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Democrat and Republican vote buttons. (Image: vectorfusionart/Shutterstock)

News Headlines Expose What this Midterm Election is Really About

‘Democrats, not democracy, are in danger this election’

By Katy Grimes, November 6, 2022 1:27 pm

If the hyperbole surrounding this midterm election seems, well, hyperbolic, preposterous and even overblown, taking a walk through news headlines tells why. There is a great deal at stake in 2022, and it’s not “democracy” as the obtuse leftists dominating media would have everyone believe.

The mere act of voting is democracy – “a government in which the people participate.”

These linked headlines are revealing of voters’ concerns, and tell the story of what is happening in California:

California tenants rise up, demand rent caps from city halls

Is California strangling its golden goose?

Shoplifters strike Burberry store in Palo Alto, threaten employees

Should schools teach sexual education? Clovis Unified board candidates weigh in

Gov. Newsom Posthumously Pardons California Abortion Provider from 80 Years Ago

Tensions rise between Newsom, mayors over homelessness

California DAs Want State Prison Officials to Explain Early Release of Violent Criminals

California gambling measures failing, electrical vehicle tax close, poll finds

Where’s my check? 18 million California rebate payments still coming

Sacramento’s city manager got a huge raise for the second time in two years. But why?

Here’s how many Twitter employees were laid off in S.F., San Jose and Santa Monica

Ojai Unified School District under state fiscal analysis

Female ridership down on L.A. Metro, and satisfaction of buses, trains falls, survey shows

Massive spikes in violent and retail crime is one of the most important issues on the ballot this November. “Left-wing politicians and their backers recognize that rising crime rates and the lack of a general sense of safety that follows are a problem for them and their chances for reelection,” the Heritage Foundation reports. “In fact, recent polls show that voters care a lot about rising crime—an issue that is second only to rising, rampant inflation and the lackluster economy. So the Left is engaging in political traditions as old as time: obfuscation, finger pointing, and blame shifting.”

The new study by the Heritage Foundation titled, “The Blue City Murder Problem,” debunked a recent leftist claim that red states have the highest crime, which Gov. Gavin Newsom relished in restating. The Heritage Foundation found that 27 of the 30 cities with the highest murder rates are controlled by Democrats. Three of the 30 Democrat-run violent cities are located in California: Oakland, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Outside of California, Democrat Covid lockdown governors may lose their reelections – New York and Michigan especially.

Real Clear Politics currently has Minnesota Gov., Democrat Tim Walz in a toss-up with Republican challenger Scott Jensen, but predicts is will be a Democrat hold. RCP predicts Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin and Michigan will be GOP pick-ups.

A recent Trafalgar poll asked, “Who do you believe most of your friends and neighbors will vote for in the 2022 midterm elections?” The responses were significant.

Republicans: 60.6%

Democrats: 35.7%

Other: 3.6%

Trafalgar also asked, “What do you believe the outcomes of the 2022 federal midterm elections will be?”

Republicans win control of the House and Senate: 50.3%

Republicans win control of one chamber and Democrats maintain control of the other: 30.3%

Democrats maintain control of the House and Senate: 19.5%

Trafalgar reports on President Joe Biden’s dropping approval rating. “How do you think President Joe Biden is handling his job as President?”

Strongly Disapprove: 55%

Disapprove: 4.3%

Approve: 23.1%

Strongly approve: 16.3%

No opinion: 1.3%

National headlines are as revealing of voters’ concerns, especially when read together:

Demonization of Fossil Fuels’ Is Driving Diesel Shortage Crisis, Supplier Says

Election officials combat voter intimidation across U.S. as extremist groups post armed militia at some polls

‘Massive Harms’ From Lockdowns Should Not Be Forgiven: Dr. Scott Atlas

The moon is going to turn blood-red on Election Day, which, I mean, that just seems overly cruel to Democrats, I’m sorry (humor from Babylon Bee ????)

Economic discontent fuels GOP hopes as midterms draw to a close: POLL

Manchin unloads on Biden and calls him ‘divorced from reality’ just days before midterms

White House Walks Back Biden’s Remarks About Shutting Down Coal Plants After Manchin Nuked Him


Indiana police arrest 20 suspects in child sex sting operation

Democrat Panic on Display Week at Legal Insurrection. All the news you may have missed.

HELL FROZE OVER! CNN Fact Checks Joe Biden on Several False, Misleading Claims He’s Made While Campaigning (not a spoof)

Constitutional defamation: Democrats, not democracy, are in danger this election – Jonathan Turley.

The New York Post reported on NBC News presidential historian and best-selling author Michael Beschloss’ near hysterical reaction to President Biden’s speech claiming “Mega MAGA Republicans” were threatening democracy — warning that if so-called GOP “election deniers” were successful in next week’s midterms “our children will be arrested and conceivably killed.”

Jonathan Turley, Public Interest Law at George Washington University addresses Beschloss’ distortion: “The Democrats’ democracy-or-death mantra is not just demagoguery. It is defamation of a constitutional system that has proven itself, time and again, to be up to any challenge. Democrats indeed may be in danger in this midterm — but democracy is not.”

In California, just as much is at stake, as 60-year journalist Dan Walters points out: “Throughout his governorship, Gov. Newsom has been obsessed with bragging that California is a global leader in just about every human activity — and subtly suggesting that he’s the reason for its success. It’s not surprising, therefore, that he didn’t mention another recent Bloomberg article, reporting that California is faltering in a major economic indicator it had long dominated — initial public offerings (IPOs) of stock by expanding corporations.”

New stock issuances in the California’s high-tech industry have fallen hard and fast.

The Globe just reported last week on a new Stanford University Hoover Institution study, which found the rate at which companies have been leaving California has risen dramatically since 2018, with the 153 company headquarters relocations in 2021, more than doubling the 75 that left in 2020. The report really exposed the hole California has dug itself into.

California has many other problems: high violent crime, rampant homelessness, the state  government created water shortage, decades of infrastructure upkeep ignored, annual “wildfire season” because of poor forest management, failing public schools which have turned into indoctrination centers, new abortion sanctuary state status, gun control, just to name some of the most important issues.

And the State’s District Attorneys want an explanation from the state prison system why it is releasing violent prisoners who haven’t earned sufficient rehabilitation credits early from prison. In some cases, they have re-offended and committed even more serious crimes.

Look around – it’s easy to see why this state and country are ripe for massive political and social change. Vote accordingly.

If you need more information on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s record prior to voting, read “California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Failed Policies are on the November Ballot.”

As Jonathan Turley reminds us, “What leaders like President Biden seem to forget is that our Constitution not only was written for times like this, it was written in a time like this.”

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16 thoughts on “News Headlines Expose What this Midterm Election is Really About

  1. Believe your EYES not their WORDS!
    Crime is up, gas is up, homeless numbers are up!

    Vote 4 change!

  2. The “friends and family” question is extremely interesting.
    Pretty much pioneered – on a large scale – by Trafalgar, it is asked in large part because people are leery of telling pollsters what they personally think, either out a sense of privacy or feeling embarrassed that they may appear to others as being too extreme (btw, that should apply equally to both left and right but in practice only applies to conservatives because society tells them they’re bad).
    However, because people are nosy jerks who really don’t care about each other (kidding, kinda…) they have absolutely no compunction about talking to a pollster about OTHER people. It’s one way Trafalgar tries to account for the shy conservative voter problem because it gives a pretty good picture of the general mood (Trafalgar nailed it in 2016 and was only about 50,000 votes across the country from doing that again in 2020) and, interestingly, can tell a pollster a lot about the person answering the question, who they socialize with, their political milieu, etc. which allows Trafalgar to account for a certain level of hesitancy and extrapolate from there.
    And that’s just a very long way to say “YAY!”

  3. “Here’s the problem. We don’t feel safe, you might be working closely with Mayor Adams, you may have spent a whole lot of money but I walk into my pharmacy and everything is on lockdown because of shoplifters,” said anchor Stephanie Ruhle during her interview with Hochul on her show “The 11th Hour” Friday.
    “I’m not going in the subway. people don’t feel safe in this town. So, you may have done these things. But right now, we’re not feeling good. We’re worried we could be San Francisco.”
    “We’ll never be San Francisco,” Hochul quickly interjected, who said the “most heinous” crimes — homicides, and shootings — were down from last year and that she was taking steps to remediate increases elsewhere.


    1. Exactly Fed Up!
      I ran into a Smart and Final in a neighboring city. As I was not familiar with the store I happened upon an aisle with a locked case. I was expecting to see razor blades, alcohol or baby formula, etc. Nope they were locking up baby shampoo, body lotion and even suave shampoo!
      Another symptom that crime is rampant in suburbia and not just the major city centers.
      I just wonder how low we have to sink as a state before change is demanded by the hardworking people of California.
      It is time to stop walking over the dead bodies piling up and demand more from your politicians.

  4. What a great idea to highlight a list of recent California and U.S. headlines. Really does the trick to put the current nightmarish reality — you know, the one that keeps us up at night and was brought to us by the Dems —- in a nutshell.
    I’ll put my money on Robert Cahaly’s Trafalgar polling firm (Republicans: 60.6%; Democrats: 35.7%;
    Other: 3.6%, see above). They stuck out as super-impressive post-election-2016 when they revealed the brilliant method of asking poll participants who they thought their NEIGHBORS would vote for (as Thomas Buckley also pointed out) to overcome the “Bradley effect.” Trafalgar were the rare pollsters who predicted a Trump win that year. So Trafalgar results are very good news here. (They aren’t always good news…. but still accurate.) Of course they have been relentlessly attacked by the usual Dem cheerleading media outfits since then for “unorthodox methods” (really for being accurate and thus the enemy of unscrupulous or biased or behind-the-times pollsters). Trafalgar is now considered one of the most accurate and reliable pollsters in the country and was rated #1 recently at the RealClearPolitics pollster rating system.
    P.S. The moon turning itself blood-red on election night does seem overly cruel to you-know-who. “Really, moon? Really?” LOL

  5. The Blood Red moon is a good response to pResident Biden’s recent “Dark Brandon” speech where he excoriated conservative voters and essentially declared them domestic terrorists…
    Hopefully the TV screens will also be awash in victorious RED candidates…
    Hopefully, this time they don’t waste the opportunity and fall in line behind tired old Country Club RINO’s like Mitch McConnell…

    1. Biden is undeservedly fortunate in a way —— decent people often have to just turn away from his stumbling malevolence, it is so ugly and repellent. You know? I usually can’t stand to look (or hear) and fully realize he is president. If you’re like me you have trouble paying attention to such people when there is nothing that can be done about them at the moment. EXCEPT that we CAN vote for good Repub and common-sense candidates in California, from school board to governor, and against the state propositions on the ballot this year.

  6. I truly hope California comes in for some of the red wave. I feel so distrustful of the vote counting system after some previous Republican victories suddenly went blue a week later after absentee ballots (I think) were counted. Ever since then and with the Gascon recall signature verification fraud (from the guy who previously threw an election through a similar strategy) recently I’ve lost confidence in CA elections. I vote and I pray, but I don’t feel confident anything will really change. People like me (us?) aren’t represented in a real way in this state.

    1. With you, Erin. Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed for California.
      Everyone please do contribute to a hoped-for high voter turnout of sensible people by making sure to VOTE.

    2. Also wanted to remind all sensible, vote-for-change voters that if, for whatever reason, you are unable to get to your polling place/vote center today (for early voting) or tomorrow (for Election Day voting), please DO be sure to vote by filling out and sending in your mail-in ballot. If it is postmarked November 8 (tomorrow!) it will be counted.
      Trustworthy voter guides are linked below if you want information. KRLA AM 870 host Jennifer Horn’s and/or Craig Huey’s are very helpful and align with the usual recommendations. Most CA counties are also included:

    3. The Dems have an elaborate ballot-tracking infrastructure set up and utilize this information to do their nefarious election fraud activities, as reported on TGP :

      My strong recommendation is to RESIST and use asymmetric activities to MESS UP their systems, by NOT using the “vote by mail” ballots which contain the bar codes used by BallotTrax to give you the status updates on your VBM ballot.

      MESS UP the SYSTEM!!!

      Couple that with Biden’s recent speeches where he’s as much declared Republicans to be domestic terrorists, and we STRONGLY encourage everyone to VOTE IN PERSON TOMORROW, and SURRENDER your VBM ballot in favor or an ANONYMOUS IN-PERSON ballot, thereby screwing up their ability to track Republican ballots and messing up the pre-printed VBM ballots, which I suspect are printed differently than Democrat ballots, thereby creating the opportunity to “adjudicate” those ballots and “interpret the will of the voter” and we know how that goes…

      I feel like a tinfoil hat conspiracist, but the last two plus years have made me this way…. prove me wrong….

      1. Ha @CriticalD, I bet my hat is shinier than yours.
        There are no conspiracies and there are no coincidences!
        Vote in person and to really shake things up, show your I.D. It is fun to watch the poll worker get twitchy????

      2. I understand and appreciate your argument, CD9. But stuff happens and all the options for voting should be known so people aren’t stuck should they follow your advice. We want as many people as possible to vote, after all, not give up completely if they run into an insurmountable problem on election day. In L.A. County, for instance, they are not above having a “gas leak” or “glitches” with the machines to slow things up, or fewer machines than they need, etc. The electronic voting machine rollout in 2016 in L.A. County was such a nightmare (whether on purpose or through incompetence) with reduced number of polling places, faulty machines and fewer-than-needed machines, and resultant lines around the block with four hour waits, it was just a reality that a lot of people dropped out, either because of frustration or because they had to get home for kids, etc. Not saying that will happen this year but chaos has happened and could happen again. WE may crawl over broken glass to vote but that is not true for everyone.

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