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2021 recall candidate John Cox on August 5, 2021 (Photo: John Cox official Twitter)

Recall Candidate John Cox Announces $30 Billion Tax Cut Proposal

Plan would cut state income taxes for all taxpayers by 25%, remove tax heavy programs such as the California high-speed rail project

By Evan Symon, August 7, 2021 7:50 am

Recall candidate and 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox announced his $30 billion tax cut proposal on Thursday following a preview of his plan during Wednesday’s recall candidate debate.

According to Cox, income tax in the state would be cut by 25% for everyone regardless of income or what tax bracket they are under. Under this system, California’s highest income tax payers, those who make more than $1 million a year, would see their income tax percentage fall from 13.3% (12.3% plus an added 1% mental health services tax) to roughly 10%. For those making around $50,000 a year and paying an 8% rate, this would fall t0 6%.

As personal income tax amounts to $123.3 billion of California’s $175.3 billion in total state income, Cox is proposing massive cuts amounting to $30 billion from California’s budget, including the elimination of California’s long delayed high-speed rail program, ending the recently passed healthcare law expanding Medicare to illegal immigrants over 50 and several other areas he deems as ‘wasteful spending’.

“I will implement the largest tax cut in CA history: $30 Billion. That’s more than double any other proposal. It’s a 25% across the board cut. It will put $30 Billion back into the hands of Californians. After all, it’s their money, not the government’s,” tweeted Cox on Friday. “Californians should benefit from tax cuts, not select corporations. Corporate loopholes in California are sometimes big and obvious and sometimes they are smaller and barely noticed, but they all add up. I will eliminate them.”

Cox had previously criticized tax plans proposed by other candidates, such as former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s plan to stop all income taxes for those making under $50,000 a year and families making under $100,000 a year, as well as giving some breaks for those making under $1 million a year. Cox said that Faulconer’s plan was “very meager in terms of its reach” and did not go far enough.

Other candidates, such as former Congressman Doug Ose and Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) have not given proposed tax plans to date either but would likely also be in favor of tax cuts due to their respective past support of lowering taxes and opposing higher taxes in California. Current recall frontrunner, radio host Larry Elder, and reality show celebrity Caitlyn Jenner have both not had elected experience in covering taxes nor have they released a proposed tax plan yet, but it is widely expected, as evidenced by prior announcements, that they would also be heavily in favor of tax cuts in the state as well. An upcoming second debate, as well as the election being only around 5 weeks away, makes it likely that other top candidates will release proposed tax plans soon.

“Faulconer and Cox laid down a new hurdle, so the rest will probably play catch-up in time for the next debate,” explained San Diego-based policy researcher Wanda K. Martin to the Globe on Friday. “If Newsom continues to fall, questions will likely shift from him to more direct questions on what the candidates will do and believe. A big part of that is tax policy. All six will be invited again, so it’s important that it comes out before then.”

The recall election will be held on September 14th with by-mail ballots expected to go out soon.

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Evan Symon
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10 thoughts on “Recall Candidate John Cox Announces $30 Billion Tax Cut Proposal

  1. Cox is a loser and does not appear to be a fighter for the people of California. I see RINO when I see Cox.

    In my opinion, Elder or Kiley are the men that I want to see as our next California governor.

    1. Pray tell, Mr. Cox who is benefiting from your tax cuts ?? the oligarchs ? Those guys are already paying less than 1% because they hide under every tax loopholes in the books… so you want to bring their taxes even lower? hmm… You don’t represent me; you did not get my vote last time and you won’t this time either. Kevin Kiley for the win !

  2. Comrades
    Plucking low hanging fruit is easy….to really sap the Commissars propose school choice and building a few water dams and about ten desalination plants.

    1. Party apparatchiks are all over the important projects, Queeg. Our desalination project (Stanford consultant) is being held up (for years) by regulations, environmental activists, coastal commission, leftists on the county board of supervisors – you name it; their people are everywhere. Like I said, we need a Loma Prieta times two plus the resulting tsunami.

  3. Respectfully, John Cox is what is wrong with the California GOP. The old guard and its one note song about tax cuts just doesn’t resonate with the current population. Ca GOP needs to stay out of the recall – or it needs to focus on the young candidates who have relevant opinions about current issues like water, power, the homeless, school curriculum and school choice, appropriate use of emergency power …
    Ca GOP – get relevant – or stay out of the recall.

  4. Just as important in helping Newsom move out-and maybe part of him or all of his family wants out of the sewer they created? Does anybody know? How are we going to count these re-call ballots? Not with the same machines that counted the 2020. Mike Lindell’s upcoming cyber symposium is Aug 10-12th. https://frankspeech.com/ Mike will be introducing new machines in the symposium. I wonder if we can use those? How can we go through all this effort to replace him and then wake up on Wednesday Sept 15th -possibly hearing that we are still stuck with Newsom- and feel like we need to do a re-count or have any doubt if the votes are legitimate?

  5. John Cox shows up every few years, spouts out his antiquated GOP slogans, tells us “I’m a businessman”, and expects us to make him Governor. But he’s nowhere to be found in between elections when the fight is raging. He strikes me as the Jeb! of California. I’m for Kevin Kiley.

  6. Yep – sorry Cox – you’re yesterday’s news…

    Elder has the most recognition broadly, Kiley has the most recognition with those that are aware & paying attention and now Galucci is starting to make some waves with his inroads into the Hispanic population & his business background….

    Things will be interesting for the next 45 ish days….

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