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Janet Nguyen and family. (Photo: Janet Nguyen)

Malia Cohen’s Refusal to Denounce Socialist Governments Speaks Volumes

The people of Venezuela are suffering, and millions have fled

By Janet Nguyen, October 12, 2022 2:50 am

Earlier this month, a news clip from CNN surfaced showing that Malia Cohen, the Democratic nominee for state controller, traveled to Venezuela to learn about Hugo Chávez’s socialist government and praised their “revolutionary thought and mindset.” 

The state controller’s office is California’s accountant – the state’s independent fiscal watchdog, overseeing the disbursement of hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds a year and uncovering fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars. 

How is a person who would effectively serve as the chief financial officer of the world’s fifth-largest economy traveling to Venezuela to learn about the economic and socialist changes of the Hugo Chávez revolution?

Our family and millions of others escaped the brutal socialist government in Vietnam. My family and I were part of what is known as the “boat people.” 

As hundreds of thousands fled by sea, most were attacked, and the women were raped. Tens of thousands died as they drifted into the ocean without food or water. 

Those that were left behind faced torture and were sent to labor camps for reeducation. 

The brochure advertising Cohen’s trip to Venezuela read:

“Something remarkable is happening in Venezuela. The lives of millions of Venezuelans are improving as historic wrongs are being righted… Now, for the first time, millions of Venezuelans have access to education, job training, housing, land, clean water, health care, and something maybe even more precious: dignity.”

My family and I escaped communism on a small wooden 10-meter boat sailing across the South East Asia Sea in search of freedom. After passing through horrific situations and numerous refugee camps, we finally arrived in California in 1981. 

Today, the people of Venezuela are suffering, and millions have fled. Over three-quarters of Venezuelans live in extreme poverty. Hyperinflation has left the currency worthless and made it impossible for people to afford necessities. Yet Malia Cohen refuses to retract her praise of Chávez’s socialist revolution or answer questions about why she went and whether she still supports repressive socialist regimes today.

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4 thoughts on “Malia Cohen’s Refusal to Denounce Socialist Governments Speaks Volumes

  1. Janet Nguyen, thank you for contributing this very important information.
    This state already operates like a marxist regime while being controlled by a democratic supermajority. The reckless, unaccountable spending with no regard for the taxpayer needs to be stopped. A marxist leaning candidate will not discourage the reckless spending spree, she will encourage and look the other way!
    We need Lanhee Chen to be elected and track our spending. Where did the 32 billion EDD money go? How about the BYD mask no bid contract or the train to no where? Are these examples I give fiscally sound?
    Our country is in a recession, we cannot spend our way out or print any more money. We need someone determined, smart and morally convicted to say no more!

    We do not need a State Controller such as Malia Cohen who is running on one issue which is pro-abortion. We need a candidate that understands the faulty economic situation we are entering.

  2. Lanhee Chen is the better candidate for this role… not perfect, but much better than this Democrat rubber-stamp for more profligate spending and unchecked fiscall irresponsibility by the Democrat cabal that ruins, er, runs this state for the time being….

  3. So glad and grateful to see this from Asm Janet Nguyen, who has certainly paid her dues for forthrightly speaking up in the legislature (e.g. against the slobbering tributes of the legislature for communist Tom Hayden —- remember?), just to name one example. After which she was treated HORRIBLY by her “colleagues.”
    Really cannot think of anything that would be more effective to help voters decide on who should fill this extremely important state office of controller than her own personal story, which in this case points up the back-stabbing absurdity of Malia Cohen’s Venezuelan visit.

  4. I don’t know do you think maybe the sanctions the United States put on Venezuela might have something to do with their poverty. And whats the deal with the United States recognizing this Juan Guido as their president when he wasn’t even elected. I don’t even think he ran. I do know they have a bunch of oil down there. I’m sure the opinions in this article were based of first hand account of someone who had actually been to Venezuela.

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