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Youth soccer. (Photo: youtube screen capture)

LA County Public Health Officer Orders Weekly Covid Testing to Participate in Youth Sports

‘I don’t think parents know this is coming and what this order will do to youth sports’

By Katy Grimes, August 30, 2021 10:19 am

An order issued last week by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis, could result in hundreds of thousands of children in Los Angeles County losing out on youth sports for the remainder of 2021.

Ben, a parent volunteer of a soccer club in the county spoke with the Globe about what this order will do to youth sports. “I think parents don’t know this is coming,” he said. “Youth sports organizations, most of which are heavily dependent on volunteers, are being asked to be COVID test aggregators and enforcers and as of September 1st, kids showing no signs of COVID, will be required to submit weekly tests or they are not allowed to play.”

“The LADPH issued an Order August 23, 2021 that requires weekly testing of all childrenregardless of age or vaccination status, who want to play sports in LA County,” Ben said. He explained that in order to “compete” and play sports, the order states all children, including kids as young as 4 or 5 playing T-ball with their parents, will be required to submit weekly COVID tests, even if they’re not showing any symptoms.

“The thought that volunteer sports organizations and sports clubs have to manage this… there is no way for us to ‘require’ this and oversee it. We don’t have the infrastructure or the financial ability to do it,” Ben said.

Ben said 2,700 kids is just one region of AYSO in LA County participate in American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) alone. “Seasons will be cancelled if the county does not change one word in the order,” Ben said. “We need the word REQUIRE replaced with RECOMMEND in the Health Order.  That’s all we need. Just ONE word is the difference between tens to hundreds of thousands of kids in LA County being able to exercise outside in a supervised environment or going home every day to play video games in their rooms after sitting masked up all day in classrooms.”

“Many youth sports organizations in LA County are actively encouraging County Supervisors to seek the change of just ONE word in the recent LA Department of Public Health Order,” Ben said. “Otherwise, numerous programs will be forced to cancel the Fall season.”

“This order applies to high school athletes as well as kids who play T-ball, Little League, AYSO, Pop-Warner/flag football, softball, club soccer, travel baseball, lacrosse, water polo, basketball, volleyball, and any other sport,” Ben explained. He said there is no distinction in the County Order between indoor and outdoor sports, nor is there any recognition of natural immunity from a prior case of COVID.

“What we haven’t had enough conversion about surrounding COVID is health and fitness,” Ben said. “We want kids to be healthy and fit. Kids need to be outdoors and exercising.”

Ben said during the statewide lockdowns of schools and businesses, “club sports were the bright spot in kids’ lives. This is only about the kids,” Ben added. “These types of detrimental public health policies in LA County kept our children out of school last year, and now they’re about to crush the kids once again.”

Los Angeles County public health department risk level per sport. (http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening_YouthSports.pdf)

These are the latest Los Angeles County Public Health Department orders:

LA County Public Health Order – August 23 2021


Reopening_YouthSports____August 23 2021
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17 thoughts on “LA County Public Health Officer Orders Weekly Covid Testing to Participate in Youth Sports

  1. L.A. County “public health officers,” which include the infamous Fake Doctor and Crypt-Keeper Barbara Ferrer, have done NOTHING but relentlessly and eternally put their jackboot on the necks of the 10 MILLION people who live and work in L.A. County, which is comprised of 88 MUNICIPALITIES. They long ago lost any misplaced credibility they may have had. We’re DONE. They’re monkeying with the numbers, they’ve BEEN lying, they’re lying NOW, and they will CONTINUE to lie. I agree with Full Stop above:
    JUST SAY NO! to their edicts.
    Bonus Points: VOTE YES to RECALL NEWSOM

  2. Demand they show evidence that masking children stops the virus! They cannot do so.
    Look to Sweden, look to schools in the E.U. that never shut down, the children did not spread to teachers and the death rates are near zero!
    15 days to slow the spread was turned into 18 months of diktats by power hungry unqualified public employees!
    I agree JUST SAY NO!

    Good luck LA county parents. It is time to take a stand.

  3. PCR tests cannot distinguish COVID from the flu. So that means we have to force people to use all the remaining test kits before the PCR test recall goes into effect at the end of the year.


    All our COVID data is corrupted. Trust no expert. Trust no scientist. Assert your fundamental human rights while you can.

  4. This is insane! CA is really invested in the inaccurate COVID tests. Who pockets all the money for weekly testing? I see this as another attack on innocent asymptomatic children. Four year olds playing t-ball outside? They took away in person classroom instruction, they took away smiling faces and free air, now they want to take away sports. Slowly but surely they keep increasing vaccine mandates and decreasing the size of gatherings that require these mandates. And no mention of natural immunity. I agree CaliGirl, Just Say NO!

    1. 1) VOTE YES to recall Newsom – and choose any one of the candidates that will REMOVE all of these draconian, tyrannical mandates for NON-SCIENCE based population controls….

      2) RESIST and PROTEST publicly against these stupid edicts – there is strength in numbers….

      3) We’re DONE… NO MORE….

    2. Hi Michelle,
      It is time to make some noise! Gather family, friends,neighbors, parents and speak out. Write to your county supervisors, show up at their meetings! Support each other! Enough is enough.

      We as a collective group up and down this state stopped AB 455 by writing and calling assembly members and state senators.

      We must keep up the pressure and do something.
      Good luck to you all. The first step is the hardest but after that it gets easier.


  5. Keep this up – its the best GET RID OF NEWSOM advertising there could be…tyrants keep trying to dictate and people will rebel and will see YES on removal of Newsom as one of the ways to speak out.

  6. Yeah, because science says that children infect others and get infected at alarming rates. NOT. Enough with the non-MD telling L.A. County residents how to run their lives. NO MORE.

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