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San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

San Diego to Send Pre-Termination Letters To Unvaccinated Employees Ahead of Mandate Deadline

San Diego City workers have until the end of December to be vaccinated

By Evan Symon, December 4, 2021 2:20 am

The city of San Diego began sending pre-termination letters to city workers who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, one month before city contractors are set to be fired if they don’t vaccinate by then.

San Diego first announced mandatory vaccinations for city workers in August, setting a November deadline. The deadline brought the vaccination level to above 80% for all city workers, with a follow up emergency order on Monday that officially set the mandate to begin on December 1st, with city contractors receiving a January 3rd date. Workers now have a final 30 days to comply.

Out of the 2,130 employees currently not vaccinated in the city of 11,330 in total, 946 are currently awaiting approval for religious or health exemptions. The others appear to insist on their personal positions on the vaccine.

Tweets from San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria show that isolations from the forced mandate have already led to garbage collecting delays and the closure of police and fire academies.

“Simply put, the proposed vaccine mandate for City employees is an issue of public safety for both the community and employees. It is also a necessary step in order for the City to be able to efficiently provide the municipal services our residents expect,” Mayor Gloria tweeted earlier this week. “We have experienced more than 1,100 delayed routes in trash collection. SDPD has had to suspend police academy operations. SDFD had to temporarily close two fire academies and make changes in operational protocols when more than 30 personnel were in isolation. Requiring our City employees to get vaccinated is an important and necessary step to make sure we can provide essential City services and keep our employees and the public safe as we do so.”

Pre-termination letters from San Diego

The pre-termination letters sent out on Friday make it clear to city employees that if they aren’t vaccinated by the end of the year, that they are to resign, retire, go on unpaid leave, get exempted, or get vaccinated, or if they don’t, risk termination.

“The city really doesn’t give a damn about our beliefs or want to understand why we don’t want to do this,” said “Sharon”, a San Diego city workers who wished to remain anonymous in a Globe interview on Friday. “They’re looking at 20% of their staff just plain gone and they still don’t think any of this is wrong.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on how other areas are going and what they’re doing to employees who aren’t vaccinating, LA in particular. And they’ve been losing not only a lot of good people, but losing applicants too. A lot of us think these pre-termination notices are just scare tactics and that we’re playing a game of chicken right now. They want us to flinch, and we want them to. And it’s all going to happen in less than a month.

“A lot of people are now going for exemptions more and more. Mostly religious because it’s a lot easier to prove than medical. And then a lot of people hoping to ride it out early next year as those are pending and COVID-19 rules continue to change. And if, after all that, people are still fired, there will be a ton of wrongful termination suits. Some of us even have lawyers now in the hopes of blocking the mandate in court by Christmas. San Diego really doesn’t know what it will be in for if they keep going on this.”

City officials, including Mayor Gloria, are also looking into contingencies in case of a large vaccine mandate firing. Overtime pay and quick staffing are among the two ways the city hopes to meet the mandate if they end up with a mass firing, with San Diego keeping health and wellness of residents as the main goal.

“I don’t want to lose any member of our city family,” added Gloria this week. “I hope that none of them choose to leave city service. But more importantly, I don’t want to lose any of them to COVID-19.”

Legal challenges against the San Diego mandate are expected to come in later this month.

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Evan Symon
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31 thoughts on “San Diego to Send Pre-Termination Letters To Unvaccinated Employees Ahead of Mandate Deadline

  1. “with San Diego keeping health and wellness of residents as the main goal.”

    If “health and wellness” was REALLY the main goal, then these morons would pay for natural immunity testing FIRST, and provide exemptions for those that already have had the Chinese bioweapon flu and have natural immunity…

    Instead, these useful idiots have fallen in line with the REAL, INSIDIOUS reason for the “everybody must be jabbed” crowd and fulfill Klaus “Dr. Evil” Schwab and Bill Gates’ World Economic Forum, New World Order, Agenda 2030, Georgia Guidestones, Social Security is broke/Build Back Better (it’s WEF jargon, NOT Biden’s) wet dream of either killing off, or tracking and controlling everyone via this transhumanist bioweapon part II injection…

    Check out Stew Peters’ Rumble channel or StewPeters.TV for all the medical personnel that have spoken out about the ingredients in this jab, and WHY so many people are having strokes, heart attacks and other adverse cardiovascular events!

    They’re crafty about it however, and not everyone gets the active payload in this Phase III clinical trial… Some get a saline shot, and there are stories out there about certain lots being placebo and others being the nanobot hydrogen with the graphene oxide …

    They didn’t expect the adverse cardiovascular events to manifest so quickly, however, which explains the psychotic pressure and rush to get everyone jabbed, to eliminate an unjabbed control group…

    Everyone was supposed to just die of “natural causes” down the road from the jab, not have adverse reactions so quickly, sometimes within two weeks or earlier of the last jab… Wonder why they consider death within two weeks of last jab to be “unvaccinated”???

    This is the biggest crime against humanity of our lifetimes, and the underlying motives are so nefarious that people can’t get their heads around it, but Nuremberg 2.0 should take place against Gates, Fauci, Schwab and everyone associated with this program to depopulate the world and introduce a social tracking and control system like the CCP….

    There’s a reason why Davos 2022 has been cancelled for “security reasons” – people worldwide are waking up to this medical tyranny in the guise of “health and safety”…

    Resist the jab, keep your blood pure and bring these medical monsters to justice!!! It soubds like tinfoil hat stuff, but it’s playing out month by month…this is evil on an unimaginable scale, like a Hollywood movie come to life, but it’s real…

  2. These automotons of evil used to be in the shadows, now look at all of them as they become the most obvious. We are fine, we are awake and they (he few) are the ones who are afraid. All they have are lies that cant stay upright no mater how much media hype. Keep separating away from them and their masks and swabs and jabs all of their stupidity and ignorance….they will be standing there alone and easier for us to round up and make them pay for all their crimes.

  3. I bet election fraud got these people elected.
    stay strong everyone! prayers to everyone who is being threatened with job loss!

  4. This is pure evil. It must be resisted…… The fact that they won’t test people for natural immunity first tells you all you need to know. This has nothing to do with “public health and safety”…..

  5. Stand up for your health! Sue the hell out of these bastards, time will prove you right.

    A German doctor was murdered within hours of his exposing the graphene hydroxide in the “jab”. I wonder why? Not really.

  6. These people including that piece of garbage mayor pictured above are our enemies. When you Google the words “PFIZER CRIMINAL HISTORY” . Without even having to click on a single link from that search , this is what it says :
    “Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards.”

    And these politicians are going to force me to get a shot from these criminals or lose my job. They all should hung for mandating this. They might as well send us into watts to get a vaccine from the criips or Westminster to get a jab from the Asian Boys. Does anyone know if the vaccines could give you cancer in 5 or 10 years down the road?? NO! What we do know is Pfizer knew the cancer causing risk of their anti-smoking drug Chantix AND STILL PUT IT ON THE SHELVES.
    Pfizer’s long list of violations.

  7. I see the usual stupid anti-vaxxers are here. How about some perspective?
    For years San Diego was led by incompetent republicans. Thankfully now it is led by smart democrats who have brought the city in line with the rest of CA.
    The vaccine mandate for city workers is smart, sensible policy. City workers come in contact with many members of the public almost daily. City workers are at high risk of contracting and spreading Covid. Therefore the city’s mayor is right for imposing the mandate. If these city workers refuse to comply, they should go seek work in the private sector where there is less risk of Covid spread.

    1. How many shots of the heart attack jab have you had? Someone like you must either have 4 or be on the way to the death clinic for your 4th.

    2. You can have our injections, troll-boy…. Take several, so you can feel safe from your fearful virus…

      1. Your hate is immense. Typical conservatives. Well right back at you. Here’s hoping you get terribly sick from Covid.

        1. Well, as someone who had COVID and unfortunately for you, recovered from it and have had my Moderna shots, here is what concerns me the most. But knowing you, like Twitter, will discount the American Heart Association’s research into increase chances of heart issues due to the mRNA shots.

          Here’s the link to it so that you know I am not spewing hatred.


          What say you, Globe Troll..???

    3. Your “perspective” is garbage, so is the “city’s”. Hope it’s your neighborhood most effected by these firings and, well, you have to make a few runs to the landfill in your Tesla, wait longer for a police or fire response, can’t get your city inspector when it’s convenient, have to wait extra long for permits, are extra inconvenienced for public transport, and just continue to be generally unhappy. That’s perspective.

    4. Those that are Vaxxed can spread the virus, but they are also spreading the mutations as studies show its affecting those that are vaxxed more than unvaxxed.

      What good is a vax if it does not have any protections against mutations at least unvaxxed especially those with natural antibodies can fight it better.

      Problem being Vaxxed, its superseding bodies own natural reactions thus internally there is some conflict.

    5. People like you are helping usher the downfall of this country. How do you believe all this bs that’s being forced on us? It’s incredible to me that so many just accept what you are being feed as truth and science. I was raised in a democratic household. Now I’m a single issue voter, voting for who ever is against this evil.

  8. The omicron variant is spreading like wildfire. Several states are now reporting cases. Hospitals are becoming strained again. And its only early December. By January the country will be overwhelmed.
    It is time for Gov Newsom to implement mandatory lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.
    Please contact him at the state’s website and encourage this action.

    1. Cheerleading for fascism? Can you stay home without being ordered or do you need Noisome to order you to? If you stay home it matters not what other people do.

    2. You need to see a therapist you have a mental disorder and are being paralyzed by fear, it’s not your fault and there is help.

    3. Omicron is junk. The hospitals are not loading up, you dullard. Maybe they’re loading up with the unfortunate jab recipients, but not from Omicron. Do us a favor and go jump in fire. Loser.

    4. Here are the facts the latest facts on the “omicron variant pandemic” and they come from the doctor in South Africa who discovered it on November 3 over a month ago. NO ONE IN SOUTH AFRICA HAS DIED FROM IT AND NO ONE IN SOUTH AFRICA HAS BEEN HOSPITALIZED FROM IT. IN the US hospitals are not becoming strained from it. States are reporting cases but NO ONE HAS DIED FROM IT and we are not being overwhelmed from it. Last year at this time the lib media and people like Governor Climate Change were telling us our hospitals were at 85% to 90% full because of covid but what they were not telling you that is that percentage was normal for this time of year because of flu and pneumonia. So why don’t you lock your windows, lock your doors, put your mask on after you smoke your joint, put your face shield on, put your rubber gloves on, and hide underneath your bed like a good obedient liberal lefty boy.

  9. W16521 oh please don’t call me an “anti-vaxxer” it’s so bad to be called that. Lol. Your a straight up propagandized idiot.! You better do and think as your told boy. Even though your already vaccinated, you should keep your ass locked inside your home with your mask on. It’s the only way you can keep safe with those big mean scary “anti-vaxxers” running around out there. Just make sure you get all the latest boosters because you will be saving lives. Give me a break you dumb ass troll! Did you get your ass beat allot growing up? Or did you grow up in a household with a lot of siblings where you were often ignored? We all know your to stupid to do anything else, but II was curious as to what lead you to become a troll? Actually I really do not care. Your not a democrat . All you are is a scared, sad, dumb worthless troll. And you know it too.

  10. Turn the clock back 90 years, and these City of San Diego leaders sound exactly like Nazis in Germany talking about Jews. We didn’t learn anything from World War 2 did we? We have the same Nazis running government right here in the U.S.

  11. 40 years ago pge used to have its own fire department. employees were trained and certified firefighters. fire engines, water trucks and personal protective equipment. the real deal. seems like someone should be held accountable for these poor decisions. maybe start a public termination committee to make public awareness statements and get these incompetents terminated by public opinion. never mind, it will just get taken over by the shills within our current election system.

  12. The mRNA shot has been in circulation for just about a year now. A majority of eligible citizens have been injected.
    Are we all better off a year later? Is the virus gone because of the injections?
    We are still wearing masks, asked to get boosters in perpetuity, segregate and fire those who understand natural immunity and practice bodily autonomy.

    Just something to ponder.

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