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Mandatory face mask rules in some Californian cities now come with a fine. (Photo: Youtube)

Mandatory Face Mask Fines On The Rise In California

Three more cities impose fines for not wearing a mask in public.

By Evan Symon, July 3, 2020 2:01 pm

During the week, several cities across California began imposing fines for failing to wear a mask in public.

Monterey, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica joined Beverly Hills, which began mask fines in April. Rather than smaller fines under $100, the cities have imposed more expensive first time offense fines in an effort to force people to keep masks on and to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Many cities have also added subsequent fines for repeat offenders, with fines going as high as four figures.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Captain Edward Ramirez of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station announced that the starting fine would be a total of $300.

“The COVID-19 infection rate is moving up in California,” explained Captain Ramirez. “The Governor has recently issued an Order for everyone to wear a face cover/mask while in public. West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has been educating people about face covers/masks since the first Order. Our last option was to conduct enforcement by issuing an Administrative Citation, but the risk to Community health is too great.”

Santa Monica’s fines, also announced this week, went even further. While first violations would only amount to a $100 ticket, third violations rack up to $500. Businesses that fail to comply will receive a $500 fine for a first offense, with a $1,000 fine for a third offense.

“Face coverings are essential,” said Santa Monica Interim City Manager Lane Dilg in a statement. “I encourage everyone to try different styles to find what works for you. But it is a critical time to save lives by wearing face coverings whenever we are outside of our homes and not gathering with people outside of our households.”

Finally, Monterey became the first city outside of Los Angeles County to issue mask fines, with fines starting at $100 and climbing up to $300 for a third offense.

While the fines are being put in place because of the public health risk and to stop the record growth in new cases in the state, some residents have questioned the addition of fines to enforce the mandatory order.

“This is insane,” said Monterey resident Phil Nichols to the Globe. Nichols had received a warning by a member of the Monterey Police two weeks ago for temporarily removing a mask for extra air after going out for a run. “There are going to be some legitimate reasons for removing a mask, but now it doesn’t really matter, does it?

I did it safely down the street and away from other people. I was only lucky they didn’t begin fines then.

I’m all for masks and stopping this thing. But they literally have to give us some breathing room when there is a need to take it off, like drinking water to take life-saving medication for example. If we do it a safe distance away from others and sanitize and everything, no harm done.”

Other Californian cities, as well as a few counties, are currently in discussions for mandatory mask fines. New fines are expected to be announced after the July 4th holiday.

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Evan Symon
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20 thoughts on “Mandatory Face Mask Fines On The Rise In California

  1. Ok, let me get this straight ,“Peaceful protestors” the ones that riot and ransack these very cities get nary a fine. Law abiding citizens who pull down their mask or remove it for fresh air because their body is begging for it are fined upwards of $300.00 for the first offense. Sure that sounds fair! Lord have mercy.
    Reminder there is a new recall effort underway http://www.recallgavin2020.com.

    1. And the insanity of it all just doesn’t go away. There are all kinds of studies showing that masks are totally ineffective in stopping viral particles, a virus, BTW, that has never been identified. I.e. It doesn’t exist! But government tries to force hypoxia on us anyway. So we go around breathing air that is below safety standards while we have increasing bacterial pneumonias, fatigue, headache, slowed thinking from hypoxia, more dental issues and facial infections and rashes. All this to prevent catching a virus that has never been identified and an illness that has a 0.02% mortality rate. Let’s keep wearing masks until none of us has a coherent thought and we all follow the lemmings over the cliff.

  2. More insanity from our Liberal idiots! First off their is no law that says you have to wear a mask! I should say Mussel as that is all they are good for. This madness needs to stop!!!!!!! if I were to get a fine I would drag it through the courts and challenge it , no law on the books, these idiots can mandate all they want. Anyone that doesn’t see this sham for what it is , well they have to be 100% STUPID! Recall this idiot Newsom & vote out every loser liberal in Nov.

  3. I keep wondering what will happen when the first person shows up in court over one of these fines. If they can fine you for not doing what they tell you, where does it end? The mask enforcers can obviously choose who to fine or maybe fine who they’re told to in selective punishment, but I’m really interested to see how a judge will handle this sort of thing, and especially if tons of people show up with the same fines and he has to deal with them one at a time for days.

    I’m sure part of this is a convenient way to take other people’s money and punish them at the same time, which democrats seem to love to do both, but I keep wondering if it’s also a constant visual way for them to continually send the message that the wuhan flu really is as bad as they’re saying and it isn’t over. The nazi regime pushed the ‘ BIG LIE ‘ as they referred to it, by bombarding people with the same information over and over. Isn’t what they’re also doing with these masks? I wonder what people think when they see loads of people wearing masks, but I’d bet they’re hoping it enforces to them it’s what they were told, what they’ve decided to believe and if anything it’s even worse.

    I have a feeling they know most weren’t buying it after people decided to do what they wanted after several days of forced lockdown went by and nothing happened as they predicted. So they bring out the rioters to scare everyone back into their homes, which did little more than to destroy their own cities. Then call upon the neighborhood and supermarket snitches to scare people into submission in an effort of control and punishment, but also in the hopes people will comply and make it appear as though the wuhan is what they said every time they leave the house. Now come the masks in yet another continued attempt to convince people as they leave their homes and experience being hit with mask mania anywhere they go that the virus is everywhere and whatever democrats say it is.

    They seem to be even more desperate to convince us of something we are learning is not what they’ve been and still are claiming it is. The nazi lie was ultimately exposed and this is being exposed more every day as the truth comes out and our BS meters are constantly pegged.

  4. Any cop who issues a summons is the enemy
    This is a fraud and just a means for control over the population

  5. Yes, the answer is to challenge any fine in court. Overwhelm them. I don’t see Garcetti trying to go this route. Considering they are attempting to defund the LAPD, you think any LAPD officer would enforce this?

  6. Read what Karl Denninger has been saying about this from the very beginning. The primary route of infection is from fecal – oral and not aerosols. People at risk (nursing homes, people with co-morbidities) should have been quarantined from the start. None, I repeat, none of the shutdowns were ever necessary at all. Gruesome Newsom is loving his “power” and control and won’t let go without a fight.
    In case you don’t know about his site, it’s here: http://www.market-ticker.org
    Read and learn. This is science and factual information.

  7. Fining on masks is one way to fill the coffers. If Newsom’s order was really just a guideline there should be no fine at all.

  8. Maybe you folks should pay a little more attention when you vote these clowns into office.
    Global warming my ass!

  9. I have a bright Red TRUMP 2020 mask….trigger the libtard …watch there faces turn beet red under their masks.

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