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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Governor Newsom Announces New ‘Double Mask’ Guidelines

CDPH strongly encourages double mask use, Gov. Newsom slams Texas Gov. Abbott over removing mask mandate

By Evan Symon, March 5, 2021 8:20 pm

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) revised the state’s facemask policy Thursday, strongly encouraging Californians to wear two masks instead of one to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The CDPH revised the policy following new recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In February, the CDC released a study finding that wearing a cloth mask over a disposable mask could reduce COVID-19 exposure by over 90%, altering their nationwide guidelines.

Governor Gavin Newsom also urged Californians to follow the guidelines on Thursday, at least until a greater percentage of the state is vaccinated.

“This is not the time to spike the ball,” explained Newsom on Thursday. “There’s no mission accomplished sign behind us. We really have to work through this next six to eight or nine weeks, the next 100 days, until we get to that abundance frame with the vaccines.”

Newsom in particular singled out four states, including Texas, who had ended their statewide mask mandates earlier this month. While he was joined by other high-ranking lawmakers in their disapproval of removing such mandates, including by President Joe Biden who had called the mandate removals in the Southern states “Neanderthal thinking,” Newsom was the first state leader to purposefully increase mask mandates in retaliation.

“We are encouraging people basically to double down on mask wearing, particularly in light of all of what I would argue is bad information coming from at least four states in this country,” added Newsom. “We will not be walking down their path. We’re mindful of your health and our future.

“The positivity rate in those states is substantially higher than even here in the state of California. And yet, we still feel very, very strongly, as we begin to loosen things up and reopen our economy, that mask wearing is becoming now more essential as we transition to herd immunity and broad access to vaccines.”

In a Tweet earlier this week, Newsom had also called Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s decision “Absolutely reckless”.

Texas, California announce wildly different mask mandate updates

While reaction in Texas has been mixed to their mandate removal, Newsom did point out correct positivity figures as, according to Johns Hopkins University, Texas currently has a 13.4% positivity rate while California only has a 7% rate. Texas Governor Abbott was also correct in saying that California had more total cases and deaths, with California leading by around 900,000 more cases and 9,000 more deaths than Texas as of Friday.

However, business leaders in both states have been nearly unanimous in approving of the mandate being removed, as it is expected to help Texas economically recover quicker due to less restrictions.

“Texas now has an economic advantage, along with other states, in stopping the mandatory masks,” noted Houston-based economist Alan Conklin to the Globe. “California is doubling down on nothing by doubling the masks. But, if COVID-19 rates do shoot up dramatically in Texas during the next few weeks, California may come out on top if their COVID number continue to fall, allowing them to open on their pace while Texas may be back having mandatory masks.

“Honestly, this is a childish fight between the two states, as they both have different populations, urban centers, and other factors. Both Governors are playing with peoples lives and economic welfare here. That’s never a great thing to do.”

It is currently unknown when California will halt mandatory masks statewide, although it is hinted to end once vaccinations reach a point for broad coverage statewide.

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Evan Symon
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25 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Announces New ‘Double Mask’ Guidelines

  1. Two masks? Three masks? FOUR masks!!! You know what will 100% prevent airborne transmission of the virus? Put a pillow over your face, making sure the nose and mouth are tightly covered. After a few minutes you will no longer need masks, hand sanitizer, distancing, vaccines or anything else…ever.

  2. Fuc* them! Our country has a constitution. We have rights. All of us are sitting here as they destroy both. We live in a failed system. A system that functions to divide us through race, political party, income, gender. Our states and country is run by nothing but criminals.

  3. Is Newsom going to wear two masks the next time he goes to the French Laundry restaurant? I like the new term that FORMER VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden has called us: NEANDERTHALS! It’s as good as the term DEPLORABLES that Hillary Rotten Clinton gave us! I am proud to be a Deplorable Neanderthal! Thank you former Vice President Dementia Joe!

  4. Gov hairdo needs to stop listening to pelosi. Her dictates have already costs the hairdo his job. If he keeps it up he will get run out of the state, tarred and feathered.

    1. Tarring and feathering Gruesome and running him out on a rail may begin to seem like good options to many Californians if he keeps up his ridiculous wannabe dictatorship.

  5. Think how safe we could all be if we just wore 4 masks at a time and never left the house…just order anything you need from Amazon…that would be so safe!

      1. Try 2021 if these jackwackers have their way…
        The last gasp of the dying social control crowd…

  6. Comrades
    You cannot be a Neanderthal, deplorable, chump or racist at same time….so there.
    Feel better?

  7. This ain’t gonna help you win points in your upcoming recall battle, Gavvie…
    You try to win points by opening up amusement parks and relaxing student sports, but then you fall back on your Dr. Fraudci mask BS…

    Get lost, failure…

  8. Typical leftist buffoonery. One mask doesn’t work (especially his aunt, Loony Nancy’s $500 silk mask), and neither do lockdowns. So instead of accepting being wrong and trying something that makes sense, he doubles down on failure. What a tool.

  9. Does the Plumpkjack Winery tasting room require two masks?
    Asking for a friend, who can afford Plumpjack Wine and the gasoline to get to the winery.

  10. Mask mouth may be killing more people than coronavirus
    “Mask mouth” is now known to cause gum disease and other serious oral health problems.
    Gum disease, in turn, leads to a 900 percent increase in death risk from coronavirus exposure, according to studies.
    Far from saving lives, masks may be killing more people than the virus itself.
    Thank goodness states like Texas are ending the absurd mask mandates.


  11. Chumps
    You been had been had on so many levels….so many…..
    Has being pleasant, docile, attentive, compliant worked? Working?

  12. Clearly those double masks are cutting off his oxygen supply. Double masks could be a boon to the Demoncrat party. 😉

  13. Love the masthead image on this article & hope it’s a portent of the future as (Governor?) John Moorlach looks over Newsom’s shoulder as Moorlach shows Newsom to the door of the Capitol as Moorlach kicks Newsom’s empty melon to the curb…with a smirk…

    We can only hope….

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