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DA George Gascón. (Photo: wikipedia)

Recall Campaign Announced Against Soros-Backed LA County District Attorney George Gascón

Crime victims and law enforcement officials seeking to oust ‘reformer’ Gascón

By Katy Grimes, March 1, 2021 7:24 am

Crime victims and law enforcement officials announced Saturday they are launching a recall campaign against Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, whose 2020 campaign was funded by billionaire oligarch George Soros, with more than $2.5 million. Gascón ran for District Attorney on a promise of turning the court system upside down, and eliminating cash bail.

The announcement came on the heels of a motion filed last week in a double murder case seeking to disqualify DA Gascón for among other issues, hiring a former public defender to write his Youth Justice policy when she was still a Deputy Public Defender, representing criminal defendants, allegedly benefitting her criminal clients. DA Gascón ordered the double murder case to stay in juvenile court, despite that the perpetrator was 17 years-old and only weeks away from his 18th birthday when he was arrested, which means the most he would get, if convicted, would be about seven years in the murder of the two young women, Fox11 reported.

Organizers of the recall campaign plan to gather the signatures needed to file an intent to recall during a “Victims Vigil” at the downtown LA Hall of Justice.

The recall effort needs valid signatures from 10% of registered voters in the county, or about 590,000 people, to qualify for the ballot. Organizers say they’ll actually aim for about 200,000 additional signatures since many could be thrown out for various reasons, LA Daily News reported.

Within weeks of being sworn in as Los Angeles County’s District Attorney, the Globe reported Gascón, issued radical, unlawful “Special Directives,” commanding the deputy district attorneys of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to violate California’s constitution and laws:

  • With respect to future cases, the Special Directives prohibit DDAs from charging mandatory criminal sentencing enhancements under the Three Strikes Law, which California enacted to protect its citizens from previously-convicted serious and violent felons; and
  • With respect to pending cases, the Special Directives require DDAs to withdraw all pre-existing enhancement allegations for six different types of sentencing enhancements. These provisions are plainly illegal. DDAs cannot be commanded to violate the very sentencing enhancements that California law mandates.

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County (ADDA) filed a civil lawsuit against DA George Gascón asking that Gascón follow California state constitutional and statutory law. These laws, enacted by the voters and the state legislature, tested and deemed constitutional by the judiciary, must be respected by the executive, the ADDAs say.

Their lawsuit targets four separate directives issued by the District Attorney that ignore or violate state law.

As California Globe reported, “Gascón is the architect of Proposition 47 which largely decriminalized theft and drug crimes by reducing those crimes and a number of other “non-violent” felonies to misdemeanors; and Prop. 57, which allows early release for “non-violent offenders,” including rape by intoxication of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving a sex act with minors, arson causing great bodily harm, drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, and hostage taking. These are so-called criminal justice reforms according to Gascón.”

The recall effort cannot officially launch until March 8, because a public official must be in office 90 days before a recall can be launched. Advocates “will have 160 days to collect the necessary signatures, which is equal 10% of the county’s more than 5.8 million registered voters or upwards of 580,000 signatures,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

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17 thoughts on “Recall Campaign Announced Against Soros-Backed LA County District Attorney George Gascón

  1. Gascon only won bc of voter fraud. Maybe it would be easier to just audit the election. Gascon probably wasn’t the only one who won by fraud. The DA run off should have never been on the Nov 2020 ticket. Jackie Lacey won the 1st election. They just didnt like the results so they pushed it to a run off. Jackie Lacey probably would not have never conceded if fake paid activist weren’t sent to her house for months to harass her and her family, then charge her husband for protecting his family.

    1. Both Lacey and Gascon are intelligence assets and do their bidding. The Intelligence Community knew Lacey was slipping, so they covered the office by transitioning to Gascon, who covered the very important San Francisco DA’s office (which handles a-lot of Navy drug-running protected by “informant” networks – note how Kamala landed a seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee as a freshman senator). The election might appear to be “stolen” but it’s really just a fake show put on by the intelligence agencies creating the illusion of democracy in key offices.

  2. And where did this POS emanate???

    Yep, San Franfreakshow, just like all the other a-holes writing bad policy, like Pan, Weiner and a host of others…

  3. Soros isn’t some random guy with money backing political change. He’s a frontman for the intelligence community, and his Open Society foundations are really Intelligence “proprietaries.” In other words, the money Soros throws around in politics is considered “owned” by the intelligence agencies – he’s just the public face. All of Soros’s money really comes from insider trading: the intelligence agencies can control world events and they tipped Soros off, meaning they consider the money “theirs.” The Los Angeles County DA’s office is very important to the Intelligence Community because of their control of media and because the region is heavy in defense contractors. That’s why there was no investigation of the murder of my former roommate Michael Hastings back in 2013. Right now, the intelligence community is pushing for “prisoner reform” mostly as a way to usher in “smart Pre-crime” tools that fit well with their Mass Surveillance fetish. It’s really important to get out of the culture wars and openly talk about the intelligence community’s meddling in local and state politics.

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