15th, with Newsom keeping his emergency powers because COVID-19 is still around in California and that he may need those emergency powers sometime in the future, such as if another spike in cases occurs.

“The one thing I am certain of is: There’s uncertainty in the future,” said Newsom on Friday. “The emergency remains in effect after June 15 because we’re still in a state of emergency. This disease is still in effect. It is not taking the summer off.”

The Governor also explained that the mask mandate may not be ending in full, breaking the promise he made last month of all mask mandates ending on June 15th. Instead, he will be following new Cal/OSHA recommendations requiring masks in many workplaces until at least the end of July. He did note that the Cal/OSHA board currently has a subcommittee to study the extended mask requirements and hinted that he would likely follow what they recommend.

“The dust is settling. They’ve got a subcommittee that’s meeting to follow up on some of the work. They’re moving in the right direction,” added Newsom on Friday. “We’re working through this. This is the sausage-making process. We’ve already had a number of conversations earlier this morning about people’s feelings about what happened last night. I think it’s helpful that the governor is not dictating and mandating those decisions in advance. We are in an iterative process of engagement. We hope to let folks know more about our next steps very shortly. Face coverings remain an important part of our arsenal to fight this disease.”

Senator Scott Wilk. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Critics immediately decried the Governor’s speech, noting  his refusal to give up his emergency powers and breaking his earlier promises to an end to the mask mandate in 11 days are doing much more harm than good, with Republicans noting that it may take legislation to remove the Governor’s “one-man rule” powers.

“If Newsom believes the state is safe enough to reopen, then it’s safe for people to be able to make decisions for themselves without his arbitrary and capricious rules,” said Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) on Friday. “I believe it is time for him to hang up his crown and restore our democracy. In California we don’t grow bananas, so there’s no need for a banana republic.”

“Since the governor refuses to relinquish his crown, the Legislature should pass [legislation such as the emergency powers termination bill SCR 5] and do it for him.”

As of Friday, Newsom has not given a date in which the state of emergency, or his emergency powers, will end. Based on Cal/OSHA recommendations, the earliest the mask mandate would be completely over would be the beginning of August.
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Evan Symon
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36 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Says He Will Extend Emergency Powers and State of Emergency Beyond June 15th

  1. What a complete pile of crap Newsom is , just garbage! Compulsive liar! Drop Dead Newsom & take
    all the other garbage Democrats with you!

  2. Isn’t this the same guy who did not wear a mask at the French Laundry restaurant along with about 25 others at the table? I mean he says to “follow the science” so the science must be to not wear a mask. This guy flip flops as much as Fauci does. http://www.recallgavin2020.com It’s time to get rid of this punk!

  3. Ooh Oh Serfs
    You believed, you complied, you you……whatever.
    Noose never lets up, you’re into nonsense masking for life….life….

    1. HE doesn’t NEED evidence, Stacy. Dictators NEVER do. Don’t buy into ANY of his LIES; which is EVERYTHING he says.

      1. Raymond, doesn’t his emergency use powers have to go through legislation? He can’t just keep approving his own powers, can he?

        1. No Stacy he just keeps doing his “executive order” BS. I ” thought” we had a couple of Republicans with BACKBONES that were going to put an end to this BS with court action but it appears we have a one party state that gives this punk Newsom the stamp of approval.

        2. You would think that the legislature or court would have the power to stop him, but so far they have NOT shown the ability to do it. Even for cynics like me, this goes way beyond the pale. He is, in effect, declaring martial law in California.

  4. Keep digging, Gavvie….

    What a power-mad horse’s ass…

    The recall can’t happen soon enough…

  5. Just imagine the control newsom will do if the recall effort allows him to continue….you think he is a dictator now….get your seatbelt on – go out and help the vote AGAINST NEWSOM

  6. And this jackazz sez this with a straight face…has no credibility…just like his craze aunt…dictator needs to be kicked to the Bowles of HELL….in the famous words of Flo…”KISS MY GRITS”

  7. And in other news, Jessica Millan Patterson and the feckless eff-ups at the CAGOP were silent….

    So, did this asswipe of a Governor lock down the state each flu season???

    He’s acting like no one can be sick in California, ever again…

    He’s completely delusional… Oh, right he’s a Democrat, it comes with the breed….

  8. I’ll say it again: MASKS ARE, AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, INEFFECTIVE AGAINST RESPIRATORY VIRUSES. Follow the science some say? Well, there is over 20 years of science that concludes they are useless against respiratory viruses. How easily this science has not been referenced. All freedom loving souls, simply resist mask wearing. It’s very easy, simply state: ( IF ever asked, which is rare) “ I have a medical and religious exemption” More noncompliance of these un constitutional, unlawful and ridiculous “mandates” by the sane, common sense, freedom loving souls will end this tyranny.

  9. Actually, if you think about it, this move by Newsom is exactly what the twisted minds of his cabal would resort to, in order to hold political power. The dude is an empty suit. He’s just a puppet of the leftists and their Silicon Valley masters. The key is that the RECALL effort has been SUCCEEDING. So, to insure defeating the populist recall they have to be able to (1) lock down the voters (2) have all mail-in ballots and (3) rig the actual votes. Remember that Dominion voting systems are being used in 40 counties and it has been proven that votes can be changed internally after being scanned. This is NOT a spur-of-the-moment ad hoc announcement. There IS a PLAN.

  10. Everybody go to our CA county websites.
    Contact the supervisors via e-mail, phone or if open, in person at the Tuesday 6/8 meeting.
    Just make a 30 second request for your county to “END THE STATE OF EMERGENCY” and “TERMINATE THE PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY ORDER”.
    Each county can do this and can act independently of his pronouncements and may not know it.

  11. And for those of you who missed the earlier excellent posts about how California water MISMANAGEMENT under Newsom and Brown have CRIPPLED California’s most precious water infrastructure in yet another Quixotic feel-good attempt to save a tiny , irrelevant bait-fish, here’s the pictorial evidence that our “leadership” is trying to depopulate the state of California….
    I am firmly convinced that Brown and Newsom are activist soldiers in the Agenda 21 depopulation scheme…


  12. So he gives away $50,000 (not his money) to someone who has gotten just one shot. That “person” can not be revealed to “we the people” instead we are given a number, and a county of the resident! Could it be a precinct captain? Could it be a voting republican? Could it be his first cousin?
    We need a sleuth at the Globe to shine a bright light on this.

  13. Has anybody really looked into Gavin’s origins? In 1983, Warren Hinckle reported Gavin’s Father worked with the SFPD to harbor a network of IRA terrorists in Northern California, many of whom did contract killings for the Deukmeijan administration under the cover of “Serial Killers.” Gavin meanwhile was running Plumpjack where most of his invoices involved Argentenian wineries that were controlled by Nazi war criminals. Money Laundering? Getty Oil money? Through all the 70’s when Gavin was growing up, his father was attorney to Otto von Bolschwing, who was Gavin’s godfather. Von Bolschwing was Aldoph Eichmann’s superior in the Gestapo SS – this is easily verifiable in an 1981 article by Pete Carey published in the San Jose Mercury News. So, what are Gavin’s Intelligence connections, what was he really doing before Slick Willie nominated him to the Board of Supervisors and he was shoed in as SF Mayor, and is Gavin an intelligence asset?

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