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Mastro's Restaurants, Beverly Hills, CA. (Photo: Mastro's Facebook)

Now that Joe Biden is President, COVID is Over and California Will Re-Open

Also with a looming recall election, Gov. Newsom signals statewide reopening

By Katy Grimes, January 25, 2021 7:57 am

Media reports Sunday on social media announced the California Restaurant Association saying California Gov. Gavin Newsom would be lifting the stay-at-home order for all regions across the state Monday.

What the media should have said is now that Joe Biden is President, COVID is cured and states can open up.

Or, with a looming recall election, Gov. Newsom knows he needs to lift all coronavirus stay-at-home orders and allow restaurants and gyms and all small businesses re-open.

Restaurant owners in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Sacramento County, Monterey County, San Francisco County, Fresno County, and Placer County filed legal claims in December against the state because of its policy of restricting restaurant operations while still requiring the payment of full fees. Filing a government claim is the first step before pursuing a class-action lawsuit, a restaurant owner told the Globe.

There are more than 60,000 restaurants in California, employing upwards of 1.5 million workers.

Restaurant owners have said throughout the 10-month state lockdown that a 50% capacity limit is not feasible for them to stay in business, and especially as they have not received rent relief, or relief from state and local fees and taxes.

In the legal case, restaurant and gym owners say the state and counties had no scientific proof that restaurants & gyms are the cause in the increasing “cases,” And they cite California HHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly from December stating that the state has no proof, but instead they closed these businesses “in an effort to keep people at home.”

“Last week, a group of more than 50 wineries and restaurants across Napa and Sonoma counties sued to overturn a state ban on in-person dining, with owners saying their constitutional rights are being trampled as they slip into financial ruin,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “The coalition alleges that the governor and the state public health department have not provided scientific evidence showing that outdoor dining is more dangerous than other permitted activities, such as shopping in indoor malls and working on film sets. Citing uneven application of the restrictions, the group claims the state is violating equal protection laws afforded by the California Constitution, among other violations.”

The Globe filed numerous public records requests with the state public health agencies seeking the data and science used to back the 10-month lockdown, but is still waiting.

“Gavin Newsom should not be praised today for his act of ending his unconstitutional stay-at-home orders. Over the last year Gavin has trampled all over the Constitution and deprived healthy Californians from the right of self-determination while destroying the state’s economy,” Attorney Mark Meuser said. “Gavin has taken hundreds of constitutional rights away from the people and just because he gives a couple back, means he should be recalled immediately for not returning to the people the right of self-government.”

Meuser and Attorney Harmeet Dhillon have filed 17 different lawsuits against Gov. Newsom since since he ordered the state locked down for COVID-19 in March. Their most recent lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court against Gov. Gavin Newsom, is representing Los Angeles restaurant owner Angela Marsden who made the recent tearful, now-viral video as she was forced to close down her restaurant, Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grille. She was forced to close down even her outdoor dining, while a Hollywood film production was allowed to provide the same outdoor dining across the shared parking lot.

The message: Hollywood “essential” and necessary, Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grille, not.

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26 thoughts on “Now that Joe Biden is President, COVID is Over and California Will Re-Open

  1. If you are a republican start printing ballots now. Go ahead and print up to a million a piece it’s easy to steal a election and even easier to steal a country….And our “great” military will sit by and watch while we pay them. Not a single republican should be paying taxes right now…..Not a single republican should be quiet right now. We lost our damn country….

      1. But this is the pathetic mindset of the morons keeping the COVID19 going. Don’t pay taxes, Biden is President now and he’ll sprinkle some fairy dust to make the coronavirus disappear, it’s all a hoax, no more elections and on and on and on of dumb, dumber and dumbest lowering the bar. California has more stupid people than any other state and we always hear our politicians say California is the world’s 5th biggest economy as if that means something but it doesn’t because if it did California wouldn’t have been begging the president for money and housing vouchers. All talk and very few results from our worthless governor par for the course.

  2. No surprise here. This phony, illegal lockdown because of something that is no worse the common, yearly flu is a disgrace. Unfortunately, it was bought hook, line, and sinker by a overall pathetic society who do no research, listen to corrupt “experts,” and choose to lead their lives in fear instead of taking charge of their own health. This can NEVER be allowed to happen again. And for the love of God, take off those pathetic, unhealthy masks! You look ridiculous and are endangering your health.

  3. Oh, okay, the state is going to open back up now? COVID is over, we’re good?
    Well then, I guess all’s forgiven!
    You’re KIDDING, right? Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. Not after this kind of devastation.
    Seems to be the powers that be should be more worried than ever now.
    Good luck!

  4. The two molecules of meat is over-cooked, but the creamed spinach and bubbly look pretty good. Copying House of Prime Rib, eh?

  5. My husband and I predicted this would happen; once Biden was elected, by golly, Covid would suddenly get better. How very convenient.

    1. And it’s amazing that the people of California just don’t get it!! The fraud that’s has been pulled on them countless lives ruined educations interrupted and the recall will go nowhere and Newsome will be re-elected

  6. Its about the money! Now that Nancy is getting the Trillions from Joe and Chuck she can make sure that Gavin can cover the pension liability and keep his voting bloc happy! We all had to wait behind our masks until their power base could be financially satisfied. Real Simple!!

    1. Absolutely Nailed IT!!! That pension fund was so in debt that the only way yo pay it off was federal help! Even raising fuel taxes and Prop 15 would not have fixed it! Once again big money is going to keep him in power! very sad for the taxpayers!!

  7. Now maybe doctors can begin treating COVID patients with available drugs without restrictions instead of letting them die!

    1. No need for cures. The statistics will be cooked to show virtually ZERO deaths now that Manchurian Joe is occupying the White House.

  8. Comrades
    Miraculous…..on level of…..parting of Red Sea…..a double rainbow…..send shivers down your leg….peachy!
    Our Beloved Leader has delivered……

  9. Yes it’s winding down California is reopening they got what they wanted even if it destroyed 1/2 the economy and countless peoples life’s.

  10. Science shows that a corrupt, senile old communist occupying the White House is the “cure” that we all have been held hostage for. It is a MIRACLE!

  11. Katy – you nailed this one!!!
    Good call!!!

    Can you please tell me what the winning Powerball numbers will be later this week???

  12. Why does this idiot (Gavin) get so much attention? Why don’t we talk about the officer ADAM GIBSON (say his name) who was shot by one of Gavin’s parolees a week ago? Two years ago an officer with such high accolades would have been mentioned, followed and mourned on local if not National media for the loss of his life in the line of duty a few miles from Newsom’s home. His procession would have been broadcast and he would have been honored publicly, so deserving for him and his widow. However, one of Newsom’s proud active parolees ( Robert Calderon, NINE FELONIES) left a nine month old and her mother alone. This could have been prevented if Gavin hadn’t released such a repetitive FELON. Gavin should be held accountable for this! SAY HIS NAME, OFFICER ADAM GIBSON. God bless his widow and nine month old innocent child. Gavin should be held accountable for releasing this criminal! And Robert Calderon’s ( killer/suspect/ felon/ Gavin parolee) family should be ashamed for making excuses for him, he was scared of dogs, are you serious? SAY HIS NAME, ADAM GIBSON. The color of your skin should not make you less accountable or less worthy.

  13. The USA will now be Californistan USA! Sad to watch. So many minions ready to turn their neighbor in per the elitest’s rulesets while the elite do whatever they want. Neighbor eats neighbor, until that neighbor has no one to stand with them when the elitest turns on them. Oh it’s coming. Everyone is watching the “russians” and missing the chinese and their backdoor chess playing. Be wary of who is in your foxhole. Are they someone who will point you out or will they have your back….what a conundrum.

  14. Covid was always about destroying Trump and his economic policies and those who voted for him. Demonic Party is pure evil.

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