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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Formally Joins Newsom Recall Fight With Entire Political Operation

‘A flurry of ads like this may reek of desperation’

By Evan Symon, August 13, 2021 2:31 am

House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi (D-CA) announced on Thursday that she started up her political operation to help stop the recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Normally, Pelosi’s operation, which consists of fundraising, ad buys, utilization of PACs and Super PACs, sending out prominent Democrats to speak at rallies, and other campaign tactics and strategies, is usually only active in even-numbered years to help out herself and other Democratic candidates in House, Senate, Presidential, and most Gubernatorial races. However, with recent recall polls now showing Newsom only staving off the recall by 2%, and recall candidates such as talk show host Larry Elder surging in support and drawing out new voters, Pelosi gave a rare foray into an odd numbered year election to help the beleaguered Governor.

Speaking at an event with Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Thursday, Pelosi announced that she would be helping Newsom with her entire political operation, designed to ensure Democrats being elected or re-elected, now at the heed of the Newsom campaigns needs.

“We respect it,” said Pelosi of the recall on Thursday. “But we do not like it, and we will defeat it.”

“Many of Newsom’s initiatives have alleviated the pain of coronavirus pandemic. I want everybody to get out the vote. I have my own operation working to get out the vote and making calls to defeat the recall of our governor.”

However, Pelosi’s demeanor on Thursday was markedly different from earlier this year where she, like Newsom, dismissed the idea of a recall succeeding and calling on all Democrats to not even run in the recall. On Thursday, she acknowledged it as a real issue for the first time. While Newsom’s popularity was on an upswing from late 2020 polls in early 2021, with the number of Californians in favor of a recall also being far lower than more recent polls, a recent upswing in support for the recall has galvanized nationally known Democrats in recent weeks. Lawmakers such as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have even began to release ads in California denouncing the recall as a ‘Republican takeover’ due to surging support in favor of a recall.

Big help for Newsom that may still not be enough

Political experts have said that Pelosi’s extra support will be a big help to Newsom but may also signal that his support could actually be lower than previously thought.

“Nancy Pelosi does not take rolling out her PAC and Super PAC machine lightly,” explained Ana Montclair, a lobbyist who has helped shape PAC-funded ads in previous elections. “In May 2020, Pelosi’s machine had already bought $69 million worth of ads. That’s months before the election. That’s before the conventions. That’s when Sanders still had a chance. And 2022, with midterms at stake, she really doesn’t want to break out the funds or fundraise right now. But the California Governorship is at stake. She and Newsom are very close, both politically and even by family due to her brother-in-law marrying Newsom’s aunt. So this makes sense. He needs the help badly, especially in terms of getting people to vote. She can make that happen.”

“But that’s where the inverse comes. A lot of people are upset with Newsom right now, but a flurry of ads like this may reek of desperation. Contrary to popular belief, the voter is not stupid. And they can tell when one side is trying harder than the other to get their attention. And every single one of those ads will have a variation of ‘Republican takeover’ or ‘Return of Trump politics’ or other buzz-phrases to scare people into voting a certain way. They haven’t hit that center-left sweet-spot that is the biggest bloc of Californian voters. The right has mobilized. The left largely hasn’t because they didn’t think they needed to. The Democrats didn’t pick anyone to run. They didn’t run ads for months. They barely fought the petition for most of the months it was being signed.”

“Now look where they are. It’s no wonder Pelosi announced this today. They need the big guns. And while they have them now, it may be a question of if it is too late too. By mail ballots go out next week, and right now, people are still mad at Newsom.”

Other Democratic leaders are likely to join Warren and Pelosi in giving support to Newsom in the coming weeks.

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Evan Symon
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27 thoughts on “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Formally Joins Newsom Recall Fight With Entire Political Operation

    1. Got that right. She and he are pretty arrogant to think she is any benefit for anyone running for an office. She is next to be booted along side Waters.

  1. Well, well it would seam that the drunken sailors are come to the aid of one of sinking ship of poor Gavin. Their money is not sufficient to plug the holes that have been blown in Gavin’s hull. This effort only serves to galvanize public opinion that a dictator is not what the people signed up for and will eventually turn the empowered public will now focus additional pressure towards change in the political landscape of the legislative branch in Sacramento. It’s coooommming for yoooou.

  2. Hey Nancy, Yes, Come on back to California, we will recall both of you at the same time, which should have happened a long time ago!!!!! Yes, I am a registered California Democrat. It is time to take your lead from behind political views out of office. I sit at various RECALL booths for over a year collecting signatures to see this day happen. This RECALL when successful will put California back to the golden state it once was.

  3. Toxic Nancy is going to save Goobenor Hair Gel? Train wrecks are fun to watch. Pull up a chair and a big bowl of popcorn and watch the fun.

  4. Sorry readers, my passion got ahead of me in the last post. But my thoughts are the same as Ricky. These politicians are drunk on power and Nancy and Maxine both figure that they can just ride in and throw millions of dollars at Gavin’s political woes and save him from recall while they feast on their present suppression of the will of the people who are standing against a dictatorship and his actions. To let them win is to sign our own death certificate as a state as well as a nation. Stand strong Americans, of all political views, your freedom are in the balance. This includes even the opportunity afforded us within this comment section to express ourselves, which would cease forever should we give in to totalitarianism of a dictatorship. Explore your rights and exercise them or lose them and become part of the collective.

    1. Love it,
      Operation False Hope!

      Hey Nancy, just in case you or your minions read this stuff. This is a REAL grassroots effort!
      Not your astro turf movement you so often refer to.

  5. You are next Pelosie. Don’t ya just love it? You actually are trying to stuff a dick-tater down our California throats and we do NOT want you here either!

  6. My fear is they have the cheating down to a science! I’m convinced that Trump won here – along with sev others that the Dims claimed!!!!
    Until they have voter ID – I don’t believe this state can HAVE a legal election!!! It’s a 3rd class banana republic, without the republic! 🙁

  7. Geez – between the incessant COVID-19 injection pleas, now this – it’s gonna be wall-to-wall propaganda on “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune” from now until mid-September…. thank goodness we record & skim the commercials…

  8. Idiot Dictator Newsome got to go or California is in deep …… & I may have to move to a “free” state!

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