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CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Florida ad. (Photo: Gov. Gavin Newsom youtube channel)

Gov. Newsom’s Adolescent Put-Downs of Governor Ron DeSantis

Is the very constitutional federal republic of the United States threatened because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard?

By Katy Grimes, September 17, 2022 10:40 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom called on the Department of Justice to charge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with kidnapping for sending illegal immigrants to other parts of the country, the Globe reported Friday.

Governors Abbott and DeSantis have been sending illegal immigrants who have illegally crossed the U.S. border to Sanctuary Cities Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Washington D.C. and New York City. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott even sent two buses of immigrants to Washington, D.C. to Vice President Kamala Harris’ D.C. home.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Gov. Newsom asked whether actions by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending illegal immigrants from their respective states to destinations such as New York City, Washington, D.C. Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard were illegal, akin to “kidnapping.”

Let’s unpack Gov. Newsom’s adolescent, exaggerated statements and barbs directed particularly toward Gov. DeSantis.

“This is nothing more than a stunt, but it’s done with intention — cruel intention to humiliate and dehumanize,” Newsom told McClatchy’s California editorial boards in an interview Thursday.

A “stunt” by the Florida governor with “cruel intention to humiliate and dehumanize.” DeSantis said Florida is not a sanctuary state, so he’s sending the illegal immigrants to states where they will be welcomed based on their sanctuary status.

Sanctuary policies are those followed by towns, cities, counties, and states, that restrict most forms of cooperation with federal immigration authorities. So the illegal immigrants should be welcomed.

“It’s disgraceful, it’s repugnant and, I would argue, it’s illegal,” Newsom said.

Let’s start with the first illegal act – those who illegally crossed the United States border, some having traveled 1,000 miles to do so because they knew they would be let in. So Governors DeSantis and Abbott sending the illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and states is actually an act of kindness.

“I think we’ve crossed the Rubicon of any decency,” Newsom said.

The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” means that one is passing a point of no return based on General Julius Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon in 49 B.C., a stream separating Rome from the province of Gaul. Crossing the Rubicon began a civil war that would end the Roman Republic.

Is the very constitutional federal republic of the United States threatened because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants from his non-sanctuary state of Florida to the sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard?

Newsom said DeSantis is “focused on demonizing and othering. He looks to vulnerable communities to exploit them purely for monetary and political purposes. He fund-raises off all of this.”

First, who says “othering?” Secondly, not only is Gov. Newsom also running for reelection, I recall that he donated $100,000 to DeSantis’ opponent and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. And earlier this summer Newsom released a campaign ad in Florida claiming, “Freedom, it’s under attack in your state. Republican leaders, they’re banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors.” It was cringeworthy. And fabricated and preposterous.

Gov. Newsom needs new speech writers. His hyperbolic statements make him appear as if he’s trying to use his word-a-day desk calendar, and doing it quite poorly.

Newsom’s obfuscation is a giant distraction from the dumpster fire California has become under his tutelage.

Does Florida have such a debilitated power grid that electric car owners are told not to charge them at night?

Does Florida have homeless drug addicts pooping on the sidewalks, shooting up heroin and meth in public, pitching tents in public parks and along streets in front of businesses?

Does Florida have such a crime spike that Starbucks and Jamba Juice have closed over safety concerns; where state law reduced a host of felonies to misdemeanors, including drug crimes, date rape, and all thefts under $950, even for repeat offenders who steal every day?

Does Florida have a median home cost more than $800,000?

Does Florida have a water shortage, telling residents they can only water their lawns once a week?

Does Florida have an annual “wildfire season,” burning entire towns and forests every year?

Did Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lock his entire state down for two years, shut down “non-essential” businesses, close all schools beaches, parks, and churches, order double masking, issue orders for mandatory Covid vaccinations, and still clings to his State-of-Emergency powers?

Did Gov. Ron DeSantis create a Ministry of Truth in his state to go after political enemies and speech he does not approve of? (hint: Gov. Newsom just did)

If Gov. Newsom showed even a fraction of compassion to the people who live in California that he claims to have for the illegal immigrants shipped to Sanctuary cities and states, California would not be bleeding residents to Florida and other Red States or losing congressional seats or have hundreds of thousands of businesses fleeing high taxes and the hostile business environment.

Here is the hysterical Sacramento Bee editorial board analysis of this:

“Newsom rightly called the Florida governor ‘America’s chief bully.’ Indeed, one of the most powerful politicians in one of the world’s wealthiest nations orchestrated this grotesque spectacle at the expense of the truly powerless, some of them children as young as 3. All were in desperate enough straits to leave their faraway homes and throw themselves on the mercy of Americans. In DeSantis’ case, there was no such mercy.”

In California residents’ case, there is no such mercy either. Gov. Newsom can’t run for reelection on his record, so he’s attacking the governors who are successful. He’s failed up his entire political career. But maybe, just maybe, the 39 million people living in California will finally notice that our state is looking more and more like one of the third-world shithole countries then-President Trump criticized. Gov. Newsom told Trump to resign for saying that.

Notably, not one of the Sanctuary State Governors or Sanctuary City Mayors or Gov. Newsom has actually addressed the millions of illegal immigrants who have crossed the southern border, the human trafficking, the violence and rape of women, the 700 who have died, or the record amount of illegal drugs including fentanyl coming through the open border. Instead they aimed their dishonest judgement at Governors DeSantis and Abbott for what they claim is a “humanitarian crisis.” But apparently it’s not enough of a “humanitarian crisis” to stop the flow of illegal immigrants at the border.

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22 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s Adolescent Put-Downs of Governor Ron DeSantis

  1. Wow, Katy! This is the BEST opinion piece I’ve read all year. Really nailed it. I started laughing at “first, who says ‘othering?'” and didn’t stop from then on. Maybe sort of a nervous laughter because what you said is just.so.true. —- and the result of Newsom’s nasty and horrible policies is harming if not killing us, which of course is nothing to laugh at. So many quotable quotes I wouldn’t know where to BEGIN to annotate. And every word the gospel truth. I’m sending this to the Dem in-laws in the mid-West to warn them what they are in for. That should make me very popular. 🙂

    1. Yes, ShowandTell, I read this aloud to my husband. I was so excited to have it laid out so honestly. Katy did not hold back. We should not hold back anymore with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors! They do not give us the same courtesy. We are called many names over the years for pointing out facts and broken policy. I do not care what I am called, I have the truth on my side.

      Newsom you do not have the truth on your side but DeSantis and Abbott do! We are being purposely invaded with millions more on the way! I hope De Santis sends them in front of Newsom’s gate in Fair Oaks California! Open your gate Newsom, welcome them onto your lush, green lawn!

      Wake up Californians, our beloved state is a SH*THOLE. Many of us are reminded of this when we step onto a sidewalk in any major city! Unless you are living behind a gate protected by private security, then you have experienced the drug addled yelling at you, chasing you, you have nearly stepped in a pile of excrement.

      This is not the NEW NORMAL and should not be accepted as so! We cannot take care of the homeless we have now!

        1. Ha,ha, yes let’s be mindful of the readers who have had enough of Gov Gav’s sentiments.
          Katy, this article is ????. Loved it.

  2. Gav has been assigned by the Democratic Cartel as point man on demonizing the right. Some one who will motivate the people in their tent to send money to the DNC this year.
    This is merely a grooming exercise to position this arrogant actor to be in the pole position for the race in 2028.
    Please take note of the gradually greying hair.

    1. Yes, I agree Tomorrow. Newsom is the point man for many reasons, the best reason for me other than being a tool for the global elite; he is SHAMELESS!

  3. @Katy Grimes, thank for this honest and inspiring article. I have been reading but not commenting. Apathetic over the inept at best and typically corrupt state government. Newsome is the present “head of the snake”. Newsome has been the envoy for the intentional destruction of California. Newsome and the democrat party have turned California into SHITHOLE.
    California elections are corrupt. Newsome led efforts to ensure mail in voting was implemented to ensure all future elections will continue to be corrupted. We have no free and fair elections.
    Will the electoral wise up and rise up to vote democrat criminals of office? I hope so, but this will require significantly more pain to be inflicted upon the citizenry. Pain is a effective and merciless instructor. California is a SHITHOLE. For political action to manifest, much more pain will have to inflicted for the average person to understand one of the greatest naturally gifted states has been turned into a SHITHOLE.

  4. Noisome has been coddled and fed BS about how wonderful and smart he is all his life. He has had EVERYTHING handed to him on a silver platter. As a result he is totally and completely deluded. He does not realize he is utterly unprepared for life in the real world. DeSantis will mop the floor with him. Prediction – If there is a real debate that is not rigged Noisome will either storm off stage or have a screaming meltdown. Heck he might even cry like the short pants little boy he is.

  5. DEMOCRATIC Mayor and DEM Legislative Council of EL PASO, TX have been bussing to NYC for weeks, at least 28 trips!! So much for the fury! Venezuelans were grateful to DeSantis and M-Vineyard, first time in 3 months they’ve eaten Venezuelan food, at the military base. Who issued the debit cards for the Saturday shopping trip to Target (UN? paid by us?) Even M-Vineyard residents have said that’s what it takes to get peoples’ attention to this issue, bringing it to their doorstep.

    As for debate, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction at the moment, maybe down the road. Let him stew a bit. You know, too busy being a Governor, dealing with illegal immigrants, protecting children and parents, that sort of thing.

  6. Great article. You would think the humiliation of having his inlaws move to Florida because of his mandates and policies Newsome would have been humbled and reflected on his own performance. Nope he just doubled down instead. Must be some life for that wife of his. I wondered how and why Newsome so overwhelmingly won the recall election. The voters in California could not really be that stupid could they? As it turns out they are that dumb. If you do a search of average IQ rankings by state, you will find that California ranks 48th where 1st is the state having the highest average IQ and 50th the lowest. So literally California has the third dumbest people in the United States just barely ahead of Louisiana and Mississippi. It makes more sense to me now.

  7. Hopefully DeSantis will ignore Newsom and allow him to continue to make an ass out of himself. Newsom is an attention whore and obviously isn’t getting the spotlight he wants. Great article Katy!

  8. Keep sending the illegal freaks to the dems doorsteps. It’s working like a charm. They’re losing their moronic minds.

  9. Newsom is one of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum globalist minions and he’s aggressively pushing their great reset and one world government globalist agenda to destroy the state. He wants to do the same to the rest of the country and he no doubt believes that he will be installed into the White House just like Biden was?

  10. FANTASTIC article, Katy and way to call out Governor Hair-Gel’s shortcomings….which are many….
    Only improvement I would suggest would removing the word “tutelage”, which infers a tutor, or one who is a tutor, therefore SMARTER than the student that needs tutoring, and replace it with “leadership” in quotes, because Governor Frat-boy is a complete FAILURE of real LEADERSHIP….
    He’s a FOLLOWER and acolyte of the World Economic Forum and bankster “elites” who have plans to enrich themselves (and their acolytes, until they turn on them when they’re no longer needed) and make our lives a living hell in the process…
    California is well on its way to becoming a living hell – and San Franfreakshow is leading the way to “living hell” status, and guess who used to be the MAYOR of that sh*thole??? Gavin Newsom….everything he touches turns to manure…
    That’s because he’s DUMBER than a doornail – INARTICULATE (as his failure of television commercials and videos attests to – he can’t speak a sentence without at least two awkward pauses) and will FAIL unless he has the Dominion machines rigging the election for him, like they did for the California recall….
    I’ve read articles inferring that the Republican ballots are misprinted ever so slightly so that the Dominion scanners kick them out for “adjudication”, where the County Clerks are free to “interpret the will of the voter” and change their votes to suit the Democrat party…
    A forensic audit of the ballot printouts would be VERY interesting to analyze and compare the alignment of the Democrat ballots vs. the Republican ballots – my money is that the Republican ballots have slight printing differences from the Democrat ballots….and that’s how Frat-Boy stayed in office…
    I’d like to be proved wrong….

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