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Governor Gavin Newsom at the California and New Zealand Partner to Advance Global Climate Leadership press conference, San Francisco, CA, May 27, 2022. (Photo: Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock)

Letting Legislators Off Gently in Veto Messages

‘I wholeheartedly share the author’s desire to tackle this crisis, but this bill is duplicative of efforts already underway’

By Chris Micheli, September 30, 2022 3:58 pm

In reviewing dozens of gubernatorial vetoes during the just-concluded 2022 Legislative Session, Governor Gavin Newsom generally treated legislators gently when he vetoed their bills. After the standard statement, “I am returning SB or AB __ without my signature,” and a brief explanation of the bill’s provisions, Governor Newsom usually made a positive statement, often complimenting the legislator on his or her legislative efforts. Thereafter, the explanation for the veto was set forth.

The following are some examples of the Governor’s introductory positive statements in most of his veto messages to California legislators:

“While I support the author’s efforts to reduce STDs and reinfections in California…”

“I share the author’s goal of ensuring that patients are able to receive the behavioral health care they need, when they need it.”

“I recognize the economic benefits OHV competitions bring to rural communities, but…”

“While the author’s intent is laudable…”

“I share the author’s commitment to supporting a strong pipeline of trained behavioral health professionals, but this program is duplicative of California’s recent efforts in this area.”

“I share the author’s commitment to school greening projects and my Administration is proud that the 2022-23 Budget included…”

“While I appreciate the author’s goal to assess the needs of underserved rural communities, this work is already underway…”

“Although I appreciate the author’s goal of supporting critical safety net care provided by this important hospital in his district, the bill imposes a reimbursement structure that conflicts with federal regulations…”

“I share the author’s goal of expanding the number of mental health professionals…”

“While I appreciate the author’s attempts to enact consumer protections for older adults and their loved ones looking for a RCFE, I am concerned this bill may serve to reduce consumer options…”

“While I support providing workers notice of their rights, this bill departs from existing notice requirements…”

“While I appreciate the author’s intent to study the mental health of a specific demographic of our veteran population…”

“I support the author’s goal of improving informed consent requirements and protecting long-term care residents….”

“I support the author’s efforts to improve maternal health outcomes and ensure Medi-Cal offers appropriate care for beneficiaries during and after their pregnancy.”

“I appreciate the author’s effort to modernize the existing Public School Health Center Support Program and their intent to increase access to physical and behavioral health services for students.”

“I wholeheartedly share the author’s desire to tackle this crisis, but this bill is duplicative of efforts already underway.”

“I am sympathetic to the author’s efforts to increase the amount a Medi-Cal beneficiary in Long-Term Care is able to retain each month…”

“I support the author’s efforts to address gaps in the Family Code…”

“I commend the author for responding to their district ‘s facility-specific needs.”

“I appreciate the author’s dedication to supporting children diagnosed with ASD and their families. While the bill’s intent is laudable…”

“I agree with the author’s goal of increasing access to assistive technology for people with disabilities and older adults”

“I support the author’s efforts to enhance California’s surveillance capabilities.”

Despite often including these positive statements, the end result of the message was still the same – the bill was vetoed and will not become law this year.

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2 thoughts on “Letting Legislators Off Gently in Veto Messages

  1. I hope the voters in California veto his next term.
    We will do it gently at the ballot box.
    “We understand you want to be our Governor the next 4 years but we feel California citizens cannot afford 4 more years of your tyrannical tendencies.”
    California Citizens

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