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COVID-19 vaccines (Photo: Youtube)

Gov. Newsom Sending Vax Checkers Door to Door

Leading the effort is Healthy Future California, a Non-Profit Corporation filed On April 1, 2021

By Katy Grimes, May 19, 2021 7:53 am

Thousands of people hired by the State of California are out knocking on doors asking residents if they’ve been vaccinated. The goal is to target the “vaccine hesitant” and to get as many Californians vaccinated as possible, the Sacramento Bee reports.

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This feels rather authoritarian – and a HIPAA violation.

The state is paying $10 million to fund the effort, “which is being led by Healthy Future California and UCLA, in partnership with 70 community-based organizations.”

Healthy Future California is a California Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed On April 1, 2021. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is C4727729. This is weird – Healthy Future California was just created last month?

According to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office, they’ve hired 2,000 people “to make peer-to-peer appeals and provide support to help overcome barriers to vaccinations.”

There are no “barriers” to vaccinations, only people who don’t want to take the vaccine.

These door-to-door vax checks are taking place in Alameda, Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Merced, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tulare and Ventura counties.

34,804,886 total vaccines have been administered in California. 

In California, 39% of residents are fully vaccinated, while another 12% are partially vaccinated, according to the California Department of Public Health. Public health officials have said that at least 70% of the population must be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity.

There are reports that 40-50% of health care workers are not taking the vaccine, along with an 40-50% of teachers, and even  40-50% employees at the CDC.

According to the Bee:

Veronica Carrizales, with Healthy Future California, said that community-based organizations are hiring people from the targeted communities to reach out to those very same communities.

Canvassers have so far knocked on more than 231,000 doors, completed more than 1.3 million calls, and have made 13,000 appointments, according to Carrizales.

“For the most part, people are happy to see us at their doors,” Carrizales said.

Really? I seriously doubt that.

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86 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Sending Vax Checkers Door to Door

  1. They just may coming knocking at my door and if they do they will get a lecture about coercion and my rights.
    My turn to be “Karen”.
    Another waste of taxpayer money.
    Those that wanted the emergency use shot got it.
    Nothing like peer pressure to push you into something you do not want to do!

    1. Amen, Cali Girl….We need to change this state to RED!! It used to be a Conservative run state; I know there are lots of conservatives still in this state.

      1. It still IS Red! The only reason we have commies running things is bc of voter fraud! All coming to a head, very very soon! ????????????????????????

        1. Aunt Sam, CA is not red. It’s light blue. It’s not like back in the 90’s. The reason so is Latinos consist of 40% of the population and don’t like the rhetoric pushed by Republicans dating back to Prop 187. Not to mention, that some Republicans moved away as taxes went up for businesses and taxpayers.

          1. Somehow all the Hispanics I live near and work with consider themselves conservative republicans.

        2. Commies and voter fraud. ???? Don’t forget the evil plots to fluoridate the drinking water and spoil our purity of essense… ????????

      2. Agree with you and Cali. Are they going to visit all the hospitals and peer pressure the nurses who opted not to take the vaccine? I think not but non medical workers should have the same consideration.

      3. Your right let’s saturate calif with illegal immigrants and home and “O” Jack you can pitch a tent down on Main Street and pull weeds for a living. And by the way all the violent criminals will have been released by Gascon! You are pathetic Jack.

    2. 100% agree with you Caligirl. First, we don’t open our door to solicitors of any kind, Second, I will let them know I already had Covid and actually have the antibodies according to my medical work up so DO NOT need the “Vaccine”. 3rd, it is none of their business in any shape way or form….period!

  2. I seriously doubt also that people are for the most part happy to see these brown shirts at their door. The Right in this country needs to rise up and eliminate the fascist left.

    1. Agree, Jack.
      I have several friends and family members that have taken the shot and they too will tell them it is none of their business.
      Welcome to Calizeula!


    1. Why are you going ballistic on the site? They are simply reporting that this is happening. You should be going ballistic for the government overreach. We live in a free country where a mantra has been “ my body, my choice” but does that only apply when you are opting for an abortion? I guess this is going to be a new evolution…survival of the smartest.

    2. Why are you going ballistic on the site? They are simply reporting that this is happening. You should be going ballistic for the government overreach. We live in a free country where a mantra has been “ my body, my choice” but does that only apply when you are opting for an abortion? I guess this is going to be a new evolution…survival of the smartest.

    3. Typical liberal response – attack with anger and profanity instead of having a single smart comment to say.

  4. First, the COVID19 “vaccine” is not approved by the FDA and only received emergency use FDA authorization. The COVID19 “vaccine” testing is still ongoing. You are required to sign a consent form and a release of liability form to receive a COVID19 “vaccine.” https://principia-scientific.com/have-you-actually-read-a-covid19-vaccine-consent-form-yet/?fbclid=IwAR3lgpK152gzwIX9-IgeLYFlyQShPTagTL2a9q96OFDBerrA-nGfreL-128 I suggest anyone considering taking this mRNA vaccine do a lot of reading about them and you can start here. https://horizon-magazine.eu/article/five-things-you-need-know-about-mrna-vaccines.html

  5. Out of 1,531,000 contacts, they made 13,000 appointments (.85%) that probably were not kept! The appointments were probably agreed to so the harassed individual could get off the phone. What a waste of money and invasion of privacy. My question is, WHY/HOW is my personal health information floating around all over CA and given to random individuals knocking on doors?? Next question, are they handing out information on the cons of getting this vaccine to make an informed decision? I bet NOT! Those who want the vaccine can get it anywhere, anytime, no lines, no appointment, no cash. Why spend 10 million more dollars? When more than half of healthcare providers decline the experimental, not needed shot—here’s your sign!

    1. Exactly @Stacy.
      They must have many freezers with overstock of the experimental “vaccine”.

  6. When this started , I was ambivalent about getting a “vaccination”. I had a wait and see attitude. As the government became more and more tyrannical I made the decision no “vaccination” for me. There must be some other motivation other than stopping a very nasty flu. The more I learn about the “vaccinations” the more determine I am becoming in not gettin one.

  7. Buffoon Newsom is looking to waste more CA taxpayer funds, when he will be forced to pay civil judgements in court regarding this nonsense. Here is an opinion of a civil litigation law firm. https://tinyurl.com/yclq3j3x
    Government and businesses CANNOT force vaccinations or treat people who choose not to get it any differently.

  8. I encourage all to read the Healthy American. Peggy has stopped Orange county from the mask b.s. and the vaccine passports….Stand up for YOUR rights please.. Newsoms government overreach and criminal relationship with China will not end well for him. Treason requires death….

  9. Does this idiot governor think we are stupid!! How dare he force anyone to take his precio vaccine. The more people he can convince , the more $$$ in his pocket!! This is evil and pray that this man and his wealthy back slappers gets what is due!!

  10. In looking into this further, the group who has registered the Non Profit, has direct ties to Gruesome Newscum / Der Furher..!!

    From the https://olsonremcho.com/about-us/ webpage: “Among numerous other clients, the firm represents the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Senate President pro Tempore, the California Democratic Party, dozens of labor organizations, and members of the California Congressional Delegation.”

    Talk about political inbreeding..!! Thank God, we left the cesspool called Kommiefornia..!!!

  11. Come on to my door, will ya? Only thing you may not like are the 2nd Amendment rights that go with me everywhere. So come on along sweetie, where you can jab me over my cold, dead body. Molon labe!

  12. Please stop sourcing “public health officials” and their opinions on herd immunity. Those officials relied upon pandemic modeling software that was thoroughly flawed. They promoted face diapers as a talisman. They pushed experimental medical treatments that made themselves rich while banning and criminalizing existing generics.

    And Fauci himself has said that he would simply make up estimates for “herd immunity” requirements in order to sell the vAksEEns.

    Herd immunity includes natural immunity, and anybody who covers that up is doing the work of communists.

  13. The government are no longer trusted by a wide swath of people on the right – and they earned every distrustful reaction they are getting. Why in heaven’s name would anyone conservative have an ounce of trust for these people, who lied, smeared, censored, colluded with social media to censor specific people? They have earned zero trust from me, so why would I let them mess with my RNA?

  14. Me thinks they doth want everyone to take their experimental “vaccine” too much.

    But the government, the #MSM, big pharma companies [who are legally immune from liability for deaths and injuries from their “vaccine”], #BigDemTech and Bill Gates say it’s safe. What could possibly go wrong?

  15. So much for those million signatures that were suppose to remove Gavin from office… recognize what is really happening yet? ????

  16. April FOOLS….
    Sounds like these brownshirts might suffer from LEAD poisoning if they knock on the wrong doors…
    Rightfully so, I might add…

  17. Don’t answer if they have received the jab they are walking Bioweapons and will make you sick with their covid spike protein shedding. Stay safe and do not let them around you.

    1. So true. My naturopathic doctor discovered something amazing: the Young Living oil Thieves blocks people from transmitting their nasty Pfizer shot junk onto us, just put some on the bottom of your feet and you’ve cock blocked them.

  18. Becareful do not let these people around you. If they have the jab they are walking Bioweapons with their spike covid proteins that are making unvaxxed people so sick. You will
    Send a message by not speaking with them. Praying they do not start their Fema camp plan.

  19. This sounds ripe for a class action suit against the state due to blatant “HIPAA” violations. Any lawyer out there interested in getting this ball rolling? I’m sure you’ll have a lot of clients (me for one)!


  21. Y’all are so mad and working way too hard. HAVE SOME FUN with these otherwise-unemployed automatons! Don’t be so dour. Practice blank stares alone with drooling and guttural sounds. Don’t wear a shirt and pick your navel while sticking your tongue out. Insist that they come in, but only one at a time. Ask for their phone number. Ask to join them and follow them…but don’t wear shoes. C’MON, MAN, LIVE A LITTLE!

  22. I dare you to come ring my doorbell. You wont like what you hear. But you will hear it anyway, just before I order you off of my property.

  23. Sadly, many citizens will be foolish enough to answer the door to this. More will use their freedom of choice and common sense to continue to stand up to this treason. If you haven’t asked yourself WHY THE PUSH FOR THIS VACCINE then your brain must be mush.
    So we have excess budget to waste it this way? Why not give the excess back to the taxpayers. Oh…wait…there I go being too realistic again

  24. I will look out my kitchen window and smile at them. I will ignore them but I want them to know I am home. What do they not get that thousands of fully vaccinated are in hospitals from Covid. They cannot make me and for this reason Newsom best be recalled. This is not the Hitler days. This is America!!

  25. Shit, my doorbell just rang……….peeking out of the windows like I am a criminal. I do not see brown shirts, think its safe to answer the door.. Welcome to CA new normal.

  26. Any prayer warriors out there? Let’s come into agreement with heaven that the agenda of the enemy will fail. And let’s invite the Lord to have His will, His way in California and the rest of the country. “Revive California”—in more ways than one.! Do I hear an amen?

  27. To bad the youth of this country are no longer taught about real history, The leftists beloved Stalin and Mou are in HELL and probably beside themselves too, they’re wishing they could have been around now. Think all the positive change they could help usher in equal outcomes. Generation X is short for Generation Dumd A**.

  28. This is a forerunner of what other states are going to be trying. They are waiting to see how Calico gets away with it before they try to follow suit.
    It’s all part of the one world government plan for world domination. Vaccinations cards to travel buy sell. Next the anti Christ will show up on the scene. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.

  29. HIPAA’s rules apply only to sharing information between “covered entities.” That includes health plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers who conduct health care transactions electronically.
    HIPAA doesn’t prohibit anyone asking anyone else if they are vaccinated.

  30. They were making appointments and also vaccinating the people. Her husband (He is fully vaccinated) and the people that came to the door were trying to convince her to get the vaccination right there in her front door. She was very upset about it. As for me they knock at my door and told my son everyone needs to get the vaccine. We also decline it. I think this is unconstitutional for us the American people.

  31. They were making appointments and also vaccinating the people. Her husband (He is fully vaccinated) and the people that came to the door were trying to convince her to get the vaccination right there in her front door. She was very upset about it. As for me they knock at my door and told my son everyone needs to get the vaccine. We also decline it. I think this is unconstitutional for us the American people

  32. This is ignorance of the Fourth Amendment and HIPAA.

    There are no “exigent” circumstances for these door knocks. None.

  33. There are 39,613,493 people in California. There is no way that 34,804,886 total vaccines have been administered in California as stated here. Maybe 18,000, perhaps? Stop lying.

  34. Don’t let MSM con you. The Pfizer shot HAS NOT been approved by the FDA. I spent hours (6) reading all the info on the FDA website on August 24. A product by Pfizer called COMIRNATY was approved, actually rubber stamped and not reviewed for safety or efficacy. They state that the Pfizer shot and Comirnaty are the same formulation (lie) and can be used interchangeable. Then they say that that Pfizer jab is 95% effective and COMIRNATY is 91% effective. Then the footnote says that there are some minor differences but the two are legally distinct. LEGALLY DISTINCT> Does that sound like the same formulation to you? Then there is the problem that Comirnaty has liability with it while the other three death shots have a liability shield. So why would they make this available when they have millions of Pfizer shots that are about to expire? THEY DIDN’T! In yet another footnote, they state that Comirnaty is not available in sufficient amounts to distribute to the entire population of 16 year olds and older nor is there sufficient quantities for 12 to 15 year olds. So that is why they slid the 12 to 15 year olds under the Emergency Use Authorization. So COMIRNATY is FDA approved under FDA License No. 2229 but is NOT AVAILABLE! All of the other death shots are still nder the EUA and therefor still experimental and cannt be legally mandated. We have a right not to be experimented on under the Nuremburg Code and Federal Statute which says we have a right to Informed Consent. On the FDA website and on the insert that comes with each vile of that poison shot, there is not informed consent because they lie about what is in the shot. Even on the FDA website, they do not list a complete list of what is in the shot. They left out stainless steel particles, cadmium, vanadium and aluminum. Plus who know what else! On Pfizer’s own website they state:
    “The approval status of the Pfizer‑BioNTech COVID‑19 Vaccine varies worldwide. In countries where the vaccine has not been approved by the relevant regulatory authority, it is an investigational drug, and its safety and efficacy have not been established.”
    So there is is. And since they are saying that Comirnaty and Pfizer BioNTech shots can be used interchangeably and are the same formulation, guess what? They are both experimental!! Double speak goes both ways here. These maggots should be held accountable! This feels like criminality to me.

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