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Los Angeles City Hall. (Photo: City of Los Angeles)

LA City Council Proposes Making All New Buildings in City Carbon Neutral

New construction would not include gas lines under proposal

By Evan Symon, February 10, 2022 2:36 am

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nithya Raman introduced legislation during the LA City Council meeting Wednesday to require all-newly constructed buildings in Los Angeles to be carbon neutral.

Since the 2010’s, California has set a number large-scale environmental transition goals by certain years, including for public utilities to all be carbon free by 2045. Los Angeles, however, has aimed to meet those goals quicker than the state, passing the “LA 100” measure to be powered by 100% clean energy by 2035 last year.

To help meet this goal, as well as reduce indoor carbon pollution in general, Councilwoman Raman introduced her proposed ordinance on Wednesday. In it, Raman identifies buildings in Los Angeles for totaling 43% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city. Her proposal would help reduce it by having all new construction in the city not include gas lines, she said. All new buildings would come with all electric appliances, heating systems, and other things that in things that in the past have been gas reliant.

Councilwoman Nithya Raman (Photo: Nithya for the City campaign website)

The measure would also specifically ask city departments to come up with framework to implement to be in effect by January 2023. If passed, Los Angeles would join other Californian cities such as San Francisco in banning gas lines from being placed in newer buildings.

“This is such a critical moment for us to be engaging in this work. We are seeing rising temperatures, the risks of more dangerous wildfires, more serve droughts, more deaths from heat exposure, we’re seeing a worsening air quality threaten our residents’ health,” Councilwoman Raman said on Wednesday.  “We know that we need to take bold and immediate action to save our planet from the worst effects of climate change, and yet, sometimes it feels like the biggest steps are hard for us to start.”

While still being discussed and not voted on during the meeting, multiple Council members gave their support to the measure, indicating that it would likely pass the Council in the future.

“Building energy decarbonization is an important component of our ‘LA100’ plan, which is transitioning Los Angeles away from dirty energy and will achieve 100% carbon-free energy in the City by 2035. A carbon-free future, rooted in equity and sustainability, is what Angelenos want, what our planet needs and what we are moving toward with relentless focus and a sense of urgency,” said Councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

Mayor Eric Garcetti also backed the proposal, adding, “We can see over the horizon at this moment what’s going to happen to Los Angeles and California, to this country and to this world, if we don’t stretch beyond what we think our reach is.”

Proposed ordinance questioned by many

Many building owners and developers have questioned the plan, noting that the city is currently not clear on a lot of things.

“While going all electric isn’t that big of a deal in new buildings, it is tricky when it comes down to if renovations are covered,” said David Ramos, a building contractor head in Los Angeles who would be affected by the ordinance. “And not just that. Would there be subsidies for residents with gas who want to convert? This is not just about having new buildings be all electric, but  saving older ones to get up to the new standards too.”

“So renovations, subsidies for conversions, putting more of a strain on the power grid with more electrical appliances, greater chances of brownouts. There is so much to discuss and work on before any big decisions, but the city is thinking if they can, not if they should or if it is feasible. And that is worrisome.”

The Council is expected to vote on the proposed ordinance later this year.

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Evan Symon
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9 thoughts on “LA City Council Proposes Making All New Buildings in City Carbon Neutral

  1. Folks, here we go again with our elected leaders doing what “is best for us” because they know so much more than us and that is why they are in charge and we are not. I have stated it before and I will state it again: climate change, global warming, climate crisis or whatever they are calling it this week is the biggest fairy tale since Grimm and Mother Goose. A good book for Nithya Raman to read is “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People” by Roy Spencer. It is loaded with information that shoots down the climate crisis hoax. It is also loaded with graphs that I believe even liberals can read and understand. It can be ordered at http://www.climatedepot.com and cfact.org. I don’t live in L.A. but maybe a constituent could send a copy to Ms. Raman.

    1. Nithya Raman is just an incorrigible commie who probably doesn’t even believe in this stuff. Her attitude would be: “Whatever works to bring the rabble to submission, just like all my friends and classmates and professors told me to do!”
      COVID is dying down, time to roll out the Climate Change Agenda —— Big Time. We’ll see if it works for them.

  2. Another woke, ignorant, politician elected into office to run the city and instead thinks she was chosen to be our savior from ourselves. Why would a building owner and it’s occupants choose electricity in CA, when it’s more expensive, whose grid can’t support the current demand (not even talking about all the electric car pie in the sky planning already going on)???? Raman needs to do research from a place of reality and not fantasy. Meanwhile, I want her to concentrate on CRIME, getting the HOMELESS OFF THE STREETS, FILLING POTHOLES that our exorbitant fuel taxes pay for, and other more important issues in L.A. than anything climate related.

  3. Thanks for the book suggestion.
    It is so ingrained into people to conform to the original mass formation psychosis, “Climate Change”. Climate as nature intended is ever evolving. Way before we humans were grinding out carbon.

    Scientists that have opposing opinions were/are suppressed as demonstrated today with the covid crisis.

  4. We are Carbon Based Life forms, do we go too? This is childish and about a impractical as it gets but better still, please define Carbon Neutral.

  5. We BREATHE CO2, are we to be dispatched, too? Oh wait….. YES, I think that’s what they want; what was once a preposterous and unthinkable idea.

  6. The Democrats are worried about carbon emissions, but don’t care that the city is polluted with marijuana smoke filled with neurotoxin THC. I won’t even go to LA unless I have to now that it is so polluted with marijuana smoke. It’s disgusting.
    Banning gas lines is a brain dead idea. Those gas lines could in the future be carrying hydrogen., which has no carbon.

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