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Let Californians Vote on the Taxpayer Protection Initiative 

Newsom’s attempt to thwart the Taxpayer Protection Initiative is not just an affront to democracy; it’s a blatant disregard for the will of the people

By Melissa Melendez, May 29, 2024 9:30 am

California politicians seem to have an insatiable appetite for your hard-earned money. With the state’s cost of living skyrocketing and two tax-increasing initiatives looming on the statewide ballot, it’s no surprise that Californians are growing increasingly weary of their leaders’ relentless pursuit of more funds from their wallets. Governor Gavin Newsom and his allies in the legislature are going to great lengths to prevent voters from having a say on the Taxpayer Protection Initiative this November.

The Taxpayer Protection Initiative, propelled by a groundswell of grassroots support, aims to fortify taxpayer safeguards that have been gradually eroded over the years. It seeks to reinstate a two-thirds threshold in the legislature and citizen votes to approve certain tax hikes. No more underhanded fee hikes siphoning money from your pockets without your consent.

However, Newsom is pulling out all the stops to block this initiative, claiming it’s unconstitutional. Seriously? California has a rich history of enacting significant reforms through ballot propositions. Take Proposition 13, for example. It’s been effectively curbing property tax hikes for over four decades. If that’s deemed constitutional, what’s Newsom so afraid of?

Since then, Californians have repeatedly used ballot initiatives to rein in tax-happy politicians. Proposition 98, for instance, mandates that a substantial portion of the state budget be allocated to education. Yet, Newsom’s reckless spending has left the state grappling with financial woes, and he’s resorting to desperate measures to maintain the cash flow, even if it means stifling the voices of voters.

By blocking the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, Newsom is setting a dangerous precedent. Letting the people vote is not only a fundamental democratic principle but also essential to preserving the integrity of our electoral process. Californians deserve to have their voices heard on an initiative that addresses their concerns and safeguards their hard-earned money.

Knowing that these restrictions would curb government spending, the governor is arguing that the scope of the initiative’s proposed tax restrictions is too broad. His challenge made its way to the California Supreme Court in early May, and the court seemed inclined not to rule until after the election. The delay would give California’s politicians and their friends in big labor at least two more years to raise your taxes, a virtual surety given the state’s projected budget deficit of at least $45 billion.

Moreover, the initiative’s disqualification could have far-reaching consequences beyond just this election cycle. It risks undermining the foundation of direct democracy in California, a legacy that traces back to the pioneering efforts of figures like Hiram Johnson and Howard Jarvis. By circumventing entrenched interests and bureaucratic hurdles, these trailblazers empowered ordinary citizens to shape the state’s policies directly through the ballot box.

Newsom’s attempt to thwart the Taxpayer Protection Initiative is not just an affront to democracy; it’s a blatant disregard for the will of the people. It’s time for Californians to stand up and demand their right to vote on an initiative that reflects their interests and priorities. Whether the initiative ultimately prevails or not, we cannot allow our leaders to undermine our democratic rights and erode the very foundations of our state’s governance.

Governor Newsom knows the state has overspent during his administration, making life harder for working Californians already crushed by national inflation and a cumulative tax burden, which is among the highest in the country. With the looming deficit, he and his greedy allies in the public sector unions will stop at nothing to redistribute your money to their friends, including preventing citizens from voting on a legitimately qualified initiative that would make it harder to raise taxes. Californians need financial relief now and deserve to vote on an initiative so many of them work hard to qualify — truly a grassroots effort.  

The stakes are too high to let this injustice go unchallenged. Californians must mobilize and demand accountability from their elected officials. Our voices matter, and we must ensure that they are heard loud and clear in Sacramento. The fight for taxpayer protection is not just about this initiative; it’s about safeguarding the principles of democracy and holding our leaders accountable to the people they serve.

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8 thoughts on “Let Californians Vote on the Taxpayer Protection Initiative 

  1. The Democrats and their talking heads love to shout, “Our democracy is under attack”, “ Donald Trump is a threat to democracy!”
    Interestingly enough the Governor Grim Reaper Newsom is the real threat to democracy! The will of the people means nothing to this tyrant!
    Remember they have found a sneaky way to tax you. The CARB commission will be adding a 50 cent gas tax this summer! Did we have a say? It is taxation without representation!
    Is anyone else sick of these progressive democrats and their games.
    Geez, vote for change, start at the local level.

  2. Melissa Melendez, you hit a home run. We need the Taxpayer Protection Initiative as we are getting taxed to death by Governor Climate Change and the Dems. I believe the first sign of a bad idea is anything that gives the government more money. By the way, have you thought of running for Governor?

  3. Newsom and the criminal Democrat mafia that controls California will use every means possible to block the Taxpayer Protection Initiative and won’t allow voters to vote on it? They don’t want their criminal racket to end?

  4. On principle alone, this initiative fails. First because of av2/3rds vote requirement which places the majority vote under the tyranny of a minority vote. Secondly it is an ex post facto law that invalidates previous approved legislation. Sorry Melissa but you are just a totalitarian.

  5. Found THIS laughable whopper on a related article at californiainsider.com :
    ““Anything that we can do to restore [some] sort of sense and dignity to the electoral process is a good thing, because … there are no problems with voter fraud in California,” Sen. Josh Newman said during the committee hearing. “There are problems with politics, but let’s take the politics out of elections.””

    ELECTIONS ARE ALL ABOUT POLITICS, you Democrat dumbass!!!

    1. And he’s correct in saying that the Democrat party HAS NO PROBLEMS with voter fraud in California!!! That’s because it’s what KEEPS THEM IN POWER (along with their electronic voting platforms that enable tabulation modification through the process of “adjudication” of ballots….

  6. I have always been a strong proponent of protecting the environment, better public education, safety, and promoting business in California. We can have it all, if we have representatives that know that the tax revenue and fees they collect come from hard working Californians, and not just “Monopoly Money” to throw around and not be accountable for it. I don’t mind paying taxes for essential services, which we all rely upon. But, more and more taxes, and less and less services is what we have come to expect. We need this Taxpayer Accountability Act to pass. It at least puts the power where it belongs; with those actually paying the bills. It holds our elected representatives accountable to spend the money where they promised in their tax hike proposals, and be more accountable for handling of the money. We are getting taxed to death, and are getting less and less. We are mad as hell, and are not going to take it anymore! Their addiction to overspending needs this critical intervention.

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