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Sen. Richard Pan. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine For All California School Children Under New Bill

‘This new bill just proves that California politicians don’t give a damn about people’s rights’

By Evan Symon, January 24, 2022 3:22 pm

A bill that would add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccines to attend school, as well as close the exemption loophole, was introduced to the Senate on Monday.

According to the bill’s author, Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), all schoolchildren would be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by 2023. The vaccine would be added to the current list of inoculations to attend public or private school in California between K-12. Unlike previous vaccine mandates, the bill would not be contingent on U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

In addition, the bill, also known as the Keep Schools Open and Safe Act, would supersede Governor Gavin Newsom’s October vaccine mandate for school children. While it would require the vaccine like the mandate, it would expand and remove the medical and religious exemptions, something that a Governor cannot do but that the Legislature can.

The new bill will closely follow SB 277, the 2015 law that removed personal belief exemptions from vaccines that were required for public and private schools in 2015. As Senator Pan noted on Monday in a press release, following the passage of SB 277 7 years ago, vaccines drastically increased among school-age children.

Senator Pan wrote the bill that was introduced on Monday not only to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates like what SB 277 did for measles and other diseases, but to keep schools open in the coming years in case of any future COVID-19 outbreaks.

“As the parent of two school students, I understand parents need confidence and certainty that their child’s school is safe and can be in-person,” said Senator Pan on Monday. “The most effective way to keep schools open and safe is to ensure the COVID vaccination rate of students and school staff is as high as possible in addition to masks, testing, and good ventilation to minimize infections. My legislation will give parents great certainty that their child is unlikely to get seriously sick and their school will stay open during COVID.”

“We need to make sure schools are safe so that all parents are comfortable sending their children to school. And we want to keep schools open. We should be having conversations about what’s best for our children and what’s best for the safety of schools.”

Support and opposition against the bill

Health and school officials praised the new bill on Monday and vowed to support it in the coming months.

“Keeping our students and employees as safe as possible has been a top priority for Los Angeles Unified during the COVID-19 pandemic,” noted Los Angeles Unified Board President Kelly Gonez. “We have maintained continuity of instruction while establishing the largest school-based COVID-19 testing program and keeping more than 1,400 schools open since August 16, our first day of school. The science is clear – vaccinations are an essential part of protection against COVID-19. Los Angeles Unified applauds the nearly 90 percent of our students aged 12 and older and their families who are in compliance with our vaccine requirement. Senator Pan’s bill will support widespread student vaccination and ensure local educational agencies across the state can safely and effectively navigate the pandemic. A statewide vaccine mandate will promote uniform health and safety protocols and is aligned with the intent of other existing vaccination statutes.”

California Medical Association President Robert E. Wailes also approved of the bill on Monday, explaining that “As COVID cases and hospitalizations of children are rising due to more infectious variants, we know that vaccination is our greatest defense.  Too many children are not yet fully vaccinated and are left vulnerable to this serious disease. California needs policies to minimize the threat of COVID-19 to children, and the California Medical Association appreciates the leadership of Dr. Richard Pan for working to protect children’s health and their right to safe schools.”

Parent and school groups, who are currently fighting against the SB 866 12-year-old and up vaccine consent bill, came out in opposition to Pan’s bill on Monday, saying that it went too far and that exemptions had been added for a reason.

“This new bill just proves that California politicians don’t give a damn about people’s rights,” said Chip Garnett, a parental group leader at a school district in San Diego County, to the Globe on Monday. “You could have a legit medical problem or a religious belief that won’t allow a vaccination, but this bill pretty much says ‘This tramples over your religious rights.'”

“And not only that, it’s another vaccine our kids have to get. That part isn’t so big, but just the thought that a vaccine, which according to the bill would not need FDA approval, be added as a regular inoculation is astounding. I’m beginning to think that Dr. Pan’s medical degree is only an honorary one, because other doctors have told us that exemptions are needed for some kids who may not be able to handle the vaccine. A lot of kids don’t have great reactions to them. They can be out for days, get chills that last a long time, boil up, and all sorts of other things. I know  that that’s just the bodies reaction, but seriously, no other tried and tested vaccine does that to that extent.”

“You can bet we’ll be against this bill every step of the way. And if does pass, well, you know how homeschooling shot up last year in California because of parents tired of all these restrictions and mandates? Well, with this bill covering private schools too, parents who don’t want this for their kids will either have to move out of state or home school. There’s no real great outcome here.”

Sen. Pan’s bill is expected to be heard in the Senate in the coming months.

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Evan Symon
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28 thoughts on “Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine For All California School Children Under New Bill

  1. One of the State’s biggest nuts speaks again. If this nonsense were ever to pass, parents need to pull their children out of these horribly run Marxist schools.

  2. Thank you Sen Pan. A smart and sensible bill that should pass easily. Adding the Covid vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for schoolchildren makes perfect sense.

    1. Thank you Sen Pan. A $mart and $en$ible bill that should pass easily. Adding the Covid vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for schoolchildren makes perfect $en$e for Pfizer and Moderna.

    2. I guess that you don’t give a flying F about the impacts of the mRNA vaccine on the youth of this Country regarding myocarditis. My Cousin’s son needs double heart valve replacement due to the COVID shots.

      Thanks W..!!!

    3. I don’t know howyou can say that with a straight face, after all, it is NO secret that Gavin Newsom’s kids are NOT vaccinated at all. I am sure his wife will keep it that way. I don’t know how the governor can expect everyone else’s kids to get vaxxed when he is NOT leading by example.

    4. Covid is NOT a childhood disease nor is the vaccine a traditional one. Learn before you bleat like an obedient sheep!

    5. How about at least waiting until 2024-2027; when the clinical trials, including the myocarditis study, actually end. This is highly dangerous and possibly disastrous as the long term effect of these vaccines are not yet known on young developing children. Reason and rationale are being thrown to the wind by this most likely CCP plant and the emotional career driven legislators in Sac.

  3. It’s not much, but Pfizer donated $14,700 to Richard Pan’s campaign (source https://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=13008437 ).

    And, from Forbes on 1/21/2022:
    “Moderna Stock Crash Intensifies: Losses Top $130 Billion”
    “Battered by a steep broad-market selloff this week, Moderna shares fell for a sixth straight day Friday as experts questioned whether Covid-19 vaccine sales alone will help justify the firm’s meteoric valuation, intensifying a crash that’s wiped out more than 60% of the value in one of last year’s top stocks and turned it into this year’s worst performer. “

    1. Well, if you look at the Pharmaceutical & Health Products campaign contributions combined, the total is $326,149 from 226 sources. Most of his support comes from the Party and Unions; no surprise.

  4. Take your kids out of the abusive, satanic public schools. Leave the state if you must but do all you need to save your kids from this death cult.

  5. Atty Tom Renz –
    Miscarriages up 300%… Cancer up 300%… Neurological issues up 1000% (82k up to 863k in one year)
    Children Myocarditis? Strokes?
    American Pediatric Assn and AMA are financed by….. PFIZER
    “Senator Richard Pan and the Persistent Brainwashing of Free People” circleofmamas.com

    1. VAERS has just under 35,000 reports (most are not reported) of Covid “vax” injuries in the 5-17 age range. This monster wants more.

  6. I have some questions. How can it be legal to mandate a vaccine for schoolchildren without FDA approval? After SB 277 passed, didn’t all future mandated vaccines added to the school schedule have to include exemptions? What about Dr. Aaron Kheriaty who testified in Senator Ron Johnson’s panel hearing yesterday, (Covid 19, A Second Opinion), testifying that all doctors in California received a letter saying that if they wrote a medical exemption to Covid vaccines they would have their medical licenses investigated and revoked? And most importantly, who can help the people against these out of control state Senators?

  7. This was never about keeping people healthy. Senator Pan is the incarnation of evil pretending and fooling people that he acts in the name of ‘the greater good’. The state has taken over our hospitals and banned real doctors from practicing medicine. These shots are also microchipping the people they don’t permanently damage or kill. Look up the Internet of Bodies.

  8. So you’re going to MANDATE an untested product that has Emergency Use Authorization status, eh, Pan???

    What’s in the water up North that makes the legislators up there completely brain dead???

  9. So why the sudden push? Once it’s on the ‘vaccine schedule’ they are immune from legal liability for injury…
    and there will be tons of child injuries and deaths. Evil personified.

  10. Just a thought… would it be possible to show these people the Tom Renz video (before Sen Johnson panel) with
    DOD vax injury stats., and asking for comment? This way they will be on the record as having been informed prior to the vote and passing legislation.

  11. What monsters that lead our state government. If this passes, there will be even more of an exodus out of California.

    1. That’s the plan, keep the state neon blue! Fight back, the stakes are too high for good people to abandon the state!

  12. What monsters that lead our state government. If this passes, there will be even more of a mass exodus out of California.

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