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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom’s 5 Western State Pact Looks More Like Collusion Than Cooperation

Five Democrat governors speaking as one to keep residents in lockdown and businesses closed

By Katy Grimes, May 4, 2020 8:09 am

Collusion is a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. 


As Californians are starting to rebel following 7 weeks of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lockdown order, it’s curious how and why he and four other Democrat governors entered a pact, ostensibly as a “collaborative approach to reopening” the states. However, not one of these governors is actually talking about reopening their states. And notably, Friday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days, keeping Oregonians in lockdown until July 6.

Last week Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak would be joining California, Oregon and Washington in Newsom’s Western States Pact – “a working group of Western state governors with a shared vision for modifying stay at home orders and fighting COVID-19.”

Above his press announcement, is this: “Western state Governors: Health outcomes and science – not politics – will guide decisions to modify stay at home orders.”

Nice words except Newsom’s decisions have been all about politics and not public health as the numbers and data show. Rather than actually allowing herd immunity to take place in the western states, these Democrat governors are herding together in what appears to be collusion to keep their states closed, while they abuse their emergency powers.

“I want to thank Colorado and Nevada for joining the Western States Pact,” said Gov. Newsom. “COVID-19 doesn’t follow state or national boundaries, and it will take every level of government, working together to get the upper hand on this virus.”

“The inclusion of Colorado and Nevada in the Western States Pact bolsters the collaborative approach to reopening embraced by Democratic governors across the country,” KTLA reported.

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington also said verbatim in his press statement that this is “a working group of Western state Democratic governors with a shared vision for modifying stay at home orders and fighting COVID-19.”

“In Washington state, our decisions are guided by public health data and science and this is a principle we share up and down the West Coast. Gov. Polis and Gov. Sisolak are taking that approach as well, and the addition of their states will strengthen this regional partnership and save lives,” Inslee said in a news release.

Colorado has reported 13,879 confirmed cases, with 706 deaths, out of 5.7 million residents.

In Nevada, there were 4,786 confirmed cases with 206 deaths reported, out of 2.7 million residents.

Oregon confirmed 2,680 cases, and 109 deaths, out of 4.2 million residents.

Washington confirmed 15,185 cases, and 894 deaths, out of 7.6 million residents.

California has 53,616 confirmed cases, and 2,200 deaths out of 40 million residents. (UPDATE: the CDC has corrected its numbers down: California’s total deaths due to coronavirus are 1,224, not 2,200. And total deaths in the US is 37,308, not 66,000)

Twitter, Dinesh D’Souza. (Photo: screen capture)

Earlier in April, Inslee, along with California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, announced they would be working together under a shared vision for gradually modifying their state’s stay at home orders and fighting COVID-19.

Each of the governors listed three shared principles as foundational to the agreement:

  • Our residents’ health comes first. As home to nearly one in five Americans and gateway to the rest of the world, the West Coast has an outsized stake in controlling and ultimately defeating COVID-19.
  • Health outcomes and science – not politics – will guide these decisions. Modifications to our states’ stay at home orders must be made based off our understanding of the total health impacts of COVID-19, including: the direct impact of the disease on our communities; the health impact of measures introduced to control the spread in communities —particularly felt by those already experiencing social disadvantage prior to COVID-19; and our health care systems’ ability to ensure care for those who may become sick with COVID-19 and other conditions. This effort will be guided by data. We need to see a decline in the rate of spread of the virus before large-scale reopening, and we will be working in coordination to identify the best metrics to guide this.
  • Our states will only be effective by working together. Each state will work with its local leaders and communities within its borders to understand what’s happening on the ground and adhere to our agreed upon approach.

KIRO 7 published near identical statements from Gov. Polis and Sisolak.

Statement from Gov. Polis:

“Coloradans are working together to slow the spread of COVID-19 and have important information to share with and to gain from other states. I’m thrilled Colorado is joining the Western States Pact. There’s no silver bullet that will solve this pandemic until there is a cure so we must have a multifaceted and bold approach in order to slow the spread of the virus, keep our people safe and help our economy rebound.”

Statement from Gov. Sisolak:

“I’m honored to have the state of Nevada join the Western States Pact and believe the sharing of critical information and best practices on how to mitigate the spread, protect the health and safety of our residents, and reopen responsibly will be invaluable as we chart our paths forward. Millions of visitors from our fellow Western states travel to Nevada every year as a premier tourism destination and this partnership will be vital to our immediate recovery and long-term economic comeback.”

The West Coast has seen a much lower death rate from COVID-19 than New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Former California GOP Congressman Doug Ose also issued a statement warning that California government is collapsing into “one-man rule” as Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to issue an unprecedented number of executive orders.

“Despite what some of our leaders think, the public is pretty savvy about using common sense to protect their health. That’s why the curve flattened,” Ose said. “What the public is rightly concerned about is that everything we were warned about in our high school civics classes about one-man rule or Soviet-style governance is playing out under some of these public health directives that attempt to limit our daily activities.”

Ose said Gov. Newsom has pushed Californians too far and was stunned by the list of “allowed outdoor activities” released by the Governor. In response, Ose tweeted: “Recall the adage comparing US govt vs USSR? In USSR if activity isn’t specifically allowed then its banned; in USA, if activity isn’t specifically banned then its allowed. Welcome to #California – ‘back in the USSR, you don’t know how lucky you are, boys.’ ”

“I am very uncomfortable that we find ourselves with governors exercising broad, unchecked powers while the legislatures have recessed and the Courts aren’t convening,” Ose said. “Legislators and judges are critical parts of our governance and they need to be on the job exercising oversight and demanding transparency. Otherwise, we might as well be Venezuela.”

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14 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s 5 Western State Pact Looks More Like Collusion Than Cooperation

  1. From today’s San Francisco Chronicle…

    “Coronavirus pandemic could push politics to the left, progressives hope”

    “The pandemic has already brought bipartisan support to left-wing policies that would have been off the table before 2020, including direct stimulus payments to Americans, an expansion of unemployment coverage and a requirement that many companies offer paid sick leave.”

    “Now progressives see an opportunity to build on those gains, potentially pushing policy to the left for the long term.”


  2. Californians are also “pretty savvy” about what is going on here. Collusion of tyrant governors for sure.
    There’s no “science” in play here. Where is the science? Show me the science!
    It’s ALL politics. Really it’s more like sadistic torture, one of their hobbies.
    And I wouldn’t count your chickens, Govs, that the Feds are going to bail you out, either.
    You did this to yourselves, dictators. And, except for the politicians and bureaucrats, who are paid with taxpayer money, we will all suffer because of it.
    P.S. This enforced respite is the perfect time to register Republican or change your registration to Republican. I was so fed up I did it 17 years ago. And never looked back. You can too. #walkaway
    Or pick up a voter registration form at any U.S. Post Office.

    1. I totally agree. Even though for me, having been a life long Democrat, I started thinking about #walkaway 4 years ago. At this point and time, witnessing the DNC spiraling into deeper and deeper corruption and hypocrisy, I am actually going to do it.

      1. Yep, you said exactly what I’ve been thinking, and I have been a life long blue collar environmentally minded democrat. What we are seeing now in the democratic far left “fascist party”of hypocrisy, is about as far away from democratic as this country has ever seen, at least in my life. Freaking bad sci fi movie come to life. Scary as f.
        Makes all the republican shenanigans over the years pale to what’s happening now. No that I trust any party, but have to take a stand against the fascist push for total control. We can’t let it happen.

  3. The virus is a real concern and should not be taken lightly. I am surprised they lockdown didn’t extend until the day after the November elections. It being said it is not politics, for sure it is politics. California wants mail in voting because they 3.5 million more registered voters than eligible voters. They want those ineligible voters to be able to vote.

  4. Keep your eye on
    …..the goals…..all residential housing as public housing….EBT cards only currency….health care appointments : time,date, doctor by bidding in public square.

    No private small business, State stores.

    Non capital offenses: punishment in work camps for State good.

    Religion and private charities deemed nonessential.

    Block Designated Public Welfare Snitch….

    How close are they?

  5. We have one case a week in Shasta County and they never seem to spread to anyone else? I thought this
    virus was highly contagious. Seems like only in dense populations. Everybody else should get to have a normal life
    including the elderly.

  6. @ShowandTell, I always appreciate your comments, they are on target. The citizenry needs to push back. In upcoming elections a change needs to be made. We need clear minded, common sense candidates. This state is a one party rule, intentionally set up by ballot harvesting and gerrymandering. I hail from a convoluted voting district between several sprawled cities to make sure it stays blue. Eric Swalwell is the result!! An embarrassment to say the least.
    The uber progressives of this state with Newsom as their dear leader want to burn it down and build it back up to their idea of a utopian society. Business owners will lose their life savings, and employees. Small business will be the Democrats sacrificial lamb. AND FOR WHAT?

    Infection numbers do not add up! There is not justification for this extended lock down.

    1. One Fed Up Cali Girl: Appreciate your appreciation. I must admit I always note and admire your very intelligent comments, too.
      Yes, our elections have become rigged (with, e.g., Eric Swalwell as one of many proofs of it) but maybe, just maybe, even if we are unable to have an entirely clean election, we can overwhelm their cheating by galvanizing the sensible voters. Especially when something like this lockdown happens and nearly everyone is stuck at home and has more time to see who these people really are! What an opportunity. But we’ll see how it goes… 🙂

  7. Hows that train to nowhere going Gov. California borrowing Federal money to pay unemployment. He just transferred ONE BILLION to China for PPE. No accountability ! Recall Newsom NOW !

  8. yeah right…”science will guide us(when its suits our purpose)…not politics”.(all about politics)..what a LIAR – Pelosi is behind this whole thing…all Democrat run states are becoming fascist …time to get out now

  9. Katy Grimes nails it again. Of course it is collusion. They are all Democrats trying their best to take advantage of this crisis to fundamentally change each State by pushing the left’s big agenda, with such concepts as:
    Social justice = Sacrificing freedom in order to redistribute income.
    Environmental justice = The same as above but it will be done in the name of helping the environment.
    Here is a video that explains it perfectly: https://www.prageru.com/video/what-is-social-justice/

  10. This needs to end. Why are we being held prisoners in are own home. What happened to the LAND of FREE? Gov is suppose to work for us not rule us. Set us FREE.

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