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Sec. of State Shirley Weber Announces All Recall Candidates Must Show Tax Returns

‘It actually only stands to help their cases, especially those that have records that show more hustle than Newsom

By Evan Symon, June 16, 2021 3:11 pm

Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced on Tuesday that all recall candidates will need to give their tax returns from the past five years according to a 2019 law.

In 2019, California passed a law requiring candidates across many elections, including the presidential and gubernatorial elections, to release their tax returns, largely due to former President Donald Trump refusing to release his tax returns for several years. While the California Supreme Court largely invalidated the law in late 2019, the part about Gubernatorial candidates remained law.

However, the law’s language of candidates being “on a direct primary election ballot” raised questions as soon as the recall election was confirmed by the state earlier this year. Some argued that since the recall is a special election, that it shouldn’t be counted as a “direct primary election.” Others retorted that it was the election of a Governor that it should be covered. Still others argued that only Newsom should release his taxes since his was the only name on one of the ballot questions.

Weber decided on Tuesday that recall elections were indeed covered and that all candidates needed to show their tax returns, basing it on a precedent set during the 2003 recall that based gubernatorial candidate qualifications in recall elections on primary gubernatorial election requirements.

Governor Newsom’s office noted on Tuesday that he has already shown his tax returns to the press up until 2019, and would release all of his tax returns before the recall vote. 2020 tax records would likely not be included, as Newsom has previously said that he would not be filing those until October. Many have accused the Governor of hiding how well his Plumpjack winery and restaurant businesses did during the pandemic through receiving waivable loans and staying open at a time when most similar businesses had to legally stay closed or be very limited in how they opened until after the recall election by filing so late. However, others have pointed out that Newsom routinely files tax extensions with the IRS and that this year is no different.

Former Congressman Doug Ose. (Photo: Rebuild-ca.org)

Most major candidates running in the recall election previously announced following Newsom’s release of his 2019 taxes last month that they would release theirs in turn, including Doug Ose, Caitlyn Jenner, and Kevin Faulconer. John Cox had remained noncommittal, noting that his team was looking into the election requirements.

“I will disclose my tax returns once the election is set and I complete the paperwork to run,” said Ose last month. “Such disclosure should apply to every state legislative and constitutional office candidate, as well as their Chiefs of Staff.”

Following Weber’s announcement on Tuesday, Ose, Jenner, and Faulconer once again committed to releasing their tax returns for the election with Cox once again not confirming that he would as of Wednesday.

“It’s a requirement now, so expect every candidate to do it,” said San Jose-based local election consultant Peri Russell to the Globe on Wednesday. In some of their cases, it actually only stands to help their case, especially those that have records that show more hustle than Newsom.

The 2021 recall election is expected to be held later this year with a final date to be announced soon.

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Evan Symon
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14 thoughts on “Sec. of State Shirley Weber Announces All Recall Candidates Must Show Tax Returns

  1. Tax returns should not be part of the equation to run. This seems to be more of a Democrat party tactics to attack opponents since they have the majority in the state and can dig using ABC agencies.

    1. Yes, more dirty tricks from the usual suspects. They look stupid doing it and it’s beyond maddening.

    2. Democrats always expose their desperation with these types of tactics. Proof they are the lowest of the low.

  2. Really unnecessary. This will be a nuisance to some candidates as previously it was all you need is to file paperwork and either get $4000 or 6,000 signatures to be on the ballot. There’s no need for candidates to show tax returns, all the voters care are the issues and what they stand for.

  3. Doesn’t anybody understand what Plumpjack is? Gordon Getty had a developmentally disabled son – nothing wrong there, but the problem was it was an embarrassment for High Society because Gordon Getty like many power elites believes his genes are superior. He therefore hired out Gavin as a giggilo to be a “companion” alongside Kamala who put out for Slick Willie to set up his son with PlumpJack, which isn’t based on an opera but is real a pun on PumpJack – a reference to Getty Oil. OK, if Gordon Getty’s son needs a friend and Gavin can do it because he’s too dyslexic to figure out the diffence between Plump and Pump, fine – we all need friends. I’ve met Gordon – he’s a really gracious guy, and I respect his arts philanthropy – but when it comes to telling the Truth, there’s a problem. You see, back in the 70’s Gordon’s and Gavin’s godfather was a Nazi war criminal named Otto von Bolschwing who started a wine import export business in Argentina. Gavin’s daddy was Otto’s attorney and Gordon, Gavin, Otto, and William went dashing around Europe together doing high technology deals for a company called TCI. Bolschwing was Adolf Eichmann’s Superior – meaning he was responsible for murdering 710,000 Romanian Jews – and I kind of draw the line at genocide. Most of Eichmann’s cronies ended up in South America – folks like Klaus Barbie – and the Intelligence Agencies William Newsom worked for needed to get money to them because these Nazis formed assassination squads for operation Condor and for other global shenanigans – not to mention the drug trade. So what do you do? Well, the cost of wine has nothing to do with the value of wine – meaning you can “overpay” on customs forms and they’ll just say it’s a good vintage, and the fact that Gavin was running Plump/Pumpjack at a huge loss all to retain respectability of Gordon’s son in High Society creates plausible deniability for what was, in fact, a money laundering operation to pay off hit squads of Nazis working for the Intelligence Community working in South America

    1. Very interesting background. The Newsom family connection to the Cushings, and their development of Squaw Valley and subsequent unlikely selection at the time (1960s) for the Winter Olympics has always made me wonder how that got pulled off. As a former resident of Placer County I’ve also wondered why Gavin’s father selected rural Dutch Flat in Placer County for his residence….or at least one of his residences.

  4. Fuck the tax returns I see no need to see them, I would however like to see a full psychological screening by three reputable psychologists. I’m more concerned with protecting what is left of our freedoms from power hungry Narcissists with agendas that do not represent the will of the citizenry.

    1. @Jeff,… it’s much easier to write a law around tax returns than to write laws around “psychological screening,” whatever that is. Besides, every candidate needs at least a little narcissism to power through a state-wide election! The first reason to demand tax return release is that it eliminates at least some candidates who are over-endowed with that narcissism. It also makes it a bit harder for out-and-out crooks and charlatans to get on the ballot. Not impossible. Just… harder.

  5. I have more respect to those who stand up and say “no, I am not going to play that game and be lead into a political trap.” It tells me the candidate can predict the obvious political games from the Democrats by wanting you to happily offering them the ammo to use against yourself.

  6. The law is vague and should be challenged as inapplicable to this recall election. Its ambiguity is likely to be construed against tax return disclosure. Weber is playing her dutiful role of household tool in deciding as she did.

  7. Shirley is such a good soldier. She will certainly “fail up” just like her predecessor.
    Hey John………..wrong answer! It’s their game you gotta play by their rules, like it or not.
    Hey, you think that the “Roaring Back” sign Gavin carries around is a “steal” on John’s marketing?

    1. Ironically, wasn’t it Trump, if I’m not mistaken, that always talked about the economy “roaring back” after lockdowns were lifted? As you know, Newsom & Co. hate Trump like poison so it’s odd.

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