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Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. (Photo: LAUSD)

LA Unified School District Bans Cloth Masks Usage On Schools Beginning Monday

Rise in Omicron cases, new county safety recommendations spur new school policy

By Evan Symon, January 24, 2022 12:03 pm

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) began a ban on cloth face masks on Monday, changing the requirements for masks to be more form-fitting, non-cloth, and coming with a nose wire, due to new masking guidance by the County.

Since late 2021, more and more health departments and officials have warned that regular cloth masks, which have been the most popular way to mask in public since the pandemic began in March 2020, have not been effective in combatting the new omicron variant. Earlier this month, many health departments across the state responded by upgrading mask recommendations to double masking and using respirators or N95 masks. This included the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which issued new safety guidelines and recommendations around masking last week.

On Friday, the LAUSD joined in the new masking policies, becoming the largest school district in the country to disallow cloth masks for students. They made the shift largely due to both the new masking recommendations from the County, as well as the continued spike of new cases in the County of the omicron variant, which remain at over 25,000 new cases a day. 99% of all reported COVID-19 cases have been of the omicron variant.

Under the new policies, “Masking will be required at all times, indoors and outdoors. It is required that all students wear well-fitting, non-cloth masks with a nose wire. All employees are required to wear surgical grade masks or higher. Los Angeles Unified will continue to provide these kinds of masks to students and employees at school sites if they need them. As with the previous masking requirements, this does not apply to students with mask exemptions.”

Cloth masks in particular will not be allowed anymore, with exemptions for the new masking policy being students who have disabilities, medical conditions, or mental health conditions who would be unable to abide with non-cloth masks.

New non-cloth mask policy in LA public schools

“The shift away from cloth masks was prompted by guidance from Los Angeles County health authorities,” said LAUSD spokesperson Shannon Haber on Friday in an announcement. “Our in-school COVID-19 rates have dropped but we are continuing to be diligent and agile in creating the safest learning environment.”

Teachers reported the compliance remained high on Monday, but noted that many parents remain upset over the masking changes.

“We had some parents and students disregard the order today,” said “Olivia” a LAUSD teacher, to the Globe on Monday. “In some classes, students came in wearing cloth masks with slogans scribbled on them that parents put on, denouncing this new order. Some were eloquent, but others said things like “Doing this will not save anyone” or “When will we be upgrading to gas masks?”

“Most people are indifferent though. Some who didn’t get the notice got the new masks at the front office, and besides some students saying that this was stupid or a few saying that it was harder to breath with N95s on, it’s been going ok. Most people just want all this to be over. What we don’t need are the few teachers we had who shamed students who came in with cloth masks. Like, they just didn’t here or are rebelling in an odd way. Just point them to where they can get a new mask and not be humiliated.”

Other LAUSD teachers contacted by the Globe noted similar reactions across the city on Monday, with most complying while some parents and students openly denouncing the latest policy change.

“It’s been like this for over a year now,” said “Sharon,” another LAUSD teacher. “We have a new policy shift based on the latest scientific or medical data, and really pro-new policy people come out and like to yell at students while people against the policy antagonize teachers even though we have nothing to do with it and are just trying to teach.”

“I don’t know how important these new masks are for everyone, just please, if you want to complain, complain to the district. Let the teachers do their jobs.”

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Evan Symon
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12 thoughts on “LA Unified School District Bans Cloth Masks Usage On Schools Beginning Monday

  1. And the CDC changed their masking guidance AGAIN…!! How will LAUSD handle the change in the CDC guideline..??

    The only thing the CDC is consistent on is their inconsistent masking guidelines..!!

  2. Now these people are really going for broke to dispirit, dehumanize, depress and de-individualize the students held hostage in their tax-paid insane asylum that is supposed to be a school where kids learn (hah!) and play and socialize. I heard this morning that plenty o’ parents are going to court and suing the school districts, only to have the lefty judges throw the cases out with abandon. So it’s not a failure of uncaring parents that this is happening; enough of them obviously mean business. Next step will be to home-school I hope and starve the heck out of this ravenous beast once and for all.

  3. From “Sharon” the teacher : “I don’t know how important these new masks are for everyone, just please, if you want to complain, complain to the district. Let the teachers do their jobs.”

    No, Sharon, YOU do YOUR job and advocate for the students and stand up to the tyranny of “the district”… your silence is tacit support…

  4. This is a smart and sensible move by the LA school district. The omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. Its only going to get worse as a new sub variant of Omicron has now been detected.


    N95 masks need to made mandatory in all schools throughout the state.
    In fact everyone needs to wear these masks at all times in public places.
    Omicron is NOT mild! I personally know people who have contracted this variant and gotten terribly sick.

    1. No, kids should not be required to were masks. How old were your friends and what were their comorbities..?? I know people in their 50’s and 60’s who tested for Omicron and their symptoms were similar to a bad cold or a bad case of the flu but NONE required hospitalization or additional meds to fight it off. They have digestive and cardiac comorbities so it wasn’t bad for them. Just discomfort having to isolate at home.

      The point I’m trying to make is that everyone has different symptoms and outcomes but we’re not playing like you yelling “the sky is falling” like chicken little…!!

      Msn.com is usleess because they’re the MSM and therefore are always parroting left wing garbage from libtards.

      1. “Msn.com is usleess because they’re the MSM and therefore are always parroting left wing garbage from libtards.”

        Just like how the CA globe is always parroting right wing garbage from conservatives.

        1. Well, at least we don’t lie about our politics like the Mainstream Media does..!!

          That’s the difference between Conservatives and Liberals. We don’t try and claim we are something different that what we really are, be us right or in some cases, wrong.

          We also bring facts rather than your brown nosing platitudes to your Dear Leader, Comrade Gruesom Newscum. The problem I have with your comments, is that you never, and I repeat never, say anything bad about the Governor or comment on any post here that here that you would have to put your Dear Leader in a bad spotlight. My example would be the clean up at the train tracks, because, you were more concerned about the snide remarks about a train hitting the Governor rather than admit that the policies of his and the State are causing these issues.

          Why don’t you admit that you want a Dictator to lead the State and a Politburo that rubber stamps everything..!! Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and China come to mind, based upon the platitudes you foist on Newsom, Harris, and Biden all of the time.

    2. Why do you continue to post her? Not one person agrees with you and everything you state is incorrect and outrageously ignorant.

      1. I actually don’t mind, Deb. He/She always provides an opportunity for a good counterpoint. Very useful for educating the Globe audience – which extends far beyond California.

        1. Thank you Ray. The commenters here are mostly right wing Trump supporters. They are not capable of being educated. But as you said, the audience reaches beyond CA.

    1. Well, of course. I mean, let the felons roam the streets, shoot dope and crap on the sidewalks, murder people, destroy businesses, but by God you better put a WIRE FITTED nose piece and professional N95 mask on those despicable children teachers and administrators have to see and teach in person . I hate this state.Absolute sadists running the show.

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