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Los Angeles County, California. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Los Angeles Parents Understandably Aghast After NFL ‘FaceAPalooza’

What can we do to make LA County Board Of Supervisors listen?

By Katy Grimes, February 15, 2022 11:32 am

“In a brilliant move showing their intelligence and street smarts, both of which were definitely not acquired in the public school system, L.A.U.S.D. students dressed up as celebrities attending the Super Bowl this morning so they wouldn’t have to wear a mask to school,” the Babylon Bee spoofed on Monday. “Students donned attire making them appear to be miniature versions of Martha Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell, and more big-name celebrities, hundreds of whom attended the packed football game yesterday without a mask in sight.”

While this spoof is hilarious, and just a little ironic, the absurdity rings true. One day after the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in which prominent California celebrities and lawmakers were seen without masks once again, breaking both state and local laws, kids are still masked in California schools.

Gov. Newsom  dropped the outdoor mask mandate but the indoor mask mandate, including children attending LA schools, will remain indefinitely.

Gov. Newsom trotted out his HHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly to deliver the bad news Monday.

The Globe reported Monday: California Health and Human Services (CHHS) Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced Monday that the school mask mandate would stay in place for the rest of February despite drastically falling COVID-19 cases in the state and other states ending similar mandates in the next few months.

That means children went school in Los Angeles in a mask on Monday morning, while 80,000 Sports fans got to have unmasked fun only the day before.

“‘Sorry, teach — you can’t make me wear that,’ said one girl who now resembled Miley Cyrus,” the Babylon Bee continued. “‘I’m rich and famous and I’m above your rules.’ One smart student dressed up as Gavin Newsom himself, so he was allowed to wear no mask, dine indoors, and even given a private lunch party at an exclusive lunch table just for him, while everyone else had to wear masks and sit six feet apart.”

One kid should have dressed up as scary LA County Public Health Officer Barbara Ferrer who apparently was one of only two Super Bowl fans masked-up.

While the Babylon Bee presented a really creative idea, it would not work in Los Angeles because the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is running the show. And they have a captive audience in County Public Health Officer Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles resident Dr. Mark Ghaly, and apparently the County Supervisors.

Where are the members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors? Why are they letting the UTLA and County Public Health Officer Barbara Ferrer make decisions about school kids?

Los Angeles resident and reluctant County Supervisor candidate Roxanne Hoge has some answers.

The Globe talked with Hoge Tuesday morning, who describes herself: “Mom of 4, Wife of 1. Believer in Common Sense. I want CA to be livable & make sense, I belong to http://legacyrepublicans.org & @CWLAUS. Be happy!”

“We are behind San Francisco!” Hoge said. “Yes, San Francisco! But this is Los Angeles.”

Hoge says the real epidemic is among public officials lacking a spine. “They can’t say ‘I was wrong.'”

“I don’t want to run, but the calculus is this – it’s a Merry-Go-Round of the same elected representatives,” Hoge said. “I’m taking the temperature – we all want to know who is the best common sense candidate.”

LA County Board of Supervisors 2022. (Photo: bos.lacounty.gov)

The is the current LA County Board of Supervisors and what Hoge is talking about:

  • Hilda Solis, served as the 25th United States Secretary of Labor from 2009 to 2013, as part of the administration of President Barack Obama, US House of Representatives, Ca State Assembly and Senate;
  • Janice Hahn, served in the US House of Representatives, LA City Council;
  • Sheila Kuehl, who served eight years in the State Senate and six years in the State Assembly;
  • Holly Mitchell, served three years as an Assembly member and seven years as State Senator;
  • Kathryn Barger, worked as chief deputy for Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich from 2001, until her election to the Board of Supervisors in November 2016.

So much for term limits in California.

Roxanne Hoge, former Assembly candidate, possible LA County Board of Sups candidate. (Photo: Roxanne Hogue)

Hoge said the LA Board of Supervisors is like television talk show “The View” – “Supervisor Kathryn Barger is on the View with four Democrats,” Hoge said.

Hoge explained that current Supervisor Sheila Kuehl isn’t running again in District 3. Sen. Bob Hertzberg, Sen. Henry Stern are running, and both voted to continue the indefinite state of emergency, she said. Also running is Lindsey Horvath, who Hoge says is endorsed by “defund the police” supporter Sheila Kuehl.

“So if there is no one to run who can take the fight to Hertzberg, Stern and Horvath, I will.”

“We just need someone with a functional brain and a functional spine, and if that is me, so be it,” Hoge said. “They [other candidates] won’t even speak up on the recall of DA George Gascon.”

However, Hoge said the Democrat candidates are getting “big bucks” from special interests to run, and “then once elected, dole it back out to those special interests.”

“Why are they paying $1 million for a job that pays $225,000?” Hoge asked, referring to the campaign funds for the Supervisor race. “They are the mafia without consideration for family and children. My heart breaks for people who have been willfully misled.”

Hoge is talking about masking, and other ostensible county “health” orders regarding COVID, two years in. “Dr. Ghaly just said ‘there’s no way we are going to unmask our kids,'” following the “FaceAPalooza” at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“I’m not mad. I’m really happy I saw LA as it should be: clean, full of bright, shiny, happy faces. That’s the LA our Board of Supervisors should be supporting,” Hoge said.

“Instead, they’re not showing up for work, and haven’t met in person since the start of the pandemic.”

“If you’re a Democrat, the Party is dedicated to one group only – teachers unions,” said Hoge. “They don’t care about parents or about kids.”

Hoge recommends Democrats change their Party registration to a “Decline to State” voter, and pay close attention to local races. “Those are the people keeping the boot on our necks,” she said.

“Our Board of Supervisors are five women more powerful than the governors of 41 states, because Los Angeles is that big,” Hoge added.

“What do you want your LA to look like?” Hoge asked. “I’d like it to look like the LA I saw on TV Sunday – Happy shiny faces, clean streets, beautiful weather… and not a mask in sight – unless you want to wear one.”

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9 thoughts on “Los Angeles Parents Understandably Aghast After NFL ‘FaceAPalooza’

  1. Time to get to the core of what is occurring here… Newsom is a product of WEF Klaus Schwab & book ‘Covind19: The Great Reset”
    Listen to Gareth Icke Interview with Chris Sky (brighteon); Watch what is happening with ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada… Emergency Declaration means they are going for bank accounts and property. Canada’s Trudeau, the Finance Minister, Ottawa Police Chief are all globalist New World Order puppets, as is Newsom.
    bondsforthewin.com will assist parents with claims against school board surety bonds to end mandates.

    1. That’s a bit harsh. Its not a scam. I personally know two people who contracted Covid and recovered.
      It has been exaggerated at times by the media though.

      1. It is a scam in that everything you hear about it is lies. This is a one, two punch to knock out the human race. First give people a disease that is 99.9% survivable and then lie to inflate the numbers. Next step is to create treatment protocols designed to kill people while in the hospital and to ban all effective treatments. Then scare the heck out of people to take the clot shot which is the real agenda as this is the start of the extermination of the human race. Newsom, Pelosi, Fauci and BiteMe are not playing around.

        These monsters are not going to succeed and they will be facing Nuremburg trials very soon!

  2. As long as L.A. County residents keep electing incompetent people who can only draw a paycheck on the public trough, they will continue to get incompetence, asinine rules, bad management, and people who have no idea of what reality looks like. Look at the description of each of the supervisors in the article. They just rotate from city to county to state political offices and back again doing damage at all levels of government. They could NEVER be hired by private sector companies or corporations because you have to be worth every penny of your salary there. So they resort to spreading their buffoonery in government. CA in general, and L.A. County specifically, can only fix the problems that affect us by electing citizen-legislators that serve their time and then return to the private sector to live under the laws and ordinances they passed. Like our founding fathers intended. Then you will have efficiency.

  3. OMG, Bob Hertzberg, Henry Stern? Wow, look for nothing to change but possibly only get worse (hard to imagine) if either of them should win Kuehl’s seat. These people and their political musical chairs games! Never mind that the mere endorsement of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, former Dobie Gillis child actor and menace, means a big NO for whoever the heck Lindsey Horvath is.
    Extremely grateful to Roxanne Hoge for stepping up here. Seems to me she has decent name recognition in L.A. County, having run for office before. That’s good. Those of us in L.A. County who want the beginnings of a reasonable future need to encourage, support, and FUND her. There is an excellent chance that the totally fed-up people of L.A. County, which consists of 88 municipalities, are READY to elect someone like Roxane Hoge. Then sensible people would regain the majority once more on the Board. The time is pretty ripe if you ask me: L.A. County voters have learned A LOT in the last two or three years about what the County Board of Supervisors is and how much power it has and the comical cast of characters that make up its majority. You have to laugh or you’ll cry, I guess.
    Supervisor Kathryn Barger is generally good and has become better and more outspoken recently. Janice Hahn (sister of former L.A. Mayor Jim Hahn) is spotty but will often respond to pressure from her constituency and that’s a GOOD thing in this nightmarish landscape we’re in. The other three, Hilda Solis, Holly Mitchell, and the aforementioned Shiela Kuehl are horror movie clowns with power.
    Fingers crossed!

  4. Here’s a story I read on this website https://bondsforthewin.com/2022/01/19/elementor-2353/. Here’s the story from the site. ” A mother named Violet with a 16-year-old boy who has autism begged the schools to let her son have an exemption. They refused. When forced to wear the masks he became distraught and he harmed himself so badly that he had to be hospitalized in a mental institution.

    Violet obtained the bond for the superintendent of her school district. Turns out – The superintendent was carrying a $4 million liability per bond claim!! So next Violet served the superintendent with a letter of intent to file a claim against her bond if she didn’t pull back the mask mandates, admit she was wrong, and resign within five days. The superintendent did nothing.

    After day 6 Violet filed the claim against her at the bond company.

    The very next day we have a recording from the lawyers who represent the district explaining that they have to get rid of the masks, all state and federal funding is BLOCKED, and the superintendent is on her own with regard to the $4 million claims! They also put out a request for parent volunteers to substitute for teachers because their funding is CEASED due to an OPEN claim against them.

    If the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and local school boards continue with their child abuse policies and violate the civil rights of students and parents and they have bonds then file claims against their bonds. Let’s see how tough they are when they become personally liable for their criminal actions.

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