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San Francisco Skyline (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

San Francisco Vaccination Mandate Causing Businesses to Lose Thousands Per Day

Indoor vax requirements hurting businesses more than predicted

By Evan Symon, August 24, 2021 1:56 pm

Less than a week into San Francisco’s new indoor vaccine mandate, many businesses are already reporting daily income losses in the thousands of dollars due to fewer customers, high numbers of cancelled reservations, and overall less foot traffic.

Earlier this month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that the city would be requiring customers and employees aged 12 and up to provide proof of being fully vaccinated to enter most public indoor places such as restaurants, bars, and gyms. The new mandate made San Francisco the second city in the United States, following New York City, to enact such a strong vaccination mandate.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“We know that for our city to bounce back from the pandemic and thrive, we need to use the best method we have to fight COVID-19 and that’s vaccines,” said Mayor Breed earlier this month. “Many San Francisco businesses are already leading the way by requiring proof of vaccination for their customers because they care about the health of their employees, their customers, and this City. This order builds on their leadership and will help us weather the challenges ahead and keep our businesses open. Vaccines are our way out of the pandemic, and our way back to a life where we can be together safely.”

While the employee part of the mandate doesn’t go into effect until October, the customer part began on the 20th, forcing businesses to only let in people with vaccination proof such as CDC vaccination cards or smartphone-based proof. Businesses were planning on seeing income fall by 20%-30% due to San Francisco’s 78% vaccination rate and the county’s much lower total 12 and up rate through tourism, but the realities have shown to be much worse than anticipated.

“It has been so much worse than we thought,” explained David Motta, an assistant manager of a business nearby Fisherman’s Wharf and block business leader to the Globe on Tuesday. “There were a lot of variables we just were not expecting. Like a lot of people have been canceling reservations not because they weren’t vaccinated, but because they were but had a positive test. Or customers asking if all employees working were vaccinated.

“We were originally thinking, maybe, if it was bad, 30%. But we didn’t expect it to be this. We’ve been losing thousands a day, easy. A few places next to us aren’t as expensive and have seen a little more traffic, but they are also not making as much as they thought. And that’s with more tourists than we thought were coming out here too due to the wildfires making people change their plans from camping to going out here.”

Others fared worse. Due to positive tests, entire groups have had to cancel reservations, costing some restaurants $8,000 some nights.

“When a group who booked your restaurant bails, you suddenly need to hope for last minute reservations or a lot of walk-ins,” noted Lisa Smalley, a San Francisco restaurant manager in a Globe interview. “These COVID vaccine mandates allows that to happen more easily, with the mandate also slowing up the number people coming in in total.

“We were out just about $4,000 on Saturday because of that happening. Company from the valley booked the entire restaurant for a group event but cancelled and we had to scramble getting  people back in. And that’s even with cancellation fees.”

Only high traffic and tourist hotspots seemed to have fared well, partly in thanks to nearby wildfires bringing in tourists and keeping many in town, thus boosting the number of walk-ins.

“At Terzo we saw one and a half times the normal no-shows, but then we saw the walk-ins make up for that,” said Golden Gate Restaurant Association head Laurie Thomas on Tuesday.

Non-restaurants also hit hard by mandate

Other non-restaurant businesses were also negatively affected by the new mandate as well.

“The gym is nearly empty,” added San Francisco Gym trainer Huan Lee. “Most are. They look like they did during peak COVID.

“I had about half my training sessions cancelled due to COVID or COVID-related reasons. I appreciate health concern, but many were because of my clients not getting the COVID vaccine. I managed to have one wealthy client be willing to pay extra costs to have sessions outside at a park, but for the most part it’s way down. I thought we were done with all of this, but the city is doing it to us again.

“I don’t think they know what kind of damage they are doing to us.”

Smalley echoed Lee’s words almost word for word.

“Do they even know just how much they are hurting us?”

San Francisco’s indoor mandate is currently in place indefinitely with no end date announced as of Tuesday. Other cities, such as Los Angeles, are expected to announce similar indoor mandates soon.

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Evan Symon
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22 thoughts on “San Francisco Vaccination Mandate Causing Businesses to Lose Thousands Per Day

  1. So their mandatory clot-shot mandate is hurting them economically….

    We all need to RESIST this tyranny under the auspices of “medical safety” – even though the clot-shots are showing that the injected are the ones experiencing the (insert greek letter here) variant…

    Ask yourself – why on Earth is our “government” SO hell-bent on getting EVERYONE shot up, even those that have already had the virus and have natural immunity??? Could there be some OTHER objective about mandating this injection, and now the “boosters” that are intended to bolster the financial results of the stocks that Lord Fauci has patents & investments with???

    Something stinks to high Heaven….

  2. Many of us refuse to visit San Francisco as long as medical apartheid exists there. It’s ironic that a black Democrat mayor like London Breed has imposed an apartheid policy similar to what once existed in South Africa? Shameful!

    1. And since blacks and Hispanics have high percentages of those who chose not to get the vaccine, these groups are the most discriminated against. That’s RACIST.

    2. Same. I was there thursday before the rule came to power and enjoyed some food and little covid entertainment. wife says, we are not going there until this rule is taken down, we are not planning to be jabbed up.

  3. The states economy is largely tourism so it’s kind of funny to see the cities that are (were) tourist hotspots issuing these mandates. It will be years before tourism returns to San Francisco, or California for that matter, pre pandemic levels but they’ll be ok, Twitter will censor truth and mean tweets so people in those cities will be stupidly happy (clueless) and continue to vote (D). You get what you vote for, figure it out people.

    1. Awesome response@Waiting2inhale!

      San Francisco is the epicenter of uber left thought! It is the soon to be ousted Gov Gav’s hometown. He sullied San Francisco and now California.

      Funny thing, the SF citizens and business owners who are in full support of this segregation will now find out that we (vaccinated/unvaccinated) do not need their food, fun or attitudes!
      I hope those that dare to enter an establishment and are relegated to eat out on the cold sidewalk will ask their server for their vaccination status, if they washed their hands and have they been tested for Hep A, B and C! Better yet it should be displayed next to their proud Letter A in the window!
      Tyranny is alive and well in San Francisco.


    Couldn’t happen to more deserving people!

    This article made my day????????

  5. This is insanity and a wanton destruction of business. Just what the usual suspects apparently want! Is San Francisco’s so-called “leadership” SO brain-dead that they cannot figure out the extent to which San Francisco relies on the tourist dollar? Never mind that, but the SF elites who LIVE THERE treasure their fine restaurants and maybe, just maybe, there are people in their party who don’t want the sketchy vaccine and aren’t that thrilled with the idea of getting a long Q-Tip up their nose just to be able to meet with their fine friends to eat, drink, and be merry at these fine restaurants? Or go shopping? Or do ANYTHING?
    I only hope the City of Los Angeles and the COUNTY of Los Angeles are paying attention and taking notes on the devastation that San Francisco has so BRILLIANTLY wrought.

  6. Unaware Comrades

    Laugh…yes laugh……you’re be wearing a Kmart mask at Denny’s and in your favorite YMCA shower.

  7. And to think I was born in “Sodom and Gomorrah By The Bay” 70 years ago. What a shiitehole it is today. I love the videos of looters freely and openly loading garbage bags of stolen goods while store “security guards” stand helplessly by and do nothing. Elsewhere in this country in the distant past the looters would have received a crowbar or baseball bat to the head as they went out the front door.

    1. And that is exactly what is needed here. Except the crowbar needs to be directed to the Democrat politicans. Hell, to the Republican’s as well that are too chickenshit to stand up to these Hitler wannabe Liberals.

  8. This is great news! The criminals are finding our that crimes against humanity does not pay. I don’t want to help them but what cycles are the so called tests (that are not testing for a pathogen and are not even tests, they are a polymerase chain reaction, an amplification of material) .
    “When test labs run the tests at 35 cycles or higher (increased sensitivity), the results are meaningless, AND positive results pour forth like water out of a fire hose, creating the impression of many new COVID cases.

    Fauci himself readily asserted that the test run at 35 or higher is meaningless. BUT FDA documents recommended running the test at up to 40 cycles. So labs followed suit.”

  9. And the crazy thing is, these injections are not even being shown to work! Vaxxed people are getting sick! And we have millions of adverse reactions, deaths and serious injuries worldwide. So why are we putting people through these experimental injections? And why would we require people to risk life and limb to access their society? And why should establishments think people attending them should risk their lives to do so?
    I’ll tell you what I’ve done, as someone with medical complications who cannot handle a vaccine: I have boosted my immune system throughout with up to 10 grams of vit C daily (1gm every hour when I’m out because it’s water-soluble), 5000 IU Vit D, and a mushroom product with 17 dried mushrooms in a capsule – mushrooms are anti-viral and we can just eat them. I’ve had 5 negative tests, no colds, very few flus when I normally get 1-2 a month. So I’d say my immune system boosting has been successful and I want to tell everyone to do that because it’s safe and effective! Options also: a good vit/min, extra zinc with quercitin, glutathione/NAC, echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, eat low sugar because it slows down the immune system for hours, etc. We don’t need to risk our lives with experimental injections that have no safety record. Mice and ferrets got inflammation in 2003 post mRNA injection when exposed to the wild virus, and ferrets in 2012 all died after being exposed to the wild virus post-injection. WE DON’T HAVE ANY SAFETY STUDIES! FOLKS, ARE YOU LISTENING?! Germany just announced a halt to the vaccines. This is exactly what we need to do here! Too many people getting hurt. That data is at the childrenshealthdefense site, updated every Friday.

  10. I would like to know if the people who have had covid 19 already have acquired immunity to it. If so that must count the same as vaccination. That an experimental emergency authorization only so called vaccine is being made mandatory for many places of work is jaw dropping. It’s wrong. Now as for sf mandating it for businesses I’d say to the businesses, push back. Sf has not helped you they have unleashed thieves taking Up to 1000 withouts jail and pooing on the streets. Why would businesses obey mandate like this

  11. Do.not.comply.because.the.economy.will.crash.

    Just recognize stool that is even slightly malodorous is an indication of toxemia ( the presence of toxic substances in the blood) and allow our stupid sick care industry be forced to liquidate 95% or more of its assets. Our physical well- beings will be fine so long as we have a few thousand medical doctors left in the USA especially some surgeons in the ICU. All we have to do is read the two (2) books “Heal Yourself 101” by Markus Rothkranz & “Cosmic Detox” by Mantak Chia.

  12. The best part? It’s not even enforceable, much less enforceable than masks which are clearly visible. In CA they can’t send police to “check papers” if everybody inside has a card or QR code. Why businesses are submitting to this nonsense (any of it) and being nasty to paying customers but not to government officials hostile towards private property and business is beyond my understanding. It is so upside down. With rude or cold employees who don’t know how to talk and smile like humans anymore, the service quality in the area dramatically went down.

  13. I live in San Francisco and I refuse to eat at any restaurant until this mandate is removed. If the restaurants go out of business, I don’t care. They can stand up to this tyranny but are choosing not to. I will travel outside of SF county in order to eat indoors. Gavin Newsom and the Democrats are the worst thing to happen to this country. They destroy everything they touch and the sheep go right along with it and fall in line. This would never have been tolerated 50 years ago. Now we have a society full of sheep, snowflakes, Karens and “woke”. To anyone thinking the government has your best interests at heart, ask yourself this: If Covid is so deadly, why are there not dead homeless people all over the streets? They don’t social distance. They don’t sanitize. Also, if Covid is do deadly, why does Lysol say on their cans and on their commercials that it is “99.9% guaranteed to kill the Covid virus”? If it truly was a pandemic Lysol would not kill it. And one more thing, if you think that face diaper you are wearing protects you from Covid, stand face to face with someone that is a smoker and talk to them. You can smell the smoke on their breath through the mask. You think Covid particles can’t get through there? We are being played like fools.

    1. Thank you David. Love it – everything you have spoken is the truth. I also admire vaxxed people who have the integrity to not patronize medical apartheid policies and the two-tiered second class city policies our politicians have created. I only feel bad for the small restaurants and businesses who have already suffered so much and now must turn away paying customers. Sadly, they seem to enforce it religiously.

  14. I have never social distanced. I have never got the vaccine. I continue to go out. I continue to gather with my friends. I continue to travel within the country and without. Guess what? I haven’t been sick one single day. I don’t wear a mask unless I need to when I go into a store that requires it. Other than that it stays in my pocket or my car/hotel room. I don’t walk on the other side of the street if I see someone coming towards me without a mask on. In fact, I smile at them. All of these people that have been terrified into submission are exactly who the Democrats want to control. I live in SF but I will not play by their rules.

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