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Pasadena City Hall. (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

The Pressure Of Choosing Between Vaccination And Employment

Mandatory vaccinations for city employees in California is forcing many to make difficult decisions

By Evan Symon, July 23, 2021 3:07 pm

Across California in recent weeks, many cities have been either introducing or preparing to introduce mandatory vaccination policies for all city workers, with only a few exemptions such as religion, and adverse health risks.

San Francisco was the first to do it last month due to new variants posing new risks, with many other cities in California and the nation either requiring vaccinations for city workers or opting for either vaccinations or constant negative testing for certain employees like New York will be starting in August. Earlier this week, Pasadena joined the growing list of cities that requires all city workers to vaccinate.

“While Pasadena’s case rates were lower than Los Angeles County’s rate last week, weekend case rates continued to climb,” said city spokeswoman Lisa Derderian on Wednesday. “Pasadena now meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of ‘substantial transmission’ of COVID-19.

“Currently, they are at approximately 60% of employees who attested to being vaccinated although with an upward trend in positive cases in city employees and the new variant in our community, a mandatory policy is the right thing to do to protect employees who at times spend more hours at work then home. The policy will be effective when there is official FDA approval for the vaccines. The City of Pasadena would be the first to initiate this policy in Southern California and the UC System recently announced they have a similar mandate.”

While many were in favor of the policy, it also left a number of city workers facing an impossible choice.

“It’s either go against my personal choice to not get it for numerous reasons and lose my job, or compromise all that and stay at work,” explained city employee “Neil” to the Globe on Friday. “I don’t think these things work 100%. The current surge, most people getting COVID did not get the vaccine, but 5% being hospitalized did, and look at what happened. But now, even though I personally don’t want to, it’s suddenly either face some sort of punishment or go against personal principles and do it.”

Those concerned about health risks and vaccine reactions have also questioned the vaccine, with some even being singled out by others for not already doing it.

“There’s also been bullying to get one from a lot of people,” said “Mary,” another city worker who spoke with the Globe. “In my office, being known as someone unvaccinated, well, they look at you differently. They don’t want to hear your side. One co-worker even kept telling me ‘I have kids. Get the damn vaccine.’ When I told him that I needed time because both my sister and my brother had really adverse affects to getting it and I wanted to make sure it was safe for me, he wouldn’t have it and accused me of being ‘a baby’. All I want to do is find out if I could be facing any harm from it, and here he is thinking that I’m doing this on purpose or something.”

A third city employee who already did vaccinate noted in an e-mail to the Globe on Friday that many felt that it being made mandatory was going to far.

“A lot of us really want everyone to vaccinate, but it isn’t right to try and coerce others who don’t want to do it. Many of us have said ‘Here’s the data that shows why you should get it‘, but most still don’t want to. What we though was going to happen was a choice between vaccinating or having to wear a mask and get constantly tested until the pandemic is over, which most of us thought was fair. This way they don’t have to vaccinate while the office can get back to normal.”

“Now the city is threatening to take away jobs and ruin families. And we want people to vaccinate and we want things to get back to normal, especially with this delta variant out there now. What we didn’t want was to wreck people’s lives and just force this on them. And now it’s a choice between vaccination or their job. Just like San Francisco. It really isn’t fair.”

The Pasadena vaccination requirement would only come into effect once there is FDA approval for COVID-19 vaccines. As of Friday, the city has not clarified if there will be a deadline for city employees like San Francisco instituted or what punishments, such as disciplinary actions or termination, would be given to those who don’t comply.

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Evan Symon
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24 thoughts on “The Pressure Of Choosing Between Vaccination And Employment

  1. I wish CaGlobe would give us an article on the legality of requiring EUA injections for employment and using it as grounds for termination/punishment. I call it an injection because a true vaccine prevents disease and transmission, clearly as we have seen, this injection does neither. As with other COVID statistics, good luck finding accurate information or analytical studies.

    1. “a true vaccine prevents disease and transmission” Really, Stacy? What is your definition of “prevention”. So, if I take a flu vaccine or a shingles vaccine it means that I would never get either one? I don’t think so. A vaccine reduces the odds of contracting that particular virus. So, if the odds of contracting the virus is 50/50 without the vaccine, and the odds of contracting the virus with the vaccine is less, is that “prevention”?

  2. I think all of us are going to be faced with this eventually and may take lawyering up to get these tyrants to back down.

  3. It’s not a “vaccine” if you can still catch the virus after being shot… and the side-effect profiles that are becoming more and more evident makes this psy-op campaign all the more unbelievable…

    The suppression of natural immunity from those that already had & recovered from the WuFlu, the OBVIOUSLY POLITICAL suppression of early treatment regimens (Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin D, etc.) that are BLATANT “Trump Derangement Syndrome” reactions, just because President Trump mentioned them over a year ago, plus the ABYSMAL track record of earlier mRNA-based products (killing the Phase II animal trial participants) makes it REALLY difficult to become enthusiastic about participating in this EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION product administration…. (Rumor has it that The Gateway Pundit released an article earlier today linking the release to the ChiCom PLA and the release of this was intentional…and then the WEF wolves have seized upon this disruption to begin their nefarious spread of Communist thought & policy)


  4. 1) City of Pasadena employees probably won’t have to worry as a practical matter, because the thousands of adverse reactions — and likely only 5% of them have been reported at the VAERS site — the vaccine won’t ultimately be FDA-approved.
    2) City of Pasadena employees who are being singled out and harassed because they have any of a number of valid reasons for not getting the vaccine — say, if they have already had COVID, which would mean they have broader, more robust, and enduring immunity than what can be gotten from the vaccine — should be making a lot of noise about being bulled and discriminated against when their health information is supposed to be private and whether or not they are vaccinated is NONE of their fellow employees’ — or their employer’s — business.
    3) If City of Pasadena manages to somehow blow through 1) and 2), it would probably be worthwhile for the group of un-vaccinated employees to investigate what is involved in forming a class, hiring an attorney, and suing the City of Pasadena.
    We can’t have this. It’s not only unnecessary, it’s WRONG.

  5. @ Evan Symon
    I agree w Stacy…
    CA Globe should be providing info re the legality of requiring EUA injections for employment and using it as grounds for termination/punishment. Evan Symon didn’t mention the fallacy of the PCR test, the heart of the entire scam. Evan also didn’t mention there is NO way to test for these so called variants. CV is being used as a control mechanism, but to what end, who knows? We can only guess. Vaccine passports maybe? Seems that even the CA Globe writers are scared to call out the lies and the BS behind the CV scam. Says a lot.

    1. Quote: “CV is being used as a control mechanism, but to what end, who knows?”

      A one-world government. The Bible speaks of this happening in the days leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

      Also, if you google Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset they’ve been planning, you will have your answers as to why the governments of the world have used the CV to control us.

  6. the FDA is supposed to decide on full approval of the MRNA vaccines this year, so the EUA won’t matter soon

    1. Of course, they’ll rubber stamp it to remove another potential objection to their depopulation clot-shots…

    2. Interesting, if we are in phase 3 trials now with it being tested on thousands of people then that would mean they are testing it against a placebo. Do we know if that is happening? Are they secretly giving out placebos to citizens that think they have been vaccinated? Is this the real reason for asking the vaccinated to mask up again? Is this why there are reports of some breakthrough cases especially in the UK and Israel? Lots of unanswered questions.

      I suggest city employees lawyer up. At the very least it violates the Nuremberg Code.

      Per Chicago School of Medicine:
      [If the application is approved, vaccine clinical trials usually happen in three phases. Phase 1 is usually a small trial — 20 to 80 subjects — that’s mostly focused on testing the safety of a vaccine and seeing how strong of an immune response it provokes in humans. During a Phase 2 trial, the vaccine is tested on a larger group of participants, usually several hundred, and different doses of the vaccine are tested to find out which is the most effective. Finally, Phase 3 trials test the vaccine on thousands of people, and include testing the vaccine against a placebo, studying the long-term efficacy of the vaccine, and watching for very rare side effects.?]

      It would be criminal to get FDA approval without proper testing and LONG TERM TRIALS.
      Could Ol’ Joe be full of sh*t stating approval may come as early as the end of August to pressure us all to just give in and get the jab? I hope someone in our medical community has the guts to call their bluff.
      As ShowandTell stated, it is just wrong!

      1. I agree with Stacy that these are excellent points, Cali Girl.
        And great, useful information about what is going on here and why long-term trials have ALWAYS been done and will be done here, too — in spite of those whose only focus is to relentlessly push a risky and unnecessary vaccine on as many warm bodies as possible.

  7. I am afraid this could be a Randomized Control Trial which they have not identified as such. I only hear it called a vaccine roll out.
    It would be wise to actually read the small print on the informed consent sheet (if they even hand it to you before you get the shot!) and ask questions of your provider.
    1. Is this “vaccine” part of a RCT?
    2. Would that mean some shots are placebos?
    3. Are people being tracked in sub groups, such as age, health, sex, ethnicity?

    The longer this goes on, I have more questions than answers. It is beyond me to push a vaccine on people who do not fall into to high risk categories.
    What better way to get a test sampling than with government employees, especially when 30 to 40 percent of the general population is unwilling to get the shot.

  8. To clear up some confusion.

    The standard regulatory approval time line for a complete new vaccine delivery mechanism is 4 to 6 years. All previous mRNA vaccines candidate failed very early in the approval process. Due to high adverse response rates and low efficacy. No mRNA vaccines has ever got regulatory approval.

    All current SARs Cov 2 vaccines got an FDA emergency waiver based on no therapeutic treatments being available. Hydroxychloroquine was the standard recommended therapeutic treatment for SARs Cov 1 viral pneumonia in 2003. Its in the clinical treatment handbooks. It was not used in the US to treat SARs Cov2, quite the opposite. Other standard therapeutic treatments used in East Asian countries were not used in the US.

    The legal basic for the FDA emergency waiver is most likely invalid.

    The only SARs Cov 2 vaccine that should actually qualify for any kind of waiver is VLA2001, a traditional (very safe) attenuated virus vaccine, seems to have been actively discouraged by the FDA for distribution in the US.

    All previous human corona virus vaccines candidates failed early in the approval process. Due to low efficacy / high adverse response rates . Human corona viruses are highly mutagenic so probability of a vaccines with even the efficacy of the flu shot (20% to 50%( is very low. The probability of a higher efficacy rate is zero. Zero.

    The IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) and CFR (Case Fatality Rate) for SARs CoV 2 viral pneumonia is no different from any of the other general circulation (HCOV) human corona viruses: 229E; HKU1;OC42;NL63. Every single person reading this will have had dozen of HCOV infections during their lifetime. Mostly as a kid.

    Unlike Influenza SARs CoV 2 kills very few people under 60. Most deaths are over 75. With Influenza almost 1/3 of deaths under 60. The traditional metric for public health use of vaccines is trading off the Year of Life Saved (YLS) against Quality of Years Lives Lost (QYLL) due to adverse response. More than 30% of all adverse response deaths so are under 50. The YLS for SARs Cov 2 vaccines is very low, the QYLL is very high.

    No vaccine in the past has ever got approval with those terrible numbers. None.

    Last number. In more than 30 years of flu shots about 2,000 deaths are associated with those vaccines. In less than 9 months of SARs CoV 2 vaccination almost 12000 deaths (so far) are recorded. Which is almost 200 times the death rate. Yet for people under 60 the risk of death from the flu is almost 10 times greater than from SARs Cov 2.

    This is going to make lawyers very very rich. For decades to come.

    1. @TFourier,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the process and the past failures of past mRNA viral vaccines. There are very few in the medical profession to be as honest and clear in as in your summary.
      It is vital that people have the facts so they can push back on their employers mandates that require it to be employed. The government is putting pressure on private business to mandate.
      I so agree it is a lawyers dream. I just fear that the courts are so slow to react and many will succumb to the pressure as we are witnessing.

      Unfortunately, the current administration has chosen to mislead the public and make erroneous statements that the mRNA will be fully approved by the end of August!
      Much appreciated.

  9. There is NO LAWFUL authority for the government, businesses, medical professionals or schools to require ANY medical intervention, including vaccines.

    You have the right to NO CONSENT to any medical intervention, including masks, covid testing and vaccines.

    For example, here are the laws in California:

    1. Requiring a Covid vaccine (which is a medical experiment) as a condition to participate in society is UNLAWFUL COERCION according to CA law. California Laws PROHIBIT this:

    24170: This is the Protection of Human Subjects in Medical Experimentation Act
    24171: The Legislature hereby finds and declares … the right of individuals to determine what is done to their own bodies.

    24172 This is the “experimental subject’s bill of rights,” and states that individuals…

    (j) Be given the opportunity to decide to consent or not to consent to a medical experiment without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, coercion, or undue influence on the subject’s decision.

  10. @ GEO

    Very interesting.

    My understanding of the FDA Emergency Use Authorization that is legally all people who receive a vaccine under a EUA are legally classified as taking part in Phase III trials. All participants in such trials must be given and have read and signed the standard Clinical Trial Informed Consent form. Based on the FDA template for such forms, they must give accurate clinical details of all potential risk, none of the forms currently provided by the state of California are legally valid Informed Consent forms. The Consent form used by California is a boilerplate medical procedure form, makes mention of a Vaccine Information Statement, but as there seems to be not VIS published by the CDC for any of the COVID EUA vaccines the form that California has vaccinated people sign would qualify as felony gross medical malpractice.

    So the Fed and state law is they dont need informed consent for fully approved vaccines.

    All vaccines with a FDA EUA by law must have a signed informed consent form. This format of this form is specified by regulation and must be accompanied by a full Vaccine Information Statement published by the CDC.

    People receiving the vaccine in California are presented to sign a standard medical procedure waiver form, not the FDA clinical trial Informed Consent form as required by law. The vaccination consent forms I have mention the middle of some very dense small typeface print the Vaccine Information Statement has been read and understood but as the CDC have not provided to date the required VIS fo COVID vaccines the form the state of California provided before vaccination would have no legal standing under the FDA EUA. As I read the regulations.

    So as I said this is going to make the lawyers very very rich. This is fraud pure and simple. And as this fraud will eventually kill well over 5,000 in California alone (using the known under-count of adverse response deaths with VAERS) my main fear is that the criminally irresponsible use of the SARs CoV 2 vaccines will do immense damage to the long term reputation of the safe vaccines that have and will save millions of lives.

  11. The Modern vaccine remains in all phases of clinical trial according to their website. “ongoing”. They have not given the vaccine in their trials to any immunocompromised individuals or those on immunosuppressants, such as transplant patients, chemo, or some arthritic infusions. Physicians treating such patients do not have clinical information to determine if it is safe or recommended. When a physician is asked this information, the answer is “I don’t know if you should get it or not, there isn’t enough information yet.” Given that information, will these people be fired or left without a means to support their families let alone continue to deal with ongoing serious medical issues? Physicians are not willing to take the risk of recommending a vaccine that does not include the appropriate clinical data, nor do I blame them. The attack on unvaccinated needs to stop until there is significant data or an approval from the FDA including the immunocompromised.

  12. The pressure the criminals will feel at GITMO from the lethal injections for their crimes against humanity. Citizens should not feel pressure from criminals peddling their poison and genocidal agenda. This is the most serious time in human history. The injections lead to our death as they will never end and new BS will just keep being added-if people keep going along with their stories. We get rid of the “few”-we outnumber them- behind this just by pushing back/ask a lot of questions/any questions-in huge numbers, together. Forget the vaccine conversation -we need to go back to the beginning of this world wide sucker punch that they planned for decades. “obfuscate-to throw into shadow : DARKEN, to make obscure, obfuscate the issue, to be evasive, unclear, or confusing” 1 year + later and people-collectively-are finally pushing back -worldwide-even if it is as simple as asking the logical questions and not accepting the parroted scripts from the unreliable/untrustworthy/compromised health institutions like the CDC & WHO. Look at the backgrounds of the leadership in the WHO & CDC. Look who they have on CNN threatening Americans and promoting the jabs-Dr. Leana Wen. No questions are being asked, no opinions from other experts who do not agree with her but no unbiased, public debates or this would all be over.. We need to see their bank accounts and look for specifically any $$ from pharma and Bill Gates who is invested in every injection and now owns a covid testing company with Soros that they paid 41 million for. Do most of us know that the test can make anybody positive depending upon the calibration? Without the phony tests being falsely calibrated- that is NOT even testing for a pathogen- they don’t have any “cases”. Without cases they can’t report “the numbers” to impose their tyranny.
    These people need questioning and debating from all opinions. They have has it too easy with this scam. Its time to end all of it and we outnumber them. For damage control and to keep their scamdemic going they have their media hype turned up all the way to keep the fear and confusion going-even though we still do not see any sick people or a pandemic. Variant? What variant? (.Fauci’s imagination) New (novel) contagion from Wuhan? PROVE THESE EVEN EXIST, then we can talk about anything that comes after finding out that there is a threat to everybody’s health. Newsom never asked for evidence and he declared an emergency . Alex Azar kept Trump in the dark about everything and he is a pharma lobbyist-how convenient-the man who declared the pandemic. Now they were in position to get EUA….At least we are reaching saturation point of people waking up and we have Newsom scheduled for departure (hopefully!) but we need to accelerate it as people are still taking these injections. Claims from their controlled media and from incentivized doctors and county health officers does not easily con-vince us anymore. Now we know, we are dealing with criminals – people in key positions all over the globe-in media, in hospitals, in governments, at every level- to keep this sickness alive and to get their agenda into high-and permanent-gear-which will lead to the end of our lives in America as we love them. We, the common citizens can stop this-for the children-what kind of a life will we be leaving them? An extremely controlled existence. If enough people-relentlessly- ask to see (acceptable, scientific) evidence from Wuhan of these alleged viruses-before discussing their poisonous injections these criminals will start to squirm- they are threatened by debate and questions that are not rehearsed. They will suddenly retire or leave the country to go into hiding and all of this will be over with.


  13. I highly recommend that everyone watch the VIMEO interview of Dr. Peter McCullough. He explained that most Americans have COVID19 antibodies because they had it and recovered or had it and did not know it and recovered from it. He also said that the CDC and FDA covered up or suppressed alternative medicines known to cure people suffering from COVID19, such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin D, etc. This was deliberate in creating the EUA for the experimental COVID19 “vaccine.” In Mexico City Mexico, the city hospitals were overrun with COVID19 cases. The problem was solved when the Mexican government issued Ivermectin home kits to the city population, which basically cured COVID19 in Mexico City.

    I had COVID19, and it was bad flu for my wife and me. It was like having bronchitis, and we recovered after five days of treating it just like the seasonal flu.

    My wife and I will NOT be taking any experimental COVID19 “vaccine” as we have the COVID19 antibodies and have natural immunity, which is the gold standard. The US death rate from COVID19 experimental jabs continues to go up, and as of today are over 11,000 deaths. See OPENVAERS.COM

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