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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Mask Mandate Returns to State Capitol Building Following New Outbreak

Nine State Capitol staffers have tested positive for COVID-19 since last week

By Evan Symon, July 7, 2021 10:50 am

A small outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the State Capitol Building in the last week  has led to the return of the mask mandate in the building on Tuesday.

According to a memo from Secretary of the Senate Erika Contreras and and Assembly Chief Administrative Officer Debra Gravert, face masks are required to be worn by all lawmakers and staff in the Capitol Building, the Legislative Office Building (LOB), and all district offices once again. In addition, all unvaccinated employees must be tested twice a week for COVID-19 beginning on Thursday. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike will need to adhere to the returning mandate, which had previously been dropped when the state reopened last month.

“Effective immediately, and in the short term, all Senators and staff are again required to wear a mask at all times while in the Capitol, Legislative Office Building (LOB) and district offices, regardless of vaccine status,” said Contreras in her memo.

A total of 9 cases had been reported in the Capitol building last week, with four of the nine cases those who are fully vaccinated, and seven of the nine coming from the same Assembly office. All nine who tested for COVID-19 also had worn masks while in the Capitol and had been observing state quarantine rules.

According to Contreras and Gravert, Senators and staff have a 85% vaccination rate, with the Assembly coming in with a nearly identical 84% rate. But, despite the number of vaccinated employees testing positive once again, staff were asked to please continue getting vaccinated, as it offered better protection than no vaccine.

“As we know from these most recent cases, even fully vaccinated individuals can be infected with COVID-19,” added Contreras in her memo. “However, public health experts indicate that fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to suffer the most serious symptoms of COVID-19, and for this reason, the Senate continues to encourage all staff to protect themselves by receiving the vaccine.”

The return of the mask mandate

For many Capitol employees, the return of the mask mandate brings back memories of sudden COVID-19 restriction shifts, such as the Senate and Assembly temporarily closing down following a COVID-19 outbreak in July 2020, and 10 possibly infected GOP Senators being barred from in-person voting in August 2020.

“It’s not as bad as the rollercoaster ride last year, but the masks coming back really feel s like a huge step back,” explained “Dana,” a Capitol staffer. “No one is happy about this. We had previously been given the all clear, and on some days, it was like everything was back to normal. But now the masks are back, just in time to help remind Senators and Assembly Members alike of COVID restrictions right before committee votes on COVID issues. Some think that it may influence some votes, the masks being a reminder and all, but honestly all it is is something most of us will grudgingly do for the next few weeks before more testing hopefully brings the requirement down once again.”

“But a lot of us also worry that it could be continued, with a new variant, like the delta variant, being given as a pretext to keep the masks for longer. A lot of us are really hoping that that will not happen.”

While no end date to the returning mandate was announced as of Wednesday, wording in the memos state that it will remain in place for a least “the short term.”

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Evan Symon
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11 thoughts on “Mask Mandate Returns to State Capitol Building Following New Outbreak

  1. If they’re forcing people to wear masks every time someone tests positive for Covid then what’s even the point of getting vaccinated?

    1. This small group of 9 individuals, 4 fully vaccinated and all 9 had been wearing masks still test positive for COVID indicates the following to me:
      1). COVID tests continue to remain unreliable
      2) COVID EUA vaccines do not work to prevent COVID. There is no proof that it minimizes symptoms.
      3) Wearing masks does not prevent the transmission.
      4) Newsom needs to be ousted before he locks the state down again with his unlawful, unconstitutional emergency powers.
      5). There is NO point in getting vaccinated.

  2. Where the HELL are the courts to stop Newsom emergency powers. We are gong on a year and a half millions of lives destroyed and the courts are silent….I’m mad as heck. Today in testimony through documents the federal government is planning on locking us down again from Oct 2021 to March 2022…Mark Harper on twitter has laid it out. FIGHT…

  3. I am still waiting for the California Supreme Court to render a decision on the Newsom’s statewide emergency shutdown of California causing billions of dollars in economic damage.

  4. If the news (linked below) was “front page news” the masks, injections and testing swabs would be incinerated.

    According to Spanish scientist Ricardo Delgado, graphene oxide (a toxin) has been found on certain masks; graphene oxide is primarily what the (Pfizer) injection is made of, and graphene oxide was found on testing swabs. “We are talking about the simultaneous and gradual mass poisoning of the entire world population.”
    The good news is ridding graphene oxide from our bodies IS an option by taking anti-oxidants. “… antioxidant treatment —such as … glutathione— … and even with other antioxidants such as astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant, have been very favorable treatments for the patients.”

    On the Connection Between Graphene Oxide Found in “Covid Vaccines”, Electromagnetic Fields, Blood Clots & Severe “Covid” Symptoms | How to Remove Graphene Oxide From the Body.


  5. The globalists and minions (viz., Gov. Recall) must do anything to keep this State of Emergency going, no matter what. This is why we see such deception and lies when the covid planedemic ended months ago. When this clown is replaced, I wonder if the new Governor will have the right stuffings to issue their own “emergency orders” such as a complete tax forgiveness and amnesty for the last and next 5 years. Why? Covid-19!! Just wondering…

  6. masks are like using an umbrella with holes in it to keep rain out. The “vaccine” obviously is not a real vaccine but it reducer that comes with unknown effects to the body over time.

    People I know that took this experiment, have become really sick afterwards and have body pains where they didn’t before among many other issues.

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