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Gavin Newsom

Governor Newsom Goes After Recall Candidate Elder For First Time In Campaign

Newsom cannot defend his horrendous record on crime, homelessness, the rising cost of living, water shortages, uncontrollable wildfires, and tyrannical COVID lockdowns

By Evan Symon, August 6, 2021 11:33 am

Governor Gavin Newsom went after recall candidate radio host Larry Elder, telling supporters what an Elder-led California could possibly bring.

Ever since the recall election became imminent earlier this year, Newsom has avoided calling out specific candidates. Instead, he and supporters have stuck to attacking the recall as a whole, charging the recall effort as nothing more than a Republican-led power grab.

However, Newsom, along with state and national Democrats, have failed to bring election attention to Democratic voters and to left-leaning California voters who tend to only vote during major even-numbered year elections when presidential and congressional races are held.

Instead, Republicans, as well as Democratic and independent voters who have been disaffected with Newsom remain steadfast in not only having their core voting bloc vote but also in attracting normally middle of the road or undecided voters.

Some of Newsom’s policies, such as his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spike in crime, and his response to the drought and wildfires, have spurred so many Californians to vote against him in recent months, that entire regions that normally vote Democrat have now turned against him.

According to the most recent poll, Newsom now only has a 2 point lead, 48%-46%, capping off a months long slide since May where he had a comfortable lead following the state opening up once again and COVID-19 restrictions falling quickly across the state.

Elder’s rising popularity since last month has also been of growing concern. According to the Emerson College poll released earlier this week, Elder currently has the support of 23% of all voters among recall candidates, totaling as much as the next 5 candidates combined. This level of support may have been the final straw for the Newsom campaign, resulting in Newsom finally targeting Elder specifically.

In a Zoom call with anti-recall campaign volunteers, Newsom accused Elder of being a Trump supporter, wanting to curtail abortion rights in the state, of not believing in climate change, and being pro-fracking. Newsom also went after Elder’s support of a $0 minimum wage.

“The leading candidate thinks climate change is a hoax, believes we need more offshore oil drilling, more fracking, does not believe a woman has the right to choose and actually came out against Roe v. Wade, and does not believe in a minimum wage,” said Newsom in his Zoom speech on Thursday. “I’m not making that up. Zero. I mean, he’s not even debating the merits or demerits of $15 an hour.

“If I’m recalled, the Republican who takes my place will have the power to reshape the state court system and would have allies such as [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

“At the end of the day, this is all about turnout. They may turn out in record numbers. But there are more of us, meaning more that believe like us, including many Republicans that just reject Trump and Trumpism. But don’t underestimate the damage of what a Republican Governor can do here. I don’t want to see California follow the policies of [Florida Governor] Ron DeSantis and go off a cliff.”

“Gavin Newsom is running scared”

The Elder campaign responded to the Governor’s remarks in an e-mailed statement on Friday, noting that Newsom is now going directly after Elder because of his dwindling support.

Larry Elder. (Photo: Larry Elder for Governor)

“Gavin Newsom is running scared,” said Elder spokeswoman Ying Ma in the e-mail. “He cannot defend his horrendous record on crime, homelessness, the rising cost of living, water shortages, uncontrollable wildfires, and tyrannical COVID lockdowns. Larry believes in liberty, personal responsibility, private enterprise, and the ingenuity of the people of California, not Newsom’s repressive edicts or the cronyism of his allies.”

Political insiders have noted that Newsom is playing it smart, and is only now resorting to calling out Elder because of the new poll data, and because Elder is an “easier” target.

“Up until now there has really been no leading candidate that could really light a fire to drum up Democratic support,” former lobbyist Harry Schultz told the Globe on Friday. “Faulconer had previously had leads among the recall candidate, but he is a moderate who has remained somewhat distanced from Trump, who has gone against the party on issues like homelessness before, and who is saying that people should vaccinate. There’s a lot a lot there that really sticks out. Cox, who also previously led, was a different problem in that Newsom had previously went after him back in 2018, so a lot would be covered ground again but with a few new issues sprinkled in like COVID. It would have been like how Eisenhower beat Stevenson the second time around in ’56, but with the danger of not enticing voters in the second time around.”

“Elder gives Newsom that type of person he has been railing against for years. He pointed out some of the issues he is very opposed to him on. So Newsom is trying to get voters to come out against this guy. And since he said this to volunteers, some of those will probably become major talking points in ads or by canvassers in the coming weeks.”

“With Elder rising now, Newsom now has a specific target to go after on some of these major issues. Newsom needs more people voting against the recall. He needs to draw out that support. And by calling out Elder specifically now, he hopes to get that. He hopes to show people who voted for him 3 years ago who plan not to vote this year what will happen if they don’t. Conversely though, Elder has a few cards up his sleeve he can pull out at any time to counter these things, but we won’t see them played until the home stretch of the election.”

The recall election is to be held on September 14th, with mail-in ballots scheduled to go out later this month.

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Evan Symon
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26 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Goes After Recall Candidate Elder For First Time In Campaign

  1. Wow. Newsom is running scared. He shouldn’t bring up Florida, the state that Californians are leaving for because their governor actually cares about the people. And he shouldn’t bring up Trump, the person who actually won the last election and is stronger than ever.

  2. What a minute! Where is BLM, Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton? I thought a white, really white Privileged, man couldn’t criticize , yet comment on a Black person? Wow, can’t wait till the media slams Newsom for his insensitivity and white privilege. Should be happening any moment.

  3. Newsom isn’t scared, he is angry that anyone would dare to question him and his magnificent leadership. Didn’t you hear, he has no regrets! He thinks we are ungrateful. Wow.
    The recall is going to succeed because no one nowhere no way can defend Newsom’s horrendous record on crime, homelessness, the rising cost of living, water shortages, uncontrollable wildfires, and tyrannical COVID lockdowns.
    Best of luck to Mr. Elder and wish him strength to withstand the attacks that are sure to be coming his way but anyone would be better than Newsom and the sooner the better.

  4. The very antidote to Newsom’s lies and half truths:
    Larry Elder’s truth telling in a very relatable way!

    Boom, makes Newsom look like a frat boy in a cheap suit!

  5. Just what I need. Advice from a white, spoiled child of privilege as to what the election of his honest, ethical, hard working recall opponent might mean. Thanks, Gavie!
    Now go pop open a $500 bottle of wine, slip out of those skinny man-jeans, run your comb through your beautiful coif and chill, would you?

    Scuse me while I write the Sage a generous campaign check. It won’t match the millions that the labor unions are giving to their #1 stooge but it couldn’t hurt.

    1. Sounds like you’re jealous fat slob jealous of his good looks, excellent taste in fine California wines, in his sexy skinny jeans. Mmm…. typical Californian Democrat with brains. Ha Ha Ha.

  6. I would love to see a debate between Newsom and Elder. Newsom says Elder does not believe in climate change, supports offshore drilling, fracking, and is against abortion. I agree with Elder. Why doesn’t Newsom grow a spine and debate Elder? He won’t because he would have to answer real questions. I remember in 2018 Newsom avoided the first two debates but was in the third and Travis Allen and John Cox mopped the floor with him. Maybe if they had the debate at the “French Laundry” Newsom would agree.

    1. It gets worse. This state under the guise of emergency powers will allow electronic voting for those out of state and ADA qualified and then the small print for all citizens, they will be allowed to download the ballot and send it in a regular envelope as long as they sign it on the front!
      Here is a link to the news report from Press California:

        1. Thanks for posting this from Press California, Cali Girl.
          This cannot stand! Can EIPca tackle this? Ric Grenell and Fix California with their resources and strength? We must find out. In the meantime, make this story go viral. For God’s sake, on what authority can this appointed-by-Newsom S.O.S. Shirley Weber make such an election change? And gee, I wonder who is behind this neat little trick? Would his initials be Gavin Newsom? As it is they are probably sending by-mail ballots to everyone in the entire country who has moved out of California in the last 100 years. And stepping up a thousand of their other voter and election fraud tricks. I can’t remember where I heard it but some registrar was pushing for acceptance of a hand-written ballot of chicken scratches on a piece of note paper as long as it named a candidate and had a sort of a signature on it somewhere, so this piece of news is not as bizarre as it may seem.

          So this is what they are doing in place of not having the time to get a ground game going for their sketchy ballot harvesting and recruiting people to vote in two or three or four precincts and etc. And this is what all the COVID Delta variant, mask, and vaccine passport fearmongering has been all about —- a distraction from this underhanded, illegal, disgusting, unjust, and dirty election CHEATING they are plotting under the radar. It’s enough already —- we are THROUGH with these people.

      1. Thanks Cali Girl, I just got done reading it. This could be just about as bad as the November election. I am printing copies and will hand them out to neighbors and friends today. We have got to do something but what? Who do we have in our corner?

        1. It is so typical of the Democheats!
          We do need to get the word out. I have posted it on Parler and to California Audit on Telegram.
          I am not on Twitter or Facebook maybe you all have friends and family who could post.
          I wish I could say poll watching could be an option but most ballots will be mailed in.
          The Election Integrity Project ,Fix California and Judicial Watch are good places to contact.
          You are correct in asking John The Patriot, who is in the people’s corner?
          Paper Ballots and Absentee should be the only means of voting, but what do I know?

      2. Thanks for that report from PressCA. It made me want to vomit. I’ve always hated cheaters, sore losers, and Rules for Thee but not me. All of which defines Gavin Newsom. When the votes to person ratio doesn’t add up then what? Shove that under the rug too?

  7. Does anyone believe polls that estimate Newsom has a 2 point lead, 48%-46%? Newsome is despised. The game is to float manipulated polls to plant the idea of a close race. The corruption that imposed Newsom upon California has access to 1.8 million invalid CA voters in the electorate and they will use every one needed to maintain their power. I absolutely want Newsom recalled, but the game is rigged and I expect the results to be manipulated to closely match polling. Newsom will proclaim victory as the “people have spoken”. In truth we will remain the subjects of a corrupt oligarchy.

    1. @Owednothing,the extremely close polling seems to be their M.O.
      I afraid you may be right, but I pray you are so wrong.

    2. Owed Nothing, I think you are correct that the real numbers are likely quite different and this, of course, would be part of the gaslighting and suppression of those who would vote YES on Recall Gavin and expect a certain result given how MUCH Newsom is despised for what he has done to Californians. I’m glad you said it. I was thinking it, too. We’re not the only ones who are thinking it! It’s good to get the idea out there. If the election ends up being a landslide to recall this guy (as I, and maybe you, suspect it will be) that will help with the cheating aspect, I hope. They can only make up so much after the fact, but we’ll see. A lot of people are scrutinizing this special election. The S.O.S has been put on notice. We have at least two candidates who won’t take any suspected cheating lying down. Fraud has been uncovered elsewhere, in other states; it’s the topic of the year (besides endless COVID), and we can only hope that this will act as a deterrent. In the end, we’ll see what happens when all the forces come together to give us what we want: a Clean-Enough election.

    3. I agree that there will likely be fraud, Owed Nothing. The wild card will be how the courts will rule on any litigation regarding disputed results. If anything that SOS does (such as allowing the downloading and printing of ballots) leads to a lawsuit by a watchdog group, Newsom could lose. So far, the courts have ruled against Newsom twice. Once on the “D” designation when he sued SOS and again when SOS was told to include Elder on the ballot. The court in both cases followed a strict interpretation of the law, imo. The California court (district and supreme) have ruled on election fraud cases in California before; so there is precedence for the courts to follow: https://law.justia.com/cases/california/supreme-court/2d/16/197.html. I’m not ready to accept defeat even knowing that cheating is likely to happen.

      1. Appreciate all of these good points, Raymond, and agree about not giving up even knowing there will likely be cheating.

  8. the current leadership operates with impunity and has a never ending hunger to create crisis, gain power. i recall camp fire, i recall bear fire, i recall dixie fire, i recall mismanaged reservoirs, i recall evacuate! the dam is going to break, i recall quarantine, i recall civil unrest for over a year….the list goes on and on.

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