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Gavin Newsom

Newsom Signs Executive Order Extending Eviction Moratoriums Until September 30th

By-mail DMV documents and by-videoconference marriage licenses also extended.

By Evan Symon, July 1, 2020 2:16 pm

On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order N-71-20 into law, effectively extending statewide eviction moratoriums until September 30th.

The order will also extend many other coronavirus pandemic-related measures by 60 days, such as people receiving marriage licenses through digital means instead of visiting an office in-person, renewing driver’s licenses and ID cards through the mail, and waiving county measures in enrolling people in CalWORKs. Medi-Cal redetermination will also remain suspended under the order, as will some in-home care attendee standards and foster care limits.

Government office reappointments by the Governor will also now have until the end of October to remain in office without a Senate confirmation.

The executive order was written largely to help maintain a lifeline for many people as coronavirus cases continue to rise in California and reopenings across the state being delayed. The order also aims at reducing homelessness by way of extending the eviction moratorium, reducing the spread of COVID-19 while also continuing important services, and extends measures to help keep people at home and healthy.

“If we allowed eviction moratoriums to end at the end of July, California could have been facing a mass homelessness crisis, way bigger than now,” explained homeless counselor Jane McCutchen. “We’re already seeing many continue to move out anyway because, despite the moratorium, people without jobs can’t afford many other expenses. I’ve talked with many people who have become homeless  this way.

Without eviction protection, that would mean at least 10,000 more in California.”

Eviction protection is also forcing many to be unable to move into purchased houses, as the old tenant can still live there legally.

“It will now stay like this until the end of September, at least,” said Charles Stocker, a lawyer specializing in real estate law. “It’s protecting many people at the same time it’s screwing them over.

Landlords have been calling me on what they can do to collect money because they themselves are on the brink, and there’s not much I can say to them.

I mean, Newsom’s executive order. Mostly it’s fine. Renewing through Skype or by mail. That’s fine. It’s this moratorium that is going to cause a lot of damage. I mean, we stop evictions and all of this payment to landlords, and we’re going to see entire apartment complexes or for rent homes go under. And that’s a scary situation. A few families unable to pay rent or be kicked out for paying people may now doom dozens.

Compassion is needed, but we also need common sense fiscal responsibility.

This executive order takes a side in it instead of trying to help all parties out. And it will end up hurting everyone.”

Newsom’s executive order was active immediately after being signed Tuesday. Further extensions past September 30th will remain possible should the number of coronavirus cases remain high.

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Evan Symon
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33 thoughts on “Newsom Signs Executive Order Extending Eviction Moratoriums Until September 30th

  1. Mom and pop landlords need a way to VERIFY that their tenant is facing covid related hardship. There are some tenants who have broken lease terms who we cannot remove due to the moratorium on all evictions!! You cannot place the financial burden of this entire pandemic on landlords shoulders! The entire federal, state and local governments collectively of this country supposedly cannot afford to house these people, but I, a small one rental home landlord can???!! Do I have a money tree growing in my living room and a golden goose in the backyard that I wasnt aware of?? Can i just declare that I am not going to pay property taxes and my mortgage payment and utilities without consequences? Is there a covid exemption to the constitution of the united states and the constitiution of the state? Was there a hurricane Katrina exemption? Was there a Loma Prieta earthquake exemption? Was there a paradise fire exemption?Was there an Ebola exemption? People are held responsible for their financial obligations in every crisis, they had to prove hardship or loss in any of the previous tragedies despite the bad optics. Thats called life and being an adult. If I have to behave like a responsible adult then so does everyone else!!

    1. It’s a matter of subjectivity, really, surrounding both greed and a general lack of empathy and / self-awareness when an individual landowner, whose entire lifestyle exists to exploit the livelihoods of others, to conclude that landlords are suffering.

      Nobody but landlords care about that. Practicing what you preach would look very much like “Sorry about your problems but you should have lived within your means. Now, get out there and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and work for what you have”, a sentiment that carries even more weight when you consider that landlords don’t actually work for anything but leach resources from those who do.

      As a self-proclaimed adult, one might think that there’d be far less sniffling and whining about a situation that isn’t at all as you define it. Alongside an eviction moratorium is foreclosure protections. You’re not left hanging, you’re merely being impatient due to your insatiable greed.

      Nonetheless, if you fall, I don’t care. Nobody cares. Welcome to Capitalism and welcome to experiencing existence within that others experience on a daily basis, you entitled prick.

      1. Thank you!! I’d say as a “small business owner”, i.e. rental services provider, they’d be eligible for a myriad of resources tailored exactly for individual business owners who are “suffering” as a result of what amounts to unforeseen circumstances, political ineptitude aside.

        For example, property owners are protected from foreclosure resulting from hardships due to the pandemic and business closures. Clearly said property owner does not see the need to shut down commerce and the stay at home order as a matter of life and death but to say someone is irresponsible because they don’t have enough in the savings account to cover rental payments for the unforeseeable duration of the pandemic is downright inhumane and frankly out of touch with reality.

        If anyone has such resources it is unlikely they would be renting first of all. Second, wages are not commensurate with rate of inflation and cost of living.

        Those who are blessed with the opportunity to provide rental and housing services are in a position of privilege.

        The same argument of “not living within your means” could easily be applied to those who bear the burden of mortgaging rental property for profit. It can be said that you took the risk you should be held accountable for the consequences, pandemic or not. But that would be inhumane for a bank to seize property mortgages can not be paid because commerce has halted through no fault of your own.

        Further, even if someone lost their rental property, chances are they would not be homeless!

      2. Well said .right on point. It’s true. I was evicted back in March but what gets me mad is at least I still tried to pay something although my work hours and days got cut drastically bcuz of this corona crap. I never took advantage of the situation and just not pay. My checks never hit my rent amount of $550 /month once corona virus began so id go give my manager everything I made on check maybe keeping at least $20 for myself .to get me through another 2 weeks but the thing is I couldn’t catch up cuz by the time I got to 1st of month again still owing for previous month . Another $550rent was due bumping my balance back up to almost $1,0/0 then another 550 and so on so my little payments weren’t even putting a dentn my balance leaving me owing about $2,000 so that’s when I got evicted . If I’d of know this shit was gonna happen. I would of kept all that $$ I gave to keep my place I coulda just saved it to find another. Now I’m stuck struggling to find another place without all the $$ I need to put down on one. Pisses me off . And I have an $1100 deposit here in my rental acct. And I doubt if I’ll even get that back when I move.


    1. I got news for you lady I work 50 hours a week breaking my back in a warehouse and my Warehouse close down for a month because two people had Coronavirus and it cost me $3,000 that’s three months rent so in order to keep going to work and pay my car payment and insurance and utilities I had no choice but to skip the rent not all of us are jobless some of us do work for a living and make beans for money

    2. You expect us to feel bad for you because you own something that you’re renting out to someone else how is that working how do you call that working you’re charging somebody to borrow something that you own you can’t tell me that having to fix something around the f****** house here and there even pulls have to sweat that I do at my warehouse if you don’t like the situation sell your f****** house and get a real job actually working if not shut your spoiled ass up cuz some of us are still working and still can’t pay it

      1. You just don’t get it, warehouse boy. There are high costs involved in owning a home, especially in Liberal-stupid California. We have to pay the mortgage, property taxes, and upkeep. Plus, we sometimes even have to pay the utilities (in-between tenants) just to be able to fix what the last tenants destroyed. Anybody who thinks that being a landlord is easy has obviously never tried it. Right now, I have a tenant who hasn’t paid a damn dime since January (well before this so called pandemic). And making matters worse, the tenant already moved away without telling me and is just using my house as a free storage and dog kennel (obviously his new place is smaller and doesn’t allow dogs, but that shouldn’t be my problem!). But because of this governor sanctioned scam (moratorium), I still can’t get him out because the courts are closed. I thought I finally found a way to get him out without the courts. You see, if someone abandons the property you don’t need the courts to regain occupancy of your property, and it’s not subject to the Covid moratorium either. However, there are still rules to follow, and of course, they favor the tenant. I had to mail and post a notice on the door which gives that deadbeat 18 days to respond in writing and provide me a new address where he can be served (for past rent or any other lawful action). So what did that do? It just warned him to start coming and going a bit more to make it look like he’s living there, even though he’s not! (the neighbors and I have been documenting his comings and goings) In fact, the neighbors called animal control on him because his poor dogs were starving and had skin infections. But despite waiting 18 days with him not properly complying with the notice (no written response), my lawyer says that I still can’t go in because he’s probably been around enough to satisfy some stupid, liberal judge. (If I did, that deadbeat could actually sue me for big bucks despite him owing me nearly 20k) And as a result, I’m barely making the mortgage for the home I live in (You see, the banks always get their money!) Yes, renting out homes is indeed a real job. Just because you work for beans doesn’t mean that people who make more than you don’t work, and work hard! (or that we never worked low-paying jobs). I was in the Army (which paid peanuts), and I had to work many other menial jobs after that before getting into real estate (which used to be a great profession in CA). But even when things in this state were much better, land-lording was still hard. It always has been, and always will be. But now, it’s almost downright impossible! (at least in CA)

        1. What is stopping you from moving to where you want to be? Clearly you have the means, and there are plenty of conservative states that would welcome you with open arms. For example: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas to name a few. It’s not only conservative but housing is cheap!

          I empathize that this has had a detrimental effect on your quality of life. But it appears you loathe being a landlord. If it’s not profitable why be involved in a business that’s losing money. Have you considered a career change?

          I feel bad for you because chances are you won’t be able to recoup 20k from a deadbeat, especially if he doesn’t have a job or is waiting for unemployment from the state like I am.

          It sounds like you may have to sell the property before you lose it to the bank. Not sure what you paid for it but hopefully you can turn a profit. Then use that money for learning a new skill.

        2. John is right. I own a few properties, I still have to work, at least 50yrs/week in my job. After paying the bank, government, county or city and maintenance, in that order, maybe, I’m left with 10%. The government is clueless about reality, and from the comments I see a lot of people have no idea either. This business, like others is hard, you have to settle for small margins and work super hard until it, maybe pays in the future. Many owners have to clean sewer lines, cut lawns and everything included just to break even. There is a shortage of rental units in CA, and I’m going to contribute by converting my units to AirBnB. I’ve had enough of this crap

    3. Raquel,

      i agree. wha tthese otehrs arent telling you is that theya re still smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, gambling and, oh i forgot, didnt save a penny for a rainy day. Cry if you must but its not anyones problem. Ive always paid rent and ive been broke and didnt need an excuse like coronovirus. ive got two kids under 18 making 2000 a month, apaprently your stuck in a dead job, and you should get a couple roomates to help. mayube you shoudl think of solutions and not exacerbae the problem. apparently none of you ever invested your time adn own money into something. Landlords are not rich, they are justmore motivated than those renting thier apartments.

  3. Moratorium in and of itself is DRACONIAN. The courts are closed of to every eviction case not just Coronavirus cases. Why wasn’t the law just amended to allow a defense, a provable defense, with regards to Coronavirus to an eviction action? then, why not a fund for which to be able to apply for benefits? I will tell you why; this Governor simply is being manipulated by some special interests and has no idea of what he is doing. BAD GOVERNMENT I Say

  4. The goal is create through foreclosures instant Public Housing for the hordes wearing China sissy smocks in this California servant based economy.

    The Globalist rich don’t want to pay $15-$20. per hour for servant work….They are quite comfortable at $1.25-$3.00 per hour out there in the exploited world.

  5. You see it over and over on every comment . Governor Newsom is acting as a dictator . Take i. The poor wether you want to or not . He’s enabled people to just not pay . What about me and my bank . This whole thing of giving them 12 month time to pay when over is ridiculous if they had credit they’d buy a house that why most of these tenants rent . I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and have dealt just fine during recessions but when you take away any tools I have to negotiate now your trampling on my rights . It not good business for me to have an empty apartment so landlords will negotiate 1 v 1 you show what you can pay and if reasonable we’ll work it out but what Governor Newsom has done is give everyone a free pass to do WTF they want . It’s wrong and it’s going to be worst en this is over .

    1. No, he’s not! And there will be a trickle down effect to this horrible decision. You see, by screwing over homeowners, it’ll just make less rental housing available in the near future. And be dead from what? This so called virus has a death rate of only 0.04% for people under 70 years of age. That’s less than many strains of the flu. This is a globalist takeover, pure and simple! The plan of the elites (that’s the ultra-rich and connected, not small-time landlords) is to bankrupt all of us serfs and then, buy off all of our real assets for pennies on the dollar with money that they just created out of thin air (the Federal Reserve just printing it). Get educated!

    2. No, he’s not! And there will be a trickle down effect to this horrible decision. You see, by screwing over homeowners, it’ll just make less rental housing available in the near future (and probably far beyond that). And be dead from what? The Coronavirus has a death rate of only 0.04% for people under 70 years of age. That’s less than many strains of the flu! This is a globalist takeover, pure and simple! The plan of the elites (that’s the ultra-rich and connected, not small-time landlords) is to bankrupt all of us serfs and then, buy off all of our real assets for pennies on the dollar with money that they just created out of thin air (the Federal Reserve just printing it). Get educated!

  6. The tenants are protected from evictions related to Coronavirus/COVID-19 income disruptions.
    To qualify for eviction protections, California tenants must Demonstrate that the Coronavirus/COVID-19 or a government emergency response measure has impacted their household or business income;
    They must Provide the landlord with written notice of inability to pay rent due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 impact, with supporting documentation.

    It is very unfortunate that the eviction moratorium Is now used as blanket pass for all the tenants who are not qualified for eviction protection . Landlord should be allowed to move the eviction proceeding for non corona virus cases, who don’t qualify with no action or supporting documents from them to the land lord .

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  8. My tenant has been living in my rental that I just spent my whole retirement savings on. This is the first time I rented the place out. Now I have a tenant (whom is not effected by COVID) living rent and utility free. Her Lease was over in April, and I cant get her out because of this eviction moratorium. She does not need any assistance for money or food etc. but thanks to our Governor extending help for renters I can no longer make my house payment. Where is the justice for the Landlords Newsom ?? Now I have to hire a lawyer to get her evicted after all this bullcrap is over and still have to wait another 90 days after I get the court order to evict her? WTF! I thought we had a good Governor, but now I dont think so Us landlords need help too!!!

  9. No, he’s not! And there will be a trickle down effect to this horrible decision. You see, by screwing over homeowners, it’ll just make less rental housing available in the near future. And be dead from what? This so called virus has a death rate of only 0.04% for people under 70 years of age. That’s less than many strains of the flu. This is a globalist takeover, pure and simple! The plan of the elites (that’s the ultra-rich and connected, not small-time landlords) is to bankrupt all of us serfs and then, buy off all of our real assets for pennies on the dollar with money that they just created out of thin air (the Federal Reserve just printing it). Get educated!

  10. What right do you have to call a person entitled because they worked hard and own something. I bought my house in early 80s at age 21 I worked hard and paid it off . I rented my house for a mere 1000.00 a month in exchange for maintaince to help the tenant my tenant hasnt pd or maintained the home and has destroyed the landscape in return flr my kindness. She is totally and gainfully employed but was told by the sheriff she did not have to pay or leave . So im now loosing more than money i have to pay taxes insurance and now replace and repair a damaged property that i love that someone non covid impacted is continuing to destroy and i cant even go on property to save it per sheriff.. i get no aid i have no mortgage for forebearance I pay my own way …so walk a mile in my shoes on my dead lawn and tell me when this country became the home of the free…rent

  11. 30-years ago when I moved from Michigan to California, it was the greatest place to do business. Union destroyed Michigan and it still have not recovered. Now union, and politics are doing the same here. Everyone seems to think the Nation-state California is ‘unsinkable’. But the state has been taking on water for a while and is going down. When businesses that lease can’t make a living, they relocate. That is what I have done with all my rentals. I provide a product ‘rental property’ at a fair price and people pay for that product. If they think my product is not priced fairly, then don’t purchase it. Leave, no one i forcing you to pay for it. But here in California the mentality has changed to try to justify why that product should be discounted or free. I understand hardships and when someone has one, I will discount or help. It makes good business sense not to evict for every little thing,.

    1. It’s true, California used to be such s good place to do business. I would be able to get a license, sign a lease for a fair price and start a business. Things are definitely harder, the taxes are insane, you never know what new laws are coming that can totally change your business plan and local and state governments are broke, so there always finding ways to tax, instead of being efficient and lowering cost. Now they want me to let people live in my properties for free, still pay the taxes and have no recourse. love California, but I’m real sad of what it has becoming. After this moratorium, I’m really considering selling all my rental properties and relocating to another state. So Sad

  12. My mom is 83 her son sold home due to her Parkinson’s. Now it’s been a year and. She has to be out do you co

    My mom Bobbie Wofford is under eviction. She. Has to be out. Home in three weeks. We need channel eight need. To be involved my mom is 83yrs old with Parkinson’s. This will devastated. If removed from her home it will kill. We need help her son had her signed home over to him Under her Parkinson’s. It’s so sad. My number is +16193408544 Raychell. Daughter of Bobbie Wofford lord Jesus help my mother. She has no where to go she has lived there and has lived there more than fourty. Yrs please help thank. May god. Here her cry.

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