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Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Sen. Wiener Holds Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event with Celebrity Drag Queen Judges

‘It’s a really fun event, particularly after everything we’ve gone through as a community over the past 20 months’

By Katy Grimes, October 28, 2021 7:41 am

California Sen. Scott Wiener sent out an email Wednesday inviting me to his annual pumpkin carving event in San Francisco. And, there will be “celebrity drag queen judges and awards for winning pumpkins!”

Isn’t pumpkin carving an activity that kids usually do? Is this like Drag Queen Story Hour?

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Here’s Sen. Wiener’s email:

Hi Katy — I hope you’re doing well. I am reaching out because Halloween is in just a few days, and we have our annual Halloween pumpkin carving event on Saturday, with celebrity drag queen judges and awards for winning pumpkins!

It’s a really fun event, particularly after everything we’ve gone through as a community over the past 20 months.

The only thing that would make it more fun is if you were there, too!

Can you join us? (More details are below!)

I hope to see you there!

— Senator Scott Wiener

Sen. Wiener touting “it’s a really fun event, particularly after everything we’ve gone through as a community over the past 20 months” is rich since he’s one of the state leaders most supportive of the lockdowns and school closures.

The email continues:

Senator Wiener’s Pumpkin Carving Contest is Saturday, October 30, and it’s going to be safe, fun, and festive.

We’ll be giving out pre-scooped (!!!) pumpkins for you to carve, and we have a wonderful panel of celebrity drag queen judges (Juanita MORE!, Mercedez Munro, and Katya Smirnoff Skyy) to decide who will win our fun prizes.

We would love for you to join us. If you can make it, can you RSVP today?

Can’t wait!

–Team Wiener

The Senator’s Pumpkin Carving Contest is going to be “safe, fun, and festive,something that does not usually need to be said about pumpkin carving.

San Francisco is ground zero for the Drag Queen Story Hour “movement” at local libraries, and there have been all kinds of issues inviting drag queens to be around children. The Federalist reported in June that Drag Queen Story Hour “has brought not just one, not two, but at least three convicted sex criminals, two of whom are convicted pedophiles, into confined spaces with large numbers of young children on multiple occasions. Its events also have been sponsored by a man who’s been charged with seven counts of child pornography possession. So much for the ‘safe space’ that drag queen ‘Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker’ claims the program provides.”

It’s not just a little curious that a State Senator holds an annual pumpkin carving contest judged by celebrity drag queens, and assures us that it will be “safe, fun and festive.”

Breitbart just reported that a division of the Walt Disney Co. is hosting a drag queen story hour event aimed at the children of employees, with the intention of celebrating the “gender fluidity of childhood” while providing kids with “unabashedly queer role models,” according to screenshots of internal emails seen by Breitbart News.

“Drag Queen Spooky Story Hour” is scheduled to take place virtually on Wednesday, according to an invitation sent to employees. The Halloween-themed event will capture “the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood,” and will give kids “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” the email said.

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15 thoughts on “Sen. Wiener Holds Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Event with Celebrity Drag Queen Judges

  1. I was wondering why Weeeener was not on the flight list going to the “Climate Crisis-Climate Emergency” summit in Glasgow with the other Democraps. Now I know. Thank you Katy.

    1. Your admiration for these “different” people who are convicted sex criminals and are convicted pedophiles is what is truly disgusting! I thank Katy Grimes for bringing this news to me and others. You sure would not hear about this from KTVU, KRON, KGO , KCRA, or any other lefty puke media outlet.

    2. Your SUPPORT of them and all the destructive, disruptive elements of California is truly even MORE disgusting….

      Seek professional help, troll….

      1. Close minded right wingers like you are the ones who need help.
        CA Globe is a right wing propaganda website, just like Fox.
        People who come to this site need to be made aware of this fact.

        1. You going to Weeeeeeners Pumpkin Carving Event? You are the one who needs help! You have kids or grand kids? Would you take them to Weeeeeeeeeeners event?

  2. If you were seeking prima facie evidence of this guy’s perversion, psychosis and mental illness, here you have it…

    I suppose part of the “safe, fun and festive” activities will be the consumption of psychedelic drugs and activities hosted by NAMBLA….

    What a sick motherf….

  3. one must remember..Wiener is gay..of course he is going to support this kind of stuff..what is more perverted are his politics and bills he wants passed..no more single family housing zones..they are racist..
    Scotts costume of a Politician is truly horrific

  4. Hey Katy! You should go! Why not? You will not be in any danger as a woman at a gay event and some of the most talented and hilarious performers are drag queens. RE: Wieners “lockdown fever” remember that the gay community has been brainwashed by Fauci and his clique for 35 years into believing a virus can tell the difference between gay men and everyone else and kill you unless you take some poison concocted by Big Pharma which not so ironically has always killed more gay men than all the viruses in the world put together! So call them “virus shy” and easily stampeded. Personally, I find the gay community’s fear of Covid just another manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome where Fauci, the man arguably responsible for killing off of tens or even hundreds of thousands of gay men with AZT and Truvada and labeling it “AIDS” has now moved on to bigger fish… the entire World and Covid vaccines… HIV/AIDS was Fauci and CDC’s “dress rehearsal” for this Scamdemic and the gays were the guinea pigs who bit and fell for it in droves! Regarding the Federalist’s “discovery” of pedophiles in the gay/drag community, all I can say is being a mouthpiece and front organization for the Roman Catholic Church, The Federalists Im sure know a very good deal about that subject!

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