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Governor Gavin Newsom at 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Gov. Newsom’s Cruel, Indefinite Lockdown of Californians 340 Days Later

The year-long lockdown is a shakedown

By Katy Grimes, February 22, 2021 8:00 am

The statewide confusion and anger over California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus lockdown vs. re-opening orders has only heightened with every day this drags on.

It was March 4, 2020 when we were told to shelter in place for two weeks to flatten the curve… that was more than 340 days ago.

“Compliance is not punitive,” Gov. Newsom said in November, after being exposed for violating his own lockdown restrictions, imposed on the 40 million California residents. It was revealed that Gov. Newsom and his wife attended a large birthday dinner party in Napa Valley with several lobbyists at The French Laundry in Yountville, California Globe reported.

As he praised California’s 40 million residents “for the good work you have done,” he rewarded the state with more restrictions, a curfew and ordered businesses closed again ahead of the holidays.

One of the lobbyists at The French Laundry dinner coincidentally orchestrated exemptions from the governor’s COVID lockdown restrictions for the entertainment industry, while restaurants remained under the most severe restrictions.

This coincided with millions of dollars in behest contributions from big business to Newsom’s personal initiatives. There was an “overlap of at least a half-dozen companies that made substantial contributions to Newsom and received no-bid contracts from the state, influential appointments, or other opportunities related to the state’s pandemic response,” according to a CapRadio report. This prompted Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) to call for a legislative investigation into Governor Gavin Newsom’s no-bid contracts awarded during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

The year-long lockdown is also shakedown.

CPR found:

an “overlap of at least a half-dozen companies that made substantial contributions to Newsom and received no-bid contracts from the state, influential appointments, or other opportunities related to the state’s pandemic response.”

A list of major Newsom donors who have received no-bid contracts or other opportunities during the pandemic: Blue Shield of California – Contributed over $300,000 since 2018, received a $15 million no-bid contract; UnitedHealth – Contributed over $200,000 since 2018, subsidiary received multiple no-bid contracts totaling over $400 million; Bloom Energy – Contributed nearly $100,000 since 2018, received a $2 million no-bid contract; BYD – Contributed $40,000, received a no-bid contract totaling over $1 billion; FivePoint – Contributed over $50,000, CEO received appointment to task force; Pacific6 – Contributed nearly $50,000, state approved reopening of a hospital they operate.

When COVID hit California, Newsom told the state that within eight weeks, 25 million Californians – more than half of the state’s population – would become ‘infected” with the virus. He was quickly corrected by prominent physicians who said there was no science or data available at the time to make such a hyperbolic statement.

Newsom was also simultaneously conducting daily news conferences outside of the Capitol, away from the press and public, and signing executive orders making new laws under his new found emergency powers.

By April 2020, Newsom’s Department of Public Health suspended nursing home relegations allowing COVID-19 patients to be housed in nursing homes, but few in the media covered this, as the Globe did. In June, COVID patients were still being sent to skilled nursing facilities, the Globe reported. We wanted to know why the California Department of Public Health was directing skilled nursing facilities to take in COVID-19 patients, and at what cost and why with plenty of hospital beds throughout the state available? Our request to the CDPH received a response:  CDPH acknowledges that the elderly patients already in skilled nursing facilities are “California’s most vulnerable,” but they never answered why would they send any COVID-19 patients to facilities with the most frail and vulnerable patients. To this day, the question remains unanswered.

Since the Globe reported this, hospital data no longer includes nursing home statistics.

Schools originally remained open, until the governor caved to the closure demands of the California Teachers Association labor union, sent students home for “distance learning” on computers via Zoom calls, despite the virus showing no scientific evidence of targeting young people.

School sports, shut down. School clubs, shut down. School bands, shut down. School graduations, shut down. School testing, shut down.

Then came the “essential” jobs and business orders: all government employees were deemed “essential,” and continued working remotely.

Home Depot, Walmart, COSTCO, and other big box stores were deemed “essential” by the governor.

Small businesses, small restaurants, hair and nail salons and barber shops, boutiques and clothing shops, all were shut down and deemed “non-essential…” except to the owners and employees of these businesses.

Remember the near hysteria about the lack of ICU beds in the state? Strangely, Newsom is silent now about ICU beds, yet he continues to conflate positive COVID tests as “infections” and “cases.”

All of this is because this isn’t about a health crisis, otherwise every state in the country would be in lockdown (or not); this is about controlling the citizens, and our rights to move about freely as we did prior to the COVID crisis.

Gov. Newsom unconstitutionally restricted the right to worship in churches. He closed public schools while his children attended private school in person. He ordered hospitals, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities locked down, and restricted family from visiting. He even ordered no travel.

And the media greatly assisted him in this endeavor.

Yet the number of positive tests, hospitalizations, and deaths due to COVID are dropping daily. But the state has drastically limited access to actual data.

California has conducted 47,043,348 COVID tests. Of those, 3,441,946 tested positive, leaving 43,601, 402 testing negative. The data available shows 36,177 or 74% of the 49,105 COVID deaths are over the age of 65.

However, California schools are still closed, as are most school sports. While some schools and teams are starting up again, many schools are choosing to keep sports closed down.

The governor’s sports guidelines are just bizarre:

Inter-team competitions (i.e., between two teams) resumed in California beginning January 25, 2021.  The guidelines outlined in this document shall take effect on February 26, 2021.

The status of return-to-competition is subject to change at any time given the level of COVID-19 transmission in California.

Sports Risk Profiles

In general, the more people from outside their household with whom a person interacts, the closer the physical interaction is, the greater the physical exertion is, and the longer the interaction lasts, the higher the risk that a person with COVID-19 infection may spread it to others.

These are the governor’s General Sports Requirements:

  • Face coverings to be worn when not participating in the activity (e.g., on the sidelines).
  • Face coverings to be worn by coaches, support staff and observers at all times, and in compliance with the CDPH Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings.
  • Observers maintain at least 6 feet from non-household members.
  • No sharing of drink bottles and other personal items and equipment.
  • Mixing with other households prior to and post any practice or competition must strictly adhere to current gathering guidance.
  • Limit indoor sports activities (practice, conditioning) to comply with capacity limits (which shall include all athletes, coaches, and observers) indicated in current CDPH Gym & Fitness Center Guidance Capacity.
  • Associated indoor activities for the team (e.g., dinners, film study) are prohibited if engaged in competition given evidence that transmission is more likely to occur in these indoor higher risk settings.
  • Teams must not participate in out-of-state games and tournaments; several multistate outbreaks have been reported around the nation, including California residents.

Shouldn’t the general requirements be the responsibility of the coaches and parents?

These absurd guidelines demonstrate this is purely about Gov. Newsom controlling the state’s citizens.

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18 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s Cruel, Indefinite Lockdown of Californians 340 Days Later

  1. http://www.recallgavin2020.com
    There is only one action for the citizens of California to take! If you have not yet signed the recall petition, please do so now, it is simple, go to the website, download the 5 person signature form. Follow the directions, remember to sign the bottom as the signature gatherer.
    One signature is fine but maybe you have a neighbor or family member that would like to sign.
    Then send it in to the address on the bottom of the sheet.
    Newsolini’s reign must come to an end, he left this state with no other option.

  2. Let’s face it, the plandemic had even MORE nefarious intent, specifically to destroy the booming economy that surely would have resulted in Trump’s re-election, personality considerations aside.
    The Democrats, and their ChiCom funders (look at the BYD contract) conspired to create a fear-based culture, enabled by their willing co-conspirators in the mainstream media.
    All of the fear & confusion enabled the Dems to engineer the confusion and cover to perpetrate the biggest election scam of our lifetimes and basically steal the election.
    And now China Joe & the Ho are in a position to enact Executive Orders to do the bidding of their ChiCom funders and continue to weaken the American economy while strengthening China’s.
    Not sure what the end game is exactly, but it’s emerging as darker and more foreboding than any of us would have imagined a year ago…

  3. Great report. I have been a regular visitor to the site, shown above, that lists testing, cases and deaths. The death totals seem out of wack to me. They are too high in relation to the cases, even accounting for the time lag. I have read here and there that there are financial incentives for hospitals to list deaths as covid deaths where ever possible. It would be interesting to shine a light into that corner. The truth is pretty beat up, but we must defend it.

  4. Gov. Newsom and his entourage; i.e., certain other Dem politicians, bureaucrats, and cronies are wholly responsible for this mess. It has been political and purposeful throughout. Thus these people own ALL of the damage and fallout for their trickery, the scope of which is still unknown at this time.

    Katy Grimes and The Globe have been alone in the EXTENT to which they have reported the facts and truth of the COVID mess, an immeasurable help and grounding for Californians in navigating this mess. Knowledge is power and, on the bright side, we have had quite an education during this time, haven’t we?

    I thought at the beginning of this and continue to think now that it was Newsom’s initial announcement that 25 million residents would be infected within eight weeks that planted a seed of terror in those who did not yet know of his malevolence. We witnessed this with our own eyes. It seemed to create an almost hypnotic state of fear that would follow any instruction, no matter how nonsensical. When that wore off new fear-data and doubtful reports of packed hospitals and “surging case numbers” and debatable daily death counts would act as a post-hypnotic suggestion to trigger fears anew to allow more lockdowns, shutdowns, curfews, etc.

    It’s bracing to know, though, just how many strong and sensible people there are in this state. They respond appropriately with righteous anger and action and have remained sane and spirited in spite of everything that has been done to them.

    1. “… It seemed to create an almost hypnotic state of fear that would follow any instruction, no matter how nonsensical. When that wore off…”
      I don’t think it has worn off for many. I still see people, today even, walking by themselves, no one else around even close, wearing a mask as they walk and bike ride as well.
      I don’t understand.

      1. Yes, I am seeing that too: People walking, riding their bikes, doing things outdoors —– alone —- with their masks on. I say maybe it’s because any newly-released fear data “triggers” the old fear, so the mask thing is like a little kid grabbing his blankie when he feels scared or insecure. The longer this goes on the more people will be wedded to their masks when there is no longer any reason for it. And that will probably be the least of the fallout from all of this.

  5. You’re an old person who is susceptible to seasonal nonspecific pneumonia. You are told to “stay at home.” You don’t want to go to the hospital because you might “get corona.” So you stay home, and your early onset illness gets worse, so you go to the ER at the last minute, and now things are much worse. You use more hospital resources because without early intervention, you are sicker. Rinse, wash, repeat – and you can see how public health measures “spike the curve.” If they ban Corona testing, Corona will go away – but this was never about health.

    SARS in 2003 had its “dry run” in San Francisco when Newsom was mayor – he was groomed by the national security state for this Psyop. This is a decades-old conspiracy. SARS was also a fake disease. Why can’t the doctors see this?

  6. What happened to the lawsuits brought on by Kevin Kiley regarding Newsome’s “executive orders making new laws under his new found emergency powers”?

    1. Kiley and Gallagher WON that lawsuit. Newsom & Co. appealed, no doubt drowning the whole process in tons of paperwork. We await the appeals court decision.

  7. “ These absurd guidelines demonstrate this is purely about Gov. Newsom controlling the state’s citizens.”

    I don’t think it’s that Katy. I think the guy is a complete incompetent who has not a clue as to what he’s doing. He’s one of the “beautiful people” in California. They don’t need brains.

  8. EDD Fraud is huge and what did those inmates use the money for you may ask more guns and drugs for there gangs on the outside! then they will tax those that were intended on getting the EDD funds!! Why is this not even talked about?? 31 billion I read!!

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