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Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi speaking with attendees at a Trump Tax Town Hall in Phoenix, February 20, 2018. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Pelosi’s ‘Pickle’ Giving Democrats a Headache

The Paul Pelosi fiasco is a lose-lose situation

By Kevin Nelson, July 17, 2022 2:32 am

Nancy Pelosi is in a pickle.

That’s an old-fashioned word that an online dictionary blandly defines as: “a difficult situation.” The Brits have added some relish to it by describing a person in trouble as being in “a pretty pickle.”

That’s our Speaker right now. She’s in a pretty pickle. A big, fat pretty pickle that will damage her party’s election prospects in the fall and help Republicans.

A quick recap :

While the Mrs. was away, Mr. Pelosi attended a Saturday night party in Napa Valley in May, consumed an adult beverage or two, and was arrested for drunk driving that night. Charged with two misdemeanors, he is now looking at up to five days of jail if things don’t break his way at his August 3rd court date in Napa County Superior.

Therein lies the pickle, for Nancy and the Dems.

In what was a strange non-sequitur even for a man who is chronically prone to them, Joe Biden in a recent TV interview on illegal immigration went way off script and in a finger-wagging rant, declared: “I don’t count drunk driving as a felony.”

That the president of the United States would weigh in on such a topic, without being asked about it by his interviewers (who were clearly flabbergasted by the off-the-wall remark)—it is impossible not to conclude that Democrats behind closed doors are very concerned about the Paul Pelosi fiasco and desperate to figure how to spin their way out of it.

Not gonna happen, though. This is the opposite of a win-win situation for them; it’s lose-lose.

Let’s say the judge in the case delivers a Chick Hearn verdict of “No Harm, No Foul” and sentences a repentant Pelosi to a whole month of not being able to dine at the French Laundry. He skates, in other words.

Upon which time angry cries of “Fix!” will erupt across the land. Fingers will naturally point to his master deal-maker wife. She will be accused of using her clout and insider connections to craft a sweetheart deal for her guilty husband, a deal the average American busted for a DUI could never get.

Whether it’s true or not does not matter. In politics perception is everything, and the public perception of letting Paul walk with a mere wrist slap would be damning.

Let us say, however, a different scenario plays out. It’s a long shot to be sure, but suppose Napa authorities decide to go Judge Judy on Paul Pelosi and toss his butt in jail for a few more days (he already spent one night in the can when they picked him up).

The husband of the second most powerful Democrat in America being locked behind bars? Donning a county-issue jumpsuit like he’s auditioning for an episode of “Orange is the New Black?”

That is not going to be a pretty picture for Democrats either. For years Republican Party attack ads have treated Nancy Pelosi like one of those guys pictured on the FBI Most Wanted ads on the post office wall. She’s public enemy number one—an uber-wealthy San Francisco elitist whose far left values are out of step with the rest of America.

Paul Pelosi Mugshot May 29, 2022 (Photo: Napa County Sheriff’s Department)

Four years ago in the midterms one-third of all GOP ads attacked her in some way. Just imagine how the Republicans are going to treat her this fall. Not only will Nancy’s mug be splashed all over, so will DUI Paul’s mug shot.

If the Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives and force her to relinquish her death grip on the speaker’s gavel, it won’t be because of husband Paul. Democrats through their ideology and incompetence have created a thousand pickles for this country far more serious than what he did. Even so, his problems are a giant headache for them.

O to have been a fly on the wall of the Pelosi household the first time Nancy confronted him about that night!

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6 thoughts on “Pelosi’s ‘Pickle’ Giving Democrats a Headache

  1. Uh, quite honestly, who really cares about his drunk driving situation…
    We’re more concerned about the massive INSIDER TRADING ON NVIDIA stock futures reported on Zerohedge.com …
    That pickle is MUCH MORE BITTER to us as it is indicative of the LACK OF LAW ENFORCEMENT for these government “swamp monsters” who are for sale to the highest bidder, bedding Chinese spies (Swallwell) while holding sensitive national security committee membership and general malfeasance!!!

    That Paul P. was out carousing while his shrew wife was away is their problem, although driving drunk DOES put the local community at risk, so just lock his law-breaking backside up and solve all these problems in one fell swoop….

    1. Right on, CriticalDfence9. There are a couple of bills in Congress that would make this type of activity by spouses of legislators illegal. But will the Democrats pass the bills? NO. We will have to wait until November, and even then, there are questions about RINOs supporting the bills. These modern-day robber barons are worse than the originals.

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